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Is it possible to stop people buying bomb-making ingredients?

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 19:03
The ready availability of the materials needed to make explosives is a growing concern.
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How Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine's partnership led to billion dollar Beats

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 19:02
The unlikely partnership between Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine is made into a Netflix documentary.
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Andrew Lloyd Webber: My career in 7 songs

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 19:02
The composer shares the untold stories behind Cats, Joseph, Evita and Phantom of the Opera.
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In Eastern Ghouta, a doctor's battle: 'We will stay until the end'

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 18:57
As the Syrian government tightens its noose around the enclave, medical staff describe working in "hell on earth".
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The day that Stephen Hawking soared like Superman

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 18:53
The day in 2007 when Stephen Hawking became the first quadriplegic to experience weightlessness.
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Why are High Street restaurants in trouble?

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 18:35
Why diners seem to have gone cold on mid-market chain restaurants.
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'It was like WW2 swept through our house'

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 18:25
A man whose father killed his mother is among three writers who tell how poetry has helped them cope.
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'Am I OK with my son oinking in Swedish?'

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 18:05
Keith Moore wants his Swedish-born son to be bilingual. But he wasn't prepared for the language barrier in the farmyard.
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The Indians who used kayaking to lift themselves out of poverty

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 18:04
There are many routes to success and for a group of friends in India, it was the Ganges River.
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100 Interesting/Practically Useless Things To Know For Destiny 2 From This Sub

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 17:46

This is a prime collection of what happens when Destiny players have too much spare time. I guarantee you'll learn something usefu...less

Public Events:

  1. Loot Explosion
    • Obtaining loot from multiple public event chests at one time for an explosion of loot
  2. Event Chest Launching
    • Using Wardcliff Coil and other methods such as titan shoulder charge/hammer strike/shield bash to knock the chest far away from other players, potentially off the map, and even kill guardians
  3. Destroying Cabal Vents While Closed
    • While closed, the Telesto bullets will still damage and destroy vents
  4. Finish Public Event After Time Has Ran Out
    • Even after time has ran out, by not leaving the capture point it's still possible to complete the heroic glimmer event
  5. Block Servitor's Grasp and Fall
    • Blocking with a sword will nullify the ability for the large servitor to teleport you
  6. Getting Rewards From A Public Event Multiple Times
    • By fast traveling to the same location, some times you can spawn in to an almost finished event and get the reward a second time
  7. Spider Tank's Arc Orb Staggers Enemies
    • By hitting an enemy with the arc orb they become staggered by taking a small amount of arc damage over time

Unorthodox Ways To Negate Fall Damage:

  1. Sword Swing/Crown Splitter Effect
  2. Sparrow/Pike Strafe
  3. Titan Shoulder Charge/Hammer Strike/Shield Bash
  4. Icarus Dash


  1. Sparrow Flying
    • Increased Lateral Boost
  2. Titan Flying
    • Lion Rampart/Sword
  3. Warlock Flying
    • Dawnblade


  1. Pike/Heavy Pike Barrel Roll
    • When in the air, the pike will do a barrel roll instead of a strafe
  2. Heavy Pike Mines
    • Using the lateral boosters on a heavy pike will shoot out bouncing mines
  3. Pike Launch
    • Use a pike to launch yourself upwards against a wall
  4. Drake Tank During Strikes
    • Occasionally a Drake tank will spawn during the Inverted Spire or the Arms Dealer strikes
  5. Arc Souls On Vehicles
    • After popping a rift, drive over it to give even tanks an arc soul
  6. Sparrow Surfing
    • You can use emotes allowing you to dance on top of your sparrow while driving
  7. Sparrow Tricks
    • By performing emotes in the air while on a sparrow, you can perform tricks and get boost energy back
  8. Unlimited Boost Interceptor
    • Some adventures and missions have special versions of the interceptor that have an infinite boost


  1. Sparrow Down The Pyramdion
    • You can use your sparrow on the left wall instead of platforming
  2. Phoenix Dive Survives Laser Grid
    • You can take some damage but can survive multiple grids in a row

Inverted Spire:

