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View May Day Fast Facts on CNN and

CNN World News - 2 hours 24 min ago
View May Day Fast Facts on CNN and learn about International Workers Day, as it is called in many countries.
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A van plowed into pedestrians in a busy

CNN World News - 2 hours 24 min ago
A van plowed into pedestrians in a busy northern suburb of Toronto, on Monday, April 23.
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Save the World in Season 4

World News Reddit - 2 hours 26 min ago

So I dunno if this has been bought up at all but I was just thinking, save the world is supposed to be free to everyone at some point in 2018. In save the world there are aliens/monster creature things, in BR there’s a meteor and possible UFO’s....

Since everyone seems to think season 4 will be alien themed, surely a possibility would be that the meteor crashes down aliens spawn and thus resulting in Save the World happening and becoming a new game mode for everyone... I wonder if anyone else has thought this or if that’s just to obvious? I don’t get why it’s not been bought up yet!

The meteor and Season 4 is just Save the World....


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[QOL] Can we get an editable "notes" button for the starchart nodes?

World News Reddit - 2 hours 26 min ago

I know where to get the information when i need it or remember a lot of stuff but every now and then i have to use google.

I'd love to be able to add some notes on each node for stuff like which frame parts drop at which node, rotation etc, the same for resources. That way I and surely many others could provide better help to new players. In additioin to that a searchbar for keywords would be great.

If i'd put "Frost" in the searchbar i would probably get the Bossfight highlighted and nodes where i can scan Frostleaf.

Something along 100-200 letters should be enough to get everything covered.

I know that the team is busy with reworks, the new open world tileset etc but maybe this could make it on the list of "to-do" things or someone could check if it's even worth the work.

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The Northern Tribes Expansion

World News Reddit - 2 hours 31 min ago

To the North of Bagria are the lands of the great tribes. Horn-chest, RaptorClaw, Korthaka, Kor-Gren, Kal-Whend, and Sorak among the countless smaller clans. For years these clans have served as a minor annoyance and handy training tool for the Bagrian Army. Raids by these tribes gave the military a handy opponent to practice on, in case real war ever came. But with the changing tides of the world, the King has decided he can no longer stand for these. He gives the Order to General Sextilius Omninmos to bring them into the fold. The General finds himself in a tent, settled in a camp between the northern hills. Surrounded by the 5 great Tribes. He must convince them to come peacefully into the kingdom, or he will be forced into a long campaign for the region.

The RaptorClaws of the Plains, riders of the Plains Raptors. They have tamed the beasts and make this fact the center of their culture, to ride is to live. To be unable to ride is death. When they die they are fed to their Raptor, and then the Raptor is eaten by the tribe.

The Horn-Chest live up to their name, a deformity of some form causes them to grow small horn like points from their ribs. kept sharpened, they serve as a status symbol. Having bigger horns usually designates status and power.

The Korthaka are Relatives of the Ashanta, living at the foot of the mountains. Already at least partially under the dominion of Bagria, they still hold to their independence in many areas. They are a People of the Mountain and Lake, their customs are ancient and strange and they revere a god of the lake whose boundless mysteries gift the curious with madness.

The Kor-Gren may have been brought to heel, but their cousins the Kal-Whend still hold to their ways, inhabiting the northernmost regions, their expertise on sailing the frigid seas would be most useful, and finally closing control of north sea access would be an immeasurable boon for the kingdom.

Finally the Soraks, These people have remained safe from the other tribes, Living within the two great Hills, They hold the richest Land, and are almost as strong as the other clans combined in resources. Though their lack of mages when compared to the other tribes has left them under-powered.

"Fellow Commanders, I thank you for attending this meeting." The General Began. "We have been enemies at one point or another since time immemorial. But the world is changing. Other nations are growing, and the age of Tribes and Clans is coming to an end. If all of us are to survive we must unite. In the ancient times, Ashanta, Sabian, Elforiae and Kurandi came together to become one people. A stronger people. We now come to you and ask you do the same. Unite with us and let our people become one."

The circle grew silent. Each tribe had much to gain, and everything to lose. They had remained independent and strong for generations, but they knew the end was coming. Should they refuse, Bagria would march and take them by force, and if not them then the Sifraka, or some other people.

The Sorak Chieftain was first to speak. "And what makes you think we need you, why you, why not Sifraka, or why don't we just unite and become our own kingdom?"

The others grunted in approval, the thoughts had crossed their minds as well. Korthaka responded first. "In truth, I am already well use to Bagrian ways. My people have lived in harmony with them and we have prospered. If we are to unite with another nation, I am on the side of Bagria, But I am not opposed to us uniting into our own alliance."

Sextilius had to stop this talk of their own kingdom now.

"Understand this meeting is a kindness, if you truly plan to unite into your own coalition, we will invade and take you by force. While some of you may welcome the challenge, I suspect other wiser voices may not wish for true total war."

The Matron of Kal-Whend spoke up. "We shall not join any war. We only want peace, and quiet. if tribute and access to the north sea is what you wish you may have it, but our people must be promised the right to keep our ways, and exemption from serving in your wars." Her voice was quiet, but stern.

Sextilius could agree to the terms, if only as a temporary matter, over time he suspected the cultures would mix and he could goad some of the Kals to serve in the army of their own free will. Still a good trader never accepts the first offer.

"I can promise you we will not take away your traditions, but only the exemption of military service for those already beyond the age of recruitment. Those too young to be recruited will be expected to serve at one point." He spoke calmly, and made sure to enunciate such that she knew he was willing to bend a little, as to not break her now.

"You must swear those you conscript will not fight in war accept as a last choice. I also want an oath that your Aetherium will not deny us our gods, and will not steal our children." She responded.

"I will agree to all, but must amend the Aetherium, they will not conscript any child ranked less than Octos." He countered

"Novem" She said

"Deal" With that The Kal-Whend had joined the fold, all that stood in his way was the Kathaka, if they joined a new kingdom, they'd have to be the first to go, to clear a path to Kal-Whend, and they knew it.

