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Take quest obtained exotics out of exotic engram pool.

World News Reddit - 4 hours 8 min ago

Exotic engram drops are super rare now and are dupes 90+ percent of the time.

I just got my second ace of spades from Ikoras weekley bounty and got my second world line zero last week on an engram drop.

Can we get these removed from the pool? I know it can save you on infusion but id rather have a better chance at getting new exotics instead of the same stuff ive had at my disposal for D1. Most of them I dont even use that often.

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World News Reddit - 4 hours 8 min ago

Hi there, I'm writing this post because I really need your help. I currently own a FAT PlayStation 4, first model, and it has worked very well so far except for my disks getting stuck halfway when I insert them into the console. This issue hasn't really affected my experience since it only needs a little push to make it into the PS4; however two weeks ago I've noticed that GameStop was hosting a promotion that let you get a brand new 1 TB PS4 SLIM + Spider-Man if you gave in exchange your old PS4 and two games. I was really interested since I'm a Spidey fan and I wanted to get rid of my old console. Of course GameStop will not accept broken stuff, So I've brought my console to a technician asking him to replace my drive. Two weeks have passed and I received back my console as it was - disks get still stuck - because "the PS4 drive chip is broken and it affects new drives as well". End of the story, I have to keep my PS4. "It's not the end of the world, it still works" I thought. Yeah, until I made some tests. After playing a few hourse, I've seen that downloads were very slow (99+ hrs to download 3 GB). We have a 7MB connection here, so I'm used to slow connections, but it was really taking forever to download the updates. I've decided to make a comparison. I've registered my values and my bro's PS4 is using the same settings and the same connection. What I've found out is my bro's PS4 wifi card works very well, giving almost the same value ten times, while my PS4 values aren't steady at all. I've checked a little bit and changed my DNS and, with a lot of surpirse, I get some encouraging results. The new test gave higher and almost steady values, which is really good. I was loping my hope. Connection seems more stable now, but I think that so called "technician" has messed up my wifi card or even replaced it with a broken one. It's a common practice here, you don't really know who is going to take apart your device. So the thing is, what should I do? I don't want to keep a broken PS4, but on the other hand the GS promotion is no longer available and I don't have enough money to buy a new console. Plus, it's hard to find someone interested in buying a PS4 with these issues.

Thanks if you will decide to help.

EDIT: if you are wondering why there is no upload value in the last chart, I simply forgot to write them down.

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Brecon Beacons sheep rescued by Thai cave team members

BBC News - 4 hours 10 min ago
The rescuers are part of the same team which saved 12 children from Thai caves in July.
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Tales of the Beard: The Origin of Fat Molded Beard

World News Reddit - 4 hours 13 min ago

If you haven't seen the first episode, here it is:

Hey guys, its Moe! I finally got off work, and I always keep my promises. So I had Nilla text me how exactly she met FM. If you read the first episode (Moe and the Beastly Beardo), you'll see that she introduced me to him, and I still wasn't really clear on how they met other than she was forced to do a school project with him and that he began to lurk her after. But I digress. Gather 'round my chadish children, and listen good, cuz this ones long. For I give you.......The Origin of Fat Molded.

*DISCLAIMER: In order to really put you guys in the story and in the perspective of Nilla, I will be writing as her in the first person POV. So if you get confused, no I (MOE) am not part of the story, NILLA is the person whose shoes you are in. MOE is the WRITER of this story. Got it? Good, now let's see get the sitrep for this operation.

You are Nilla: 13 at the time (16 now). You are a short (barely) Thai-American girl. You are the heroine of this story. You are in 8th grade, and little do you know it, but in 2 years you will meet a long, tan, and handsome fellow who plays Alto Saxophone at a marching band competition ;). But this is not that time. You are acing all of your classes accept for one: Geography. But with a project coming up, this could be your chance to get everything on track.

Known Hostile: Fat Molded (FM): Also 13 at the time (16 now). A large fellow in both length and width. Especially the latter. Smells like rotting meat, has the complexion of a piping hot Papa John's pizza; extra sauce, cheese, and topped with pepperoni. Also wears gross, unwashed graphic tees, fingerless gloves, New Balances, and a new fedora every day of the week. Yes, what some people do with sneakers this mans does with fedoras. Is a level 3 beard on the Beetus scale. Approach with extreme caution. Keeps to himself unless its to ridicule some non-atheist normie in class.

Your (howdy) PaRDnEr: We'll call her Trish for privacy reasons. Same age as the above, formerly at a different school now :(. Trish is your only friend in Geography, and as such, you and her have been through Geographical hell together. There is no doubt that if you are allowed to pick partners, you'll be the dream team and crush this project.

Now lets spawn at objective Butters, shall we? *Clicks on B and zooms in on Nilla's POV.*

Now one thing about Geography is that the teacher was always late, so we'd have to stand outside the class in the hall and wait 14 minutes for him to show up. He knew about the 15 min rule, so he'd always manage to finangle his way in at the last second. You could pretty much always tell when he was coming because you'd here a squeaky voice rambling on about war or something creepy and history related get closer and closer. That voice belonged to none other than FM. I had known who he was before the class. Like you know when your hanging 1 on 1 with a friend, and they just say "hey, do you know _____? Well they_____". Like yea, that kid. But anyway, today we would begin in-class work on the big project I had been counting on to get my C in the class. So we saunter in and FM waddles in as usual, and nestles into the chair he'd slowly been killing ever since sitting in it.

So Mr. Teacher put up a list of topics for the project, and told us to go pick a partner and come to him to tell him who the duo consisted of and your topic. Well of course, that one friend you just look at when you pick partners (Trish) and I do just that, and we decide to pick the issue of gender in the Middle East. Well apparently, FM was likely watching porn on his iPad (like always) and didn't get up to find a partner. Not that anyone would want to be his anyway. So Mr. Teacher catches him lackin' and tells him to get off YouPorn and who his partner and topic is. Well, big-ass says "what partner?". Mr. Teacher was a pretty cool headed guy when it came to FM (I think he thought he was fucked in the head, so he cut him a little more slack) so he just kinda said "well join in on another group then".

