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Cheltenham Festival: BHA to carry out review after six horse deaths at event

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 15:36
The British Horseracing Authority is to carry out a review after six horses died at the four-day Cheltenham Festival.
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Women's Six Nations: France beat Wales 33-8 to seal Grand Slam

BBC News - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:57
Watch a selection of France's best tries as they beat Wales 33-8 in their final game of the 2018 Women's Six Nations, sealing the Grand Slam.
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I want to RUN

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:54

I want to run.

There is an anecdote about my first steps. When I was a child, I was hesitant to walk, clinging desperately to the solid surfaces around me and absolutely, utterly, completely rejecting the idea that I should stray from them. My parents, still together at the time, recall themselves as endlessly encouraging.

I wouldn't budge.

There was some sea-change in me, some tidal shift, the first time they took me outside to a friend's party. Once set on my feet, apparently I took off- I ran away, shrieking laughter as the adults around me sought to catch me.

I think of this a lot. Trapped now in flesh that refuses to yield to my desire to run, caught in the cage of fat and bone-on-bone, stripped of cartilage to ease that passing, holding ruined ligaments together by sheer force of will, I look out my window from my comfortable and subtly-designed apartment (concessions must be made for my size, though not so many as it seems on my worst days) and all I want to do is RUN. Unbound by my medical necessities (heart, lungs, joints, breasts, pudenda, thighs, knees, ankles) and caught only by the wind and the exhileration of pushing my body away, away, away. Gods only know where I'd end up. Gods only care. It would be -away- and on the boundaries of a new -away- and beyond that on the horizon another AWAY.

I am bound by feet of clay.

I've never not known this desire, not since those pre-memory days of racing from the security of my parents. Call it travelling feet. Call it the adventurer's spirit. Call it unrealistic- there is no AWAY now, if there ever was, for every AWAY is somewhere. I'd call it unsocial- not antisocial, because I would not mind the occasional co-traveler on my journeys and would in fact relish it, someone to tell stories with, to craft memories with- but it is unsocial because every time I want to be away there is inherently the idea amongst the people I am with that I want to be away FROM THEM. That is not what I desire. I am not inherently antisocial, I think. People tell me that on first meeting I am friendly, chatty, empathetic, pleasant. On longer acquaintance I am considered caring, witty, intelligent, eloquent. Deeper friends and loved ones begin to see the flaws, though- I am anxious, I struggle with self-worth and imposter syndrome, I am unstable emotionally. I am fat (oh how that vexes me, everytime I look outside and feel the wind kick up and that is everything I want to be- invisible, swift, free, FAST). I am shy but exceptionally good at covering it up. I hold a deep and powerful cynic in the prison of my skin- he lashes out with thorned tongue whenever I am in a group of people, scarring my insufficiencies into my soul until at last I cannot hold up my end of conversation and must retreat before the internal self-flagellation that tells me that people are cruel, self-obsessed, vindictive, and vile. It is a "he" perhaps because everytime I want to run, I think that is what I am seeking to run from. From he- a being manifested of toxic masculinity and real-world experience of suffering, embodied in masculine power that I cling to and reject in every second of my confused wandering. He is opposed diametrically to SHE, to the name of the voice who is my intuition and my spirit and my soul, SHE who bears wings and breath-of-fire, SHE who can do so much more than run- SHE can fly.

Equals and opposites. I am me- earthbound, bodybound, locked into a self that can never be what I want it to be. he is he- caged tightly inside me, manifestation of a thousand thousand days of suffering. SHE is SHE- ultimate freedom, power, clean but not pure. Sexual- SHE does not fear He (a subtle difference from he). SHE dances in thunderstorms and rides lightning like a lover (and a lover like lightning). SHE knows there is no degredation in the interplays of trust and power, domination and submission. SHE is my sexuality, perhaps the only place where I, at least in my fantasy, am who and what I wish to be. Even that, though, is bound by Hamlet's too-too-solid flesh. Would that I, too, could melt and resolve myself into a dew, then be reformed, reshaped, remade.