"So Chief Kathaka, is an alliance with the others still your intention?" His voice was as cold as a snake.

Before the Chief of Kathaka could respond The Chief of the Horn-Chest stood before the General. "I will agree to join, if you can best me in single Combat." His Demand was not unexpected, but surprisingly forward. The General expected a trial by combat, but not between himself and the chief. Still he agreed. The battle would take place tomorrow at noon. Next was the Sorak and RaptorClaw. The two eyed each other.

Chief Sorak was the first to speak. "We will not join. We will retain our freedom, and shall go to war if needed. if no one will join us we shall call upon the Sifrakans for aid."

This was a surprising move. Sextilius could not risk a war with Sifraka, not so soon. While he didn't lack faith in his people’s ability to win, he did not know if the king would agree to such a gamble. He simply stared down the chief. Before he could retort he heard the sound of a bronze Kithtar Blade hit the fire. Grol'dan RaptorClaw stood up and looked the Sorak in the eye. "We will join the kingdom of Bagria, just to have the chance to spit upon the Sorak." Sextilius smiled at the RaptorClaw Chiefs words, Tribal Rivalry had served the Bagrian armies well in the past, and now came through again.

"But" Said Grol'dan "We want our blood, and the blood of our fellow northmen, to be brought into the Bagrian Royal Blood. We know the story of the four tribes, they married their children into eachothers houses to unite them. It is the descendent of the four that now rules. If this is to be so for us, than we two should join this line. The king of Bagria should be not the blood of Four and ruler of nine. But the Blood of Nine and Ruler of Nine."

The words of the savage broke through to Sextilius. He knew this would be a Hard sell to the King. But he had said at any cost. The king had several children, including a grandson. Should these tribes begin their intermarriage now. Then their cross-tribe children may be of proper age to marry the Prorex in a decade or two. He agreed.

"Very well, I will leave it to the four of you and to the chief of the Kor-Gren to arrange the marriage of your children and the lineage from there. The King has two sons, a daughter, and a grandson. We can arrange the details later. Am I safe to assume we are all in agreement." They all nodded and raised their mugs.

As the Night went on and they returned to their camps, Sorak and Sextilius shook hands "Although we do not leave brothers, I do thank you for your time and wish you and your people glad tidings." said Sextilius.

"I thank you for your kindness, I hope I do not have to slay you in battle someday." Said Sorak.

"If I must be killed by a Sorak, I hope it is you." Said Sextilius.

With this day's passing three of the tribes had joined the fold, and the next day, the Horn-Chests, would be brought to heel.

the battle was glorious, naked and armed with only smooth practice swords, the two warriors dueled. Blow after blow and hour after hour, the two showed their resolve and endurance. But after six hours of patient dueling, the two collapsed. While a draw, the Horn-Chest agreed that it was enough to negotiate the union.

The Agreement with the Horn-Chest was they're agreement to join, in exchange for the right to marry the eldest of the Horn-Chest to the youngest of the Bagrians. Within the fortnite, the King had sent his agreement. Principissa Meridia Bagria would Marry Kelis Horn-Chest.

The Bagrians now hold dominion over the RaptorClaw, Horn-Chest, Kal-Whend, Korthaka and Kor-Gren. The Soraks Remain out of Bagrian Control.


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Cliff Richard case: Editor has 'no concerns' over helicopter footage

BBC News - 2 hours 32 min ago
A BBC editor says he has no concerns about the broadcasting of images of a raid on the singer's flat.
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Just want to vent about my bridesmaid

World News Reddit - 2 hours 33 min ago

I've been friends with one of my bridesmaids for about a decade. I'm one of her bridesmaids. We were roommates in high school, graduated together, traveled the world together, and now we're planning our weddings together.

FH Let it slip about 6 months before proposing that he was planning on proposing. We said screw it and started planning even though he hadn't proposed yet. I let her know we'd be getting married and had already picked a date and that I wanted her to be my bridesmaid.

Things started fine but then she started making comments about how weird it was to plan without a ring on my finger. The ring is just a formality to us. I explained that a few times and eventually she stopped bringing it up.

A few months go by and her now FH proposes. She's over the moon and it's great and good and she picks her date. Y'all she picked the same date as FH and I. Fortunately FH and I had already pushed the wedding back a couple of weeks, but she didn't know that! We just got lucky.

A few weeks go by and her FH drops the rudest comment. He wanted to make a bet that FH and I don't make it to the wedding since we come from different socio economic backgrounds. My family is well off. FHs family is dirt poor. Like 4 kids in a one bedroom trailer poor. I was shocked and hurt. So was FH. It was even more confusing because she comes from an even worse family than my FH and her FH comes from a well off family. But we decided to ignore it for the sake of my friendship with Bridesmaid.

About a month later she starts telling me the real wedding will be 1000 miles away because thats where her FHs family lives. Then she'll have a small "fake" ceremony and reception in our home town and she wanted me to be her bridesmaid at the "fake" ceremony. She said she didn't want me to worry about going to the real wedding because I'd be too busy. So I asked about all her other family and friends. If they'd be invited to the big wedding with his family. She admitted they wouldn't even be invited. We talked for a while and she finally admitted she's embarrassed by everyone in our home town and doesn't want her new family to know anyone.

I'm not gonna lie. I maybe blew that a little out of proportion... Like, I get it. I completely understand not wanting to invite her drug addicted siblings to the wedding. But there are so many other people, good people, who practically raised her. Without them she'd be in the same boat as her siblings. And she didn't want to invite them because their idea of a good time is getting ready for a rodeo. Since having this discussion she's changed her mind (And date) and is now inviting everyone to the wedding. Her date is now in 2019 and she wants me to be a bridesmaid in the real deal. Yay.

