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Are You Addicted To Comfort?

World News Reddit - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:30

Last week, I had a conversation with someone about my self-development ventures. I explained to them how I wake up at 5.30am every morning and have an icy cold shower. I told them how I run in the stark English winter and hit the gym to deadlift, rain or shine.

I was met with a confused expression. "You must be addicted to pain," they replied.

It was a psychologically damning assessment like Sigmund Freud has just given me the once over, slapped me across the face and told me to get the f*ck out.

And they weren't the first to say this.

Has anyone ever said that to you since starting your self-development journey? Or perhaps you've even thought that about someone else?

There was something in this statement that got me thinking. Am I in pursuit of pain as some masochistic, trivial pleasure? Am I like one of those fetish guys who likes being whipped in a gimp mask while grating his teeth as electrodes shock his balls?

After a few days it dawned on me. I had a mini epiphany. I realized the question could be flipped:

"Are you addicted to comfort."

I challenge the cynics, the doubters and the people who don't understand why others willingly push themselves into the pain zone -- people like David Goggins, dubbed 'the hardest man alive' who forced himself through ultramarathons where men have died, compression taping his ankles up and ignoring the excruciating pain of stress fractures.

I challenge these people to give up their comfort addiction and go through pain because there's something far greater that awaits you on the other side.

As Seth Godin states:

"Discomfort brings engagement and change. Discomfort means you're doing something that others were unlikely to do, because they are hiding out in the comfort zone. When you're uncomfortable, action leads to success."

Why Push Yourself Through Pain?

Too many people plod along, comfortable. What they fail to see is that pain is often necessary in the pursuit of salvation and liberation from your own perceived limitations.

Without pain, you will never understand that pushing yourself through the icy daggers of a cold shower for a month leads to a state where cold feels comfortable, even pleasurable.

A point where your immune system is stronger than ever and every morning you feel like you've had a double dose of dopamine and adrenaline all rolled into one -- ready to tackle the day with power and visor.

Without pain, you will never understand that forcing yourself out of bed at 5.30am and leaving the comfortable confines of cosy covers to be greeted by the chilly morning eventually leads to a new-found zest for life.

A point where you wake up naturally at 5.29am and turn off the alarm before it starts, feeling fresh and rested.

A point where you smell the morning air, listen to the dawn chorus of grateful birds and watch the orange sun rise over the horizon while feeling like you're part of the world and all its beauty as it slowly awakes.

A state of satisfaction knowing you're ahead of the game and you're getting sh*t done while everybody sleeps. And you're going to bed and resting while others sit up late, mindlessly scrolling on their iPhones.

And without pain, you will never understand that the daily frustration of trying to meditate and block out the myriad of thoughts running through your head will eventually lead to a calm and peaceful mind.

Without the frustration of trying to catch your mind as it obsessively thinks and tries to destroy you, as your thoughts run wild like startled rabbits, as your concentration slips like sand running through the cracks of your fingers -- you will never know true liberation.

You will never know the joy of mastering your mind in meditation and that feeling of complete calm and emptiness.

You will never experience your brain being light as a feather, like it's being lifted towards the stars.

You will never know the nourishment of the breathe as it flows freely through you without strain, making you feel more alive than you've ever felt.

If you're addicted to comfort you shall live with the pain of never truly experiencing these elevated pleasures.

You will never experience the satisfaction of pushing through pain and embracing the process of growth.

I urge the people who think I'm addicted to pain: Give up your comfort addiction today and try a little pain, otherwise you'll never know truly how great it can feel.

*If you feel like putting yourself through a little pain, feel free to take one of my 30 day challenges. you can find a link in the comment section below. Please note, I don't make money from them. I simply do them myself and then share what's worked/hasn't worked for me in order to help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives. I hope it helps you. Embrace the pain!

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Famous TV puppets go on show in Wolverhampton

BBC News - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:27
Zippy, Bagpuss, Basil Brush and Mr Spoon are among the TV puppets to go on show at a new exhibition.
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Straight from wrestling school part 2

