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View CNN's Fast Facts about POW/MIA's

CNN World News - 1 hour 18 min ago
View CNN's Fast Facts about POW/MIA's in Iraq and Afghanistan from 1991 to the present.
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Support the Afghan people through years of conflict

CNN World News - 1 hour 18 min ago
A car bombing near several embassies in Kabul, Afghanistan, killed at least 90 people in May 2017.
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A few questions coming from someone that has been out of the loop for some time

World News Reddit - 1 hour 21 min ago

Hi everyone !

First of all I want to say that I've been lurking around here for a few weeks and this community is super friendly and it's amazing to read all the posts and comments, very informational.

Now, to me. So I bought a custom gaming pc somewhere around 5-6 years ago (all i remember is that it had a GTX 560) and I want to get back in the game but I don't know how or where to start. I've got a few options in mind :

- First one is trying to upgrade the old rig. I don't think, from what I read, that it's the best option

- Second one is trying to salvage what I can and sell the rest. But selling old parts might be difficult and I might not get that much money from it

- Last solution is selling my old pc as is and building a new one. Seems like the best idea to me but the problem (and I think I'm not the first one to have it) is that I'm a student and on a tight budget.

For the build, as I said I'm totally out of the loop, all I know is that the 1080 is the best GPU from Nvidia and it costs and arm, two lungs and your soul because of cryptominers.

I have a mediocre screen that I'm happy with to be honest, it's ok for gaming I dont think I need a resolution higher than 1080p for now (considering the price of good 1440p screens) so my requirements would be 1080p 60fps for AAA titles (although I would love the future build to be a bit future proof)

I used to swear by intel but from what I see the Ryzen series from AMD is getting a lot of praise so I wanted to know which one was the best knowing that I wouldn't go all in, so my build would be in the mid tier (so like i5 or R5 right ?).

For the rest of the computer it seems pretty straight forward so I think I will figure it out by just looking around.

About the GPU, I don't really know what to get. In a perfect world, I would have the money to upgrade my monitor down the line so I'd like something that can do 60fps on 1440p and be somewhat future proof but the prices of GPUs are crazy at the moment so it's hard for me to make a choice. However, I found some good deals on my local craigslist, including a ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 1080 for 380 euros, looks like a good deal but I don't know, how do I see if it's legit and it works ? (I know I can count on paypal to back me up if it's a scam but still).

Anyway that's it for my questions, I hope I was clear and didn't break any rules (I read them and I don't think I did). Thanks for reading and thanks for your answers :)

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I Have a Question, Mr. Preacher Man

World News Reddit - 1 hour 23 min ago

Mr. Preacher Man. You’re looking good. On top of the world, I see. I haven’t seen you in a while. That’s probably because I don’t believe in your god anymore. How could I? You’ve spent the past year and a half, or more, doing the opposite of what he said and he hasn’t stopped you. I know he warned us about preachers like you, but it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me that he would let you become the majority.

I’m glad I ran into you, though, because there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Suppose I’m wrong and Heaven does exist. How do you think you’re going to get in it? Do you think God is ok with mass incarcerating immigrant children? Why do you tell your congregation that this is ok? Why is your congregation telling other people that God is ok with that?

I heard what Jeff Sessions said last week, “The Bible allows the enforcement of the law.” I’ve heard similar things from your followers, “The Bible says to obey the laws of the land.” That’s not what you said when gay marriage was legalized, though. On that issue you said it was your duty to oppose the government and the law, but now, while ICE is ripping screaming four year olds from their crying mothers’ arms, suddenly the law of man supersedes the commandments of your god? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, Mr. Preacher Man.

I was Evangelical for over 30 years, and I’ve read the Bible. “I was a stranger, and you did not invite Me in; naked, and you did not clothe Me; sick, and in prison, and you did not visit Me.” He seemed pretty clear on exactly what would lead the “rams” to be condemned, so how can you still think you’re the favored of the same god who said these words? Will God be impressed when you tell him you thought the ICE abuses were all just fake news? Will an omniscient god not know you were lying to yourself? Will he not know that you knew better, even if you didn’t admit it?

Seems to me there’s always been a pattern in the Bible, Mr. Preacher Man. From King David hiding from King Saul all the way up to Jesus Christ dying on a Roman Cross, it seems to me that God’s heart has always been with the poor and the unjustly persecuted. Do you still think you’re the one being persecuted, Mr. Preacher Man? You, on your pulpit in a suit and tie while an immigrant mother sits in a cell, begging God to look after her four year old baby she hasn’t seen in eight months?

I know what you believe, Mr. Preacher Man. I grew up in your church, I listened to you speak more times than I care to think about. Everything is a sign of the end times, it’s all leading up to the horrible tribulations in which all of the nonbelievers will suffer horrors before their eternal damnation. Not you, though. Not you and your congregation, you get whisked up into the sky during The Rapture, saved at last from the evils of this world to spend eternity in the arms of a loving, merciful god.

Are you so sure of that? Not that I think this should make any difference, Mr. Preacher Man, but did you know that Latinos are usually Christian? You pray for deliverance from your pulpit, then drive your car home to your loving family. They pray for deliverance from the dark insides of a cell and probably don’t even know where their children are. Secularists and atheists speak for them while you and your congregation, who are meant to be their brothers and sisters in Christ, ignore them or condemn them.

Spat on, hated, betrayed by those who were meant to love them and delivered up to a merciless government. Who does that remind you of, Mr. Preacher Man?

The Rapture may truly be a glorious day of deliverance and vindication, but for who, Mr. Preacher Man? Are you sure it’ll be how you thought, how you told your congregation? What if God’s heart is with the immigrant right now, rather than those who’ve seized power in America and used it to allow this mass imprisonment to continue? What if, on that glorious rapture day, God takes them and not you?

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How NEM performs against other top cryptocurrencies?

World News Reddit - 1 hour 23 min ago

What is NEM and how it works?

NEM stands for New Economy Movement and it took the cryptocurrency world by storm as soon as it was launched in 2015. It gain popularity because of the innovative features that it brought to the blockchain system. Some of its remarkable innovative features are its Proof of Importance (POI) algorithm, encrypted messaging mechanism and multisignature accounts. NEM is an open source platform having XEM as its currency and it started off as a fork to NXT. This payment platform soon got its very own versatile codebase after the coders of the platform looked to rebuild the network from scratch. The beauty of the system is its ability to allow more than ledger to coexist over a blockchain.

Pros of NEM:

· The on-chain security implementation feature such as the smart assets and multi-sig takes the lesser decentralized nature of the platform in the background.

· It comes with an easy to understand and lighter code.

· It is highly secure as compared to many other crypto platforms.

· It provides easier updates.

