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Am I the only one who thinks that Shield Hero didn't go downhill after volume 4? (Will contain spoilers from vol. 4-12 and WN Spoilers)

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Ok, so just to let it out first. I think of myself as a big fan of the series. I've read the WN(Finished it), LN and the Manga I also bought the LN and Manga for it because I just really love the series. So I might be being biased here.

BUT! I do think that the writing for the WN is Bad and Boring most of the times compared to the LN and even though the LN is a lot better than the WN I still do think it had some bad things in it, I'm not saying that the LN is perfect I do think it had some faults too.

The reason for me to making this post is because we all know that the series is getting an anime next month. Then I see a decent amount of people saying that the series went downhill after volume 4.

So I don't understand why people are saying that Vol.5 onwards is bad compared to vol.1-4. Because I think Vol.5 onwards was pretty interesting with all the LN stuff added into it and some arc being rewritten.

I guess the reason why people said that is because volume 4 is where Naofumi's redemption arc is, where he gets the right treatment and not being alone anymore where the country backs him up now because of the Queen being on his side and that he was able to do deal some punishment to Malty and King (Renaming them). So I think this is the reason why people are saying that the series went downhill after vol.4? I think most people (I myself included) got hooked into the series because of Naofumi's revenge and despair.

Vol.5-9: I was pretty hyped for vol. 5 because this where the series took a different story/path from the WN, Revealing the other world pretty early in the series and Introducing new characters in the series like L'arc and Therese. Sure they're not entirely new since they were already revealed as no name heroes in the WN for the last Arc.

The new stuff added in the LN and the rewritten arcs that I liked in the LN are:

  • Cal Mira Island arc being rewritten into revealing the other worlds pretty early in the series and fight between the 3 other world people against Naofumi's team.

  • Ost and turtle arc being rewritten into something new leading to Kyou arc

  • Kizuna

  • A bit of Glass's backstory (This is just a personal thing because I really like Glass)

  • Kizuna being summoned during the dragon emperor's rampage in their world. Truce between Kizuna's group and Naofumi

  • Raphtalia becoming the Katana Hero.

  • Sadeena encounter got rewritten.

  • Syne and revealing that there's more than 2 worlds and that there's world hunters, Also revealing that these hunters have a method of reviving themselves.

  • The tease of how strong the other 3 heroes (Spear, Bow and Sword) can be if they got serious and actually tried different upgrade methods e.g. Motayasu being so fast and strong that he was able killed the hunters very easily (while cursed) because he tried the different methods of upgrading.

  • Different approach for Sword and Bow redemption arcs

  • More info about Raphtalia's clan

Of course, I also understand why people are getting fed up with Naofumi, because of him being overly cautious to things but at the same time I think it was justified why he's acting like that.

People also saying that the other characters being dumb just to make Naofumi's character better but it's not that the 3 heroes are dumb. Their mindset are just different compared to Naofumi's, like Naofumi was introduced to a harsh reality at the very start while the other 3 was being treated like how NPC in games would treat them so I think it was normal for them to think that the world is just some game.

But then again like I said I might just be being biased here since I really love the series and even with it's fault I still enjoy it. I can't wait for vol.13 because the last chapter in vol.12 got me hyped up. Naofumi declaring war to Raphtalia's clan.

I also just ordered Vol.13 2 days ago :3

In advance sorry for bad grammar and english.

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Trump rolls back decades of Clean Water Act protections

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This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)

The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a proposal redefining US waters under the Clean Water Act.

The proposal seeks to remove protections on "Ephemeral streams" - which only appear after rainfall - and wetlands not directly connected or adjacent to large bodies of water.

The replacement regulation would not change protections for large bodies of water and neighbouring wetlands, and any state-imposed rules will also be unaffected.

Wetlands are a crucial part of the ecosystem, improving water quality by absorbing pollutants, acting as a barrier for flooding and supporting a diverse array of wildlife.

The 2015 Clean Water Rule defined "Waters of the US", as mentioned in the 1972 Clean Water Act, more specifically - stating any seasonal streams or wetlands that could impact larger bodies of water were under federal protection.

President Donald Trump has reiterated his support for clean air and "Crystal-clean water" while attacking many of his predecessor's environmental protections.