World News Reddit - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:27

So a follow up to this: and this: So the last time I did this I had My Caw win the main title of his local promotion and wrestling promotion And school since then Ive played a bit and have decided to update, I’ve also added a popularity rating for the CAW and added Miscellaneous shows to his schedule every Sunday, these miscellaneous shows are basically like indie shows that are like one offs rather than his normal weekly show:TAW(Toronto Area Wrestling).His popularity is decided more by his exposure rather than his winning of matches at the current moment , however as he goes forward his popularity changes on what its rated on, for example when hes young and new, its just based on his exposure but when he wins a belt it becomes based on his overness.winning of matches,etc and is currently just in his Hometown and not nationally, however when he leaves his hometown, it becomes nationally and in the whole wrestling business. Ive been thinking and Ive decided that maybe there should be goal at the start so for the first part, the major goal is to win his areas main belt which is currently the Canadian Heavyweight Championship.When he wins this and reaches the highest popularity rating, he moves to the next stage which is touring Japan/Mexico/Staying in NA. after this he reaches the next and final level which is where he decides which country to choose to wrestle in and starts working on proving himself and working himself up the ladder, and lastly with how random the wrestling world is and how a wrestler may or may not be over just depending on fans,etc and how random they are,Ive added randomness wheels(using online spinawheels) where his gimmicks,overness and whether he signs a contract or not is decided.This isn’t completely random however, if for example he’s trying out and I decide to give him a randomness wheel, if hes larger and more towards the wwe “look” theres a much larger chance of him signing then him being a cruiserweight. So lets get into the actual update

After he won the belt , I had him change up his attire. He then defended the title on TAW’s weekly show against local competitor dodging a fight against Dan Holt(this is how he looks:, his bio can be found in the first link. After that he made his debut out of TAW at CWA FIGHT FOR ALL IV(just made a random name here) where he lost to John Morrison,then back on TAW he wrestled another local competitor , dodging another fight with Dan Holt.He lost his next match again Penta El O M at ONTARIO WRESTLE FESTIVAL VII. The next week he was absent from TAWs weekly show citing injury but wrestled the very next day at BCW WRESTLING’s annual 20 man battle royal being eliminated 11th the very next day.

Again, forgot the screencaps unfortunately and will have them ready next time

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Alchemy, Inc. - Setting Urban Males on the Hero's Journey Since 2003

World News Reddit - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:27

I wanted to bring to your attention an organization in Akron, OH, that has been using mythology to "cultivate urban adolescent males to develop a sense of purpose in life[...]". I had the pleasure of meeting its founder, Kwame Scruggs, back in 2016 at the C.G. Jung Institute in New York. There is a documentary about the organization called "Finding the Gold Within" (trailer). Unfortunately the full documentary, which you can find on YouTube, is not available for free.

Extracting the Gold Within

Like what Peterson does in his Biblical series, Alchemy [about us] discusses stories to distill messages to guide us towards meaningful life - in Kwame's case, mythologies from around the world. Alchemy, Inc. has a mentorship component where graduates of the program mentor new initiates beginning in elementary school. Participants reportedly [article] have increased GPA's, high school graduation rates, and college acceptance rates, but I could not find exact figures.

Hope this serves as inspiration to uphold the transmission of these messages to other young men as you traverse your own journeys.

P.S. Originally posted this in /r/JordanBPeterson, posting it here now as I originally intended.

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[H] H1Z1, Nex Machina, The Sexy Brutale, Human: Fall Flat, SUPERHOT, Shadow of Mordor, Hurtworld, Quantum Break, Dawn of War III, The Long Dark, Overcooked, Everything, Necrodancer, One Piece, Poly Bridge, Plague Inc & more [W] Dark Souls III,...

World News Reddit - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:27


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Keys (A):
  • ABZU
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Silveroak Valley - Session 1

World News Reddit - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:26

I'm kicking off a new campaign in my home brewed setting of Silveroak Valley. As a DM who's been running games for a couple decades (since AD&D) now I thought I'd share with the community how:

  • I prep for my campaign setting
  • Plan my multi-session stories
  • Prep for the individual sessions
  • Quick summaries of the individual sessions.

If people find this interesting I'll post after each of the sessions so people can follow along with me.

If you're playing in the Silveroak campaign obviously do not read these posts.

Campaign Setting

  1. For this campaign I decided to play around with a few ideas:
  2. A focus on a small area rather than an entire world where I could develop things in great detail.
  3. An exploration of civilization verses the wild.
  4. A stone / bronze age style religion with lots of spirits and a close connection to the Feywild and Shadowlands.
  5. An homage to the fairy tales from the book The Turnip Princess which has a lot of unedited fairy tales which are very different than the heavily edited Brothers Grim style stories. The major difference being that they are pretty nonsensical.
  6. Sandbox style play.

As I've built out the world I've pulled together a Silveroak Campaign Setting PDF that I can share with my players. That document, still a rough draft, has grown to 94 pages so far.

It's a big undertaking to explain the full thought process that went into developing my campaign world so I'll dive into a different area each time I post one of these updates.

First up:

Building A Small Civilization.

I started with deciding I wanted the largest town (Silveroak) to be around 1,200 people. Using some information from this wonderful page about medieval demographics I figured out that the other large towns would be ~60%-80% of the size of the the largest town. That gave me three more "large" cities with populations of ~600 (Riverbend), 300 (Crossroads), and 200 (Milltown). That's about 2,300 people living in the large cities. Assuming roughly 10% of the population lives within the cities I set the local population at 22,000 individuals.