· It is quick in completing transaction where its average is around 30 seconds.

· Security is top-notch with this platform.

Cons of NEM:

· NEM lacks transparency and a lot of details about its finances are still not much clear.

· NEM since its inception has not shown much improvement in its platform in terms of its technology. People are waiting for the claimed ‘Catapult’ innovative technology for a long time and nothing concrete has been seen since then.

NEM VS Ethereum:

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that NEM is one of the finest decentralized application to have. It is more so because of its scalability which most of the other applications struggles with. If we consider Ethereum, then you can expect it to deliver 15 transactions at maximum in every 1 second. NEM on the other side can handle hundreds of transactions in every 1 second. NEM for sure has taken availability of the platform and its security very seriously which leads to far less technical problems over the network. NEM is known to use the code off the blockchain and that makes it a safer, faster and a very easy technology to entrust. Arguably, such setting makes it quite les decentralized.

NEM VS Bitcoin:

NEM or Ethereum just as discussed above are both inspired by the ideology of Bitcoin platform. NEM is known for having all the benefits of Bitcoin, and that too, way better than Bitcoin. So, NEM should easily be chosen over Bitcoin on any given day.

NEM VS Litecoin:

NEM in terms of its growth, performance and preference by users surpassed Litecoin well over a year now. Litecoin today is struggling with its immensely high transaction fees and extremely slow rate of completion for a transaction. Allegedly, Litecoin nowadays is better than bitcoin, if we speak strictly on technical grounds. The prime reason for its slow response is its poor marketing, perhaps.


NEM already is a great threat for IOTA and predominantly has been elbowing it to sit well above it in the market in terms of its market cap ranking. By the end of 2017, NEM had traded worth $125 million in comparison to just $25 million of IOTA. It looks like the success of NEM is mainly because of its unique method of Proof of Importance (POI) along with its fine API technology helping with the betterment of its decentralized apps and smart contracts. IOTA in its own space with non-blockchain based model with the Tangle (DAG) theory has its own set of benefits which you can find below in IOTA section.

NEM VS Ripple:

Moving on, NEM is very closely associated with Ripple (XRP) due to a lot of similarities in between them and both are quite popular to say the least. Ripple does its point scoring over NEM when we consider the protocol of the former which is entrusted by banks for transferring money worldwide and as well as by individual investors. Transactions are completed fast with fairly low transaction fee. Ripple has become the need for many banks as without their protocol, the international transaction fees could be very higher.


NEM and NEO are rated equally by experts, but in future NEO is expected to go higher in value because of its very limited supply. China is a huge crypto market and NEO there alone is the market leader giving tough time not only to NEM but a number of other cryptocurrencies as well. However NEM is revolutionary with its technology and comes with highly secure network and beats NEO over the vulnerabilities it has in its model. The multisignature and the encrypted messaging is making things very much in favorable of NEM presently and also in the future to come.

NEM VS Stellar:

NEM again is preferable for its advanced technology and fully stuffed platform with various features to make a difference. Stellar in its own space is quite good. Stellar does its points scoring over NEM with its highly quick transaction completion time of just 5 seconds. Further, it has very low and negligible transaction fee as compared to NEM. From the investment perspective, NEM is good for long term investment, such as of 2 years in order to get a good return. Stellar has proven to be profitable over short term investments.

NEM VS Cardano:

Cardano for its current market value and return on investment potential is rated far above NEM. Cardano not too long ago released the 1.1.0 version of its software which addresses quite a few shortcomings in its code and somehow bridged the gap to some extent between NEM and Cardano in terms of technology infrastructure and performance. You can see their performance accelerating with their Proof of Legitimacy algorithm with which every transaction is completed. Each and every node in the Cardano network verifies the initiated transaction. This all comes at the cost of transaction completion speed being compromised where every transaction is completed in nearly 5 minutes which is too high as compared to 30 seconds transaction speed of NEM.


WAVE provides a custom blockchain model which was primarily designed for some large scale business models. T has a decentralized model and facilitates numerous platforms such as financial instruments trading and crowdfunding etc. The platform is the first of its kind to be built over the Scorex framework. Yet, it has a long way to go before it has any chance to compete with NEM in terms of performance and technology. WAVE has a fairly low market cap at 58 million. It has got potential and the need is to market it well where its decentralized exchange should get more attention among the potential investors in the market.


NEM is a good choice for investors for a number of reasons. The best part is its technological innovation and its transaction speed and acceptable transaction cost. However, in the highly competitive crypto market, NEM is rated at number 10 by the experts in 2018. Still, it has got the potential and infrastructure to quickly make its way to the 5 cryptocurrencies very soon.

Guney Demirci

VP Operation (VPO)

Blockchain Fintech Product

CyBit Limited |

Copyright © CyBit Limited 2018. All rights reserved.

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Week 2 – EU LCS Summer Split 2018

World News Reddit - 1 hour 25 min ago

The first week of the EU LCS Summer Split 2018 has already provided unforgettable moments and the upcoming Week 2 of the just launched split will also spoil us with unbelievable team comps, head-shaking fights and a lot of tactical refinement on Summoner’s Rift. What do you guys want? Taliyah as the strongest jungler? Mages like Brand, Vladimir or Ryze in the AD carry position? Taric in the midlane freezing the lane for Master Yi in the jungle? There are no limits to the wealth of ideas at the moment, the rigid meta-game has been broken up and it almost reminds us of the first League of Legends season, in which a lot of experimentation and testing took place.

Almost amused I sometimes look at a conventional bot lane in which they try to fight against turrets of a Heimerdinger with bow and arrow. Currently, the duel usually ends the way it would in the real world.

Review week 1: The big double victory in the EU went to G2, Misfits and Team Vitality. In the west nothing new also from the tail lights - the unicorns and H2K have the disadvantage and must fetch urgently in week 2 points.


LCS EU Season 8 – Summer Split Week 2 | Facts:
  • Dates: 06/22/2018 – 06/23/2018
  • Location: EU LCS Studio – Berlin (Germany)
  • Live stream for all matches


Betting Odds - Betway* Team Odd Team Odd GIA 1.65 UOL 2.10 VIT 1.50 ROC 2.40 G2 1.55 S04 2.30 H2K 2.40 FNC 1.50 SPY 1.95 MSF 1.75 ROC 2.20 S04 1.60 GIA 2.55 MSF 1.45 H2K 2.55 G2 1.45 SPY 1.50 UOL 2.40 VIT 2.10 FNC 1.65

* Please notice! Odds shown might have changed in the meantime. Follow the links to take a look at the current betting odds.