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A stupid,Billion-dollar question and rant:Japan..How screwed are they really(Again,rant ahead and it's gonna be a long one.)

World News Reddit - 4 hours 10 min ago

**DISCLAIMER:Before I begin,let me let you in on a couple of things:One,I feel embarrassed and silly as shit for making a thread like this,but I just need to get it outta my system so I can move the frak on.

And two;Gonna be that guy/gal that's gonna tell me to "get help"? see a shrink? DON'T. Because,Not only do I acknowledge that,I can't fricking afford one right now(No job;'Tis the price of living in the shithole swamp that is Florida)! I'll get help,when I can afford it. Until then,please keep that "advice" to yourself.**

Now,this North Korea shit has been plaguing me for the better part of a year..and boy oh boy have I gone through hell because of it:

-People being epic assholes to me on the internet(between Reddit and Quora)

-Getting the "attention" of trolls..And being called "Insane"(well fuck...)

-Getting banned/having posts removed

-and getting frustrating/inconclusive responses to my freak-out concerns on top of that.

And not only has it been shitty for me online,offline,it's been the same thing:

-Actually WENT to therapy..and they couldn't help much.

-ACTUALLY thought of suicide because of all this/'Was part of the reason I lost my first Job(Along with being fucking scared that Trump/The GOP would turn America into Nazi Germany 2.0..)

-When I applied for the JET(Japanese Exchange and Teaching program),not only did I ask how I could withdraw my application(I didn't get in anyway,so meh),I actually thought the JET program should be terminated because Japan could end up getting that third fucking nuke courtesy of North Korea(and who wants death by North Korean in their lives,eh?)

-Being racist(for a bit and entirely due to frustration) towards Koreans(although now I'm just motherfucking scared of North Korea.)

-My 22 year goal of going to Japan one day is in (perhaps permanent limbo) because of all this due to the mental catch-22 I find myself in:Either go to Japan...and then trump goes apeshit on NK to save his presidency,and then third nuke occurs and that's the end of it for me(and MANY others..)..or I don't go and then I end up having the mother of all regrets.

-And while I've said that I'm gonna give up on worrying about shit like this that I can't damned mind is still beating me over the head with this and it's to the point where I can't think ONE thing about North Korea without getting pissed so fucking much to the point where I wish I could drop a asteroid on their asses(and even NOW,as I type,I'm getting pissed..).


I know.

I know that there's not a damn thing I can do about this but,allow me to elaborate as to why this whole situation has thrown me into mental turmoil:

-The fact that there is such a HUMONGOUS disconnect on what people think of NK: Some think that they're some kind of harmless insect and that the prospect of war with them is the same prospect of whales suddenly sprouting wings and flying..and then there's the other half that think NK will pretty much take us into WWIII,to say nothing of people who think that NO ONE can stop their missiles(no matter what,mind you)

-The fact that our...twisted,asshole,demented motherfucker of a president could use them as a "Virgin Sacrifice";That is to say,he'll use them(Bombing/going to war with them) to try and save his presidency(You know,"Rally 'round the flag"?)...and then turn America into Adolf Hitler's wet dream(Nazi America...)

And yes..I FUCKING HATE TRUMP. The man SCARES me!!!

And that's all I'll say about that(and I'm a black man,btw..the very people that he and the GOP and his rabid,twisted SOB base hate with all their being...Yeah.)

-And then the kicker:The fact that I have a very personal stake in all this;Several people that I know are either in the military(Namely Air Force/Marines/Navy) and they'll have to go and fight if shit hits the fan with NK(And possibly die fighting them)..and people in Japan that should Japan get that third nuke,Will either die themselves or have their lives utterly ruined.

-And all this I'll have to hear,because my fucking parents are trumpists who watch Fox fucking news ALL THE DAMN TIME! Which means I'll have to hear every damn gruesome detail and all that shit(including fucking trump and friends laughing and gloating as East Asia burns to the damn ground!)

I should have elaborated that from the start,but ofc my mind is giving me one billion kinds of trouble..So God help me,I guess. And I don't wanna die,but this shit doesn't make life really worth living...But suicide is just...ugh.

Again,God help my soul.