I want AWAY. I want to RUN. I see this grand great thing on my horizon, a possibility, a FLASH of a future, and I look at myself in this reality, this painful place where I must breathe (or try to) and walk (or try to) and live (or try to) and I wonder if THERE will ever, ever be HERE. I wonder what I will do if it is. Will I search for yet another THERE. Another AWAY? Is someone like me ever to be satisfied? Will I ever, ever know what it is to feel contentment in this moment, not in breaths caught between dashes, panting respites between frantic chases of this-that-and-the-other. Will I ever find my finish line, settle back into the winner's circle, be pampered and fulfilled- even in my own mind?

I'm not there yet. I know that. The knowing bears me down under more weight than the very real pounds I carry, kilograms of too-much, bad habits and bad genetics and plain rotten bad luck. It is the uncertainty that I fear, knowing that I cannot help but cast my eyes out and out and out, my gaze following distant horizons, my heart yearning for everything, EVERYTHING that is OUT THERE.

I am tired. And I want to run.

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28 [M4F] central/north NJ - I have an experimentally-minded outlook on life and I'm looking to meet awesome new people!

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:54

I want to find new friends! And, maybe, more-than-friends to be intimate with!

I'm a graduate student in experimental psychology. Keeps me busy, and better yet, I love it. Creativity is my favorite topic in psychology, though anything about the human mind I find really cool. My thesis is on memory, which is a lot cooler than it sounds. I'm more of a polymath than a psychologist specifically. Philosophy of mind, economics, art, history of Rome, astronomy, these only a few things I know about! Knowledge for its own sake is awesome and sexy. I like to think about the many varieties of personal bonds there are in the world and their styles. I like wondering if someday technology may allow consciousness to be moved from one body to another. Or maybe how to push my mental abilities further. Sometimes I like to appreciate the simpler things like the best way to make a hamburger - what's a new topping to try?

I'm also a scifi writer. I write short stories about consciousness, the mind, mental experience, and grabbing control of one's own life. A lot of my writing involves VR technology and transhumanist concepts. Wild technology ideas. Artificial intelligence, altered states, I use those ideas a lot. I'd be glad to share some stories! Nietzsche, William Gibson, Robert Heinlein are major influences on me. Basically, I like any fiction or stories about all these ideas I mentioned, and one's ability to alter the course of their life. Deeply psychological stuff. Shows like Legion, Mr. Robot, American Gods, Hannibal.

Music is on my mind a lot. I'm listening to Foster the People at the moment. I like music that sounds dark. Punk is pretty empowering. Post-punk is heavenly. Classic rock has power. Franz Liszt is the first metalhead! Some names: The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, My Chemical Romance, Ariana Grande, REM, Joy Division, Ladytron, VNV Nation, Linkin Park.

Being experimental in life is important to me! I cherish my friends, and like to show them a lot of affection with hugs or cuddling. Or if they're open to it, making out - I'm looking for someone to have fun kissing! Or a cuddle buddy. Maybe things can turn romantic even. :) Either way, I define my relationships on a person-by-person basis.

Let's talk soon!

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The Brazen Serpent

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:52

500 Numbered Hardcovers Printed.

“In The Brazen Serpent, Helen Kirkby offers a far-reaching and thoughtful exploration of the philosophical, psychological and practical aspects of the Qabalah. Keep an eye on this promising new author!”

—David Shoemaker, author of Living Thelema, The Winds of Wisdom and other writings

“. . . a whirlwind tour through the Sephiroth and Paths of the Tree of Life through the lens of a Thelemic practitioner's experience and understanding. It is clear that the author has spent a great deal of time with Aleister Crowley's magical system of Thelema as well as with traditional Qabalah, as they are blended together seamlessly throughout the text . . . .”