LCS EU Season 8 – Summer Split Week 2 | Predictions:

Day 1 & 2 schedule


  1. GIA < UOL
  2. VITwin > ROC
  3. G2win > S04
  4. H2K < FNCwin
  5. SPY < MSFwin
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Q1544 Message not for Anons. D= 4 or Q’s deadly military quatrain. Q1528 riddle updated.

World News Reddit - 1 hour 26 min ago

It seems people are not receiving the automatic post notification anymore. Please check daily at 6-8 PM NY time and click “posts” to make sure you have caught the latest.

In my previous post, decoding the Q1528-Q1529-Q1530 riddle, I introduced the concept D=4 which allowed us to determine how the “doctored” Hussein video Q provided was attached to secret communications. Today, using Q1544 which came later, we will go further.

In the previous post, as the question was raised in the comment section regarding:

Q1531 Exit out was missing what? Q

I added in the comment section the following Nostradamus Century 10 Quatrain 76 that we can see referenced at the end of the “doctored” video: Imgur

Other anons such as u/MrWizard111 also saw the reference and commented about it. I gave my thoughts in the comment section about the quatrain and linked it to Trump’s EO that will be soon experienced in full force by Hussein’s cronies.

I did not want to include this component of the decoding in the original post because at the time, I was not sure if this Nostradamus reference at the end of the clip was purposely included by Q or was just the result of a bleeding video. Nostradamus? You’ll agree it was a tough call right? But hey, it was Father’s Day and as you saw it and probably enjoyed it as much as I did, Q was in trolling mode:

Q1534 For a LARP we sure do get a lot of coverage. Q1537 Trolling is fun! Q

But then, Q posted this:

Q1542 D Morning sun brings heat. Full moon coming. Undiscovered stars learned. Missions forward. Q

Did you catch it? It’s 4 lines! And this random D in the beginning? That’s Q confirming our D=4 decode. And to make sure this post will catch our attention and prevent us from sleeping, he responds to an anon’s attempt to decode his “quatrain”:

Q1544 Message not for Anons. Q

Hahaha that’s enough for us to go crazy, quit everything and focus on this message right?!

So? We now know this Nostradamus quatrain was indeed part of the riddle and we need to go back and include it in our analysis. For this to be beneficial for those who want to solve riddles on their own, instead of just presenting the solution, I will share with you in detail my thought process based on the clues Q has given.

First, in Q1531, an anon sends this version of the video. In response, Q asks this:

Q1531 Exit out was missing what? Q

To know what is missing, we need to go to his version in Q1529 and identify the difference: Q’s version.

We see Q’s version has this exit with the Nostradamus Century 10 Quatrain 76, the anon version does not. This is what is missing. But then Q says “exit out”. Isn’t “edit out” more appropriate in this case? Using double meaning, Q purposely changed a D to an X. He is confirming the D=4 but introduces an X. What is X in roman numerals? Yes, 10. what is a D=4 line poem? A quatrain. There you have your 10 and your Quatrain. When specified: Century 10 Quatrain 76. Cool isn’t it? :)

Now, check this out: Q is leading us to the Nostradamus quatrain but cuts it. It’s like he is saying: I am going to 4 but not quite. So? This is Q hinting at traveling between 3 and 4. Keep this somewhere in the back of your head.

Now let’s watch the first d=4 minutes of the original white house video Q has provided in Q1531: video.

The important part of the infamous message is at 3:26: “ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.”. This is in the D=4th paragraph of his official speech. Coincidence? No. Location of the hidden message to be identified with the key D=4. Now let’s pull the official speech from the Obama White House Archive here: link. Verify the hidden message is in the D=4th paragraph, you have to remove the introductory part where he jokes around and realize the official speech starts at “Your Majesties…”.

Did you catch it? Did you catch that at 3:30, yes 3:30, Hussein goes off script and changes “that order and progress” to “the order and progress”? Why? Because he knows the “Majesties” are listening, his Masters. He knows that this is the part of the speech where the hidden message is. This is where his allegiance to the king watching him high perched over there and to what he represents is coded in his speech. He knows it will be edited and circulated under the disguise of parody to confirm his allegiance in plain sight while we are being mocked for not seeing it. He changes “that” to ”the” so that when the edit is made, it will grammatically make sense. Imgur

Did you catch the work of the cameraman? He’s also in the know. When Hussein gets to the critical area of the speech, at 3:26, where he says “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs...” he points his camera to us, the peasants, who have no clue we are being insulted in real time. Then, he zooms in on Hussein in a way he has not done before, to emphasize the moment. The production team jealously kept this particular camera angle to use it for the first time at the glorious Allegiance Time. Imgur

So understand folks, this is what they do. All these events, political speeches, expensive productions are just them having fun, talking between themselves, laughing at us and mocking us.

Q184 They don’t fear you. You are sheep to them. You are feeders. Godfather III. Q

Well, the good news is we are waking up and fear is relocating:

Q154 We, the people, are who they are afraid of. We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.

Let’s go back to the riddle. You remember I told you to keep in mind the 3 going to 4, but not quite? After all I have said above, did you catch it? Did you see this 3:26? This is where the hidden message starts on the video. And it is located in the D=4th paragraph of the speech in Hussein’s teleprompter. Now why do you think the hidden message is at the 3:26 minute mark? How would one of their cult members know this is where Hussein will make his allegiance? How is it coded? This is where one of the most fundamental Q teachings comes to play: dates and time stamps.

Q108 Analyze time stamps of my go message to BO's Tweet.
Q256 Dates: 25, 27, 28. Stringer, RED RED, ASIA. Analyze the connection.

Let’s apply this teaching and check the date of the event. It’s March 26. March 26? March 26 = 3/26. Coincidence? No. Secret comms. That’s it. That’s the code we were looking for: 3 26.

Do you realize what I am saying here? I am saying the speech on the teleprompter was written in such a way, Hussein would hit the allegiance lines at exactly 3:26, the minute mark echoing the date of the event. The time he used in the introduction to joke around was well determined by his staff and he knew at exactly what time he had to start reading his teleprompter. Imgur

You can say whatever you want about Hussein, but teleprompter wise, he surely knew how to deliver! This is probably the only reason why they picked him. Because other than that, this is what you get: video.

So, let’s summarize: Hussein was invited by his NWO masters on 3/26 to receive his renewed allegiance. His staff wrote a speech and allocated him a specified time to joke around in the beginning of the event so that his allegiance lines would hit the 3:26 minute mark on the official video of the event. That’s the marker for his masters. In his rendition, Hussein changes “that” to “the” in the allegiance lines to show commitment and enable the production of a doctored video that will be grammatically correct. This doctored video is the promotional material of Hussein’s secret allegiance to the cult. It’s hidden in plain sight under the disguise of parody. The editing is done using as a lead in for cover, this line in paragraph 2: “and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build” and this line in paragraph 4: “ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign”. After the doctored video was made, it was blasted all over the internet by the NWO agents and of course immediately fact checked and debunked by their own fact checkers: Imgur

Now that I have thoroughly walked you through this pretty challenging riddle, Q1542 and related Q1544 should be easier to decode.

