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Three Russian journalists paid with

CNN World News - 2 hours 38 min ago
Three Russian journalists paid with their lives as they tried to investigate the presence of Russian mercenaries in the Central African Republic. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports.
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CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with author CJ

CNN World News - 2 hours 38 min ago
CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with author CJ Chivers about his new book which tells the stories of the service members Chivers was embedded with.
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Dont Follow Us

World News Reddit - 2 hours 57 min ago

I loved camping. I used to spend every waking moment either camping or planning a camping trip. I loved being outdoors, away from the suffocating mundanity of everyday events, the first world problems. I used to do it pretty hardcore too, making shelters instead of taking a tent, drinking from mountain streams, hunting and setting traps for our food. So in April of last year, two friends and I departed on a seven night trip to the Brecon Beacons, a mountainous area of Wales in the eastern United Kingdom. With loads in excess of twenty-two kilograms we marched twenty miles into the barren hills before reaching our first major water source, Talybont Reservoir, a long strip of tranquil, clear water set in a picturesque valley. The journey took two days, with around eighteen hours of straight marching, our packs digging agonizingly into our shoulders with every step. Yet the sense of achievement was intoxicating.

Days and nights rolled by as we worked on our campsite and scavenged for food. It was tiring, a constant struggle, but the sense of peace that the outdoors can provide is profound. At night we skewered sausages on sticks, wolfing them down as we warmed cider in our mess tins over the fire. We listened to owls call out like ghosts and watched embers dance up into the air like fireflies as our eyelids grew heavy. We had found a fair amount of fruit and fresh water was plentiful but our attempts at finding protein came short at each turn. We were unable to find any duck eggs, too slow or too inexperienced to snare rabbits and our improvised fishing rods weren’t working as well as we were used to. We were getting desperate and although we were trying, man cannot live on cereal bars and peanut butter alone. We would have to make a journey to the nearest village, nearly seven miles away. Needless to say, we got lost.

After a few hours of walking we began to climb a fairly steep hill by means of a shortcut. The whole way up I remember watching a thick fog cling to the top of the hill, at least five hundred metres above us. Only it wasn’t exactly clinging; it was just waiting, waiting for the temperature to drop low enough for it to roll down onto us, over us, and it did. I remember the image of my friend Chris being severely obscured as I walked behind him. We tried to remain cheerful when we started to see the remains of new born lambs, April being a big month for birthing among the sheep this is not an unusual sight. But these remained completely unscathed, no scavengers had touched these corpses, and there were scores of them. Needless to say, we were relieved when the outline of a cottage came into view. We had absolutely no idea where we were and there was no mention of any cottage on our map. My feet ached and our water supplies dwindled, having not expected to be out or lost for such a long time. We decided to stop and ask directions.

We had to climb over a low drystone wall to reach the building itself as the cottage was oddly set into the hillside. I noted with grim interest that there was no path leading to or from any kind of road or highway, the dwelling being completely cut off from all human contact. We stopped as we reached the front gate, or what passed as a front gate. It was made of a few roughly cut tree limbs, crudely bound with rusty nails and rotting twine. Chris tried to open it but there was no hinge, it just fell back into his hands; he set it aside politely albeit confusedly. The small courtyard before the front door was overgrown with weeds, grass growing long between broken slabs of concrete beneath our feet. Dotted around a smaller front garden was an assortment of curios placed in decorative positions. Things were tied to the branches of a sapling in the centre of the haggard lawn, small toy cars, a tennis ball, a hair brush. A wheel barrow sat at the foot of it, filthy from exposure, containing a few soggy looking books, some VHS cassettes and a children‘s action figure. They were oddly arranged in a rough circle, the figure in the centre.

Arriving nervously at the door I reached my arm out, feeling it grow heavy as I made a fist. I rapped three times, feeling it shake under the force then waited, listening for signs of life, peering through a small, filthy window to the right of the decrepit door. I could make out yet more assorted, seemingly non related items scattered on shelves and tables. That’s when I turned to Chris; I remember simply remarking that we should move on, that there was no one home. But he didn’t respond, there was something about him, he looked pale and confused, I can hardly explain it now that I try to recall it. He then refused to leave; he started saying “no”, over and over again whenever I tried to speak. “We’re not leaving”, he’d say, “we’re not leaving”, beginning to shout it, scream it. I tried to my best calm him down, make him think rationally, it seemed to work for a moment until he stopped, looked me dead in the eye and said something that’s haunted me to this day. “We’re not leaving, you can’t make us”. I asked him what he was talking about, who ‘we’ was if not him and I. I begged him to explain himself, but he just sat on the cracked stoned flags and stared into the fog.