FM: "Well I wanna work by myself. Can't I do that?"

Mr. T: "FM, I would like to see you work with another group. They'll help you stay on task and I am also grading based on participation in groups, so you need to be a part of one for me to do so."

FM: "Are you sure you can't just lemme work alone? I don't think anyone could fully comprehend my logic nor my way of doing things."

Mr. T: (Visibly annoyed): "Ok FM, why don't you just join Nilla and Trish's group".

FM: "Haruumph, if I must".

Me and Trish looked at each other, and shared a telepathic "Oh fuck". So FM waddles over and plops himself next to, of fucking course, yours truly. Trish greets him, which he responds by ignoring her and turning his smog machine of a mouth to me and almost yells "HI NILLA. SO WHATRE WE DOING?" I mean what the fuck. What. The. FuCCKLE.

Me: "We're doing gender issues in the Middle East, FM."

FM: "Oh well I know ALL about that. Now they're running things right down there. They might be a bunch of goat sodimizing degenerates, but at least they have a sense of chivalry in today's world." Again: WHAT. THE. FUUUCCKKCKCKCKC. I am a bit of a feminist, but not one of those radical, crazies you see more. No, I just go "Yay girls!" and go home. But that one really pissed me off. It took every fiber of my being NOT to slap him.

Well I ignored that last comment and pretended like I was just working. Now, FM took that as a memo to just fuck around like he always does, but this time in the interest of captivating MY interest. He somehow managed to find rougly 600+ memes that would just "stimulate my whisy". I'm not fucking kidding. He said those exact fucking words. I remember it because it was so goddamn weird. Trish had enough and nicely said "hey FM, why don't you help me with the slides?"

FM: "Now Trish, if you would like attention, you simply need ask. But for now, I am talking to Nilla, so please do US a favor and don't interrupt." I gave her a look like "just ignore him. I'll help you". And I did just that. FM was basically talking to a

brick wall, because I wouldn't even look at him or acknowledge him. This continued to til class ended.

Now, we didn't finish, so we'd have to work on it outside of class. Now, FM would not reply to, or even read Trish's messages on Groupme detailing his part of the project. However, he was all questions and Geography prodigy with me. "What do I do? Am I speaking? Am I to find pics? You just say the word and your desire is my mission." I just said "FM, listen to Trish. She's the ringmaster".

Now, Trish texted me later that she had just spent the night puking her guts out, so she didn't know if she would be there to present with me. Shit. Shit shit shit. She did say that she would help me work on the Google Doc and Slides while she was home. So we spent the next 2 days toiling hard while FM did, you guessed it: Jack shit.

On the day of the presentations, Trish was out, so it was just me and lard-ass (That's like my new fav name for him babe UWU). And he came prepared (by beardo standards, so that's not saying much). So, just wanting to get it over with, I volunteer first, and FM hates that. He's much too timid to stand in front of what, 16 people? He reluctantly rises to prove to m'lady that he has the acorns to speak in front of a crowd. So I start off the presentation, and I told him we were to switch off slides, but I wish I hadn't: HE PREPARED HIS OWN FUCKING MATERIAL. Like he said his OWN shit, ruining the whole thing. So here's how it went:

(Picture of a woman wearing a hijab): "As you can see, the men of the Middle East have paid homage to the age old law of chivalry, and have taken precaution to cover their mates so that no one can view their bodies but them. And in addition, they have made it punishable to remove in public."

(Picture of a Arab woman driving): "Another part of the culture of the Middle East is the on-going war on terrorism waged by Bush in response to 911. This car......uh well this is probably rigged to be a car bomb, since this woman is probably driving it to US forces."

And the icing on the Dewrito cake: (Picture of women preparing to get stoned to death): "As you can see here, this foolish woman obviously disobeyed her man and, as such, is paying the price for it. This is why the Muslim men have taken every measure to make sure that women behave correctly. *chuckle*."

The whole room gasped and just stared. I then finish, as that was the LAST FUCKING SLIDE. No one clapped or said anything. I just rushed back to my desk and sat down, tears welling up in my eyes. Not only had I just watched my grade burn to ash, I was SO embarrassed. People around me started to say things like "hey, I know that wasn't you. YOU did fine. What the fuck is his problem? Hey I'll talk to Mr. T with you. You shouldn't have to suffer for FM's bullshit". But Mr. T told FM to go out into hall to talk with him. And he did just that. Even then, nobody spoke, except to try to make me feel better, or just whispering among themselves. Well the door opens and Mr. T walks in. No FM. He then asks me to talk to him in the hall. Well I guess he could see through FM's shit, and sent him to the office to "chat with the principle about appropriate school content" and that he knew it wasn't my fault. He said he was just gonna give me the A for my trouble. I almost hugged Mr. T I was so happy. I ended up getting the C in the class (WOOHOO) and FM got a 0, and an in-school for his deed. When he came back to class, he decided apparently that we we're soulmates because he began to stare at me sigh whenever I looked at him. Yea, that cartoon bullshit. Smooth as fuckin' Skippy's smooth peanut butter. And after that, he found my IG and followed me. I didn't follow back. And he proceeded to try to DM me for a year straight before I got fed up with the requests to DM so removed him from my follower list. And the rest is history.

Hey its Moe again. Well I have a bunch of stuff to do for the next few weeks, and so does Nilla, so idk if I'll be able to post soon. BUT, Nilla's school's homecoming is (home)coming up soon, and so she asked me to be her date (A. obviously and B. we aren't really those extreme hocoposal people). And rumor has it (according to his beetus buds) that FM is planning on sucking up his greasy fried pride and asking someone to the dance, but who exactly is unknown. If Lady Luck shines on us, I think we know who he's gonna ask. :) But anyways, as always I hope you enjoyed, be sure to leave me feedback on my writing style, and stay tuned for more tales of sweaty scrotumdom. Also stay tuned for a possible blurred out pic of me and Nilla :0 cuz people have asked. If it is, it'll be homecoming pics.