—Frater IAO131, author of Naturalistic Occultism: An Introduction to Scientific Illuminism, Fresh Fever From the Skies, and more

“a brilliant and masterful treatise on the Thelemic Qabalah. Helen Kirkby sets the bar high and I expect her to keep raising it, because she has the ingenuity and talent to do it.”

—Soror Syrinx, author of Vault of Babalon

Helen Kirkby, otherwise known as Soror N.O., is an artist, occultist and initiate of the A.’.A.’. She currently attends the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles.

The Brazen Serpent is an advanced treatise on the Hermetic Qabalah from a unique Thelemic perspective aiming to fulfill the needs of serious readers who wish to deepen their understanding. It is NOT a beginner’s guide. The Brazen Serpent expects the reader to be familiar with the Thelemic paradigm and have working knowledge of the Tree of Life.


The Brazen Serpent is organized into four parts:

I. Introduction –

Explores the theory of man’s Prime Deviation and notions of The Fall in the context of the Hermetic Qabalah Presents an analysis of consciousness using Qabalistic and Thelemic terms Provides an outline of the Tree of Life using the Caduceus Describes how involution and evolution occurs on the Tree of Life Delves into the psychology of True Will

II. The Spheres –

Gives a thorough analysis of the spheres, Kether to Malkuth, in all four worlds Explains how and why attributes are given instead of listing a table of correspondences Provides a context into the Hermetic Qabalah from sources prior to Athanasius Kircher in order to highlight the evolution into Thelemic Qabalah Elucidates the system presented in the A.’.A.’. and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn from an initiated perspective

III. The Paths –

Gives a thorough analysis of the paths, Tav to Aleph, with specific characteristics of each for the practitioner to utilize in his work Provides extensive Gematria analysis for each letter using AIQ BKR, AThBASh cypher, and more Explains the function of each path in relation to its attributes and connecting spheres Describes the history of tarot images associated with each path

IV. The Negative Veils & Daath –

Sorry, but this one’s a secret.

Please Note: Autographed copies are still available for a limited time. Contact the author directly via