I rushed back to camp as fast as my legs would carry me to find Sam, our friend who had opted to stay behind due to some pretty bad blisters, cooking bacon and eggs over a fire. He stared at me dumbfounded as I wheezed and stammered my way through a retelling of the afternoon’s events. Yet when I tried to get him to return to the cottage with me, he simply shrugged, “He’ll be there in the morning, he’s probably just had enough”. I tried to explain that this kind of behavior was extremely odd coming from Chris and that I was deeply concerned, but he flat out refused, acting as if it was me who were the irrational one. Reluctantly I agreed to return with him first thing in the morning.

That night, laying my sleeping-bag in our cold, ad hoc shelter, I couldn’t sleep. I tried to rationalize the day’s events, to break them down and piece them together in a way that didn’t terrify me, but I couldn’t. Then Sam spoke;

“Can’t go back”, he said sleepily. I sighed.

“Sam, we agreed, we’re going to get him in the morning, then we’re going home”

“Never going back again”

“I know it’s been hard mate, bu-”

“No one goes home”, he interrupted. I lay there in the dark, feeling the hairs on my arms stand on end.

“What?” I asked, raising myself up and reaching for my torch.

“We’re staying here now”, he mumbled as my torch beam illuminated him. He was facing away from me, still wrapped up in his sleeping bag.

“Shut the fuck up”, I said, voice trembling.

“We took him”, he hissed, “and we’ll take you too”

Shut the fuck up!”, I growled, reaching out and hitting him.

He started awake, rolling over and cursing at me. I asked him just what he was playing at saying such things when knew full well I was anxious. My blood ran cold when he claimed to have no knowledge; I shivered in the freezing night as he told me of his habit of sleep-talking, that he said all sorts of crazy stuff. He was laughing it off, trying to reassure me, but I insisted we leave for the nearest Police station as soon as the sun rose. It was his turn to reluctantly agree.

It took us three hours to walk into the nearest town, Brecon, and find the local Police Station. Arriving so early in the morning and in such bizarre attire had the local constabulary giving us a few bemused looks, but this was the least of my concern. I related the story to an officer who listened intently but agreed with my friend that this was probably just a case of hiker exhaustion and he’d probably be back at our campsite when we returned. But I had to insist, I told him that this was extremely unusual behavior and that the cottage was no place to stay another night. Without his camping gear, Chris could die of exposure. The officer rolled his eyes, obviously seeing no need to send a marked unit to look for him, but understanding my desire to find my obviously troubled friend. He asked if we didn’t mind waiting an hour or so while someone drove out and walked up to the cottage, asking if we could point to its general location on a map. I did so before Sam and I made our way to a local café to get our first proper food in days while the Police fetched our friend.

I admit I started to relax somewhat. There was a part of me that thought that I was imagining this whole thing. That it was in fact myself that was being unreasonable and irrational. We returned to the Station after an hour or so, walking casually up to reception and asking a Policewoman if there was any news. The look she gave me is one that’s stayed with me for some time. “Could you come with me, please”, she asked gravely. We were lead into a small interview room, sat at a table were two men in suits. After identifying themselves with some shady acronym, they explained that there had been complications in the search for Chris, that this was something that would take much longer than expected. Sam sat there in silence as I demanded answers. I barked at them to tell me where our friend was, to tell me what had happened to the officers sent to find him. At the mention of their colleagues, one of the suited men’s head dropped and he covered his face with his hands. It was such an obvious display of anguish that I was stunned into silence. They didn’t know either.

It’s been nearly a year. I’ve sat through countless Police interviews, been harassed by newspapers and berated by grieving family members. But I still can’t tell them what’s happened to Chris and the missing Policemen. I just don’t know, no one knows. But I’m going to find out. Whoever took them, whatever made them stay at that cottage in the hills, I’m going to find it. I’ve arranged to rent a shotgun from a farmer just a few miles outside of Brecon, he think’s I’ll be clay pigeon shooting, I know otherwise. I don’t know who I’ll end up using it on, maybe Chris, maybe those Policemen, maybe myself.

But please, please trust me when I beg you;

….dont follow us….

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World News Reddit - 2 hours 58 min ago

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Beardie or blue tongue? Need opinions from those who have owned both!