Q1542 D Morning sun brings heat. Full moon coming. Undiscovered stars learned. Missions forward. Q

What is the heat? In Q1546 Q asks heat on who? What is the main problem when there is too much heat? Dehydration. So? We are talking about the Manafort dynamics! Why? Because Q1508 plants need water.

So you deduce from this that the sun is the Mueller dynamics.

If the Muller dynamics is the sun, who is the moon? The Huber dynamics! The guy working in the shadow… Full moon coming: Huber coming Q1470. Who would have imagined Q would invent a new genre in literature: military poetry! :)

We are witnessing today a situation where the Plan has crushed Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe and Manafort. Clinton coming. Not counting the resignations in public and private sector all around the world. The Plan has shown its efficiency as explained in this post. So? Q is talking to those who have something to hide: did you see what is happening to these people? Learn. You are advised to come clean, cooperate and negotiate plea deals before it’s too late because “Missions forward”: the Plan is moving forward and it’s a steamroller. The Plan with its military poetry quatrain dynamics is 3D chess and the D5 move is about to be played. From New York. This is the message and yes, it was not for the anons but we are helping for the delivery. I summarized it here: Imgur and here is the trolling video for our warriors out there.

Q1401 link God Bless the United States of America. D5. Q

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Rise Like a Phoenix: The happiest of all happy endings

World News Reddit - 1 hour 26 min ago

After all was said and done, and every soul was at peace, the old gang figured that they had to fully atone for the innocent guards they'd killed and to try to make Earth as good a place as possible. Today, 10 years to the day after Fazbear Entertainment's first incarnation ceased to exist as a corporate entity, we are proud to announce the initial public offering of the Marionette Group (NYSE: FZBR), which formed after the acquisition of all remaining Fazbear and Afton intellectual property by real-estate investors Peter Stigsson and Bart Howell.

Marionette Group

Founders: Bart Howell, Peter Stigsson

CEO, President: Bart Howell

Chairman of the Board: Mary Hsu (wink wink)

Spirit Advisors: Cassidy Goldsmith, Henry "Fazbear" Fazackerley, Charlotte Fazbear, Michael Afton (all as ghosts)

Junior Spirit Advisors: Fritz Johnson, Gabe Newman, Susie Cortez, Jeremy Fitz Evans, Elizabeth Afton (all as ghosts)

Board of Directors: 50/50 split between technocrats and sentient animatronics. All spirits of people who died in the original pizzerias are automatic members of the board, but juniors cannot vote.

Structure: Although they are a publicly traded company, they have close affiliations with numerous nonprofit and "public benefit" companies that all aim to "do good in the shadows".

Life Science Division d/b/a Faz Life

Specializes in the development of animatronic body parts as well as life extending technologies and injury repair via the substance popularly known as "remnant".

Noted accomplishments - Has developed several drugs currently in clinical trials or commercially available to enhance injury healing. Notably sells all potentially lifesaving drugs at half the profit margin of their competitors.

Metaphysical Division d/b/a Faz Meta

Focuses on using the animatronics' experience with things psychic as well as in communicating with the souls of the deceased and preserving spirit energy.

Noted accomplishments: Reportedly is 2-4 years away from working consciousness uploading to artificial bodies. Has submitted a paper to a peer-reviewed journal that details a possible way to contact the spirits of the freshly deceased. Has attempted a corporate raid of Aegis Robotics, which they accuse of being a "torture camp"; while this failed, it earned them tens of millions to invest back in their business.

Technology Division d/b/a Faz Tech

Handles all robotics and AI research, development, and marketing that is not better handled by other divisions. Currently is working with police reformers to deploy animatronic cops in areas with a history of strained police/community relations.

Noted accomplishments: Has deployed 1,000 animatronic law enforcement officers and 3,000 animatronic rescue workers throughout the Americas, with another 2,000 in Europe and 1,250 in Asia, Australia, and Africa. Several have earned medals of valor, and none have killed any suspects. Currently deploys approximately 500 animatronics to refugee camps and disaster areas to entertain and cheer up victims. Also is working with Alphabet and Uber to enhance AI for self-driving cars and machine learning. Investors tied to Marionette have attempted a hostile takeover of Boston Dynamics; while they failed, they made over $500 million in the process.

Property Division d/b/a Fazbear's Pizza, Fazbear's Fun Center, Faz Daycare

Handles the operation of all Fazbear-branded retail businesses with an emphasis on safety, compassion, and caring.

Noted Accomplishments: In addition to 852 pizzerias in North America, Panama, the UK, Poland, Iceland, and Japan, they have opened up 49 community centers in the US and Mexico, 65 child daycares in the US and Mexico, and 15 adult daycares in the US. They recently signed a licensing deal with the Seminole Tribe of Florida to operate restaurants in 8 Seminole- or Hard Rock-branded properties throughout the world. This is by far the most profitable branch of the firm; without it, they'd be in the red.

Public Perception

Marionette often ranks among the top 5 most-respected companies in the US thanks to their strict code of ethics, conscious attempt to resist cyberpunk dystopia, and substantial charitable donations, although like every megacorp they have had their share of controversies. Their refusal to even consider lethal/military applications of the great and powerful technology has earned them hostility from the US government on political grounds, for instance, and their attempts to remain apolitical and their refusal to engage in lobbying has made them deeply controversial. Their highly public feud and attacks on the human and robots' rights record of Aegis Robotics has also earned them powerful enemies. Marionette is expected to be the second- or third-largest IPO in the history of the New York Stock Exchange.

OOC: Tried to make the ultimate happy ending as we get ready for ultimate custom night.

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Out of game items for online groups

World News Reddit - 1 hour 27 min ago

Hey folks, I DM for a few online groups and was wondering what kind of things I can get for them, either as just cool personalized gifts (generic D&D stuff is fine but not quite cool enough) or something that could be used in the campaign somehow. Obviously a lot of physical items like custom dice / dice towers and other items won't work because we use Roll20 and the built in dice roller.

Things I've tried:

- Comissioned art. Would love to do this again but the cost can be prohibitive for 5 characters to do this too often. Would love to do a "mid-battle" one sometime though.

- Minis. Built them out through Heroforge a while back, hard to justify doing it again though!

New ideas so far:

- Some kind of physical items I mail to them that are relevant to the campaign somehow, maybe as part of a puzzle. Would love ideas for this! My wife does do calligraphy so maybe that could get worked in somehow.