A few months ago she came to visit and we went dress shopping for my wedding dress. She came late, with her 1 year old, and with a sister I've never met (because sister does drugs and we've always avoided that!) So I'm trying on dresses and notice she's got a few picked out. For her. She asks the consultant if she can start trying on dresses and the woman looked beyond confused and told her they normally don't do things that way so that each bride can have their special moment. I'm not big on special moments, but I honestly just wanted her there to help me pick a dress. She told the woman I wouldn't care (I kind of did) and insisted on being helped into the dresses. There were like 20. And we ended up late for our dinner plans.

We made plans to go dress shopping the next day in another town. During the 2 hour drive she asked if I was sure about my decision, if I had thought about backing out. At first I thought maybe she was getting cold feet and just needed some reassurance. Nope. She wanted to convince me FH isn't good enough for me because of his family background, he doesn't make more money than I do, he doesn't like to travel, he doesn't want to move 1000 miles away from everyone he's ever known.

I was fucking shocked. I understood when it was her FH making comments. He's an ass with a superiority complex. But she's never been that way. I didn't know what to say other than I understand why people think we're very different, but that's just on very superficial things.

After the awful dress shopping experience i told FH about what was said. He was very hurt for understandable reasons. More so than by the comments previously made. I think it was made worse because while he saw it coming from the guy, he actually liked bridesmaid and felt like they got along very well.

I felt awful for how he felt and texted her after letting myself calm down. I explained that she and her FH were entitled to their opinions, but I wouldn't intentionally expose FH to people who thought so little of him just because he wasn't born well off and doesn't want to adopt an extravagant lifestyle.

At first she was apologetic. She said she didn't mean it to come off that way and was just trying to be a good friend. Once I explained I was just trying to look out for FH she got angry and defensive. Said I was making things up and was just trying to kick her out of my wedding. I was beyond confused, quoted a few of the more hurtful things she said, and told her I have always valued her friendship and didn't want to lose her, but that I had to make the right choice for my future husband. Finally she calmed down and admitted that she had been diagnosed with postpartum depression which turned into postpartum rage which made her a little erratic. Her FH had moved them far away from anyone she knows and she's had no one to listen or talk to in months other than him and she'd started to agree with him on things she usually wouldn't. She apologized profusely to both myself and FH.

Now we're a few months out from my wedding and a year from hers. She wants me to go to her bridal shower 1000 miles away a few weeks before my wedding. She also wants me to go on a $5000 cruise a couple months after the wedding for her bachelorette, knowing full well I'm paying for this wedding myself, saving for a house, and trying to start my own business. She's also trying to surprise me with an extravagant bachelorette despite knowing I don't want one, I'm trying to save money, and I have to request days off of work a year in advance in order to secure it. I don't even know that I want to go to her wedding anymore. She's just changed so much since getting together with her FH.

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9 Levels of Hell - Part 38

World News Reddit - 2 hours 33 min ago


Florence seemed to check the body count on her copy of the Rules compulsively. Every couple of minutes, Clint watched her extract that tattered paper from her pocket again and again and squint at it in the low light. And every time she must have been satisfied that the number was still three, because she shoved it back in her jeans and kept going.

They spent most of the night marching through darkness and rain, scrambling over thick undergrowth and boulders lined in carpets of moss. They paused often to squint at their maps in the darkness, to compare. Their trail to the first spot Ben had marked was wandering and serpentine, and eventually (after more walking than it really should have taken, Clint wanted to complain) they arrived at it. They found a steep gully with a thin creek running through its belly. For a moment they paused there on the ridge, listening to the sighing water. The rain had let it up to only a light drizzle, and Clint was relieved for it. The constant damp chilled him to his very bones.

Daphne seemed to have the worst of it. She stood shuddering like a newborn deer and staring at the maps, her hair gone dark blond and thick with the rain. Malina put both her arms around the girl and rubbed her shoulders, fiercely, trying to warm her up.

“Well,” Florence said, peering down into the valley, “this can’t be it.”

Clint shrugged. His exhaustion was like another being living inside of him, weighing down on his very bones. “We’ll go to the second spot, then.”

Daphne muttered, teeth chattering, “Do they have hy-hypothermia in this game?”

Florence gave her a wry grin. “I guess we’ll find out.”

The moonlight speared its fingers through a brief break in the clouds. Daphne tried to hold the maps out for everyone to see, but she was shaking hard enough that Clint took them delicately from her hands. He traced the path on Ben’s map, trying to follow the thin dotted line of a deer trail he had marked in pencil. It was nearly impossible to see by the dim light of the moon.

“It should only be a couple more miles that way.” He pointed vaguely off west, where the forest was dense and thick.

“And if it isn’t?” Malina asked, her voice full of challenge and distrust.

“Then we’ll figure it out when the sun comes up.”

Malina leaned over close to hiss in Clint’s ear, “She’s the last person I’d like to be lost in the fucking woods with.”

“What was that?” Florence asked, her eyes narrowed in distrust. “Let’s go ahead and kill this whispering-about-me-in-front-of-me shit, alright, darling?”

“Okay, I will loudly say that I don’t trust you and don’t want to be lost in the goddamn forest with you.”

“Oh, the feeling is quite mutual.” Florence readjusted her rifle on her shoulder. “But I keep my promises: I won’t shoot you if you don’t shoot me. Got it?”

Daphne took off her backpack and pulled out one of the blankets that Malina had saved. She slung her pack back on and wrapped the blanket around herself, tightly. “Let’s either make camp or just keep going,” she said through her shivers.

Florence looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and muted admiration. “I elect for keep going.” She started to walk away, then paused and looked at everyone else. “I assume you’re all in favor?”

Malina scowled at Florence. Clint looked up at the rain as if there was a god up there to ask for help. He said at last, “I suppose we are.”

They kept stomping through the woods.

It took them nearly an hour and a half to reach the other spot that Ben had marked. The deer trail was there, thin and broken as a shed snake skin in the darkness. And when they followed it, it eventually curved around to nearly the edge of the map.