World News Reddit - 2 hours 59 min ago

I have owned a beardie and they’re one of my favorite creatures in the whole world. I lost my boy to cancer and know that some day, maybe a couple months from now, I will get another lizard because I’m much happier when I have one to care for and love. I’ve always been interested in blue tongue skinks as well and can’t decide which new liz I’d like in my life. I would like opinions on which you have enjoyed more and in what ways! I’m starting grad school Monday and was thinking that it would be easier to care for an animal that I already know all about. It would be no change for me to care for a beardie. For a skink, I would need to learn. On one hand, I feel like a skink would be easier to feed since I wouldn’t keep so many bugs, but they need a loose substrate so there would be more cleaning involved (but I guess I’d save time not cleaning bug tanks because right now I have two tanks full of roaches). For those who have owned both, which would you choose if you could have only one?

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Brand new Dm.

World News Reddit - 3 hours 8 sec ago

Alright so I've wanted to play dnd for years and years but I'm finally getting the chance to and I know the most about how the game works so naturally I was tasked with the role of Dm which I'm happy with I love wrting and world building so it will hopefully be amaizng but I'm worried that I may not do well or the players and myself being inexperienced may crash and burn the whole thing. Any advice on how I can help make their experience fun and anything to help me as a new Dm. Thank you!

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World News Reddit - 3 hours 30 sec ago

It seemed like a lifetime ago when I woke up from first of the many dreams, as at this point time seemed like nothing more than a blur, a whirlwind or images I experienced ever so briefly.

They danced around me left and right, leaving me with the feeling as if I was nothing more but an onlooker of the memories I was cursed to call my own. When the only emotion one could experience was the desperate desire to drift off to sleep, reality becomes nothing more but background noise behind the heavy layers of soft static deep within your brain.

This was going to be a long night, and I knew that. Curling up in the chair, I quietly shuddered at the sensation of the cold air brushing against my skin. The window was open, but I couldn’t bring myself to close it. Tiredly glancing at it, on a moment I almost hoped that the house would collapse on top of me, covering me with the heavy blanket of old wood and bricks. I could imagine the weight of them as they quietly laid upon my mangled body, becoming one with my form on the short few moments before I closed my eyes for good.

Anything, anything at all, just to keep me awake for a bit longer.

Because I very well knew, the moment my eyes closed with the promise of rest, she would visit me once again.


I’ve seen her briefly every now and then, at the times when my eyes fluttered open faster than my mind could beg them to stop, desperately clinging onto the last bits of sanity still left within me. Because she was not a being seen by many, not by ones who would live to tell the tale.

I tangled my fingers with a long strand of hair, pulling on it for a few short moments before feeling it quickly break off. The pain at the back of my skull was brief, though sharp just enough to snap me out of the slumber that was creeping upon me. I pulled another one out, lifting it above my head, taking a short moment to study it as much as I could in the dark. The once vibrant red of it faded into a duller brown it naturally grew in, pointing out the exact moment when all my motivation to maintain the dye seemed to disappear. With a frown, I lowered the hair down to my lips, pressing it down against them until I felt it snap in half.

I don’t remember the exact moment when slumber finally won me over that night, as it’s ways of coming upon me were beguiling and full of deceit.


The first thing I felt was how warm it got, a heavy pressure against my chest. I prayed for my eyes to stay closed, for my senses to go dull until the nightmare went away; yet none of my prayers were heard, my eyes opening slowly as my stomach dropped.

She sat on my chest, her face mere inches above mine. She never got this close before, seeing her form in the full for the first time. Her skin was dull, thin, and stained with age, giving her the look of something that didn’t quite belong among the living, not of this world. Thin, dark veins crept under it, her form much too lanky, much too wrong. Her long neck bent down at an unnatural angle, as she observed me with her blank, milky white eyes.

It didn’t take long for her to notice that I had awoken, her horrible mouth shifting into what I then realized was a grotesque attempt to smile. The fact the gaping hole representing it went from one side of her face to the other made this all that more unnatural, choking on my breath as I did what I could to prevent the bile from rising in my throat. A sound left her in response, though it seemed as if it wasn’t coming from her mouth, but from whatever was under the cloak she wore.