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An emergency message to Mel

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:52

Dear Melodie,

Its been a while, right? I guess I should start from the beginning. It was a crisp fall day. The night before Halloween, that is. "Trick or treat!" My youngest niece, Anne, said. "Ah! Anne! Wait for me!" Her older twin, Louise, called. "Hello Anne!" I said cheerfully, patting her head. "Uncle John! What about me?" Louise asked. "Hello..... Louise....." I said. Louise..... had a problem. She was born with red eyes, said to be the mark of a demon among old superstitions. Of course, I didnt believe such things. But the people of Salem did. So, I couldnt really pay attention to her. Superstition still runs high, here in Massachusetts. And people deeply believe in such things, shunning anyone who goes against it. "Thanks for watching Anne, John," My sister, Charlotte said. "No problem! Go to your party! Ill watch Anne here, so you can enjoy yourselves!" I said. "Thank you," Charlie said. "Anne, be good, okay?" Charlie asked. "Yup!" Anne said. "Thanks for noticing me, Mom......" Louise said. "Watch your mouth Louise! Youre lucky we havent kicked you to the curb already!" Charlie shouted at her. I felt bad, but did nothing. That Halloween is one of the last I remember being completely happy. Anne, Charlie, and Alex were all still alive. Two years later, Anne committed suicide. Then, Charlie, Alex, and Louise all went missing, exactly ten years later. I was living in Baltimore at that time, so when I heard the news, I was devastated. Ive been living in Salem a few months now, as you know. Wanting to know what happened, as well as that job opportunity.... Its Halloween time again. Five years since the incident. The house has become something of a local attraction for teens this time of year, so Ive heard. I, of course, own the house now, it having been in my sisters will. You know of this too. We were planning to fully move in next summer, after all. "Hey, are you sure you dont want to spend the night at our house?" My friend, Brandi Green, had asked, as I was driving home from work. "No, Im good," I said. "Its just that, my husbands family, and I..... spent the night in that house three years back, in September. We were the only two that returned. I know it was your sisters house, but..... I just dont feel right. About you using it as an attraction, or even you being in there. I dont know why SHE hasnt come for you yet, but....." Brandi said. "Anne? Hahaha! Thats just a folk rumor. Theres no way shes still hanging out around there. Shes passed on peacefully by now," I said, dismissing her concerns. "Fine..... But, just believe me when I say, dont trust anybody," Brandi said. "Haha okay, I wont," I said. She hung up, and I arrived home soon after, to start setting up. The teenagers arrived soon afterwards. In a town like Salem, everybody pretty much knows everybody, at least in their own communities. Its different in Seattle, though, where you only know your immediate neighbors, coworkers, and perhaps a few others. "Hey, lets watch a horror movie," Laura said. "Why? The book is almost always better then the movie anyways," Leona said. They were twins, Laura the prep, and Leona the emo, from what Id heard. They were close though. Reminded me of Louise and Anne. "Books are boring! I wanna watch The Shining!" Mercy said. "I actually rented a bunch of horror movies. I think The Shinings in here somewhere," Alice said. "Ive got it. You told me to hold it for you," Luke said. "Thanks Luke....." Alice said, blushing. "Just kiss already!" Mark and Jake shouted. "Really? So immature," Samuel said. "I-I agree....." Dorothy said quietly. "Lets just watch the movie!" Joey complained. We watched a couple of movies, until midnight, when we went to bed. "Umm...... The curse isnt real, right?" Dorothy asked, after we watched the movie, based off the dissapearance five years ago. "Of course it isnt real Dorothy! Stop being such a baby!" Joey said angrily. "Dont be mean," I warned. "Whatever..... Come on Dorothy, youre sleeping with me. Not because Im SCARED, or anything. And its definitely not because youre scared, okay?" Joey asked. "Um..... okay...." Dorothy said, as he dragged her off to one of the guest bedrooms. "Hey, Laura, wanna partner up with me?" Mark asked. "Sure!" Laura said. "I volunteer to partner up with Jake!" Mercy called. "You read my mind," Jake said. "Im a total ditz without Luke, so I guess Im sleeping with him," Alice said. "And that leaves us two," Samuel said, Leona blushing madly. "Ill be in my roo. And youre old enough for me to warn you about keeping all your clothes on," I said, heading upstairs, and falling asleep after a bit. I woke up, to what I believed to be the next morning, feeling fully refreshed. I walked downstairs, and started making breakfast. Everybody came down eventually. "How did everybody sleep?" I asked. "It was so boring! Nothing happened!" Mercy complained. "I..... kinda have to call my mom..... Im leaving after breakfast, so......" Dorothy practically whispered. We could hear her conversation. She was probably less shy when on the phone, is what I assumed. "Hello....? Mom....?" Dorothy asked. "Yeah, yeah, Im fine..... Im ready to be picked up now....." Dorothy said. "My friends....? No, they dont need a ride home....." She said. "Okay..... bye....." She said, hanging up. "She said shell be here in five minutes," Dorothy said, smiling. "Thats good. You arent the most social person, after all...." Leona said. I got a call. "Hello? John? Are you there?" Brandi asked. "Im fine. It was an uneventful night," I said. "Thank god....." She said. "Brandi, are you okay?" I asked, noticing she didnt really sound like herself. "Im fine. Just, come over to my place, okay?" She asked. "Sure, sure, whatever," I said, hanging up. "You two got phone calls?" Samuel asked. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "Ive got no service," Samuel said. One by one, everybody looked at their phone, remarking they didnt either. Paling, I looked at my phone. No service. I instantly stopped making breakfast, and looked outside. The sky was red, the sun was pink, and the grass...... covered in some kind of dried brown crust. I sort of panicked. We heard a knock on the door. "Dorothy? Its your mother. Can you open up?" A voice said. Dorothy started to move, when I grabbed her. "Thats not your mother. Whatever that thing is, its imitating her. Dont open the door," I whispered. "Dorothy? Is everything okay in there?" It asked. We all hesitated. "Okay, well, Im coming in," She said. "Hide," Leona whispered. We all hid in a cabnet. "Dorothy? Where are you?" She called. After a bit, we heard screaming. "Take that you foul creature!" Somebody shouted. "Hello? Is anybody here?" The voice asked. It sounded familiar. Louise, I realized. "If youre here, you can come on out. I promise I wont hurt you," She said. I really had wanted to get to know Louise. Maybe, if I went out, I would be able to make it up to her. Then again, what if it was only IMITATING Louise? It would mean my immediate death coming out. Those were the thoughts going through my head. "You! You have been interfering with my plans for the last five years!" A voice said. It was Charlottes voice. "You may have dragged me in here, but, thats no reason to get revenge on everybody else!" She said. "They shunned me, for having you!" She screeched. "I didnt want to do this yet, but...." She said. "IT BURNS!!!!" Charlotte screamed. Soon, it abruptly stopped. "Shes gone, for now. You can come out," Louise said. I didnt know what happened, but I was sure she saved us. So we came out. She looked shocked. "Uncle John....?" She asked. "Louise! So this is where youve been?!" I asked, hugging her. "Yeah..... Im.... so glad to see you again!" She said, tearing up. "Louise, do you know the way out of here?" I asked. "Yeah..... I do...." She said. "Follow me," She said, leading us up to what used to be her room. She opened a hidden, and slit the doll she had found inside open, with a knife she found. Blood oozed out of it. "I cant believe Im doing this....." She mumbled, and stuck her hand in, moving it around. "Found it," She said, pulling out an antique key. "Ive been keeping it safe from Charlotte. But, for somebody of your group size, you need eleven keys," I said. "What? But, why didnt you use the key to get out?!" I asked. She looked slightly shocked at my reaction, but soon regained her composture. "If I leave, then..... Charlotte will keep sucking in more innocent victims.... So, Ive decided to stay here, to help those trapped return," Louise said, softly. "Wow..... we were totally wrong about her..... Louise..... just because she had red eyes, she wasnt a bad person at all....." Dorothy said. She went closer to Louise. "All you wanted was a friend, right? Ill be your friend..... okay?" Dorothy said, hugging her. "Ah..... yes..... friends....." Louise said, blankly. "Is something wrong?" Dorothy asked. "Ah, no. Im just, not used to the attention, is all..... It feels....... nice, having friends....." Louise said, smiling. I was slightly disturbed at her sudden lack of emotion. Shes been through a lot, I presumed, and shook it off. "Anyways, she cant get to you in here," Louise said, ushering us in. "Where do we use the key at?" Alice asked. "In the basement. But.... thats highly guarded......" Louise said. "Really, you guys should split up though, to look for the keys. If you do, get back here as quickly as you can, and wait for me. Ill lead you to the basement, where you can unlock the door," Louise said. "Its safer if we go in groups," I said. "Fine by me. It doesnt matter either way, as long as you get the keys," Louise said. "Ill take Dorothy down though. Shes my first friend...... since Anne.... so, I want to help her," Louise said. "Actually..... Can we wait.....? For everyone else to find their keys?" Dorothy asked. "Thats...... the longer you stay here, the more likely you are to die," Louise said. "Then if I die, Ill be with my friends..... and, even so, I have you, right? So, you can protect me......" Dorothy said. "Louise! Where aaaarrrreeee yoooouuuu?" We could hear Charlotte call. "Ill keep her busy. You guys go find the keys," Louise said, walking out. We headed out in small groups of three. Leona, Joey, and I were in a group. "You