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Podcast:​ conversations with interesting people in Singapore

World News Reddit - 1 hour 4 min ago

Hi everyone! I've been lurking on r/singapore ever since I got to this wonderful garden-city about a year ago. You've been a great source of information and fun - thank you very much!

I've finally created an account for self-promotional reasons, but also because I hope this might genuinely interest you :

A friend and I have recently launched a podcast focusing on free-format conversations with interesting people from Singapore. Our most recent episode is a 1 hour conversation with Joe Augustin, with a second hour coming up this Saturday.

Feel free to have listen / subscribe on our website

Although we already have quite a number of guests lined up for future episodes, we're always looking for new recommendation on who to talk to - especially locals - so feel free to reach out!

I should note that the podcast reflects our own particular experience of Singapore : that of male trailing-spouses. Although we're quite obviously fortunate and privileged in many ways, we hope that our conversations may also give some insight into the lesser known aspects of our circumstance - one we think will become more and more prevalent as gender equality continues to improve world-wide.

Anyway, hope this interests you and have a great weekend :)

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The Rising Front, or: Why Bible Study is frustrating

World News Reddit - 1 hour 6 min ago

Juliet #3 Yesterday at 10:47 PM
this is the real reason kar left discord
now he doesn't have to hear us telling him that his science is bullshit

eat salt Yesterday at 10:48 PM
Science facts can’t melt family values ™

magi093 Yesterday at 10:50 PM
Tomorrow morning I'm writing a post about how fucking stupid this whole thing is and tacking it right on Reddit so he has to look at it

So I'm gonna rant about r/RisingFront. Normally these tirades happen on Discord, but because that really wrecked some guy's new car, I'm doing it here. fite me irl.

...has its gravity cranked up to 85gs in normal operation. 97 for training.

Okay, this is the Seventh World. The gravity manipulation is fine - we have far more fantastic things going on in that department. But let's do some math.

The men stand between 7 and 8 feet

Well, rats. We don't have real-world body-builders that tall, but let's make an estimate. Specifically, let's tack some more mass onto the legendary Terry Crews. Mr. Crews weighs in at 245 lbs on Earth, but because we're doing !!SCIENCE!! we'll need his mass - an even 111 kilograms. If we add a fairly conservative 10 kg to that (~ 22 lbs on earth) we might have a good idea of the "average" RF børk's mass. A high-school physics student can now tell you that this creature must be surviving a constant 10285 N of force to stand when the room is in "normal operation."

Let's assume this monster wanted to pick up an average banana (ballpark 120g.) This banana weighs 10200 N (again, "normal operation", about 2293.05 lbs.)
A Tesla Model S (yes, yes, /r/HailCorporate) weighs 4,323 lbs.
Assuming my math is correct so far, this banana weighs about 53% of a car. Also, picking it up a single foot (0.3048 meters) would require 3108.96 joules of energy. I'm not about to do the conversions from joules to calories (thermodynamics is hard) but a gram of TNT contains only 1075J more energy (TNT detonates at a heat of 4184 J/g, according to NIST.)

Again, all this hinges on you not being instantly pancakified by the force of gravity to begin with.

So why does the guy who writes for a demonchild that has been observed to create fire, briars, and bread from almost thin air have an issue with realism anyway?

I dunno. Maybe it has something to do with the title of the first post. Maybe it has something to do the whole idea that you can move anything this fast (I'll do the math for the acceleration on this later.) (also arguably godmodding Violet!) Maybe there's some part of me that disagrees with the reeking smell of conservative Catholicism. Actually, there's probably a few people who don't like that smell, but that's just an educated guess. Maybe I prefer slow, incremental building, instead of coming out the gate looking like a guy who exploited 5e.

Anyway. That's my rant.

bonus meme

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Westminster inquest: Attacker's mother 'found out on TV news'

BBC News - 1 hour 37 min ago
The Westminster attacker's mother says he was "angry" but his involvement only "made sense" later.
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Basking sharks leap as high as great whites

BBC News - 1 hour 56 min ago
Researchers say basking sharks are far from being slow and languid, as their reputation suggests.
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Russia's anti-doping body reinstated after ban

BBC News - 1 hour 56 min ago
A decision to lift the suspension of Russia's anti-doping agency (Rusada) is labelled "the greatest treachery" of clean athletes.
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Dwarf wrestling: Performers speak out after row

BBC News - 2 hours 18 min ago
Performers taking part in a dwarf wrestling show say they want to do something they enjoy.
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Giant pandas can tell a mate from their calls

BBC News - 2 hours 20 min ago
Pandas have to be within 20 metres of each other to identify each other's calls in their bamboo forest home.
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Barclays customers hit by online glitch

BBC News - 2 hours 53 min ago
Computer problems have hit the bank as customers complain of being unable to access their accounts.
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