  1. Wait Up Top In Inverted Spire For 100% Realigning Lifts
    • Send 1 person to their doom to scan and wait up top. Killing enemies is unnecessary
  2. Skip Rings And Enemies At Beginning
    • Use a sparrow to keep launching forward
  3. Keep Your Sparrow After Rings
    • Spawn your sparrow right before the last ring

Savuthuns Song:

  1. Void Orb Disorients Enemies
    • Hitting an enemy with the void orb leaves them disoriented for a time

Arms Dealer:

  1. Solar Orb Applies Melting Point
    • Hitting an enemy with the orb acts like a titan "Hammer Strike" and gives the melting point effect


  1. "Chances and Choices" Has Two Endings
    • You can either kill the captain or let him go, giving two different endings

Opening Mission:

  1. First Tower Cutscene is a Parallel of Destiny 1

    • It depicts arriving at the tower at the same camera angles as when we first arrived in Destiny 1
  2. Zavala Sometimes Dies

    • If you wait long enough, you can revive Zavala at the tower or he will respawn himself
  3. Jukebox Plays Hope For The Future

    • This song was made for Destiny 1 and can be heard playing while sounding distorted


  1. The Visionary
    • Free emblem code found in Destiny's comic
  2. Secrets of the Vex, Vex Scholar, Vex Destroyer
    • Obtained by equipping the full Curse of Osiris armor on each class


  1. Tether And Hammer Strike Buffs Do Not Stack
    • Tether overwrites hammer strike, which isn't as good
  2. You Can Shoot Tether Anchors
    • Allows you to destroy the tether and get free
  3. Sentinel Shield Can Block Supers
    • But it uses up your super energy
  4. Roaming Supers Leave Glowing Footprints
    • Allows you to see where a guardian in a roaming super is headed
  5. Tether Does Not Boost Damage for Power Weapons
    • Even though it's not stated in the description

Visual Cues:

  1. Level Box Flashing Means Super Charged
    • If a guardian has their super, their level box will pulse gold
  2. Guardian Level Of "..."
    • Means they are in their inventory
  3. Ghost Looks At Scanable Objects In Range
    • This can help you find scannables in the wild


  1. Change Your Selfie Angle
  2. Grooving Dance Emote Is Not Able To Be Earned
    • This emote is missing from the Illuminated engram loot pool, and must be bought from Eververse
  3. Call Me Up Is An In-Game LFG
    • Displays that you want a fireteam
  4. You Can Dance While Using Exotic Emotes
    • This allows you to do funny things such as dance with a broom or ramen


  1. Warlock Skating
    • Using a sword and glide to skate around the map at high speeds
  2. Block Psion Blasts
    • Allows you to keep from being launched into the air


  1. Photobomb Argos Phase 2
    • Align your guardian up with the cinematic
  2. Argos Phase 2: Determine Orb Elements Ahead of Time
    • This allows for the ability for 2 damage phases per enrage
  3. Leviathan Dogs: Drop Spores Before DPS
    • Allows you to jump and move faster to get to your dogs
  4. Leviathan Throne: Killing Psions Determines Yellow Bar Spawns
    • Every time you kill two psions you get a yellow bar to spawn
  5. Destructible Items Like Censers Proc Energized Mod For Boots
    • Requires raid boots with raid mod
  6. Argos Phase 2: Destroy Cannons Before Starting
    • Only works once before the opening cutscene