And there they found the last spot: a ravine so deep that it disappeared down into perfect darkness. Its sides were steep and slippery with rain. It was such a sharp decline that to Clint, it only looked passable for a mountain goat.

“Shit,” he gasped. He sat down on his ass in the mud, not even caring anymore about the wetness soaking his pants. Everything about him was sodden through. He felt like he was going to dissolve like salt. “Do we need gear or something?”

“Maybe it’s like the opening to the second level.” Florence peered forward, squinting, as if that would help her miraculously learn how to see in the dark. “And we only have to jump.”

“Go ahead and test that theory for us,” Malina said.

Florence gave her a barbed look.

Daphne dropped her rain-soaked blanket on the ground and shook her head, hard. “The book distinctly says that they climb down. It’s one of the only details it gives us.” She looked down at the ravine, her eyes wide with anxiety. She looked just as exhausted and bewildered as Clint felt.

“I think Florence should take one for the team and try it anyway.”

To Clint’s surprise, that actually made the gang boss laugh. She said, “Of course you would cling to that idea.” She checked the Rules again for possibly the thousandth time that night. And then her smile waned. “Fuck,” she said. “He’s here.”

All three of them leapt up to crowd Florence and peer at her list. The number had shot up to twenty people on their level.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Clint groaned. He rubbed at his forehead. “How many people did he take from you?”

“Twenty,” she said, her brows drawn together. Her scowl deepened. “He must have lost a few to Cerberus too.”

“He’s one hungry boy,” Malina observed with a smirk.

“Those were real people just like you,” Florence said, her voice low and drawn.

“Yeah, who betrayed you. So fuck them.” Malina stuck out her tongue and stared down at the abyss. “We need climbing gear,” she said.

“Sure, let’s go to the climbing gear store,” Clint agreed.

For the first time in hours, Daphne giggled. It was strangely reassuring, to share a smile with her and feel (for a moment) that the world was not collapsing after all.

Malina leaned forward and hissed a sigh. “Yeah, it’s like a ten foot vertical drop to start off. There’s no getting down that alive without something.”

Florence joined here there at the edge of the abyss. They looked at each other sideways, like they were sharing the same dark thought. Both kept their hands firmly jammed in their pockets like a cease-fire. And then Florence ventured, “We could use pick-axes.”

“But we’d need something for our feet.”

“I have a couple of knives,” Florence started.

“They’d probably break,” Clint pointed out.

Daphne muttered, low, like she was scared of rebuttal but couldn’t help herself: “Or we’d stab ourselves”

Malina clapped her hands together and laughed. She turned to face the trio and moved away from the edge of the ravine. Florence stayed staring down the edge. “Railroad spikes.” Then she argued with herself before anyone else could react, “But how would we get them to stay on?”

“I’ve got duct tape in my pack,” Florence said. She looked up and grinned at their looks of astonishment. “Yeah, I know. I lucked the fuck out in the first round.”

“You played murder in the first round,” Malina corrected her, the edge returning to her voice again.

“Who didn’t play murder in the first round? I just social-engineered it.” She winked at Florence and nodded back east, back the way they had already come. “Guess we’d better keep walking.”

Daphne bent over to clutch her knees and make a sound that was half a laugh and half a cry. “I kind of hate this fucking game.”

Florence patted her shoulder—Daphne passed a shocked look to Clint—and smiled. “Me too, kid.”

The girl didn’t offer her usual I’m not a kid rebuttal. She just stood looking a bit stunned, as if a rattlesnake had slithered past without striking her.

Their new team member just stood regarding them with mild irritation. “Well? Are we going or not?”

Clint pushed his aching body to his feet and stretched with a breathless laugh. “I’m so excited to walk all the way back for this shit at the same time a band of sixteen armed strangers is headed our way.” He started to move forward with Daphne and Florence, but Malina just stood there, staring up at the clouds.

“Mal,” he called back, “you coming or what?”

“What if you’re just leading us back to meet your buddies?” Malina asked.

Florence paused and turned around to face Malina. She looked exasperated. “Yeah, sure, I tricked you with information I didn’t have about a place I’ve never been to.” She scoffed and kept stomping up the trail.

Malina followed them, her scowl deepening and darkening like the storm above them. The rain began falling with a new urgency. She raised her voice to be heard over the pelting of water against leaves. “You can’t blame us for being cautious.”

“Those two seem fine with it.” Florence gestured backwards at Clint and Daphne. Clint found it oddly off-putting, as if she was talking about him like he could not speak for himself.

“I’m not sure how I feel about it,” Daphne admitted. For a long few seconds, no one said anything. Florence stared back at her with a look that was guarded, unreadable. “But I don’t want your sister to die.”

“I trust you,” Clint said, but the tone of his voice didn’t convince himself either.

Malina’s look turned smug and triumphant. “Yeah. They seem like they’d take a bullet for you.”

“Mal, you’re just being a dick now,” Clint said, wearily.

Florence’s eyes narrowed. She whipped her head forward to survey their surroundings, and then she paused. “You don’t have to trust me yet,” she said. “But I want you to know I’ve trusted you with everything. You—” she seemed to be speaking to all three of them now “—have all the power here, and I have to trust that you fucks won’t turn it against me. So don’t act like you’re the only ones taking a leap of faith here.”

Malina snorted, but Daphne shook her head.

“Florence is right,” she said. “We’re all just standing here being scared of each other.” She pulled out her own copy of the rules just to tap that horrifying number twenty scrawled in what looked like blood. “When those are the people we should be scared of. The people who are actually going to kill us.”

Malina sighed through her teeth and gestured at Clint in exasperation. “Why didn’t you just fucking shoot her?”

Clint couldn’t help his scoff. “We’re not rehashing this again.”

“Well, yeah, we are.” Malina hurled down her backpack in frustration. “I don’t know why you put us all in danger, because, what… she told you she has a sister?”

“It’s the same reason you hid me instead of killing me the day we met.”