For the geography of the area I knew I wanted somewhere near mountains that could provide an area for wild tribes and monsters. From that I was inspired by some drives I've done through the Animas River Valley from the high New Mexico desert near Farmington up into the mountains of Colorado past Durango. A single valley bordered by a desert provides great natural boarders and a reason the population hasn't grown.

It also gave me a some natural climatic zones that I could use to divide the area up with unique weather, flora, fauna, and population densities. This is important because even with a small population and area I want the setting to feel diverse. If you're up in the mountains at the top of the valley it should feel different than if you're in the farmlands at a lower elevation.

Using Inkarnat I developed my initial map, plopped down the cities, some roads, rivers, and forests.

In my crazy goal of having an extremely detailed setting I decided I wanted to provide details on every shop in each of the major towns. For that I turned back to that same resource on demographics and this table.

Business SV Business SV Shoemakers 150 Butchers 1,200 Furriers 250 Fishmongers 1,200 Maidservants 250 Beer-Sellers 1,400 Tailors 250 Buckle Makers 1,400 Barbers 350 Plasterers 1,400 Jewelers 400 Spice Merchants 1,400 Taverns/Restaurants 400 Blacksmiths 1,500 Old-Clothes 400 Painters 1,500 Pastrycooks 500 Doctors 1,700* Masons 500 Roofers 1,800 Carpenters 550 Locksmiths 1,900 Weavers 600 Bathers 1,900 Chandlers 700 Ropemakers 1,900 Mercers 700 Inns 2,000 Coopers 700 Tanners 2,000 Bakers 800 Copyists 2,000 Watercarriers 850 Sculptors 2,000 Scabbardmakers 850 Rugmakers 2,000 Wine-Sellers 900 Harness-Makers 2,000 Hatmakers 950 Bleachers 2,100 Saddlers 1,000 Hay Merchants 2,300 Chicken Butchers 1,000 Cutlers 2,300 Pursemakers 1,100 Glovemakers 2,400 Woodsellers 2,400 Woodcarvers 2,400 Magic-Shops 2,800 Booksellers 6,300 Bookbinders 3,000 Illuminators 3,900

The SV value is the number of each of these businesses you can expect based on the population.

So Silveroak with a population of 1,200 people has 8 shoemakers but only a 19% chance of having a Bookseller. It's pretty easy to toss this into excel to quickly come up with the businesses in each of my towns.

With a list of business for each town I was then able to start naming the businesses and developing details for the proprietors.

Knowing that a lot of the adventures would likely take place in small villages where 90% of the population lives I also came up with some quick tables to generate new villages. For each village I'm able to quickly determine it's size, any businesses it will have and the general population of who lives there. Since the races aren't spread out evenly in the valley I divided that table up by geographic region.


Town Size – Midlands & Lowlands Roll 2d4 Desert, Northern Forest, Southern Forest Roll 1d6 Population Range Number of Stores & Business 1-5 – Farmstead / Isolated Dwelling / Outpost 1-20 0 6 – Hamlet – Small 16-50 1d2-1 7 – Hamlet – Large 51-100 1d4 8 – Village 80-200 1d4+1


Roll 1d20 Business Type Roll Business Type 1-2 Furriers 11-12 Old-Clothes 2-3 Tailors 13-14 Pastry cooks 4-5 Shoemakers 15-16 Masons 6 Taverns/Restaurants 17-18 Weavers 7-8 Carpenters 19 Blacksmith 9-10 Temple / Shrine 20 Blacksmith


Roll Primary Population Secondary Population Midlands 1-6 Human None 7 Human Halfling 8 Human Half-Elf 9 Halfling None 10 Halfling Human Lowlands 1-6 Human 7 Human Half-Elf 8 Human Halfling 9 Half-Elf None 10 Half-Elf Halfling Desert 1-2 Human None 3-4 Human Halfling 5 Human Half-Elf 6 Half Elf 1d3: 1 Human, 2 Halfling, 3 Human & Halfling 7-8 Halfling None 9-10 Halfling Human Silveroak Forest 1-7 Elf None 8-10 Elf Half-Elf Northern Forest 1-8 Elf None 9 Elf Human 10 Human Elf

With this information I've got the basics of the world that my NPCs and PCs will inhabit.

I'll continue looking into building my custom world more in the next post. Now on to some...

Session 1 Notes

We had our first session last night and the only goal was to create characters. My group has one experienced player, a couple players who've played for a year or so, a player with 4-5 sessions, and one brand new player.

I've told the group that I'm going to provide a world for them to explore but it's up to them to decide what they want to do in that world.