RE: Beard almost ruins project with insensitive bullshit, and proceeds to fuck himself and hand me (Nilla) a good grade, and afterwards decides he's in love with me (Nilla)

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My review of Steins;Gate 0 so far - change my mind

World News Reddit - 4 hours 15 min ago

Steins;Gate 0 is a story based upon Steins;Gate in an alternate time line, shown in "Open the Missing Link" - episode 23B. It follows the same characters which have aged and shows you a different world line persay.


My biggest gripe with the show is that no character delivers anything worth hearing in 22 episodes of the series. Okabe is a one-dimensional depressed person who's only way of exuding emotion is through shocked expressions. Mayuri is nothing but a plot device who clings to Okabe for reasons unknown since she has no character development at all. Her entire reasoning for existence is to love Okabe and that's it.

Kagari is there to exist solely to look like Kurisu and make you feel bad. Nothing else... but she's a cliffhanger for 4 episodes only to be overshadowed shortly after. She did not have enough character development prior to showing the sob story for you to even care.

I could break down each character, but this is what each of them are. They're all hollow characters that have no justification for their actions. There's no backstory and if there is it's as basic as it could get, it's just "This is them, and this is how they will always act." and they never deviate from that.


World War 3 is imminent and they need to shift world lines to find "Steins;Gate" but Okabe says "nope". After too many episodes, he says "maybe". After more episodes, he's just thrown into the future and he says "oh wow, maybe I should have done something". From there his entire perspective changes because he "didn't think it'd be like this even though he knew it'd be like this but didn't think about it". He actually says that. That's it. Every other sub-plot that tried to fit itself in is now over-shadowed by this. Why did they exist? We don't know. And did I mention this was 21 EPISODES of a 23 EPISODE series? So now he's in a race to get back to the past to revert all the crap we had to painfully sit through.


Without a doubt one of the worst animations I've seen from an Anime that has done well world-wide. They pick it up in the final 4 episodes, but even than it barely passes. They kept the same art style which was great and a plus, but the proportions were insanely ridiculous in certain scenes. The action scenes were abysmal and sadly they came towards the end of the series. The series suffered a lot of realism with how poorly done every action shot was. Overall, it was pretty lackluster and the amount of close-ups of people's faces started to become uncomfortable. Each episode seemed to have a different "budget" - some episodes looked bad, others looked a lot better, etc.


There are no twists or turns along the way. Everything you thought would happen, did happen. And the worst part is, the show made you think you're stupid and left EACH one of these things on a "cliffhanger". The plot moved at a snail place, and it didn't delve into the plot until episode 20. Instead you sat through watching Okabe be sad and people trying to cheer him up with slight plot nuances here and there that you saw coming a mile away. There is no sci-fi/mystery in this, there are no philosophical quotes/ideas. It's just, "hey get the time machine let's go back(forward) in time". The conclusions are just chopped up to "convergence" with no consistency or even showing it since it'd look so idiotic.

The new characters are all shadows of past characters(Kurisu vs Maho) that are still there in the form of Amadeus... or Kagari being a duplicate of Suzuha. This show banked on nostalgia of Steins;Gate - this wouldn't hold its own if it didn't exist. Overall, this series was a big disappointment. The fan service episodes, the non-existent character development... and most of all, Kurisu existing only to blush when Okabe said something. Amadeus is reduced to a plot device for people who wanted to see her. If you're looking for a mystery with a great plot, watch the original again. If you want to see the same ideas rehashed with bad writing, bad characters, and a bad idea with a good amount of fan service... look no further. Steins;Gate 0 awaits you.

P.S - You could watch the first 2 episodes, and skip to episode 20 and still be able to follow the plot. That's how meaningless everything was in between. You'll even get flashbacks to connect the dots if you somehow can't yourself. I'd say if you want to watch this, do it.

2/10 1 point for Episode 8 and I feel bad even giving it that.

Currently at Episode 22(I'd give this exposition episode a: 2/10), will update this heavily after the final episode.

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Thought: Having a second "group stage" instead of play-ins and increasing MSI significance in seeding.

World News Reddit - 4 hours 19 min ago

First off, I love the international events and competition in general. Whether it be an esport like league or something like the world cup/olympics, I really get into it. Worlds is my favorite event for league, I watch it all from play-ins all the way through finals. I was thinking about ways that the play-in/seeding could work differently and came up with an idea that I thought would make not just worlds, but MSI more interesting too. I don't think its perfect, but I was curious what others take would be - warning - potential wall of text.

Worlds/MSI - Worlds keeps its 2 stage format (3 if you count knockouts as one), but instead of 12 teams going to main stage at first only 8 go, all based on region performance at MSI. The MSI format can stay the same, except with 1 extra added Bo5 for a 3rd place match.
If 8 teams get through the main stage of Worlds automatically, these 8 spots can be determined by each region's finishing position at MSI, lets use this year as an example.
The final standings for MSI this year were - CN/KR/EU-LMS/NA/VN - This would mean that for Worlds seeding you would have the top 4 in Pool A and the non major region in 5th/6th (NA in this case) in Pool B. This can stay the same for these 5. The other 3 spots that automatically get placed in main stage are determined by the top 3 finishers at MSI.
For example, Korea and China faced off for the title this year, so since they finished top 2, their 2nd team in their region at the end of year (on points) would get to advance to the main stage automatically. With an added Bo5 for 3rd, we could have a huge match where a region is literally playing for their 2nd seed to be automatically placed in the worlds main stage. So imagine if the LMS and EU had to do that this year, and Fnatic and FW faced off. It would have been intense and added a new dynamic to the process. For the sake of example, lets say EU wins that Bo5 for 3rd. This would make the 8 advancing teams to World's main stage: 1 CN/ 1 KR/ 1 EU/ 1 LMS 1 NA/ 2 CN/ 2 KR/ 2 EU Vietnam would also get an extra spot at worlds as the highest finishing emerging region (this would happen next year because the Latin America regions are merging into 1 region).