know Joeys gonna be the first to die, right?" Leona asked, as we were searching the bathroom. "Excuse me?!" Joey asked. "Its true. The jackass is usually first to die. That or the slut, and..... the only one who would remotely fit that role is Laura. And even thats a stretch," Leona said. "Well, Lauras in a group with Jake, the athlete, and Mercy, whom Im pretty sure is legally insane, so shell be fine," Joey said. "Oh no," Leona said. "What?" Joey asked. "The jock is usually the second to go. And the insane one, if there is one among them, usually ends up turning against the others," Leona said. "Man. She was not in a good group," Joey said. "None of them are really good groups. Though, I might survive, since Im the bookworm. They usually die last, if at all. And Dorothy will definitely survive. Shes the virgin, and virgins never die," Leona said. "Stop arguing you two," I said, not wanting us to either be emotionally or physically split. "I found something," Leona said, pulling the key out of the sink drain. "How did you know?" Joey asked. "If the bathtub isnt filled with blood, its always in the sink drain," Leona said. We walked back to the room. Nobody was in there. Not even Samuel, who was supposed to be watching her. "Take the key, get out of here," Leona said, to Joey. "But, your knowledge of horror movies...... Ill never make it down to the basement," Joey said. "Theres something guarding the basement, as Louise said. Mr. Duncan and I will regroup with the others. You need to get to safety," Leona said. "Leona! Help!" Jake shouted. "Go!" Leona said, and ran. "Ill take you down," I said. "But...." Leona argued. "Your knowledge will keep you safe, so Im going with him," I said. "Fine.... just, be careful, okay?" Leona asked. I nodded, and took him down to the basement. Once there, I felt some kind of crust on the railing. Though, it changed to more of a sticky substance as we headed further down. "Eugh..... what is this stuff?" Joey asked, wiping it off on his shirt. "Im not sure. But it gives me a bad feeling. Keep moving," I said, ushering him down. When we finally reached the bottom, I saw there were many doors. "Which one?" Joey asked. "I dont know....." I said. He walked up to one. "I pick this door!" He said. Though he sounded slightly nervous. He unlocked the door, and opened it. Shadows reached in, and grabbed him, dragging him in. "Help me!" He screamed, desperately trying to cling onto something. I ran, but the door always remained at the same distance, no matter what I did. The door closed, with him on the other side. "Oops. Wrong door," A familiar voice said. "Charlie?" I asked. "Youd better start running!" Charlie said. I ran up the stairs, with Charlie catching me as soon as I got through the door. "Charlie..... why?" I asked. "I cant..... shes..... making me......" Charlie said. "Geez, Mom. Cant you be a good slave for once?" Anne asked. "Anne? Youre..... alive?" I asked, shocked. "Not exactly. I kinda died," Anne replied. "Louise did it, right? Thats what all the rumors say," I responded. "Lulu did no such thing. You know who did kill me though, right?" She asked. "You couldnt have killed yourself! You were far too happy!" I responded. "Lulu was my best friend. I was bullied, shunned, and humiliated. Nobody dared to help me. Not even my parents. When I died, Lulu was the only one who still tried to help me. Even after everybody else had accepted it. I cant just abandon Lulu now...... she needs souls. And, considering you did nothing to help her, I figured you should be the first to go. Of course, we did have some incidents. Samuel, and Dorothy, when I tried to approach them, they jumped out the window. Im pretty sure we still caught them though. Then, unexpectedly, Mercy snapped. Of course, we were still able to catch those four as well. And Joey, what a moron! He walked right to us!" Anne said, laughing. She was hit on the head, by Leona. "Luke, and Mark are fine. For now, just run," Leona said, leading me upstairs. "What happened to Alice?" I asked. "She caught me. Told me to switch places with her," Leona said. We idled for a bit. "To be honest, I refused. I talked a bunch with those two. Alice..... she didnt enjoy that...... At the last minute, Alice told me that those two arent the real two. I..... didnt really believe her. She, didnt really seem like herself, after all. She somehow seemed...... more desperate, then usual. More serious too. She informed me that the real Luke and Mark were captured, to be used as bait. She wittnessed it, so it couldnt possibly be those two. She said that Louise was up to no good, wanting our souls. But..... I think Louise wants to help us. Shes the one that stays trapped in the horror situation, purely to help those in need. So, I went to find the real Alice...... when...... I ran into Charlotte. She informed me that they had captured Alice. She had wanted to get me alone, so she made up a story. And it had worked. I threw a pipe I had found at her, and ran, to the kitchen. I picked up a frying pan. After all, Horror isnt the only thing I watch, and it was pretty effective in that one movie. I went to find you, when I heard you shouting with Anne. To be honest, Im