Starting off our session we had a brief discussion about what sort of game the players wanted and what sort of game I wanted to run. Once it was clear we were all on the same page I provide a high level summary of the setting and answered some questions.

The group latched onto the fact that ~80 years ago the southern part of Silveroak Valley had been overrun by orcs and the population of 10,000 was slaughtered or fled. The players decided they wanted to be descendants of those who fled they valley. Having heard stories from their parents and grandparents they have set there goal to be reclaiming the southern part of the valley for humans/halflings and to drive out the monsters and any non-humans/halflings.

With that plan we started to create characters. In a throwback to old school D&D I had everyone roll stats in order so your first roll is Strength, second roll Dexterity, etc. I did show a bit of mercy from the old style games by using 4d6 drop one rather than a straight 3d6 roll for the stats.

I found that this provided a lot of structure for the new and old players. It provided a framework around which to build your character. Rather than your character being an endless set of possibilities you now know things like they are really strong but clumsy. That starts telling you what sort of class they are likely to be. For the new players that guidance was a huge help. For my more experienced players it seems to have shaken them out of some ruts and pushed them toward ideas they wouldn't otherwise have explored.

With stats rolled up I walked them through my custom character creation process:

  1. What race is your character?
  2. What spirit are you bound to?
  3. Where is your character from?
  4. What is your characters class? (PHB)
  5. What is your characters background? (PHB)
  6. What are five rumors about your character?
  7. What Trinket does your character have?

1) Humans/Halflings were already decided so step 1 was pretty easy.

2) In my setting everyone has a bond to a specific spirit and that provides some minor abilities. I'll talk more about this in a future post.

3) The initial plan covered this pretty well and all the characters decided to be from the sames area outside Silveroak Valley. They know each other and are heading back as a group.

4) The character class choices were heavily influenced by the stat rolls which seemed to work out pretty well. If I remember correctly we have a Cleric of War, a druid, a bard, a ranger, and a fighter. Pretty solid party.

5) Character backgrounds didn't take much time. People had started feeling like they knew there characters pretty well at this point and quickly selected some backgrounds.

6) What are five rumors about your character.

I'm not sure where this idea originally came from but I liked it and tweaked it some.

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, the land is the less. Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. To know yourself you must not only know your thoughts but the world’s thoughts about you.

What are two true rumors about you that are good?

What are two true rumors about you that are bad?

What is one rumor about you that is false?

The rumors can be large or small but should provide insight into who your character is.

The rumors can be discovered by Investigation Checks with difficulties of 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24. For each rumor assign one of the rumors.

If you are modest the rumors of your good deeds might be less well known than your flaws. On the other hand if you are ashamed of your past you may make efforts to hide your past failures. Or perhaps a past rival has spread false information about you and the rumors still plague you.

Each of the players will start out knowing the rumor with a difficult of 8. Those trained in investigation will also know the rumors with a DC of 12. The rest I'll let come up in game. The group wanted some time to come up with these so I'm still waiting to see what they came up with.

7) I developed my own trinket table with stuff that's more interesting than the PHB. Hopefully they will find uses for the trinkets through the game. They wound up with:

  • A Sun Sphere from the Empire of the Sun. When activated the Sun Sphere looks like a miniature sun six inches across and provides light equal to a light spell.
  • A key that opens any lock you locked.
  • An outfit of clothing that never gets dirty and magically mends any rips or tears.
  • A two inch tall animal spirit that is friendly and always remains within 5 feet of you.
  • A necklace or circlet woven of meadow flowers that never wilt.

We also used the life experiences tables from Xanathar's Guide to Everything and I'm going to say those tables are amazing. I'm probably going to wind up reworking them a bit for future characters in my setting but they really provided a tremendous amount of items for character backstories and the players loved rolling on them. Overall I was kind of disappointed in XGE but those tables are probably worth the $50 bucks on their own.

Planning for Next Session - Men in exile feed on dreams.

This has gotten really long so I'm going to wind up posting this part in a few days. The very short version of my plan is that we're going to start on the road. To Silveroak valley about 4-5 days out. To get to the valley the players have to pass a very similar valley that has already been overrun by orcs. I'm thinking they will find a trade caravan slaughtered by orcs. If they investigate they will have the opportunity to find out the orcs are banding together once more to assault the valley they are about to make their home. Exciting times.

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Dangers if US leaves Syria -- or stays

CNN World News - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:03
It was not the freshness of the meat or piquancy of the sauce that made the chicken kebab remarkable, but that it was being eaten by a US special operations forces commander on a dusty street in Raqqa, once the self-declared capital of ISIS.
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Girl, 11, stabbed to death in Wolverhampton house attack

BBC News - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 11:53
A relative was arrested on suspicion of murdering Jasmine Forrester who was stabbed several times.
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