  1. Amanda Holiday Has A Prosthetic Leg
  2. Randal The Vandal Is In Destiny 2
    • Randal The Vandal seemed common in Destiny 1 but occasionally spawned with extremely high stats, leading to him having as much health as an ultra and winning the heart of the community. He was even added in a raid later as an easter egg
  3. Alternate Characters Can Equip A Sparrow At Level 1
    • Put one in your vault or use DIM to transfer a spare sparrow over
  4. Open Your Map Instantly
    • You can use select and start at the same time on the controls to open your map immediately from open world
  5. You Can Skip The Last Fight Of Your Subclass Quests
  6. Everyone In The Vanguard Is Bald, Including Osiris
    • Animating hair is hard
  7. You Can Reset Trial's Cards In A Match If You Forgot
  8. Scope To Increase Distance Of Chest/Resource Detection Perks
  9. Get Extra Tokens From "Gift Of Tokens" Packages
    • Open them with the extra faction consumables perk for strike/pvp while in a strike/pvp match
  10. There Are Secret Rooms In Lost Sectors
  11. Stand On Strike Chests So The Loot Doesn't Scatter
  12. When You Access Hawthorne Slide Off The Edge
    • You will die and respawn closer to the exit of the tower when you exit Hawthorne's menu
  13. Jump And Swing An Orb (Arc, Void, Solar) For A Boost Of Speed
  14. Gemini Jester Shows Enemies Through Walls
  15. Hydra's Shields Stop Spinning When Hit With A Snowball
  16. Activating Mission Dialogue While In Dialogue Will Jumble Them Together
  17. You Can Store Up Clan Engrams From Multiple Weeks For When You Need Them
  18. Converting Currency Infinitely - Glimmer > Mods > Shards > Gunsmith Mats > Cores
    • Buy Mods With Glimmer, Convert Mods To Legendary, Dismantle Legendary Mods For Shards, Buy Exotics From Vault For Shards, Dismantle Exotics For Gunsmith Mats, Rank Up Gunsmith With Mats For Masterworks, Dismantle For Cores, Shards, Mats, and Glimmer. Repeat.

Web Based:

  1. Keep Your Undamaged Starter Gear Using DIM
    • Armor is defense 100 and has no level requirement
  2. DIM Supports Retrieval From The Postmaster
  3. Mods And Shaders Can Be Applied From The Official App
  4. Cozmo Hides Cats In The TWAB, DMG_04 Hides Dogs
    • In an obscure clickable link you can find an image


  1. You Can Dodge A Minotaur Melee
    • Just crouch
  2. Cabal Lit Up Backs Have A Higher Multiplier (Except Red Bar Cabal)
    • Majors Take Significantly More Damage, But Red Bars Take Less
  3. Hobgoblins Glow When Their Shield Is Ready, Shooting Their Head Off Prevents Shielding
  4. Meleeing A Boss While He Slams AOE Prevents Knockback


  1. Speed Reload Faster By Starting Before Your Last Bullet
    • Increases Reload Speed By 13% Compared To Manual Reloading With No Perks
  2. Kinetic Weapons Do More Crit Damage
    • Roughly 10% More Damage Compared To An Energy Weapon Of The Same Impact/Archetype
  3. The Last Word Equivalent in Destiny 2 For Every Class (3 Different Ways)
  4. Cancel Reload Animation To Scope Early
    • Wait for the bullets to appear in your mag and then hit sprint
  5. Reload Dodge To Fire A Bullet In Your Animation
    • Allows one extra bullet to be fired before reloading on your equipped weapon
  6. Any Kills Above Ground Level Are Considered Airborne
    • Standing on a box is airborne
  7. Riskrunners Arc Conductor Procs On Your Own Arc Grenades or Vex Milk
  8. The Color On Uriel's Gift Changes Depending On What Element It Is (Omolon Weapons)
  9. No Recoil When Firing Any Gun
    • Must Be On Top Of Artifacts Edge While Firing
  10. You Can Receive Faction Weapons From Cayde's Treasure Maps
  11. Merciless Can Be Sprayed At A Boss By Reloading Through Abilities


  1. You Can Physically Spawn Your Ship In The Hangar For Viewing
  2. Secret Lounge In Tower
  3. The Floor Is Lava Increases Speed And Jump Height
  4. Traveler Ball
  5. Loot-A-Palooza Dance Party
  6. Blast Deflectors And Soccer In Hangar
  7. Three Rare Transmat Effects Convert To A Legendary At Shipwright


  1. Secret Buffs To Increase Speed And Jump Height

TLDR; You Probably Didn't Miss Anything, I Only Spent 10 Hours On This

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Frostbitten and Mutilated: A Review (x-posted from a comment in /r/rpg)

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 17:45

Frostbitten and Mutilated is the new book written by Zak Smith (/u/ZakSabbath) and all things considered, I thought that it was decent, but not as good as Zak's first two books (though still probably worth buying.)