shocked I actually got behind her. And, yeah, thats what happened," Leona said. We started walking a bit. "Anne, and Louise, they were my nieces. Twins, actually," I said. "They dont look like twins....." Leona said. "Anne, she died when she was eight years old. Suicide. Though rumors were always circulating that Louise did it. She admitted it was indeed suicide, though. That is, before you saved me," I said. "Oh..... then thats why she came back. Because people with suicide have a tendency to come back as spirits.... Spirits can either be good, or bad. Vengeful spirits tend to be more powerful, in most cultures. So, her malicious nature is what causes her extreme power. Though, Im not sure why, if she truly did commit suicide," Leona said. "She was always such a happy child. Her suicide was a mystery to all of us. Thus why most blamed it on Louise. Though they couldnt prove anything, so she was never arrested. Eventually, they just gave up. The familys dissapearance, a decade later, resparked those old discussions, about how sane Louise really is," I said. "Well, lets just find Louise, Mike, and Jake," Leona said. "About that, theres something I need to tell you," I said. "Where are you two going?" Louise asked, leaning against the wall. She had interupted me, I realized, on purpose. "Oh, Louise, thank god we found you," Leona said. I put my hand on her shoulder, shaking my head no. "Louise..... Why are you doing this? Were family. Come back with me. Ill raise you. We can be a normal family. I promise," I said. "Really?" She asked, with a dangerous tone laced in her voice. "Yes. I mean it," I said. She laughed. "You really are dumb! Thinking Ill just go back to that world that rejected me! And especially with you, who did nothing to help me!" She said. "Louise...... Please......" I begged. "No. If I go back with you, everything will just end up the same. Ill be pushed around. You will do nothing to help me. And it will just go on like that. But I feel kinda bad. I know how you always wanted to get to know me better. So lets play a game," She said, using shadow magic to hold up Luke and Mark. "You can only save one of them. The one you dont pick is mine. However..... the one you pick, I will allow to go home. So, who will it be? Lukie, or Markie?" She asked. "What?! You cant just make me decide! They both have families you psycho!" I shouted. She laughed. "See? I knew you wouldnt change. Though, I dont disagree with you. To be honest, you amuse me. So Ill introduce a third option," She said. "I will let BOTH of them go free. However, in exchange, one of you two will have to come back with me," She said. "Forget about us.... just go....." Luke said, choking. "Theres a catch to this. Theres always a catch," Leona said. "My, a smart one. You caught me. There is a catch. Yes, both of them will go free, but that doesnt necessarily mean one of you will. Can you make it to the right door before Anne catches you?" She asked, holding up the key. "Ill go," Leona said, walking up to her. She grabbed the key, and threw it at me. "I overheard Anne talking about it. Its the most disturbing door," Leona said. "Anne, get him," Louise said, obviously unamused by Leonas response. Anne immediately started for me. I burst, down to the basement. I looked at all the doors, and saw blood, and guts oozing out of one. I ran for that door, against all my gut instincts, screaming at me not to open that door. Opening the door, I saw Charlotte, hanging from the ceiling, her insides hanging out. I fell to the ground, vomiting. "Uncle John, looks like I caught you~" Anne said, directly behind me. I tumbled inside, and she grabbed my arm at the very last moment. I woke up, in bed, sweating profusely. "A dream?" I asked. I looked at my phone. 8 AM, All Hallows Eve. There was a multitude of texts. Mostly from Brandi, wondering about me. However, there were some..... more disturbing texts. Ill go over them later. For now, I need to get to Brandis. I dont know if Ill survive, but...... wish me luck, okay, Mel? If I do survive, dont come looking for me. Tell the kids that Im fine, but they wont see me for a while. I dont know what will happen if you do come looking. Will they come after you too? Your nieces..... theyve changed. I never told you about Louise. I was worried youd get hurt getting involved with her. That was a mistake. I couldnt have been more wrong about people getting involved. Shes gone completely insane, gathering souls. For what purpose, Im not sure. As for Anne, shell do anything for Louise. That still hasnt changed. But, the look on her face..... I could tell she had not an ounce of humanity left in her. Same with Louise. Neither of them are human anymore. Theyve lost that part of themselves long ago. And we are the only ones to blame. For not interfering in their lives enough. For ignoring everything that went wrong, because of those vivid red eyes. This is probably the last youll hear from me. Tell the kids I love them, and wish them well. The same goes for you. And whatever you do, DO NOT move into the house. Even when summer comes, tell the kids youve decided to stay in Seattle. I love you, and wont stop thinking about you, ever.