Which now brings me to my next point:Sometimes,I really,REALLY wonder how screwed Japan is:

-Our current president sees them as expendable(along with all of East Asia)

-Americans hate them('Cuz Anime,Manga,EVERYTHING they did in else do you explain the whole "Weeaboo" nonsense)...It seems that Americans will not really care(If at all) if they get brutalized/Nuked again.

And to give an example,On another site,I've had somebody even say pretty much,that if Japan gets...genocided,it'll be no big deal(his words,not mine).

-Their Neighbors(China and BOTH Koreas) hate them(I have a theory called "The Ultimate Revenge"...and the TL;DR is that what Japan did back in the day comes back to bite them in the worst way imaginable(Of Course,the third nuke)...and with MANY people saying that we really can't stop NK's missiles,if Trump goes after NK,then that nuke would only be a matter of time.

-And if they DID get nuked again,it strongly seems that Japan would be on it's own,No one would lift a finger to help them(and then they probably become some Africa-esque third-world backwater and then we'll be talking about G-6 nations instead of say nothing of how South Korea will be brutalized..)

With all this...sometime I wonder how Japanese people sleep at night...

God help Japan and her people.

TL;DR:...While I really want to close the book on ALL of this bullshit,it's like my mind won't let me and I have ZERO idea on how to rectify it..and given that I can't afford a damn therapist right now,for the time being,I'm kinda fucked. And also,I admit it:I'm fucking scared of North Korea..I'm scared for Japan,hell,ALL of East Asia(Since our twisted motherfucker in chief doesn't seem to care much about human life) and I know DAMN FUCKING WELL that I can't affect shit,but my mind won't let me recognize that and tortures my ass about it...that on top of the bullshit that is my life right now.

Perhaps suicide by North Korean nuke is a valid option..just go to South Korea or Japan and just wait for trump to lose his fucking mind...


God help my soul -_-.

P.S:Sorry for posting this too,and please either keep the snark to a minimum or just keep it to yourself,ok? P.S 2:Heh,maybe I AM a little nuts...well,the reason for that is my life right now hasn't been the greatest AT all. So I guess that this is one way that this shit manifests itself lol.

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Brazil: 14 killed in shootout during attempted bank robbery

World News Reddit - 4 hours 11 min ago

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 51%. (I'm a bot)

At least 14 people, including two children, were killed on Friday when a shootout broke out between police and bank robbers attempting to blow up ATMs, according to authorities in north-eastern Brazil.

Six hostages, among them two children, died in the shooting, local media reported, when police opened fire on the robbers at bank branches on the main street in Milagres in the interior of Ceará state.

She said the attempted night-time robbery was interrupted by a police unit that had been tracking a gang responsible for similar bank robberies in the area, in which explosives were used to blow apart automatic teller machines.

The two attempted heists in the state of Ceará began around 2.30am in the downtown area of the city of Milagres, police said in a statement.

Lielson Macedo Landim, the mayor of Milagres, told G1 the hostages were killed by the criminal group and not by police gunfire.

Two suspects were apprehended, and several fled, according to the police statement.

Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: police#1 two#2 bank#3 robbers#4 hostages#5

Post found in /r/news and /r/worldnews.

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World News Reddit - 4 hours 12 min ago

Me me me look here, I believe there’s a new social platform that’s about to come out that’s going to change the world as to how they perceive the blockchain and cryptocurrency.. well done to the Howdoo team for their vision

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[Store] Bowie Sapphire ST MW,Awp Dragon Lore FT,Karambit Fade,Ak Fire SerpentMW crown,Gloves Arid 0.16fv,BFk ultraviolet ,Butterfly CH FT #851,Huntsman TT ST 0.008fv, Bowie CH blue gem #29 ,Talon Night BS,Bayonet CH FT 40%~ blue, Falchion CH MW #655,...

World News Reddit - 4 hours 14 min ago

Bowie Sapphire MW Stattrak 1/2 in the world - B/O: 480k


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M4 Cyrex FN ST with ibp and hr kato14 - B/O: 40k


AK blue Laminate ft with titan fnatic and 3dmax kato14 - B/O: 12k


Im open to offers in skins prices are negotiable


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World News Reddit - 4 hours 14 min ago

Not really having the best day today. I feel mentally overloaded. Like, there's so many things I wish I could do skill wise. I never considered myself a skillful person. For a long time I never did anything. And everything else that I had passion for I just give up. And that's the thing I really hate about myself.