The Good -

  • The book is exceptionally creative. Ordinary-seeming animals, typically used as inconsequential background or fodder for low-level characters in other settings, are turned into fearsome and accursed antagonists of myth. The Amazons could have just been ordinary human barbarians, but instead they're given just enough of a twist to make them interesting without going too far into the gonzo. Trolls are more than just big blobs of regenerating hit points that need to be set on fire. Witches all come in the vein of Baba Yaga, and have interesting quirks beyond just throwing spells at people. There's an actual in-game implementation of a Groundhog's Day time loop.

  • The tone of the book is incredibly thematically consistent. This book is about a cold, cruel Arctic wasteland and it really doesn't deviate from that. The art is all in black and white, from the monsters to the map, and it feels like it was a stylistic choice to emphasize the stark brutality of the setting rather than a desire to cut on printing costs or a lack of proficiency with color (which is absolutely not a problem that Zak has.)

  • The book is usable. Similar to Vornheim, the book does its best to strip out anything that doesn't immediately apply to the experience of play; there are no long and irrelevant circumlocutions about the campaign world to pad out the page count, instead trusting to the DM to fill in the appropriate blanks.

The Not So Bad -

  • The book felt to me like it lacked a little bit of originality. There's a lot of creative repackaging of existing monsters and animals, and also of monsters coming from familiar myths and legends (familiar as long as you're up on your Norse mythology, anyway). In comparison to other Zak products like Maze of the Blue Medusa or Red & Pleasant Land, I didn't get quite as much of a 'whoa that is a cool monster that I want to use in my game' vibe. Or in other words, I thought there was a lot of 'whoa, that is a really creative take on X' but not as much 'whoa, never seen X before' or 'whoa, wasn't expecting X to be paired with Y'.

  • A lot of the interesting elements of the book feel specific to the setting. Because everything is so tied to the Heavy Metal / Norse Mythology aesthetic, and because everything ties together to other elements of the setting so well, a lot of the monsters feel like they would be hard to borrow for other adventures. The fact that Wolves are mythological, murderous bastards is more impactful in an area where all of the animals act in strange ways and also hate you, the Amazons are very cool but in an area where Amazons aren't common, they might lose some of their impact, the Norse Mythos stuff is well executed but might not make sense anywhere that the world isn't about to end...

  • The book comes across as a little bit indecisive in that it can't seem to make up its mind whether it wants to be a campaign book or a setting book. For a campaign book, it's very sandboxy; it goes out of its way to avoid tying down the plot to any particular course of action, and doesn't really have much in the way of set-piece encounters or specific dungeons. For a setting book, though, it's very sparse on information about people and places - I almost wish that there was more information about the towns nearby, the society of the Amazons, how NPCs might interact with other NPCs or with outsiders, and so on. The bare-bones aesthetic definitely has some points to it but I keep looking for a bit of extra meat out of this book. Running adventures there seems like it could take some extra prep over more fleshed-out settings.

The Actually Bad -

  • There's only one real dungeon of note in the book, and while it's pretty to look at, it sucks from a gameplay point of view. The path from dungeon entrance to pretty much anywhere else in the dungeon is a straight line; there's typically only one way into every room, and that room either has only one way out, or is a dead end. There are no forks, no secret passages, and while there are a couple of cool places and monsters in it that would be interesting if stuck into a proper dungeon, they're sort of hamstrung by being put in a too-small, pseudo-isometric, straight-line dungeon. I expected better from the person who designed Castle Cachtise and the Maze.
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[DEVELOPMENT] Artillery Plotting Tables

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 17:45

Using a recreation of artillery tables used by the American army during World War 2, the CRM's Defense Force has recently been able to mimic their "Time On Target" doctrine. This doctrine relied on the extensive artillery tables made available to every unit, which tabulated barrel elevation and powder charge for a wide range of shot conditions in all weather conditions. Using these tables, artillery units are now able to drop a devastating barrage on an area with every single shell landing at the same time for maximum effect. This also happens to minimize ammunition consumption by disrupting an opponent's advance and maximizing the effect of a single strike. This, combined with the new and incredibly powerful 15.5cm sFH 44

[EFFECT: +5 Army Logistics]

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