- Little physical models that resemble memorable in-game loot received

An easy one is to give copies of the sourcebooks but I'm not sure those would be as appreciated since the characters are established and it's a homebrew world.

Would love to know what you guys think!

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u/user163 [Final Update]

World News Reddit - 1 hour 27 min ago

Before I start, let me make 2 things very clear-

  1. This is not a propaganda.
  2. I am sorry about any hope that my earlier update had given you.

I have left my country now. I am currently off to Sri Lanka for some alone time. I am not running away anymore. India is not the place for me anymore. It overwhelms me now. Everything nowadays does. Anonymous and his group came to say goodbye; they still have faith they say, however I trust their tired eyes. There are no inter-dimensional beings among us. Or aliens. Or doppelgangers. Not yet.

Whoever I was approached by that day, it wasn't a person or a being. It was a bot. Probably a highly sophisticated AI. If you actually think smart, why would something as advanced as they are, would need to come here to do their dirty job? I mean, we are barely an advanced civilization and even we fight our battles remotely. We were wrong about most of the things we thought we knew. These 2 days have been an eye opener. I learnt it the hard way but in real life things don't actually go the way they do in the movies. Not. One. Bit. I mean we were supposed to emerge victorious somehow. Our theory was supposed to be correct but well...

I won't take anyone's much time. I will let you know the actual truth now. I mean the version I got to know.

We have lost this war way back in 1900s, if you want to call it a war, that is. They are our creators. We are the investment. That is what they do. They create primitive civilizations and leave them for millions of years till they evolve themselves intelligent enough to be classified as Class 1 civilization. Once that part is done, they simply come in to collect their reward- The ultimate resource: Collective capacity of brains. They contacted us thousands of years ago but we were too primitive to understand anything. Ever heard of the Black Knight? That was their first contact with us after millions of years. It obviously failed. But they came back again somewhere back in the 1900s. I don't know the exact year but my guess would be around the time transistor was invented. It was their gift to us. A token of their so called hospitality. What did our governments do? They welcomed them. For a small fee of a few human subjects to study upon, we were gifted with new technologies. Innovations that helped us shape this modern world, people we think we owe it all to; it is all a big fucking lie. Things that I have read about, I am not even sure when was the last time we managed to pull off any path-breaking invention on our own. We just became so lazy. Why wouldn't we! This is our trademark isn't it? I mean, we were being showered with "gifts". So why work for it? Until one day, somewhere in the early 2000s, they stopped demanding subjects and put forward their preposition-

They will take over the planet. Before any response from our side was provided, they explained the two possibilities-

  1. We resist: They will decimate us within a week. Whole humanity swiped out and they won't even need to put a foot here. It would probably take few thousands of years for the planet to recover and be functional enough for them but patience is not something they run out of.
  2. We give in: This is where The Expansion Project comes in. They proposed in what they believed a highly humane way to wipe us out. They will create the ultimate human profile by extracting the subconscious mind of us unwitted humans and create a centralized network.

Yes. This is the Expansion Project. A grid of interconnected human subconscious controlled by and slave to their AI- User163. Why 163? Well, my guess is that there are probably at least162 other AIs doing the same to Class 1 intelligence civilizations. Right now they are extracting the profile. (And you thought Mark selling your data was a breach of privacy?)

Once that part it done, they will start the manipulation. Pushing the ideas and thoughts within our subconscious to shape it for their needs. The subtle ideas of self destruction. Ideas of how to drive us insane enough till we reduce ourselves to nothing but thoughtless zombies living in ultimate denial of their perfect lives. The transition will be so smooth that we won't even notice it. Societies will collapse. Infertility will take over so that we can't reproduce. Science would give up on everything and religion will be shredded to nothing but mockery. We will simply just stop thinking, constructively till we wither away, post which- They will come in.

So, we gave in. Our governments know about this. I don't blame them too. We are at the mercy of "them". It's not like we had the choice so why resist it? Can the lab rats fight against us? They don't even know the motivations behind the experiments we do on them. Their is nothing to be done now but wait. Wait till we lose our conscious and become their computers for whatever needs they have to be fulfilled. Just for precaution, even though it doesn't matter, pay attention to things from now on. Stop for a moment when you have an urge to waste your another hour over the internet for something useless. Stop for a moment when you have an urge for violence. Notice the change in your behavioral pattern. Trace it and try to revert it. If you feel like you're not being you anymore; try to find how to be. Because soon they will start pushing the subtle ideas of self destruction. And they will probably start it all from internet. I don't know what they have within their sleeves to accomplish their target. I don't know how advanced it all is, but the grid is being completed as I write this down. I'm sorry you all have to know about this in this way but this is the raw reality. We are at the brink of extinction and we don't even know it. We won't even know it once it will be done. I know there are a lot of whys and hows that will come into your mind. Hell even I had tons! But the point is, it doesn't matter. The "why"and the "how" are not the point.

I am going to get off now. There is not point in it anymore. I will try to delay it as much as I can but who am I kidding here. I'm thinking this could be a good origin story for a video game or some kind of novel; so I will probably try to get in touch with some friends I have in the industry to cash in on the idea and see how it goes. I mean who knows! We just might make an awesome game out of our tragedy. Wish me luck. Thanks for sticking with me.

On one last thought though, something would bug me for the rest of the time we have left:

Now that I know there is no God, who do I believe in anymore?

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the end. i am desperate to connect with people but i am unable