You ever get really stressed out from something you enjoy doing? Like you want to do or learn something, but you never get good at it because you're always critical of yourself. And because of that attitude everything becomes more like work instead of being fun.

There's so many things I once enjoyed but I don't like doing anymore because it feels like work. I stress myself out because I'm super self conscious.

I self loathe way too much and it's very unhealthy. And I need to not just tell myself that but understand it. I tell myself this almost every day and I still don't listen.

Fucking schizoaffective disorder.. as if the bipolar wasn't enough. I was "happier" with just being bipolar. Now im schizophrenic? Really don't want to accept it, that's a whole new hell I dont want. Its sucks that the doctors are right. I know they're right because I know how I am and can be, so I'm not surprised it was that obvious to them.

Tbh, everything Ive came to realize has never changed the way I feel about it. I try to change, I try everything I can. But it never happens I still feel the same way all the time about it. And the feelings aren't legitimate, they have no reason no cause.

I know something isn't as bad as it looks. But I'll still feel like it's the end of the world. And it's like, dude you have no reason to feel the way you do. You already know things can get better if you try. You know it wouldn't be as bad if you stop focusing on the negativity of it.

I will always hate myself for being mentally ill. I think of myself as being inferior for it. It's how I've always felt even tho its not true.

I will be in a peer-group support, and still feel inferior to everyone else. Even if they have the same fucking illness or something similar. Everyone will tell their story. But when I open my mouth, its all judgment on me. I feel singled out, like im all of sudden the bad guy now. They don't want me there so I fuck off.

And I know it's not true. Hell if anything they probably dont fucking care lol. They have their own problems and probably feel the same shit as you. So why do you feel like the black sheep out of every group of people you've been with? Because I've felt like this all my life and now. So I cant understand anything else other than what my gut tells. I just know it's wrong, but that still doesn't change how I feel about it.

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(40k) Magnus in Battle of the Fang

World News Reddit - 4 hours 15 min ago

By default, Magnus was not at his full power in Battle of the Fang since all Daemons and Daemons Princes have to use avatars outside of the warp, as they are too powerful to fully exist in the materium, and reality tries to enforce its rules on them when they manifest.

Does anyone think he was at his prime power, in the Fang, as strong as he is inside the warp? Because Daemons have to use avatars in the materium.

Magnus merely sent an avatar in Battle of the Fang (possessing the body of a commander) after enough anti Chaos runes were cleared out for him to manifest.

This happened roughly at the end of A Thousand Sons.

IT BEGAN WITH yet another earthquake, a common enough occurrence that no one paid any mind at first. A sullen mood had fallen upon the Thousand Sons, which was wholly expected, for what manner of man would not keenly feel the loss of his home, father and brothers?But this earthquake did not simply fade away after splitting yet another fissure in the endless volcanic plain while sealing another shut. Cracks spread from the centre of the plain in a radial pattern and a black diamond, like a thrusting basalt speartip, exploded upwards.It rose into the sky, pushing higher and higher and growing wider and wider with every passing moment until a new mountain had been birthed. Towering and steep-sided, it rose higher than Olympus Mons and the Mountain of Aghoru combined. Broken rocks tumbled from its impossible height, falling from its angular sides to craft a fringe comprising shattered Cyclopean stone and titanic blocks of strange angles and impossible perspectives.When the rain of dust and debris had ended, the Thousand Sons gathered at the base of this stupendous creation, knowing that nothing natural could have created so magnificent an edifice. Glowing fire arced from the distant mountain’s peak and a shimmering blue light suffused its entirety, as though lightning filled its tunnels like blood in a circulatory system.A bright shape descended from the mountaintop, a wavering and indistinct form wreathed in the light of stars and the power of infinite possibility. Brilliant wings of shimmering aetheric fire unfolded from the figure’s back, and the Thousand Sons fell to their knees as their father’s light spread over them.Magnus landed softly before his sons and they stared in amazement as his light illuminated the bleak darkness of the world. This was no corporeal shell of a subtle body as worn by the primarch when he had walked among them. This was a body of light that could exist beyond the confines of the Great Ocean. Magnus had sacrificed the flesh that had contained his essence, and in so doing had ascended to a more evolved form, one free from the constraints of mortality and the limits of reality.*“My sons,” said Magnus with weary resignation, “welcome to the Planet of the Sorcerers.”*​

As it said, he raised the Obsidian tower and ascended to a form "free from the constraints of mortality and the limits of reality."