2nd Group stage - If that is how it works, this would mean that (using the example earlier) that the 2nd group stage would look like this.
3 KR/3 CN/3 EU/ 2 LMS 2 NA/ 3 NA/ 3 LMS/ 1 VN 2 VN/ 1 CIS/ 1 BR/ 1 TR 1 OPL/ 1 LA/ 1 GPL/ 1 JP

Once this group stage is drawn and played out, the winners of each group become POOL C teams and 2nd place finisher becomes POOL D teams.
This 2nd group stage would give each region a guaranteed 6 game at worlds, as well as the opportunity to watch them play against major regions more than just 2 games. I think it would also help with the seeding for the main group stage, since we might have a better idea who is deserving of a Pool D slot, and a tougher road to knockouts. Just a thought I had, thank you for reading if you made it this far haha.

TL;DR - Idea to keep Worlds with 24 teams and 2 stages before knockouts. 8 teams go to main stage at first based on MSI finish. Other 16 play in a group stage to determine top 2 and which teams slot into POOL C and POOL D for worlds main group stage.

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The_Donald is ACTIVELY promoting Russian propaganda. Here's proof.

World News Reddit - 4 hours 22 min ago

Hey! I told reddit I have proof of Russian propaganda on The_Donald and I'm here to deliver.

Use judgment before you click any links.

Group 1 - Internet Research Agency / "USA Really"

Recently, a very The_Donald looking website started showing up ( almost exclusively on The_Donald. "GEOTUS" is a phrase T_D uses frequently to refer to Trump being "God Emperor of the United States" because cult. After my previous post, they have switched to using another (similar) domain ( The domain is registered and hosted in America, so naturally this must be safe to click and upvote, right? After clicking, you might notice all the links redirect to another website ( "USA Really" is registered and hosted in Russia. So what gives? If you go directly to or you'll see it's a link shortener service hosted by There are plenty of reasonable uses for link shortener services, but mostly you'll find spam and sites evading bans. So why would USA Really need to use this service? If you look at their about section, they conveniently link to their LinkedIn page. Wait, who's running this site? Alexander Malkevich, you know, the guy that works for Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian billionaire known as "Putin's chef" currently under indictment by Robert Mueller for running the Russian troll farm Internet Research Agency (IRA). So, that innocent-sounding "American" website is actually Russian state propaganda, but big deal, there's only a few links. That's because their previous website was shut down and it has a ton of links targeting The_Donald. This is just the next iteration.

It's not just reddit, here they are on other platforms:



Live Journal







Sound Cloud

Archives on reddit archive on reddit archive on reddit archive on reddit archive 1 on reddit archive 2 on reddit archive 3 on reddit archive 4 on reddit archive 5 on reddit archive 6 on reddit archive 7 on reddit archive 8 on reddit archive 9 on reddit archive 10 on reddit archive 11 on reddit archive 12 on reddit archive 13 on reddit archive 14 on reddit archive 15 on reddit archive 16 on reddit archive 17 on reddit archive 18 on reddit archive 19 on reddit archive 20 on reddit archive 21 on reddit archive 22 on reddit archive 23 on reddit archive 24 on reddit archive 25 on reddit archive 26 on reddit archive 27 on reddit archive 28 on reddit archive 29 on reddit archive 30 homepage archive about us archive

Group 2 - DRN Media PLC

I found another group of Russian propaganda sites I feel is worth investigating. I have no proof they're state-sponsored, but what is clear is that they are propaganda and they are Russian.

Reasons I think they're state-sponsored:

  • Site executives/founders are Russian nationals and have worked for Russian state-controlled media outlets.
  • Known Russian twitter and reddit accounts frequently share links from the sites real-time.
  • Content follows Russian propaganda hashtag trends consistently.
  • Shell companies based in Cyprus with shady PO box address in California are majority owner.

Reasons I'm not 100% sure:

  • They haven't specifically said they're Russian state-sponsored propaganda.
  • They run ads and a store. Idk, just seems odd.
  • They've been active for years.
  • They're still looking for investors.

All funnel to the most successful domain in the group:

They share the same adsense ID as a seemingly abandoned site:

Archives archive 1 archive 2 archive 3 archive 4 archive 5 archive 6 archive 1 archive 2 archive 3 archive 4 archive 5 archive 6 archive 7 archive 8 archive 9 archive 10 archive 11 archive archive archive 1 archive 2 archive 3 archive 4 archive 5 archive 6 archive 7 archive 8 archive 9 archive 10 archive 11 archive 12 archive 13 archive 14 archive 15 archive 16 archive 17 archive 18 archive 19 archive 20 archive 21 archive 22 archive 23 archive 24 archive 25 archive 26 archive 27 archive 28 archive 29 archive 30 archive 31 archive 32 archive 33 archive 34 archive 35 archive 36 archive 37 archive 38 archive

Group 3 - Useful Idiots

I provide no warranty these sites are Russian, but they do look shady af.

TL;DR: Over a thousand propaganda submissions from Russian groups, spanning several years, primarily targeting the extremist, hate group The_Donald, which reddit still hasn't banned.

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Syaoran’s propee name

World News Reddit - 4 hours 22 min ago

There are a few comments on here that have no idea what they're talking about in regards to Syaoran’s name.

Yes, he is from Hong Kong. Yes, they speak Cantonese in HK (and yay the new anime shows Mei Ling attempting this—which was a good effort imo. Cantonese is much harder than Mandarin).

So yes his name should use Cantonese pronunciation but...did you know it was incorrectly translated in the first place? I'll try to break it down.

Syaoran’s name was translated from Chinese then to Japanese then Romancized to Syaoran.

李小狠 ➡️ リ シャオラン ➡️ Syaoran Li

This translation actually still uses the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.