We spent some time looking at each other, my brain desperately attempting to find any explanation for what I was seeing, yet finding none. But one can only live in fear for so long before their mind rebels, demanding a change. And just like that, I realized- I truly had nothing to lose. And with that, I spoke up.“What… What do you want from me?”My words were as firm as I could have made them, though not firm enough to cover up the deep fear that was burning within my insides. Receiving no reply however, a new kind of fire lit up within me.

“I-I asked, what the hell do you want from me?! You damn thing, do you find pleasure in making my life a living hell every single night?”

She quietly looked down at me, as if listening. My mind raced with the memories of the horrible dreams which plagued my mind at night, as I dreamed of my body decomposing, feeling the insects crawling inside of me as I laid alone in the dirt. The beasts would pull on my bones until my remains were scattered all across the cold, hard ground, crushing them with their heavy teeth, before snapping them at each other, fighting over which part of me would they get to consume. Many battles were held over my body, over who would get to have my arms, my legs, who would get to rip my chest open and eat what was left of my partially decomposed heart. And I could feel it all, praying for it to end soon, unable to do as much as move a muscle.

Almost as if on their own, my arms snapped up, my fingers wrapping tightly around her neck. I grit my teeth hard, desperation for answers pushing away any and all parts of me screaming to hide, to plead for mercy.

“What the hell do you want me to do???”The creature remained quiet on a few moments, before a strange noise filled the room. A dry, raspy kind of sound, muffled as if it came from a coffin lowered into the ground. It took me a few moments to realize it was laughing, or at least trying to. The unnaturally long neck bent down further, her face mere inches away from mine.

“I wish to make a deal with you, my child.”

Not actually expecting a response, I froze up once again. My grip loosened, my lower lip trembling slightly. Reluctantly, I nodded.

“Well, I’m listening. It’s not like I have much choice on the matter anyway, do I?”

She let out the noise again, her eyes narrowing down a bit with yet another smile. “You are unhappy, I can tell. I have been observing you for a while, and found you to be quite amusing. For this, I will give you a chance.”

Frowning, I remained silent.

“Your existence, in exchange for three others that I choose. Take them for me, and I shall let you go. None of them will be people who deserved to live, none who will be missed, so consider it a favor for humanity as a whole. I will guide you as you do so, and no trouble will come your way.”

“You… want me to kill someone?” I frowned, looking away. “And not just one person, but three?”

She nodded with what almost seemed to be enthusiasm, her long, thin hair uncomfortably tickling my face with it. I grimaced, looking back up to her again.

“If they really are as horrible as you say they are, I…” I bit my lip nervously, reconsidering my possibilities. “I suppose if you truly want them dead, you’ll just find someone else to do your dirty work, won’t you? The best thing I could do is make sure they don’t suffer much, then.”“Yes, yes, very well, my child.” She straightened her posture up, pulling me into a seating position myself. With everything that just happened, I completely forgot I was still holding onto her neck. “Now, let us go. There aren’t many hours before daylight, and our time is running low now.

Questions littered my mind once more, but before I managed to voice a single one, she opened her cloak up, pulling me into it.


I woke up in a dimly lit room, my body aching all over. I sat up with a quiet grunt, attempting to process just where exactly was I. The room was empty except for a single door at the other end of it, a staircase leading downwards within it. I approached it with caution, as I slowly crept down with quiet footsteps.

They led to a hallway down which I had to navigate in the dark, feeling my way against the wall as I went. The first trace of light came from behind yet another door, once again open. Carefully, I peeked through it, a strange feeling of familiarity filling me as I did. It was a fairly simple room- a TV, a sofa, a fireplace… The only thing standing out was the fact everything in it looked as if it hasn’t been used in years, the paint peeling off from the walls with age and decay. The only light source was the TV screen, static the only thing displayed on it. Frowning in confusion, I took a few steps in, all but jumping once I felt the door slam behind me. Swearing through my teeth, I started turning around towards it to try getting it open again, before a noise was heard in the room.

It was a strange, nasal noise, something between an old man’s snore and a grunt of a swine. Tensing up considerably, I took the chance to bend down behind the sofa, covering my mouth with my hands. A tall figure stood up, it’s shadow lazily glancing side to side.

“Who’s there???” It called out in a deep, hoarse voice, the room all but shaking with it. Trembling, I crawled around to the other side of the furniture on all fours just as it circled up to where I stood moments ago, letting a frustrated grunt out. Finally gathering some courage, I carefully peeked behind it.