“Hard to buy someone like her turns into a human being overnight,” Malina spat.

“Three capable shooters are better than two,” Florence pointed out. She folded her arms over her chest like she was cold or bored or both. “And you very well know that I’m not going to try to one-man-army my way through this game, since I would actually like to win. Even if you don’t trust me as a human, trust the fuckin’ odds, okay? I always play with the odds.”

For a long few seconds, Malina fumbled for her next word. Finally she said, “This all just feels too convenient. It makes me nervous as hell. How one minute you’re on our side, and the next you’re saying, oh, sure, let’s just run into the arms of my old team.”

And then Florence spat out, “I’m doing with this fuckin’ argument. You go with me, or you stay here, I don’t care. But I’m going to go get the gear we need to get down to the next level before all those fuckers catch up with us.”

And then she kept stomping forward, into the trees.

Daphne glanced back at Malina, who still hadn’t budged. She looked at Clint. “Are we going?” she whispered, nervously. There was a question in her voice, the same question he didn’t want to dare voice himself: was Malina really going to split them up right now, of all times?

“Can’t we talk about his later?” he murmured, low. “When we’re not around her, maybe?” Clint nodded to wear Florence was still crashing through the trees behind them. “And you can tell me what’s really going on.”

“You’ve heard what’s really going on.”

Clint narrowed his eyes at her. “I don’t think I have.”

Malina’s scowl deepened, but she didn’t argue any further. She hauled her pack off the ground and squalled off down the path without another word to either of them.

Clint looked down at Daphne and matched her shrug. “At least she’s coming along,” he said.

Daphne sort of laughed.

They traipsed back through the forest and the thickening night, back to town.


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The "Bitcoin Foundation", a supposedly community driven bitcoin advocacy group, has now been taken over by 'Bitcoin Cash' supporters

World News Reddit - 2 hours 34 min ago

I just received an email from the 'Bitcoin Foundation' this morning, written by a man named 'Llew Clasen'.

Llew Clasen is Vinny Lingham's business partner at Newtown Ventures. Vinny, of course, supports BCH and thinks Bitcoin is failing.

The 'Bitcoin Foundation' has a substantial budget and a mandate to promote bitcoin in a positive light and to advocate for it with government regulators.

However, it has now been taken over by bcash supporters.

Roger Ver now controls numerous media outlets and is spending a huge amount of money spreading the lie that bitcoin cash 'is the real bitcoin'.

Meanwhile, bitcoin itself has a PR budget of exactly zero dollars and zero cents. Other than guys like us posting on social media, that's it.

The damage being done by this social engineering and media attack is not insignificant. People who are thought leaders within the community should stop sitting on the sidelines, and make a concerted effort to correct the lies, fraud, and propaganda being spread by Roger Ver and his supporters.

He owns, the bitcoin twitter account, now the bitcoin foundation, there is no end to his willingness to socially engineer a PR campaign to spread lies and disinformation.

Here is the complete text of the email that was blasted out this morning:

Dear John,

A warm welcome to our new members. Every month, I send out an operational update to all members and highlight key operational issues arising since the last members’ update.

Here are our operational highlights for March 2018:

The Foundation’s 2018/19 planning Much of the Foundation's activities in March revolved around planning for 2018/19. The Executive Director (ED) and Chairman of the Board prepared a financial, marketing and operating plan to commit $5 million to scale up the operations of the Foundation and to take a more prominent role as an advocacy organization in the industry.

This plan was presented to potential backers in San Francisco, the board and also to the members of the Foundation during a webinar on April 9. It was well received all around. Thank you to all our members who attended the webinar and so actively engaged in the Q&A session.

Marketing and Operations plan 2018 Financial reports and projections 2017/2018 Speaking engagement, Bitcoin Cash conference, Satoshi’s Vision The Foundation’s ED attended the Bitcoin Cash conference, Satoshi’s Vision, in Japan March 23-25. The primary intention was to better understand how this project was evolving, meet with stakeholders and better understand how the Foundation should engage with this project going forward.

Our plans for 2018 and meetings at Satoshi’s Vision suggest that the Foundation has an opportunity to continue to represent the interests of an industry under siege even if there is disagreement on approach between projects.

Lobbying The Foundation continues to engage with lawmakers in New York state and Washington DC to influence both state and federal legislation in a way that is fundamentally positive for the industry. We expect to be able to make a few announcements on progress shortly.

BlockShow Europe 2018, Berlin, Germany (May 28-29) BlockShow Europe 2018 is an event that brings together the global Blockchain community. The Foundation’s ED will be speaking and we look forward to participating. We have a special promotional offer of 25% off for our members. Use code: 25BITCOINFOUNDATION when buying tickets.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018, Vienna, Austria (May 16-18) WeAreDevelopers brings together developers from across the world to share their knowledge and experience. Dubbed “The Woodstock of Developers” this year’s event focuses on current tech trends including Blockchain. We have a special offer of 25% off for our members. Use code: BITCOIN-FOUNDATION25 when buying tickets.

Member Telegram group If you haven’t already, join the Foundation and fellow members in our new Telegram group.

The Foundation's financial position March’s revenue included membership contributions of $2,001. There were 13 new members. Operating expenses for the period were $7,588 which is higher than usual. Some of the larger expenses this month included flights for the Foundations ED to San Francisco to meet with the chairman of the board to discuss plans for 2018 and meeting with potential funders ($2,455) and professional fees for marketing and accounting services, especially 2018 planning ($2,829). The net operating deficit for the period was $6,192.

March’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) high was $11,480 with a low of $6,844. Total cash assets including BTC and USD were $5,467 at 03/31/18.

The Foundation's income statement and balance sheet are available to members for download.

We appreciate your continued support.