Li Xiao Láng ➡️ リ シャオラン ➡️ Syaoran Li

In Cantonese, it would sound and look like this:

Lay Siu Long ➡️ レイ シュウロン ➡️ Shuuron Rei

Syaoran is closer to Mandarin Chinese. Syao sounds just like Xiao and ran is closer to "Láng" and who knows why they kept it at Li and not Ri

People here have been pulling hairs here and they very obviously don't even know Cantonese. There has been a tone of condescension in regards to this on this sub. It’s like, why? Being rude to people with this air like you know what you're talking about but you don't and you're trying to hold it over people?

Anyway lol

If you're going to think rly meta--most people in Japan wouldn't know Cantonese. Mandarin Chinese is well known and learned all over the world. When Syaoran registered into Tomoeda I'm sure they didn't bother writing his name in Japanese at all. My best guess is that who (The Who here being a teacher) ever translated his name didn't know Cantonese pronunciation and wrote out the katakana for the role sheet To their best guess because Syaoran probably had a very tight lip.

Syaoran was 100% focused on Sakura early on and probably didn't notice when he was improperly introduced. He likely didn't even care. Why would he care about people unrelated to his target calling him by a kind-of wrong name anyway?

Anyway that's my take on why Syaoran’s name is wrong. Lol.

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Daily Updates and Casual Conversation - September 20

World News Reddit - 4 hours 23 min ago

This is the daily thread where you can keep the /r/vive community updated with all the things happening in your VR World.

  • What you have been doing in VR
  • VR Games and Experiences - Your thoughts, questions and recommendations
  • Unboxings, pickup posts, swag hauls - show us what you've bought or made
  • Your PC Builds, Battlestations, VR Caves, Furniture optimization, cabling routing and other endevours.
  • Your questions about virtual reality hardware and software
  • Online social meetups and events - find people to join you in multiplayer games.
  • Stock updates, shipping and customer service issues with VR suppliers
  • Technical support stories and requests for technical help

The daily thread can be a great place for anything you feel like sharing that may not warrant a separate post in the subreddit.

Wiki links

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Emerald Eyes - A Monika POV : FINALE

World News Reddit - 4 hours 25 min ago

Chapter the Fortieth – Your Reality

Today marks the first day of the rest of my life.


…I know that sounds cliché, but bear with me. With everyone having made it through the week, we’re able to put on our performance for the festival. My friends are finally going to get the special day they all deserve, and time is actually going to advance. Provided everyone makes it to school in one piece, things should be okay.

I’m the first to arrive to the clubroom, which isn’t too surprising. After all, I live here; something really would have to be wrong for me to be late today. Last night, I printed out the pamphlets I’d put together with Sayori’s help, meaning all that’s left for me to do is distribute them whilst I wait for the others.


As I place a brochure on each desk, I can’t help but hum to myself. There’s nothing ominous about them anymore; they’re simply innocent, colourful booklets filled with information about the club. Today’s going to be great; I can feel it!

I had also taken the time to install the application the person on the other side sent me. It seemed to be a sleek client that supported instant messaging and video chat, as well as simple audio chat. I brought my laptop with me so that I could maybe look into it a bit further after the performance.


Suddenly, the door opens, revealing Yuri and a tower of cupcakes. Presumably, Natsuki is somewhere underneath it all.

“Hey, Monika!” Natsuki says enthusiastically, placing the cupcakes down on a nearby desk. “We’ve got this room packed up and ready to go!”

She nods her head over at Yuri, who is carrying a large box. A large banner is rolled up and tucked underneath her arm.

“Are Emery and Sayori not here yet?” Yuri ponders, looking around the room.


“Nope,” I shake my head, “It’s just me right now! But I’m sure they’ll be here soon enough!”

I continue propping up the pamphlets on the desks, and Yuri strides over to the far side of the classroom, pulling a desk out closer to the wall. Banner in hand, she climbs on top of the desk and attempts to tie it above the windows.

“Need a hand?” Natsuki asks, grabbing hold of another desk.

I barely manage to stifle a giggle. “I’m sure she appreciates the offer, but I’m not confident you’re tall enough to reach up there…”


Before Natsuki has a chance to retort, Yuri turns to face me. “D-Don’t speak for me! If she wants to help, sh-she’ll find a way…”

All I can do is look back with a blank expression before giving way to an approving smile. I think that was more assertive than even Yuri was expecting… I’m proud of how much you’ve grown!


Natsuki nods in agreement at Yuri, then pulls her desk over to the wall, climbing onto it and grabbing the other corner of the banner. Standing as tall as she can manage, she just barely manages to tie it above the window.

Satisfied with the banner, the two of them lower themselves back to the ground, and continue with their preparations. Natsuki works on the presentation of her cupcakes, whilst Yuri sets up her oil diffuser. With the pleasant floral scent filling the room, she carefully ties small ribbons to each of the desks, complete with small words written alongside them.

To see my friends so spirited about this event… hell, to even see them here in the first place…


Previously, the boy who is now Emery would come to school alone, and I would be the only person to greet him. He’d ask about Sayori, then decide to go home, only to make a harrowing discovery that caused everything to reset. However, watching the room slowly but surely transform in front of me is wonderful. I can’t express just how grateful I am that things turned out this way.

Just as the two of them seem to finish up, the door slides open. Emery steps through, carrying several posters.


“Ah, Emery!” I exclaim in a welcoming tone. He smiles in acknowledgement and steps to the side, allowing a timid set of feet to quietly shuffle forwards.

“And… Sayori too!” I sigh with relief. She made it. They all made it. They…


I visibly relax, a lifetime’s worth of tension leaving my shoulders. If I weren’t in public, I would cry. Maybe I will later…

“Sorry we’re late, everyone!” Emery chuckles, placing his collection of posters down on a nearby desk. “There were some last minute things we had to do. But we’re here now!”