The thing stood at least eight feet tall, looking much like a man up to it’s shoulders. It’s clothes were filthy with stains, it’s breath heavy as it’s swollen stomach protruded out from the wife beater it wore. It’s skin was slick and oily with grime, the nails of it’s hands long and jagged. Holding in a whimper, I finally looked all the way up, feeling my knees buckle underneath me as I saw it’s face wasn’t one of a man, but of a hog like creature. The fur of it’s head was patchy with mange, the tusks broken off at the tips, it’s beady eyes a crazed red. The thing scoffed, proceeding to look around, it’s breath heavy as it walked.

“I know someone’s in here, so you better fuckin’ speak the hell up before I get real goddamn mad!” It spat, it’s filthy, yellow teeth grinding against each other. Attempting to back away, I crawled backwards while still getting a look at it, my heart pounding in my chest. If I only had a way to get to the door, If only-

A loud crash was heard as my foot got tangled up in a cable, pulling the TV down with it. My heart all but stopped as the thing turned towards me, it’s expression one of pure age.

“What’d I tell ya ‘bout interrupting me, you little shit?” It growled before charging straight at me, though thankfully missing as I moved out of the way at the very last moment. It was rancid with sweat and spoiled alcohol, attempting to grab me with one of it’s massive hands. I dodged once more, scampering towards the other end of the room. The steps of it’s heavy boots echoed as it chased after me, it’s steps graceless and crude. Hot tears burned down my cheeks, throwing myself under a table to avoid it, knocking plates of spoiled food off in the process. It grabbed a large hatchet, leaning down and attempting to strike me down with it, though it’s movements were still too slow. I screamed, getting back to my feet as I rushed to the other end of the room, the creature yelling out as it ran after me.

“Kathy, you little fuckin’ whore, get your ass back here!” It charged at me as I curled up by the fireplace, squeezing my eyes closed tightly.

It had no time to stop itself in it’s charge even after it noticed I held up a fireplace poker towards it, not even once it got impaled through the thing’s insides. At this point, I was sobbing, curled up as small as I could.

“You always smelled like violets, Katherine. S-still do.” It sputtered out with sick amusement before collapsing on top of me, the grin still on it’s face. I winced, it’s heavy weight making me unable to move, even though it’s arm was the only part fully on me. Desperately attempting to squirm away I made myself exhausted, yet still had no luck. The smell of it was overbearing, the knot tightening in my stomach. And just then, I noticed the metal object still in it’s grip.


Chopping a limb off takes more effort than you’d imagine at first, but it gets easier with practice. It’s other leg came off easier than the first one, wiping the sweat off my brow once the work was done. Nearly all of my body was covered in tar like fluid, glistening black on the dim light of the knocked over screen. I was tired, but aware of the fact my time was running low. I pulled the fireplace poker out of it’s body, wiping it off on the rug before making my way to the door, sticking it’s end in the keyhole. It was a perfect fit, and the door clicked open with ease.

The room it led to was even more familiar, especially as the body of a girl sleeping in her bed came into my sight. Despite my steps being rather loud, she didn’t budge an inch- I always was a heavy sleeper, after all.

I knew what I had to do, as crazy as it seemed. Was it a trap? If I killed myself like this, I would certainly actually die, wouldn’t I? My sleeping self was tangled up in the sheets, a peaceful expression on her face. I frowned, sitting down on the bed by her.

“You look pretty pathetic like this, don’t you?” I muttered, laying down on my side by her, sighing quietly. I couldn’t possibly do it. I couldn’t possibly kill her, I couldn’t possibly…

“You won’t do it, I know.” A voice spoke up, identical to mine. “You’re too much of a coward.”

Her eyes were still closed, as if she was fast asleep. And yet, she still spoke. “You won’t do anything, you never do. You’ll just rot in here forever, until your skin turns into mush and only bones remain. You’re utterly worthless, and you can’t even do a simple task.”

She sat up, her eyes still closed. Her posture was perfectly straight, her hands neatly folded on top of her stomach. “You didn’t do anything when he hit her, you didn’t do anything when you heard her cry through the door. And now she’s dead, because you were a coward.”

Her eyes opened, fully black, an expression of sadistic delight on her face.

“And now you will die, because you are a coward.”

I never expected I’d see myself die, never from the perspective of another person. I squeezed her neck till she stopped moving, letting her fall limp to the bed. Observing her for a bit longer, I noticed just how wrong something about her seemed. My skin wasn’t as smooth, and as I moved my hands, the skin of her neck seemed almost as it cracked from the pressure, as if it was porcelain. Hesitating on a moment, I pressed my hands down on her face, cracking into pieces. I gasped, pulling away as they crumbled and slid off onto the bed, her face a blank, flat surface now.