Yours in the service of Bitcoin,

Llew Claasen

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Royal wedding: Teenage cellist and gospel choir to perform

BBC News - 2 hours 35 min ago
Teenage cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, says Meghan phoned him herself to ask if he would perform at the service.
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34 [M4F] - Irish guy looking for some female chat company

World News Reddit - 2 hours 35 min ago

Hello there I am making this post as I feel I need to be doing more to reach out and make some new friendships this year so I am reaching out on a few subs like this.

I am a long time reddit lurker but never much of a hand on contributing user. Lasses who use reddit always seem pretty cool and my type of people.

So to put some plans in to action and maybe make a new friend or two in the process. I am making a post to see if any lady redditor bites and would like to chat.

I am a pretty normal but I would like to think decent guy. I have a good funny side (some may argue zany), enjoy deep and meaningful conversation or just random crazy banter.

I am single.

I like to flirt but it is not why I am making this post but I am not against the idea of it and it is known to come out naturally so best said than not.

I love the Marvel Movies but more an indie/ cult cinema fan.

Love me my netflix and sort of would be lost without that and spotify.

I swear like a sailor.

I am born and bred Irish, I have the accent and all.

I am pretty knowledgeable about stuff and always have lots to talk about.

I am a pretty social person. Usually out and about up to stuff or nights out drinking.

I genuinely am hoping to make a connection with someone. I have plenty of friends and I am not some lonely person but I feel I am lacking some true connection and wondering are these connections further afield.

I know this reads all very deep but truly I just want to meet a cool lass for chats, bants, put the world to rights and sure even some flirts. But really it is just a connection I seek.

If up for giving it a shot. I would like to hear from you.

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34 [M4F] Anywhere - Irish guy looking for some female chat company

World News Reddit - 2 hours 36 min ago

Hello there I am making this post as I feel I need to be doing more to reach out and make some new friendships this year so I am reaching out on a few subs like this.

I am a long time reddit lurker but never much of a hand on contributing user. Lasses who use reddit always seem pretty cool and my type of people.

So to put some plans in to action and maybe make a new friend or two in the process. I am making a post to see if any lady redditor bites and would like to chat.

I am a pretty normal but I would like to think decent guy. I have a good funny side (some may argue zany), enjoy deep and meaningful conversation or just random crazy banter.

I am single.

I like to flirt but it is not why I am making this post but I am not against the idea of it and it is known to come out naturally so best said than not.

I love the Marvel Movies but more an indie/ cult cinema fan.

Love me my netflix and sort of would be lost without that and spotify.

I swear like a sailor.

I am born and bred Irish, I have the accent and all.

I am pretty knowledgeable about stuff and always have lots to talk about.

I am a pretty social person. Usually out and about up to stuff or nights out drinking.

I genuinely am hoping to make a connection with someone. I have plenty of friends and I am not some lonely person but I feel I am lacking some true connection and wondering are these connections further afield.

I know this reads all very deep but truly I just want to meet a cool lass for chats, bants, put the world to rights and sure even some flirts. But really it is just a connection I seek.

If up for giving it a shot. I would like to hear from you.

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Their Empire Style: A Brief Account of the Ares State

World News Reddit - 2 hours 37 min ago


The 2020 election was rapidly approaching the Ares Party and by 2019 the vast majority of their energy and time was being spent around the ongoing social revolution against the European Commonwealth, Mexico, and their own civilian population and not on who would succeed Lither as president of the United States. Numerous intense debates sprung up between the various members of the ruling Ares elites on who should next run for the presidency, but it became generally agreed (as the transcripts show) that the Leader Alexander Lither would have the ultimate say.

The choice was initially fairly wide, ranging from new secretary of state Godwin Wolsch to Rodham Foval of the NBI to Rosenbloom of the SD, and no significant progress was made until late spring of 2019 when Lither had finally settled on either Foval or Rosenbloom.

In the meantime the Ares moved against any voice of opposition that still remained in the US. The Public Safety Service often withheld broadcasting permits to "foreign allied media corporations", even after Congress had removed the "temporary" war-time restrictions pushed by Lither. The IRS' head cooperated with PSS and NBI agents to harass remaining Green Party or Constitution Party holdouts, and even went so far as to bring Johnathon McAndrew, a leading Green Party supporter since before the new Millennium, to court on falsified reports of tax evasion. At the state and local level, Ares higher-ups frequently instructed lower ranking members to harass "foreign advocacy agents" to the best of their ability, often including actions such as withholding permits for speeches, rallies, and campaign headquarters. In one example the town council of Berkeley, California went so far as to send off-duty policemen to beat and threaten Green Party organizers from holding an event to criticize the deteriorating civil liberties in America. Only in a few holdouts, mostly in the southwest and Deep South, did any significant anti-Ares activity occur, but these never grew beyond a few dozen people.

Perhaps the most atrocious actions taken by the Ares were perpetrated by the White Shirts - dubbed "special action groups" by the Ares. Often times groups of 15-25 men and women would be sent in to "enemy" political rallies and beat, threaten, and harass anyone they found at them. In one instance in Maryland the regional headquarters of the Constitution Party in the major city of Cumberland was firebombed after it's staff was dragged out into the street by Ares thugs and brutally assaulted. The town's police force stood idly by, for reasons that have never been made wholly clear by the former state of Maryland.


The Ares' plan to sort out the "Mexican Question" was formally finalized in October, 2020, but parts had been introduced to the former country by Lither as early as August of 2019.

Just what had driven the Ares to pursue such a bloody action has always been murky at best, but most evidence seems to point to the rising belief within the Ares top clique that a sort of "population bomb" as espoused in the pre-Great War days was destined to explode (if you will) in the continent of North America, though, of course, they needed very little persuasion to commit to such an act. Lither began to frequently write to both the SD and NBI on the need to settle the issue of Mexico's "surplus population", as he called it, and that the agricultural output of the conquered territories would need to be quickly opened up to American consumers to ensure that the Ares' population growth plans could succeed. With this in mind it appears that the Ares didn't fear about an imminent famine that would cripple humanity so much as not having enough food and resources to provide for the millions of new "Puritans" they wanted to add to the US' population in an effort to curb the declining birthrates that had plagued the world since 1983. Lither erroneously thought only in zero-sum circumstances, and appears not to have ever considered simply boosting agricultural development in the lands he occupied.