Sayori opens her mouth to say something, but ultimately decides against it, instead giving us a shy wave. Over her neck is a comfortable-looking grey scarf, not too tight but not too loose. That must be to…

“Sayori has a bit of a sore throat,” Emery says. “I think she was practicing a bit too hard for today’s recital!”

You even came up with something plausible so that the others wouldn’t ask questions… you really are thoughtful, Emery…


“Oh, shall I make some tea?” Yuri asks, wandering over to the cupboard and grabbing the kettle. “It might help…”

Without giving them a chance to answer, she rushes out of the room.

I turn over to Sayori, showing her a warm smile. “Well, I’m just glad you guys made it over here safely…”

Everything actually feels like it’s going to be okay. Everyone’s ready to present, and the room is all ready.

Now we just have to wait for our audience to show up!



“Okay, everyone!”

I confidently head over to the front of the classroom, assuming an authoritative pose. Whilst most people simply stopped by for a cupcake, there’s enough of a crowd remaining to present to.

“It’s time for the main event!” I point outwards with a smile. “We’re going to show you all just how much literature means to us!” Laying my notebook down on the wooden podium I’d set up from before, I flip through the pages and clear my throat. The audience looks up with expectant eyes. Here we go…

“Each of us has prepared a poem to present to you all today. I would be delighted to begin our recitation with a piece simply titled:



Do you ever feel like shifting words

Assail your mind like ravenous birds,

Flashing colours and aching static,

Forcing you into a panic?


When your days just feel repeated,

It’s hard not to look conceited,

But what if suddenly, out of the blue,

Something happened that you never knew?


Someone broke the endless chain

Of silent noise and bitter pain,

Showing you that even today,

There might be another way?


So thank you for your curiosity,

I’ll no longer show my animosity,

No longer do I have to be coy

About expressing my eternal joy.


The raw emotions built up over this past time flow through me, spicing my words emphatically, and with each metaphor comes a purposeful gesture. This is the first time I’ve done something like this with someone other than my friends; I want to relish this experience. Watching how those listening change expression, nodding thoughtfully along with my stanzas… this is what I’ve been missing. The shifting energy that dances around the room as I read makes me feel so… alive.


After finishing, I take a quick bow and give Emery a subtle nod. He returns it, and takes the podium whilst I step to the side. He wears a gentle smile as he places his poem carefully on top of it.

“Before I begin, I just want to say thank you to everyone in this club. Especially to my friend Sayori.”

He grins and gestures over to Sayori, who waves bashfully back.

“You really helped me grow as a person, and I feel like I’d never have gotten here if you didn’t look out for me. So… thanks.”

“Anyways, the poem I’ve prepared for today is called:


A New day

Did you think that was all I had?

It pains me to see you ever so sad,

If you don’t tell me, I’ll get mad,

So please, let me make you glad,


I might not know what ails you,

But I can try to help you through

The dense fog, thick and blue,

Please believe it, my feelings are true,


You always like to make me smile,

But please, won’t you stay for a while?

You’ve helped me turn the watchful dial

Around to caring in embracing style,


Let me help you find a way

To order your thoughts in disarray,

I really just want to say,

Thank you for showing me a brand new day.


I’m stunned. I guess it would make sense for him to write a full on poem but… this is wonderful. The last time I saw his writing, he’d barely gotten ten words down. Now he seems to really have found his stride. However, there’s still a hint of modesty in his expression, as he occasionally glances up from his page to try and read the room.

As he finishes, the room applauds and he retakes his seat. He mouths something over to Sayori.


“I-I guess I should go next…” she says, almost inaudibly. She takes slow, careful steps up to the podium, spreading her notebook across it.

“Thank you for coming everyone!” she says quietly. Her voice is hoarse, as if it’s taking all of her energy to even speak. “It’s so good to see so many happy faces!”

Wearing a wide grin, she holds her hands up in a victory pose. “This is a poem I wrote with someone very special in mind. It’s called:


Thank you

You didn’t have to listen, but you did.

Whenever I tried to turn and hide,

Burying thorns and greyed soot

Under fluffy puffs of candy floss,

You tried to blow them away.


You didn’t have to talk to me, but you did.

Whenever I tried to fake a smile,

And obscure obsolescence with tired laughter,

You poured the sun into crystal teacups,

And extended one out to me.


You didn’t have to care, but you did.

Whenever I tripped into a whirlpool,

Dragged around in final thoughts,

You threw marshmallows out to me,

Bouncing with determination.


You didn’t have to be my friend, but you are.

Thank you for trying to help me.


As Sayori reads her poem, it takes all of my willpower to keep myself from crying. I’m so proud of her for making it through to today. Even with her low, raspy voice, her delivery is powerful, rocking my soul with each syllable. It’s strangely comforting; I can feel the determination behind her words, the smile on her face finally genuine. You’re one of the strongest people I know, Sayori… you truly are.


Following her performance, she takes a bow and quickly trots away. Yuri takes her place, striding hastily up to the podium, laying her notebook down.

“This… um, th-this poem is…”

Yuri looks around the room nervously, suddenly aware that she’s reading aloud to more than just the club. Her gaze lands on Natsuki, who smiles back encouragingly. With a deep breath, Yuri turns back to her poem.

“Yes… this poem is titled:



Pounding eyes, exasperation,

Flowing, Liquid conflagration,

Rhythmic pulse of candid blush,

Delicate notes, thoughts that rush!


A considerate quail, quietly quelled,

Sleepy ribbons of bliss excelled,

Careful hearts are wild and flimsy,

Patched or broken on ultimate whimsy!


Nebulous trails of dainty tracks,

Final thoughts, no turning back!

Irrepressible, fervent drive to breathe,

Kindness calmed, that will never leave!


Exalted glow of fluorescent moss,

Graceful steps of love or loss,

Happy thoughts, or hidden grief,

A Cautiously cut, crimson leaf!


Thrashing thread of an untamed gaze,

Cacophonous chaos of hearts ablaze,

Sparkling sounds of silent desire,

from strawberry rhythms that never tire.