World News Reddit - 1 hour 28 min ago

I spent a long time isolating myself, sending away everyone who expressed interest in me. I wish I hadn't, I wish I had listened to what they had to say and had managed to initiate some kind of loving relationship. Recently i've been suffering from erectile dysfunction. I thought it was purely psychological but it wasn't, and then i thought I had worked out what the cause was and had an operation as appropriate. It was unsuccessful and I still suffer from erectile dysfunction. I've been researching recently, and worked out that i'm probably suffering from some kind of chronic venous condition, from which there isn't really any kind of permanent cure. So as it is, I may always suffer from ED, and I am only 22. I have never been in a relationship, I have prevented myself from ever falling in love. I think this is the end for me. I have tried so hard. I attempted suicide last year but failed, and then decided that I was going to give this life everything. God knows, the only reason I haven't tried to kill myself again is because I don't want to hurt my mother, who has lived for me and my sister, has sacrificed everything, who has spent so much time trying to make me happy. I don't want to hurt my grandmother, who has lost so many people already and would blame herself. I can't bear the thought of that. But I am not living for myself. I have had such a hard four years. I left school and basically stayed at my parents' house without going outside for a year. But two years ago I thought something was wrong, I should try and embrace life, but then this happened. All i want to do is fall in love with someone who loves me back, and maybe have children with them one day. The world is a beautiful place, even thought it is an ugly place, i love it so much that i want to pass it on. But this has happened to me and I don't know if i have a future. I am so torn up inside. I don't want to die but it's almost as if i can't see an alternative. For a while I thought drugs an alcohol would numb me to these things but they only provide temporary respite and i don't have the money to keep the blur up forever. I have tried so hard and I am still trying. About a year ago I applied to the college of my dreams and was accepted. I thought this would be a new beginning for me but i start in a few months and I have more problems than i did before. It sounds shallow but the only reason i applied is because i wanted to make friends and meet people. I can learn all i want in my room, it's only the people i care about. I wish I believed in god, but I don't anymore, and I wish I believed in miracles but i don't. I spent the evening with some friends, and I was thinking about leaving home at night, and just running until i can't run anymore. Maybe if i do something like that people will ask me what's wrong. But my parents are going on holiday for two weeks from tomorrow morning and that would ruin it for them. I want to enjoy life so much but I can't. I am literally in tears and i feel like an idiot. It's so hard and no one seems to understand and I can't talk to anyone about everything openly and honestly. I am sorry for writing this and i don't expect anyone to care, i just wanted to write it down somewhere. i don't think i am having a harder time than anyone else, i think i am just less able to weather it because I feel things too much. It's immature but I feel i have been singled out, even though i don't believe in fate, or god or anything like that. I can't help it, I am trying so hard and I wish people knew how hard i was trying. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, it's just because i am a complete fucking idiot.

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Post MeToo world is scary

World News Reddit - 1 hour 29 min ago

Is it just me or everyone feels afraid in this new world?

I’m in my 20s and I’m terrified to even try anything with girls these days. I was fine plating till now because I was a student (nothing to loose).

But now I’m very successful financially and is it worth it to get laid (plates) and risk losing all of your accomplishments and life over a girll.

All it takes is one occasion of regret. I’m thinking now to just ltr a good girl and chill.

What yall think?

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My Super Mario World hack is going quite nicely.

World News Reddit - 1 hour 29 min ago

I managed to FINALLY get YY-CHR to work, meaning I'll be able to edit the graphics now. I'll be replacing Bowser with Monika, Peach with Sayori, and I'll also be editing all the text in the game, the levels (though that's not high on the priority list), maybe a little bit of the overworld, and some of the music will be new as well. Unfortunately, I can't find any custom DDLC music for Super Mario World, so it'll just be normal custom music.
The boss battles will probably not be edited that much.
Note: I love Monika and everything about her. I'm merely replacing Bowser with Monika in order to fit with the story. ''Mario defeats Monika to save Sayori'' fits with the style of both Mario and DDLC, even if I don't like it. If you have any better ideas, tell me.
-Your friendly neighborhood Sandwich :)

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I Work at the Only Blockbuster in the World. [Part 3]

World News Reddit - 1 hour 31 min ago

[Part 1 | Part 2]

Well, I turned in my employee appreciation application. And by turned in, I mean I put it in the break room microwave and hoped for the best. If I’m lucky, it’ll get picked up by tomorrow. If I’m unlucky, someone will completely miss it and it’ll be reheated along with their lunch. Either way, I think I have a pretty good shot this year. Won’t know the results until next Monday.

A quick update on that tape that keeps being claimed and showing back up in the store: I actually decided to sit and watch it with my full attention on it before I went to sleep last night. It’s still a mostly blank, snowy landscape, but this time I saw the tiniest pixel in the background. Just one tiny, dark spot on the screen that I tried to wipe away at first, assuming it was just a smudge on my T.V.. It was moving in a sort of wavering fashion, like when it’s super hot and things seem like they’re swimming around. The spot stayed in that one position the entire time the tape played, accompanied by the same white noise. The guy who said it was his hasn’t shown up yet, so I’ll update again if anything else happens with it in the meantime.

Some people left me some questions so I figured I’d take a second to answer. The first question wanted to know if we eat people here. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know nor do I care what my coworkers eat outside of work. All I know is that I don’t. I live off of junk food and whatever leftovers are in the fridge, courtesy of forgetful people. Speaking of which, someone wanted to know if I could order something off of Amazon and the answer, unfortunately, is no. I made the mistake of asking whether or not I could receive mail while employed here back when I signed the paperwork that sealed my fate. All I’ll say about that is it was the first time I saw who my employers were. That and, what address would I send it to? I also got a question about where we get our movies, which I assumed was common knowledge? The big guys upstairs buy tapes in bulk from wherever and they wind up in the back, boxes piled up to the ceiling sometimes, and then we put them out on the floor. Nothing special there. Last question I really wanted to answer: do we get any famous people? That made me think of the first story I wanted to tell today.

About a year ago, John fucking Travolta came in. I swear on my life, it was either 1977 era John Travolta or someone who was a carbon copy of the guy. He came into the store one day, absolutely drenched in sweat. His suit was bone dry, but the rest of him was just soaked. He came in and demanded to buy every movie he had ever even entertained the thought of acting in. We don’t usually let people buy our movies lately, money’s tight and all, but this is John Travolta we’re talking about. He had a pretty big stack too, so the big guys upstairs can’t complain that much. He payed exactly $45,103.09 and tipped me $3, so I think it’s a win/win for everyone in the end. I watched him take his new collection out the door, toss them all on the ground, and quite gleefully set them all on fire. He left shortly after the fire went out, so I sent one of our newbies, Makayla, out to vacuum up the ash from the parking lot. Never saw him again, but if anyone does, let him know we have 20 boxes full of Gotti. That’s the only famous person I’ve ever seen come in.

Some “exciting” customer stories for you. First off, a lady came in right when I started my shift yesterday. Everything seemed as normal as it gets around here— for a second I thought this was going to be a simple in-and-out transaction. I started getting a weird feeling once the woman approached an employee named Nico. She looked like she was getting quite visibly frustrated after he answered her question, even though the question was just “do you have Garfield Gets Real yet?” Nico pointed her to the surrealist animation section and continued dusting the snacks. As he turned his back, her face got more and more red. She stood there behind him for a few more seconds, then zeroed on to me and beelined for the counter.

She laid her palms flat on the counter, expression locked in pure anger. “I want the number for corporate,” She growled, now red as a stop sign.

I told her, keeping my voice calm, “I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t have an exact corporate number anymore. I can give you the contact information for my superiors, if you’d like.”

“This facility is ridiculous. You people can’t see that I need assistance?”

“Uh.” I blinked at her. “We here at Blockbuster take pride in our ability to accomodate any sort of disability or ability that our customers have. I’d be happy to help you out with anything that you need…?”

The woman clenched her fists. “I would expect that. But I would also expect you to see what is wrong with me.”

I said the only excuse I could think of that was actually true, “my vision isn’t what it used to be.”