And as I lifted my hands up to feel the face of my own, I found it to be blank also.


In this wicked world of Hers, I did not need my eyes to see. Exiting the second room, I met Her once again. She smiled softly, something melancholic to her expression.

“You did well, my child.” She sat at the end of a long, wooden table, an empty teacup on it.

“You may wonder what this place is. Many of my friends lived here, once. Yet only I remain.”

I nodded, observing the strange room. The walls were tall, tall with no end, and terribly grey. Everything seemed to be made of marble, yet the floor still somehow felt soft as I walked across it.

“I lost my face, you know. I killed them, but I think I killed myself also.” I still held the pig’s head under my arm, It’s blank eyes staring ahead.

“I think he’s melting, which is a shame. I hoped I could keep him, for all that he took from me.” The creature’s face seemed to melt down like wax, and if I squeezed it hard enough, I left indents in it’s cheek.

“Indeed he is. But it is what he deserves, don’t you think?” She smiled, lifting the cup up. A single spider escaped from it, skittering down her arm.

I set the head on the table, climbing up on it myself.

“I am not sure who you are, exactly. I can’t go back to the world like this, not after I have been changed. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“It’s not like I had much choice.” She shrugged.

She took a sip from the cup, closing her eyes. “I am very old, and very tired. I’m afraid I can’t wear this face no more. But you, my dear…”

We made eye contact, her eyes narrowed slightly with yet another smile. And then, I knew.

“What will I have to do?”

She chuckled quietly at first, before letting out a louder giggle of delight. And there was something so young, so playful to it.

“I may have lost my friends, but you can still make some for yourself. Dreams of the mortals is all we need, good, or bad. As this world of yours got corrupted, not many more good ones remain. But, you must be patient… For the bad ones rot your soul.”

“You… you eat dreams?” I frowned in confusion. “What for?”

“Katherine, my dear, one day, you’ll see… A creature that cannot dream wishes nothing more than that, if only for a moment. In dreams, you can be whatever you wish to be, and if you master that… Well, let’s just say you’ll have to find that part out for yourself.”

I nodded, standing on the table in front of her. In proper light, I could see there was something extraordinarily beautiful about a creature like her. Even though her skin was thin and grey, her eyes sparkled with iridescent shapes in countless colors, like two sentient opals. Her teeth, although thin and sharp like needles, were transparent and in many shades of colored glass, their shadows in colors of rainbow as the light hit them. And deep down the darkness of her throat, I could swear I saw a galaxy swirling about, with stars and planets dying and being born all over again as she spoke.

Throwing myself on her, she did not resist as I bit into her shoulder. Golden ichor filled my mouth with every bite, and I bit till there was no more to bite, till I sat on an empty cloak in the room made of marble. Curling up inside her empty rib cage of colorful glass, I let myself drift off to sleep.


Pain was all I knew when I woke up once more, laying down in the dirt. Specks of it hit my face, getting stuck to the blood long dried on it. I lifted my hand up, feeling for the source, gasping as I felt a crack on my temple- it felt like porcelain, but porcelain could be fixed.

He didn’t act nearly as tough as he used to make people think, not once his dead stepdaughter pulled him into the grave he dug up for her by the ankle. He swore over and over it was an accident, that he didn’t mean to hit me that hard.

I made him beg, and that he did. To spare him, to keep him alive, without him even knowing that was my intention either way. With my new strength, dragging him off was easy, and tying him up even easier. This time, he begged me to kill him, to end this, and to be perfectly honest, all the wishes did make me slightly annoyed. I was no genie, those aren’t even closely related to the species I am now.

I remember how helpless I felt being trapped living with him, the very man to blame for my mother’s death getting custody of me seeming like a terrible curse. And so I swore to do all I could to help others in situations like mine, where a happy life seemed like nothing more but a dream.

Porcelain can be glued back together, but the human mind can’t.

She did warn me eating nightmares rots your soul, but if I usually feed only on good dreams of others, it couldn’t be that bad, right?

After all, I can’t help it. Even after all those years, his nightmares are still so delicious.

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[Banned] /r/worldnews/: Paris rolls out sidewalk urinals

World News Reddit - 3 hours 58 sec ago

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The Papers: Cipriani's court date and family's bridge escape

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