And he destroyed a fleet

High above the Fang, the masterfully built spacecraft of the Grey Knights Chapter remote-scryed the location of the Daemon Primarch, calibrated their weapons batteries, and fired. Searing ruby-red beams shot from the heavens, all four converging upon the same point as the gunners of the Grey Knights fleet brought their deadliest weapons to bear. By rights they should have reduced Magnus to a steaming crater. In truth, they did little more than drive him to his knees; a hemisphere of invisible force protected him from physical attack, no matter how powerful. The Daemon Primarch rose, laughing cruelly at the impotence of the Imperial order founded to slay his kind.The rune-casting psykers of Logan’s Great Company, gathered under Njal Stormcaller, did not despair. They sent bolts of psychic lightning, ghostly tempests, and blizzards of razored ice-knives that flayed to the bone the Tzaangors cavorting around their master’s feet. Yet none of their runic witchery even touched the Crimson King. If anything, Magnus seemed larger and more powerful than before the first salvo had been fired. The Crimson King’s laughter grew louder. Though he now hovered, wings beating slowly, above the Wolf’s Gullet, his voice sounded as if he were mere inches from the ear of all who witnessed him. Those who looked upon him directly did so with needles of pain stabbing their minds, for he glowed almost too bright to bear.With Njal leading their chants, the most powerful of Fenris’ Rune Priests joined their might once more. Slowly, the vast chasm of the Gullet closed upon Magnus, its rocky edges like the jagged teeth of the World Wolf itself. Lava geysered and boiled as the chasm bit with the force of grinding tectonic plates. For a moment, the Daemon Primarch disappeared from sight. At the last, Magnus threw out his arms and held the rocky jaws wide with only his vast telekinetic power, the jagged teeth of the cliffs snapping to tumble into the fires below.Grand Master Valdar Aurikon stretched out his hands, psychic lightning leaping towards Magnus in a great crackling helix. Magnus caught the attack on his staff and hurled it back, the bolt transforming the Grey Knight into scattering nuggets of fool’s gold.Another focussed lance strike shot down from the heavens. This one Magnus did not dissipate upon his protective dome of force, but instead caught with the curve of his blade before hurling it outwards into the rumbling line of battle tanks that was cresting the ridge. The redirected energies hit home with cataclysmic force, smashing the entire column of war engines to smoking ruin. Then Magnus reached upwards, the eye in his palm blinking once as it focussed on the spacecraft high above. Uttering a low chant, the Crimson King extended his telekinetic mastery until it soared into the stratosphere and beyond. Space Wolf, Dark Angel and Grey Knight alike stood aghast as the sky was lit with expanding coronas of fire. Those Space Marines who auto-viewed the blazing phenomena witnessed Battle Barges and Strike Cruisers crashing into one another as if flung by some godly hand, their reactors overloading a moment later to throw all of Asaheim into stark monochromatic light.Fenris had a new monarch, and he was mighty indeed.

People seem to neglect the fact Magnus sent an avatar in Battle of the Fang. This seems like a good sub to put my thread here. I likely posted this on the wrong subreddit before.

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Trump bickers with top Democrats over border wall funding

BBC News - 4 hours 15 min ago
Mr Trump publicly argued with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over a budget to keep the government open.
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21/M - Looking for friends

World News Reddit - 4 hours 15 min ago

Hello. I'm 21 years old and I'm from Argentina. I'm hoping to talk with people from all around the world. Male or female.

I study Computer Science. I also enjoy reading books, watching TV series and learning new languages.

PM me and let's start a conversation.

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Art installation: 'You can hear the ice melting'

BBC News - 4 hours 57 min ago
An art installation featuring 30 blocks of ice brought from Greenland has been unveiled in London.
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Putin's Stasi spy ID pass found in Germany

BBC News - 5 hours 59 min ago
As a spy in the 1980s the Russian leader worked closely with communist East Germany's secret police.
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Father Christmas given parking ticket at shopping centre

BBC News - 6 hours 16 min ago
Santa said he was "stunned" to receive the fine, but promises it will not ruin Christmas.
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