“I should be able to get the service I need without having to disclose what makes me uncomfortable disclosing! What happened to the good old days when the staff knew what their customers needed right away?” She ranted. At this point, I didn’t know how to respond or what was happening anymore.

“Ma’am,” I tried, “you look completely fine. If there’s something you need from us, I’m sorry, but we don’t have anyone working today who can read minds. Perhaps you should come back when Christine is working? Or Kelly. She’s super good at reading auras.”

She completely ignored me. “Give me the stupid information for your superiors. I need someone of importance to know about this.” She started angry crying by then, so I scrawled how to contact the big guys upstairs on a piece of receipt paper and gingerly placed it on the counter for her to take. She stuffed it into her tote bag and stormed out the door. This morning, I got a message from the big guys upstairs that explained that the woman was very upset that we didn’t realize she has limited steps she’s allowed to take in a day and didn’t want to waste them going across the store. I'm sure you guys can agree with me when I say: crazy customers, am I right? They also told me that from now on we should always have at least one clairvoyant employee on the floor at all times. And if we can’t, that I better brush up on my mind reading skills— which I have none of. So let’s hope that Christine doesn’t do much outside of work.

This next story is something that happened today. Someone else was working the register, but I still got called up to help out because I’m the only one who knows how to solve problems in this damn place. I went behind the counter with Gary and faced a very unfriendly looking patron. Placed on the counter was a badly, badly damaged copy of Rango— the movie with Johnny Depp playing a lizard. And when I say damaged, I mean this thing was beyond repair. The ribbon was pulled out and strewn around the cassette itself, it looked like something was chewing on the edges, some parts were stained, the whole nine yards. “This customer would like to return this tape that they claim they bought from us,” Gary explained, “not rented, bought.

The fact that this person bought the tape was the first odd thing I noticed. Like I mentioned earlier, we don’t usually let people buy our tapes nowadays unless its life or death of John Travolta. I poked at the tape. “Yeah, we can’t take this back. This is way too damaged to try and put out on the shelves again.”

The person crossed their arms and frowned. “This is how I bought it. I don’t want it anymore and need my money back.”

“I… I get that,” I said, “I just can’t offer you money if I’m not going to get anything in return.”

“You’re getting this tape back, obviously,” they shoved it forward a little bit. I used a pen sitting on the counter to move it back to them. “I bought it like that,” they repeated.

“I really don’t think any of us would sell you a tape that looks like that.” I gestured to the mess of tape and hair tangled up on the counter. “There’s nothing I can do for you.”

That’s when I noticed the thick fog beginning to spill through the aisles. The person was babbling more excuses and yelling at me that, "yes you did sell it to me like this, you wouldn't take no for an answer!", and with every word the fog began to rise higher and higher. It got to the point where I couldn’t see the back wall anymore, and that’s when I knew I had to get this person out of here as soon as possible. They weren’t the only customer in the store, and I could already hear the cries and complaints from others. “Look, I’ll give you a free ice cream sandwich tonight behind the store if you just leave the tape here and rent another movie for a week at least.” The best bargain I could think of at that point, and also almost total bullshit as I’m not physically capable of leaving the store. But it worked, they stomped into the comedy section and brought up The Emoji Movie. I quickly checked them out and they went on their way, taking their fog with them. As soon as they went out the door, the floor was completely cleared. And I mean completely— the patrons that were previously browsing the store were gone too. I’m not really complaining, because that meant I could take my break earlier and for a little longer.

To avoid talking your ears off, I’ll end this entry here. Go ahead and leave any new questions you may have for me to answer in the next part, I really enjoy seeing people actually being interesting in my boring job.

Thanks for reading, have a good one.

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Am I being silly?

World News Reddit - 1 hour 31 min ago

Hello! I'm still a bit new to the gluten free lifestyle.

Basically I because gluten free in March after my hypothyroidism was getting worse and worse. Everything since then has been so positive. I feel like a real person again, I lost two stone (after being unable to lose weight for months and months) and I can face a day on less than 10 hours sleep!

However, on a couple of occasions now I think I have been "glutened" as you say. The symptoms are somewhat similar to car sickness. I feel like I have a fever (like I'm overheating) I feel nauseated and somewhat dizzy. Oh and I tend to gain 3lbs straight away whenever I have gluten or suspected to have had. Does anyone else have similar symptoms or is this the world's biggest coincidence?

The only other symptom is I sometimes get a minor chesty cough for a couple of minutes after eating some meals but I think this is nothing really.

Look forward to your replies!

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[Discord] [Group] Defacity

World News Reddit - 1 hour 31 min ago

Looking for a cyberpunk, dystopian or futuristic roleplay? Look no further!

Defacity is a new cyberpunk, dystopian city rp.

Our story begins in the year 2060, when Defacity was completed, and became a marvel to the whole world. Technology controlled every element in homes, giving citizens full personalisation from just their phone or other device. Drones keep down crime, and the city itself is managed by both androids and humans alike.

Fast forward ten years, however, and power-hungry individuals in the government decided they wanted more. The technological advancements made this easy - making bad purchases even with cash led to your credit score dropping, the crime-fighting drones mysteriously stopped hunting when the government were bribed by certain criminals, and those who plotted against the government are somehow discovered, and brought to be executed.

The corruption has been spreading for 22 years now. Despite this, the rise of a few factions has begun to challenge that. What side will you take?

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Children separated from their refugee/immigrant parents: an INFP responds to the horror

World News Reddit - 1 hour 33 min ago

As an INFP there is something happening that is so utterly nightmarish I am beside myself with shock of what is happening, and while this may seem off-topic, it relates to my personality temperament in a major way. INFPs tend to be deeply feeling, principled people, and many are often capable of responding to the world with empathy and compassion, and some are strongly moved by events that touch their sensitive innate selves. I can't think of much that has affected me more lately than what is currently happening in the United States. It's on my mind and I need to say something about it.

No doubt everyone here has by now seen the reports of children being taken from their parents at our southern border in the US, reflecting the new enforcement policy of not just deporting undocumented immigrants, but also fully prosecuting them as criminals in our criminal justice system, which then triggers separating the children from their parents. One official in the US administration admitted this is a deliberate strategy to send a severe, cruel message to would-be immigrants entering without documentation: come here and you'll lose you kids.

An audio recording has gone viral showing terrified, sobbing, grief-stricken children in one of the children centers where these children are being held.

This policy is weaponizing kids to inflict the most horrible pain possible on their parents in an effort to deter border crossings. One journal states that US has no plan to facilitate return of these children to their parents. People from every walk of life, and well-known members of both major US political parties are vehemently objecting to this horror. The U.N has called it a human rights violation. Some are calling for sanctions against the US.