Yuri… wow…

If only Yuri was able to show this level of confidence on a regular basis. She maintains total command of the room, pulling her audience further into her world. Bright sparks of simile flash around us, the cool rush of metaphor sending shivers down my spine. Even after she finishes, no one can bring themselves to interrupt her aura with applause. Her writing is impeccable; it really is something I would love to see again.

Once she notices everyone in the room looking back awe-struck, she scurries away, her face flushing. Natsuki takes this as her cue to come to the front of the room. Wearing a sharp grin, she looks out at the room in front of her.


“Are you ready, everyone! They saved the best ‘til last! This poem is called:



Thoughtful flowers in paradise,

Kindhearted kisses, once then thrice,

Violet pulses from my chest,

Bashful blushing, my ultimate test!


Reticent smiles, I accept my fate

My beating heart I’ll liberate,

Pen strokes pool in a puddle of ink,

Faces flush, no time to think!


Timid stuttering, one, two, three,

I can do this, you’ll soon see!

Let me closer, picking posies,

Look at me now, cheeks all rosy!


Primal fears settling in,

Shake them away, or face chagrin,

Forcing myself, I shout to you!

You turn around, glistening hues,


I gulp down my savoury pride,

Revealing the feelings held inside,

You hold my hands, sweet success,

As you smile, and tell me “yes”.


Now this is a poem. Natsuki has crafted a delightful piece that plays with powerful themes through simple imagery. She sounds much more enthused than she was during our practice recital; her voice is happy but determined. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much effort she puts into her performance; it shows just how much she cares about the literature club.

As she reaches the end, she takes a dainty bow and walks away.

It finally happened… everyone read out their poems… in front of other people!

It’s… so nice…



Before I know it, the festival is winding down for the day. Whilst I doubt we’ll be getting any new club members, I’m still proud of everyone for doing their best. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I’ve never made it this far, but I guess this is as good as I could’ve asked for. Sayori and Emery are embracing each other on one side of the room, whilst Yuri and Natsuki are talking amongst themselves on the other side. It seems like everyone else has someone to spend time with; they deserve to have a happy ending.


But maybe… I can be happy too?


Sitting at the teacher’s desk, I pull my laptop out and flip it open, navigating to the messenger application I’d been left with. A sleek interface pops up, and a green light blinks along the top of my screen, indicating that my webcam is on.


For a few, eternal seconds, all I can see is static.


Come on… please…



“Hello…?” I say cautiously, trying to listen closely.

…an you hea…e…?


Suddenly, the static cuts out.


…Can you hear me?


I… Oh my god…


All I can do is stare at the screen, covering my mouth with my hand in awe. Before me, I see another person, their eyes scanning their own screen. I nod in acknowledgement; I feel like I’ll cry if I try to speak.

The person sighs, then smiles warmly.

Oh, thank goodness… It’s good to finally meet you, Monika.

“…you too…”


Resting my chin on my interlocked fingers, I look into their eyes.

We have a lot to talk about, don’t we?

I giggle. “Yes… Yes, we do.”


The next chapter of my life begins now…

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Daily Transfer News Thread - 09/20/2018

World News Reddit - 4 hours 26 min ago

Refreshing News Thread. News Source..

Auto-refreshing reddit comments link



Marco Silva's appointment lifted the gloom at Everton, but the Portuguese's overhaul will take time to bear fruit.



Roma forward Edin Dzeko was a Chelsea transfer target in January, but the Bosnian also spoke with Real Madrid about a move to the Bernabeu, reports Marca.

Both clubs were keen to bring in a new No 9 for the second half of the 2017/18 season, however, Dzeko elected to remain with Roma, who eventually reached the semi-finals of the Champions League.



These are the latest transfers rumours from our friends at Football Whispers...




We take a closer look at Diogo Dalot's impressive debut for Manchester United as they beat Young Boys 3-0 in Bern.

The Portuguese right back had missed the start of the season due to injury following his £19m move from Porto, but got his chance to shine on Wednesday night on the biggest stage.

Jose Mourinho has already given him a big billing, insisting he is the best full back in Europe in his age group, and he certainly showed promise in a hard-fought United win.

Click here to find out how the defender got on...



Inter Milan forward Mauro Icardi is set to be handed a new deal at San Siro, reports Corriere della Sera.

The Argentine's current contract runs out in the summer of 2021.

However, the Serie A club are to offer their star striker a two-year contract extension that will also see his buyout clause rise to £116m.



Arsenal's new head of football Raul Sanllehi wants to make Sevilla's Ever Banega his first signing, says the Sun.

The Argentina midfielder is reported to have an £18m release clause in his current contract in Andalucia.



Manchester United are running their eye over Lille wide man Nicolas Pepe, according to reports in the Manchester Evening News.

Southampton almost signed the Ivory Coast international in the summer.

The 23-year-old is currently contracted to the Ligue 1 club until the end of 2022.



Aston Villa forward Ross McCormack has joined Australian side Central Coast Mariners on season-long loan.

The move could see McCormack join up with Usain Bolt, who is on trial at the club.

McCormack spent time on loan at Melbourne City last season.



Tottenham remain interested in signing Monaco forward Keita Balde, according to reports in Calciomercato.

The Senegal international, 23, is currently out on loan at Inter Milan.



Right, let's kick things off this morning with a quick roundup of some of the biggest stories making today's back pages...

  • Arsenal's new head of football Raul Sanllehi wants to make Ever Banega his first signing, with the midfielder reported to have an £18m release clause (Sun)
  • Per Mertesacker says the Arsenal players are to blame for Arsene Wenger's departure as the club's manager (Mirror)
  • Aston Villa have sacked European scout Ian Atkins in a major cull of the recruitment department (Telegraph)
  • Shaun Wright-Phillips' teenage son D'Margio was drafted in to train with the Man City first team as they prepared to face Lyon (Sun)



Hi everyone and welcome to today's Transfer Centre as we bring you all the news, updates and gossip from around the world, so strap in tight and make sure you do not go anywhere...!