The pieces enacted by the Ares in late 2019 and early 2020 were mostly harmless - at the surface. First they sought to "agitate" the Mexican population, to keep the economy and society in limbo. This was done mostly through various trade restrictions with the belief that a bad enough economy would discourage Mexicans from having larger families and thus, in the long term, cut down on the effort needed to thin out the population, Conversely, the Mexica-American Labor Exchange program was ramped up, with thousands of youthful Mexican men and women being "volunteered" for service. As part of the program members were segregated by sex and prohibited from interacting with members of the opposite sex, with stiff penalties put in place for those that were caught in the act. While the men labored away in America's various agricultural estates the women were mostly relegated to helping around the homes of Puritan women in good standing with the Party. Of course, having such extensive, shadowy foreign exchange programs opened the US up to many dark consequences, things that will only be mentioned in brief here; that arrests for human trafficking, particularly of young women (often only 14 or 15 years old), spiked dramatically starting in 2018/2019.

As for the plan to grow the US' Puritan population, the Ares proved equally quack. In a stunning perversion of societal norms, pre-marital relations between young men and women were not only openly discussed frequently by Ares outlets, but actively promoted by Ares supporters in the movie, radio, and other businesses. The two pillars of Ares youth indoctrination, the Young Men's Association and the Young Women's Association, began to actively promote "intermingling" between their various members.

In all frankness this was only the tip of the iceberg the Ares had opened up, and other actions taken by the Ares Party and Ares individuals were simply too sickening to describe even in brief here though, if you wish to search more about the subject, a good starting point would be the outrageous records of the Federal Commissioner over the Virgin Islands and the Lesser Antilles.

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ANZAC Day. Lest we forget.

World News Reddit - 2 hours 37 min ago

Observed on 25 April each year, Anzac Day was originally devised to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

It’s a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.

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If Kanye Was a Rockstar, who would he be? His Rock Influences

World News Reddit - 2 hours 39 min ago

10% Morrissey. Just doesnt give a fuck about what he says (for better or worst). He's the favorite rockstar of the pretentious music critic(A Kanye\Morrissey joint is pitchfork medias Wet Dream). Is widely recognized as a Snobbish Douchebag but a Music Genius, just like the majority of the public sees Kanyeezy. Had issues with not 1, not 2, but 3 presidents (Bush, Obama, Trump), 2 of which he became friends with for some time, the same way morrisey has problems with practically everyone in power. Morrissey was a douchey Liberal and is a stupid extreme-right wing. Kanye is Kanye. He is either a liberal or a libertarian imo, so the things in common stop there. David Bowie 35%: Yeezus is practicaally a 21st century version of the man who sold the world. Reinvents himself constantly, changes his fashion according to the album content, has incredibly passionate fans, his music is usually divided by eras. Did incredibly stupid\controversial\brave\provocative stuff to get attention to his art and was criticized by it. Station To Station is what TLOP would have sounded like if it was composed by a depressed folk rock singer songrwriter. during STS Bowie started saying and doing weird stuff regard black magic, Nazism,politics and other taboo topic which made the public turn against him, just like kanye during the Yeezus era. The Berlim era reminds me a lot of the more minimalistc and blue cuts in graduation like Everything I Am, and of course ,808S AND HEARTBREAK. Just like kanye, Bowie fought for the acceptance of LGBTQ people in his male dominated genre (Rock was a sausage fest till the 70s when people like bowie and mercury came in ((pun not intend)), same for hip hop in 04) Prince 35%: Was madly passionate about his own art and fighted to maintain the rights to his own music throughout his whole career, going as far as to changing his name to a fucking synal just so he would be able to create whatever the fuck he wanted. His Live concerts were fantastic, he fighted against depression and opioids throughout his life. Was the first artist to be '''''''''''''''''''''censored''''''''''''''''''''' by Tipper Gore, who couldnt stand the ide of her making the mistake of buying a pop music cd with sexual connotation to his daughter and thus created the parental advisory stick. His fathers divorce when he was 2 just like kanye. Just like kanye ( and the next entry) he had a movie that was inspired by his best critically received project( though Purple Rain is more of a real movie while Runaway and Moonwalker are loose clips that are tied in by an inside concept story). Got back into the public eye thanks to some opening gigs tha catapulted him back to pop stardom thanks to close kanye friend Beyoncé(!)

Michael Jackson 20%: Kanye always cited MJ as a major influence, and you can see it. Incedibly innovative(And long) music videos, ENERGY PUMPING live shows, soul infused production that got a edm edge to it lately in his career. Much Like Michael Jackson when TCD came out, 2009\10 and 2018 Kanye is a very, very strange man who seems out of touch with the world and is massacred by the media. (Of course, Kanye's actually kinda sorta guilty of it since The taylor incident in 09 and the owens thing now in2018, while jackson was getting paranoid and the media kept shoving fake accusations on his ass. Paris Jackson, Michael's Daughter, Came forward in 2016 to defend kanye from the people ranting about him breaking Framkie Vallie's and MJ chart record and thus becoming the 10th male artist with most charting tracks. To quote from her:“The first time I ever heard Kanye's [808s and] Heartbreak album was from my dad, he played it for me all the time. he liked him. He never saw music as a competition or a game, never had a motive to talk sh-- about other artist. It was always about the love and respect and appreciation for music. So if someone breaks a new record, be happy for them. They worked hard for it and they earned it. Don’t be angry or jealous or bias. Music is music and if it’s good it deserves recognition.” With all that said, Michael Jackson is more of a pop guy than a rockstar. And while Kanye doesnt give a fuck about what you think and is more attention desperate and experimental, MJ always had the pop singles, which is fine, just a difference.

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How do I configure python with sublime text?