This is simply hurtful to my inner self. What do you all say about this? Do you feel upset or is this just something that does not bother you at all, that these little children deserve this psychologically scarring, damaging treatment because their parents are, in the view of the US government "committing crimes against the United States"?

If this kind of topic is not acceptable, let me know, I'm new here. Please indicate your MBTI type if you re NOT INFP.

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The small details in Detroit (spoilers)

World News Reddit - 1 hour 34 min ago

The more I play and read about this game, the more I keep noticing little tiny details that were put in for a reason, but may be easy to miss. Does anyone have any they'd like to share? For example -

(most people probably saw this one but I know my friend didn't) When Kara walks into Zlatko's house for the first time, he has blue blood on his fingertips. It screamed a warning klaxxon at me right away, but I know not everyone noticed.

When fake Connor tries to trick Hank into thinking he is the real one, his LED turns red - something that seldom happened on the original Connor, and especially not white merely speaking.

Further on into the game when Chloe begins to look distraught and wish for freedom, in the main menu she occasionally sings the sad song 'Everything will be alright'. This is the exact same song that Marcus can sing when he's cornered by the military, as a last resort to get them to back down. These two details don't seem significant by themselves, until you consider the fact that Marcus and Chloe have never met yet they both sing the exact same song when they want you to feel sorry for them - this suggests that they've been programmed to have an 'elicit sympathy button' and that is to use that song, as they both pull it out when they want to manipulate humans into letting them go.

I'm half-certain that Connor's creepy/funny smile here was inspired by this one. I also think that his name may be a reference to the famous human resistance fighter John Connor in the Terminator movies (everything about him was designed to appeal to humans, so what better than the name of the literal saviour of humans in a robot-infested world), and the fact that he has '800' written on his uniform may be a reference to the T800s of the franchise too, which are also the most common model in the movies. The blue triangle he wears on his uniform is similar to the Cyberdyne's (the company that created the Terminators) logo too, although it's also speculated that the triangle may be a reference to the label that nazis formerly attached spefically to their forced labourers.

For some people, the game deliberately crashes in the chapter where Connor is trying to find the 'backdoor' before he gets shut down. This only happened for some players though, so not everyone experienced it.

Whenever Alice is offered food, some deux ex machina always happens that makes sure she can't be seen to eat it (Todd throwing the table, Connor busting in, a policeman arriving, etc). This happens until the big reveal to try to maintain the illusion that she's human.

I don't know if this is a 'small' detail, but I think that the part where Marcus has the option to sacrifice himself by burning himself alive is a reference to the peaceful protester Thích Quảng Đức, more famously known as the Burning Monk., who self-immolated himself to protest the persecution of his people by the government. . Marcus ends up kneeling in a similar position.

The policeman who visits Rose's house is the same one featured in the introductory chapter in Beyond: Two Souls, alongside Beyond's character Stan reappearing as the significantly less popular FBI agent in Detroit.

Every single time the female protagonist goes into the creepy man's house in a Quantic Dream game, she ends up captured in the basement with intent to be murdered (Kara and Madison)

Carl has origami birds in his dining area, a reference to the Origami killer in Heavy Rain.

There are only two TV channels in Detroit; one for ice hockey and the other for breaking news.

(that last one was a joke. sorta)

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The right-wing alarmism about the EU

World News Reddit - 1 hour 34 min ago

As a lot of us know, Pinker has done a great job showing how humanity has progressed and how we are getting better. There are some points where I do not agree with him because I think they're more complicated, but overall, I agree that the world is getting better.

However, I have noticed that some people (on the IDW-sphere too) use this kind of narrative to attack the left, painting them as "alarmists". However, what is not talked about often in the IDW-sphere is right-wing alarmism. "The West is on the brink of collapse because of cultural marxism and immigration" type of alarmism. One recent example is Douglas Murray making a video on PragerU about how Europe accepted refugees because it "hates itself" and how we are basically doomed. Also, the President of the USA recently tweeted a false claim about how Germany has seen a rise in criminal activity.

The reality is of course that Europe is nowhere near collapse no matter how some right-wingers want to make it seem like it's one step away from civil war and chaos. Crimes in Germany actually decreased in 2017. [1], [2] Sweden is not the rape capital of Europe [3]. Tommy Robinson is not a "political prisoner", he was arrested because he repeatedly broke the law. [4]

In general, feel that this type of alarmism is rarely challenged in the IDW-sphere. How do you feel about the issue?






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I have an idea for a fantasy world, but I'm having serious doubts......

World News Reddit - 1 hour 35 min ago

My idea was for my world to be the setting for a series of video games I'm making (I've already made a couple), but I can't think of a single aspect of it that isn't a blatant cliché or overused trope. I realize that the best writers and worldbuilders use clichés to their advantage (usually by subverting, disguising, or even parodying them), but I don't feel like I'm getting similar results with my world. I guess what I'm asking for is feedback, if it's not too much to ask......

  • The world of Domova is one of the most unique worlds in the entire universe, in that it is home to THREE sentient species, unlike other worlds, which usually have only one species, with varied sub-species. This is because two of Domova's species are immigrants from Earth, which is in a post-apocalyptic state.

  • Domova's natives, the Solites, worship a pantheon of gods who often walk among mortals from time to time. Sometimes, to revise the holy scriptures, sometimes to hear the people's prayers firsthand.

  • Magic exists in this world for the sole purpose of giving the laws of physics a natural polar opposite, much like how light has darkness, or how good has evil. Sure, it's possible to use magic in a multitude of ways (walk on water, create from nothing, etc.), but the gods frown on the use of magic, since its chaotic nature makes exploring new territory within the field far too dangerous.

  • Dragons once existed, and are briefly mentioned in Domova's most ancient legends. They supposedly disappeared when Earth's apocalypse happened. Some believe there is a connection, since in the legends, the dragons are described as emissaries serving something or someone potentially greater than the gods. Perhaps they went to Earth to try and salvage what's left? The Human clergy believe this assumption to be false, however. Apparently, there are surviving records detailing how bad it got on Earth, and how there's no way anything could be left on that radioactive rock.

  • It is said that shortly after Humans arrived, they subjugated the Solites, causing one of their leaders to sell his soul in exchange for power to stop the Humans. This power came with an insatiable bloodlust, and a natural gravitation towards sinful hearts. To keep this monster at bay, the gods created an angel who can only manifest when the people repent and pray for mercy. It is also said that this angel first appeared when the Humans finally accepted the Domovan gods as their own, and returned the lands they had sieged.

  • The gods are not faultless. They are perfectly capable of making mistakes, and because of this, they approach every situation as cautiously as possible. While this does ensure minimal risk, it also requires time and patience, something that mortals don't always have.

So, what do you think? Am I showing any creativity here?

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