I am a bot, this is a refreshing thread...

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From the bottom of my heart I want to thank S-E for making a surprisingly wonderful Savage raid tier and patch in general

World News Reddit - 4 hours 29 min ago

First of all, Congratulations to Entropy on their hard-fought and well-deserved World First!

There were three immediately somewhat surprising things that, in retrospect, should've been seen coming from a mile away:

  1. Enrage check is harder this tier in O12S (one of their members even went so far as to say it's tighter than UwU's enrage, as they repeatedly hit enrage for 8 hours).

  2. AST supplanted WHM in this tier for progression because Cure III isn't as useful due to fight design and WHM has lower mobility than AST. Along with card buffs, AST helps with hitting enrage checks much more than WHM, and in such a tightly-tuned tier likely made a huge difference (Elia went on to comment that their pDPS on WHM would've likely been lower than on AST were they to have progged on WHM).

  3. It took a day and a half and more for the tier to be cleared. Don't forget that this was after 2 Ultimates. Most raiders' skill would have improved significantly since the days of Midas from Ultimate. Some of Entropy's members have compared this tier to Midas in difficulty.

All these observations together, along with my personal experience in O9S - O11S and the reports from various raiders who are on O11S or O12S, shows that the difficulty has gone higher this tier. I sincerely want to thank and congratulate Square Enix for making such an excellent patch, that my initial woes of the game heading in a wrong direction has now been counterbalanced by such an amazingly well-crafted tier.


The MSQ is really well done this tier from multiple angles. The dungeon, The Burn is well-designed with an engaging final boss that wipes DF parties and prove to have a pretty stringent check. The mechanics, while not terribly unique, are nevertheless tuned tightly enough that good play is required to clear it without too many deaths (mitigating the tankbuster in the last boss, for instance). Personally, though, I still think the height of glory of this game's dungeon design was in late ARR and early HW, when the developers dared to design dungeons with gimmicks that prove interesting and engaging but still forgiving enough (e.g. Wanderer HM totems). The story is very engaging this tier and gave us a lot of twists and packs a lot of punches that many would not have expected despite the leaks. It also rewards players that have done sidequests or read a bit more into the lore (specifically the The Fringes sidequest) by tying them into the main story. I personally think the 4.4 story was better than the entire Stormblood saga, though I can see how the Stormblood saga was a crucial chapter in developing and driving the plot forward, without which with an immediate transition into Garlemald from the Dragonsong War would be awkward and without pretext. That being said, I still think they could've done much more to make the Stormblood saga more engaging and more tightly associated with the wider story (Ascians, Allagans). The RP instance with Y'shtola is a very welcome surprise and I had tremendous fun with it. Seeing Y'shtola's ultimate attack was also a very rewarding affair.


The story of the Four Lords is incredibly cliche and predictable and honestly doesn't seem to be given much thought on from the devs, but thankfully that was not the main focus of it. I've only done the normal mode of the primal so far but from what I've seen from my friends playing in Extreme difficulty, it is a pretty hard primal fight compared to most other Stormblood primals. I personally think they have found a good formula with it but I am starting to worry if they're going to abuse the formula ad nauseum (the formula being first phase -> gimmick transition -> last phase). Still, it is visually well-designed and seems pretty fun. I never really liked primals though and don't have a single dog so I won't comment further.


The new Normal raid tier is actually surprisingly difficult. I think this is great for the game; in Delta and Sigma, Normal raids are a mind-numbingly boring affair. The raid story also had a very meaningful conclusion that humanized Omega in a way that I did not expect. I felt a weird sense of pity for Omega, and its story seemed like it was doomed to fail from the start. Bonus for the storyline for unlocking Savage this tier. The Savage tier is just awesome. The visual design of O11S and O12S are stunning. I loved all the soundtracks of the raids, other than O10S, which I honestly am disappointed in for the lack of inclusion of a remixed Midgardsormr theme. My static is only at 40% in O11S so we haven't even seen the most difficult parts of the tier yet but honestly I can safely say this tier is a significant step up from Delta and Sigma. Figuring out how the fists worked by ourselves was an incredibly exhilirating experience for me and I also really enjoyed the Level Checker phase. When we finally got the first half of O11S down I really had a sense of pride and accomplishment unlike in Sigmascape. I think this raid tier's progression is as fun as UWU progression for me. At the same time, being Savage, it is also pretty easy to make good progression unlike in UWU, so it makes it very rewarding at the same time. A lot of coordination was needed within the static which I very much enjoyed, and when we developed a good way of resolving fists and Level Checker, it was very satisfying. I think this difficulty is perfect for Savage and I wish they will design future tiers on this level of difficulty.

What are your experience with the raid tier so far? I'm curious to know if other people share the same views. I think a lot of people in my circle of friends think the raid tier is much better than Delta and Sigma.

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How can i make my Half-Elf Bard more interesting?

World News Reddit - 4 hours 29 min ago

Hi everyone,

for a new campaign I created a storytelling college of lore bard who worked as entertainer at a king's court. But since he didn't like singing for the nobles too much, he spent most of his free time in simple taverns, telling stories about all their intrigues and hypocricy. One day he satirized the king a bit too much and had to flee from the castle or otherwise be sentenced to death.
He's now traveling the world to improve his art and tell stories about heroic deeds he hopes to experience first hand. With him he has his lute that was gifted to him by his human mother, when he went to the king's court. He left her behind with his older also human brother from another father. His own father however was a noble elf who had a short, secret affair with his mother and didn't wanna know anything about her anymore when she got pregnant.

So... In general i feel like this is a very solid background. But i also kinda feel like it's a bit too standard and it's missing some spice here and there. I also don't really know how to play out his antipathy towards nobles, when he's also such a charismatic guy that wouldn't be dumb enough to insult someone in a direct conversation with them.

So maybe you guys got some tips and ideas on how to play out this character? What little details could i add to make him a little more interesting and give him more depth?

I'm happy to hear your ideas :)

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