Farewell, ~Micheal Duncan

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I feel I’m dying

World News Reddit - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:52

I met this girl 6-7 months back. She’s married. I was like shit. We talked about it. She had travelled here alone when she was 18. She stayed with an old lady til she got on her feet. But the thing was there was a guy that would stay on the weekends. He worked out of town. Naturally they talked and had sex. She said it’s all it felt like was someone for him to sleep with on the weekend but she was lonely.

She got pregnant, she said when she saw the ultrasound she knew she couldn’t get rid of it no matter what the situation. He never went to a single doctor appointment. Time went on, she said she felt obligated to be with because of the child and he was never home and they haven’t been sexual with each other in months.

There was another guy she talked to before me. They had been off and on off and on and she said the last time she tried it just wasn’t the same. Like he was down and then we wasn’t.

Fast forward her leaving her husband to be with me. Her and her daughter moved in with me. She ended up leaving me one night to go to her “the other guy”. I called her we cried on the phone. She said she was sorry. I pretty much made her tell me she didn’t love me. Then she calls right back and said baby I’m coming home to you.

I ended up going to the er with her and her daughter that same night over a rash. Baby daddy didn’t bother coming said she’d be fine. And the next morning she woke me up and said from now on no more side guys and side girls-she seen me messaging a girl I used to work with but it was strictly platonic tbh.

Everything was great. A month later she said she felt like she needed space. We had talked about her being pregnant that same day and she said she kinda hoped she was. We take 3 early ptests and she’s pregnant. We hug each other hard. She told my mom before I got a chance to tell her I wanted to ease the news to her. She told me this baby was a blessing.

Fast forward a couple weeks, were talking about the baby name and sex and if I’ll still love her when she’s old and fat and showing pictures of what the baby will look like this week. And then after work, she says she’s not ready for this baby. We don’t have our stuff together. I press more after 2 days of “space” and she said she’s leaving me and there’s someone else. The same guy she was involved with before me.

Her abortion appointment is at 830 in the morning hours away and we’re going together because I demanded to be there. I don’t want this at all. I’m heart broken. All she talked about was marry me when we could actually do it legally and the name of the baby and her daughter having siblings and how much she loved me and our baby was a blessing. And literally the next day she’s ready to abort it and leave me for him. I’ve been to doctors about this and idk what to do. We also work together. I’m distraught. I feel like I’m dying. My world is turned upside down. She told me she would just keep hurting me and she’s always have feelings for him and she always love me But she can talk to him about things she can’t with me. We’ve talked about everything including things she said she’s never been able to tell anyone including him. What is going on?!!!!!! Now I gotta ride 5 hours with her to the clinic she chose(place she used to live) and she’s not mine anymore. She just went back with him in a day. Help me!

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