World News Reddit - 2 hours 39 min ago

I just started reading python crash course. He says to:

  1. open the terminal and type "-a python3", this will show the full path to my python interpreter. What came up for me was "/usr/local/bin/python3"

  2. Open sublime, go to tools > build system > new build system, delete what you see and enter "/usr/local/bin/python3", "-u", "$file"

  3. Save the file as "Python3. sublime-build in the default directory that sublime text opens.

  4. Create a "oython_work" folder and save an empty file called "" in the "python_work" folder.

  5. After you've saved enter: print("Hello world!")

  6. Run the program in sublime by selecting tools > build or command b.

He says a s terminal screen should appear at the bottom of the Sublime text window showing the following output:

Hello world! [Finished in 0.15]

But when I hit command b nothing happens, what did I do wrong?

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[Group][Discord] Tamriel 4th Era, Elder Scrolls Group Roleplay

World News Reddit - 2 hours 40 min ago

Welcome to anyone interested! As the title suggests, the roleplay advertised is set in the 4th Era of elder scrolls, around the time of Skyrim's occurance in late 4e202.

The Group is an established roleplay that has existed and expanded for over 3 years, bringing together a combination of the Elder Scrolls' rich lore and history, as well as the in-game occurances being altered or completed in the room's history to make for a well-populated world of player characters, all able to intertwine in their own plotlines across the continent of Tamriel.

The roleplay is written in 3rd person, past-tense format. All that is required of members is a knowledge of Elder Scrolls (Skyrim at the very least, preferably), and a good ability to write and tell stories together! Thank you for reading! The link below is for anybody interested in joining! The group covers most timezones, with the majority of activity being in the afternoon/night time of GMT.

We look forward to new members!

- Oz

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The DDLC synopsis

World News Reddit - 2 hours 40 min ago

The protagonist is invited by his childhood friend, Sayori, to join their high school's literature club. The protagonist then meets the other members of the club: Natsuki, Yuri, and the club president Monika. The protagonist starts to participate in the club's activities such as writing and sharing poetry, and grows close to the four girls.

Whilst preparing for an upcoming school festival, Sayori reveals that she suffers from depression and confesses her love for the protagonist. As the day of the festival approaches, Sayori's usually bittersweet poem is replaced with a dark and morbid note repeatedly telling someone to get out of her head. When Sayori does not answer his text messages, the protagonist leaves the club meeting and rushes to Sayori's home, where he discovers that she has hanged herself. The game begins to glitch, and as the protagonist wonders if they could have saved Sayori, the game abruptly ends.

The player is sent back to the main menu, with all previous save files erased. The game starts as usual, but what used to be Sayori's text and name is replaced with unreadable text. The game suddenly glitches and restarts; however, Sayori is absent, and any previous references to her are either completely removed or replaced by glitches and meshes of portions of other characters' sprites. Monika instead invites the protagonist to the club. Unsettling events begin occurring: the game rewinds after the protagonist finds Yuri cutting herself, features disturbing bad endings such as Natsuki’s neck snapping, and refuses to accept dialog options that do not favor Monika. Just before the festival, Yuri presents the protagonist with a stained, illegible poem, and apparitions of a faceless Natsuki appear. Yuri later confesses her love to the protagonist, then stabs herself to death. Due to another glitch, the protagonist unwittingly spends the weekend sitting by her body. On Monday, Natsuki enters, vomits at the sight of Yuri's corpse, and flees. Monika then appears, apologies, and deletes the "character files" for Yuri and Natsuki, causing the game to restart once again.

After being automatically taken to a new file, the protagonist is placed in a room with Monika seated across from them. Monika explains that she is aware that she is a character in a game, and that she is able to manipulate the game's files to alter the other characters' personalities or erase them altogether. She admits to making Sayori "more and more depressed" and "amplifying Yuri's obsessive personality" to make them more unlikable so the player would focus on her instead, having had an identity crisis from not being designed as a potential love interest. She confesses her love directly not to the protagonist, but to the player. Monika will sit and talk to the player indefinitely about various topics until the player manually enters the game's directory and deletes Monika's character file. Upon doing this, the game glitches once more and Monika panics as she is deleted from the game's world. Monika initially lashes out at the player, but after a pause, she confesses that she still loves the player, and expresses regret for everything she has done. Monika then restores the other girls, and removes herself from the game.

Possible endings

Choices the player can make in the playthrough can lead to three possible conclusions. The first (and default) ending, following Monika's removal from the directory, the game starts over once again with Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki all alive, playing out similarly to the initial playthrough. Shortly after meeting everyone, Sayori tells the player that now that she is the president of the literature club, she knows everything about the game and what happened with Monika, and intends to do the same thing Monika did. Monika immediately intervenes once more via text prompt and deletes Sayori to save the player. Monika then speaks audibly to the player, and sings a song titled "Your Reality" to the player while the credits roll and Monika slowly deletes the game. After the credits, the game displays a note from Monika, stating that she has disbanded the literature club because "there is no happiness" in it.

Another possible ending may take place if Monika's character file is prematurely deleted before starting a new game, resulting with Sayori becoming the default leader of the club. Upon realizing the true nature of the game and her role in it, Sayori will panic and hijack the controls, deletes all the character files, and forcefully closes it. Opening the game again will result to a black end screen followed by an image of Sayori hanging herself, staying with the screen after 10 minutes will reveal a message — "Now everyone can be happy.".

However, an alternate ending may occur if the player has viewed all of the optional scenes in a single playthrough, which requires saving and loading at several points before witnessing Sayori's initial suicide. Sayori instead accepts the nature of her reality and tearfully expresses her gratitude to the player for trying to make all of the girls happy. She bid goodbye, hoping that the player will visit once again sometime and concluding that the girls all love the player before deleting the game herself. After the credits, which also feature "Your Reality", the player is presented with a thank-you note from the game's developer, Dan Salvato. In all outcomes, further playthroughs require the game to be re-installed or hard reset.

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