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Young lawyer who teaches you your rights in 60 seconds

BBC News - 6 hours 45 min ago
Lawyer Christian Weaver has created a series of online videos to teach people their legal rights.
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Chester hospital chief executive resigns amid baby deaths inquiry

BBC News - 6 hours 46 min ago
Countess of Chester Hospital has been at the centre of an investigation into a series of baby deaths.
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A comparison between future tech quotes of civ 6 and 5

World News Reddit - 6 hours 46 min ago

Civ V:

Civilopedia entry:

"It's difficult to write a "history" for technology that hasn't actually been discovered yet. But here are some possible big breakthroughs that might dramatically alter the human condition. Sooner or later, medicine will figure out how to cure cancer and other diseases, dramatically increase human life, and directly interface the human brain with machines. Cheap, clean forms of energy will be discovered. Computers will get faster and smaller. Games will get more immersive and realistic. Nasty new weapons will be invented. And a giant killer death robot will be created to destroy all life on the planet, but we will be saved by an army of mutant kung-fu cyborgs. The future will indeed be interesting!"

Civ VI:

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future." –Victor Hugo

Civilopedia entry:

"Anything worth saying about “future tech” has already been said by science-fiction authors. There are a few broad things that all of them seem to agree upon. Sooner or later, medical breakthroughs will cure cancer and other diseases, dramatically increase the human lifespan, and hook the human brain up to machines. Cheap, clean forms of energy will be discovered. Computers will get faster and smaller; robots will take over the daily grind. Games will get more immersive and realistic. Nasty weapons will be invented … but not used. Extinct species wiped out by man (or asteroids) will be reborn. Ecologists will end pollution and recover lost ecosystems. Mankind will move beyond the heavens to other worlds. Civilization will be saved.

Or, perhaps not … "

So how come the tech quote for Civ Vi is a lot more pessimistic compared to Civ V's quote about future technology?

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[For Hire] Do you have a young business or are planning to start one? I'll help you conceptualize a brand and create an initial marketing strategy for just $15.

World News Reddit - 6 hours 47 min ago

Hi everyone!

Brief background: I've done stints with large multinationals and global ad agencies, and I'm a graduate of Advertising Management, with a focus on research, copy, and strategy.

I don't think the advertising agency world is for me. I'm more interested in helping growing businesses create an identity rather than trying to accomplish the quarterly targets of a multinational megabrand. Therefore, instead I've been trying to get my foot in the door of the marketing & advertising consultancy world, and maybe start my own practice someday.

That's where you guys hopefully come in. If you have a brand new business, I'd like to chat with you guys and help you get it off the ground, for a fairly low price. This can include conceptualizing a brand identity (name, slogan copy, company statement), positioning yourself among competitors (or, standing out), identifying your target market and the key channels to capture them, and figuring out a cost-effective way to get people to become paying customers.

I'm game to work on this with any type of business, whether it's an Etsy store, a brand new piece of software, or a local restaurant. If you can provide whatever knowledge you have of your space (direct competitors, current business performance) that would be great. If this sounds interesting, feel free to shoot me a PM! I accept payment via Paypal and Bitcoin. If it all goes well we can turn this into a recurring thing.

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In ENG School I dreamed of this day. The day my very own home CNC showed up.

World News Reddit - 6 hours 47 min ago

I am super new to Reddit and even newer to YouTube. I found this sub and read many posts while I was waiting for my video to upload.

Some of you seem like you could use some light at the end of the tunnel or at least a distraction. This was as big a day for me as grad day if not bigger. Imagine what you could make with unlimited use of your own GIANT CNC. My dream became a reality on this day.

Backstory: Recently my industry fell apart and work dried up. I'm in construction at the project management level. I used to get called in with problem projects and deal with giant $300-500M budgets and schedules and get them back on track.

With my engineering degree I could have easily emigrated to other projects around the world. Yay education!

But, I decided to sell all my shit and buy a used Haas CNC instead. This is the video of my battle to get it off of the trailer and into my garage.

Issues still:

  • It's still over 4 feet in the air!
  • Its not going to fit through the door. It's too short by 3 feet!
  • House power is split phase, this machine takes 3 phase!
  • I don't have power in the garage at all.

I graduated in 2011 with a Mech Eng degree and it did not take me long at all to reach my dream. Grind hard and it will happen for you too. :)

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World News Reddit - 6 hours 50 min ago

Tech and entrepreneurship in general is male-dominated.
If we want to be seen as much as men, if we want to be taken seriously, if we want to give our ideas their best possible chance to change the world, then we need to stand up and make some noise.

Let’s bring women to the forefront.

Together, let’s create a community that will get the public and media to talk about our work. Let’s change the balance and shift reality so that women are seen as regular entrepreneurs just like men are.

Let’s eliminate the term “woman” entrepreneur.

How? Every single one of us can and will shape the future of women entrepreneurship, especially when we work together as a neighborhood of fellow makers. We can start by showcasing what we’re working on, sharing useful resources and important women-related news, discussing openly what can be improved, and most importantly, helping each other.

And all of this open and in public.

What if we could make our subreddit as popular as r/entrepreneur? What if this community became so important that men would be proud to be a part of it and wish they could promote themselves here? What if women’s work could become as popular as men’s?

Welcome to the Women Make subreddit; a place for women makers to gather and become a force to be reckoned with. Together, we are going to create entrepreneurship equality for women, and bring ideas to life that will shape the world for the better.

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Setting an exposure

World News Reddit - 6 hours 50 min ago

Hi all. I'm a new Fuji shooter. Came from the Canon and Nikon world and have a question regarding exposure metering on the X-T1.

When shooting a landscape on a tripod and using the rear LCD in manual mode, I set my composition up and then want to set exposure. Is it possible using the focus frame to set and lock an exposure point on the screen and then move the focus frame to lock a focus point in a different place?

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Research Cosmos Releases New Report on Microbial Air Samplers

World News Reddit - 6 hours 51 min ago

Microbial Air Samplers Market Overview:

Microbial Air Samplers are the equipment used for sampling of virus, bacteria, phagocyte, pollen and others in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries. They constitute the important component of the quality control situations the ensure no contamination in the respective procedures and products.

Browse report brief and TOC @

Factors Driving the Growth of Global Microbial Air Samplers Market:

Food and beverages and scientific laboratories are other application areas of the microbial air samplers. These air samplers generally draw known volume of air over a specific collection device that can be of different mediums like liquid, solid or nitrocellulose membrane. It can be used to identify the level of microbes in the controlled environments like an operation theatre or other healthcare areas.

The principal for supporting the growth of the world microbial air samplers market is the increasing demand for the safe environment for patients in the healthcare vicinities. Furthermore, the need to control the risk of infection and other hazards in the pharmaceutical labs, increasing use of air samplers to restrict the microbes in the food and beverages industry, strict government regulations for safety, the rise in the healthcare expenditure, and technological advances in the medical care are also fuelling the market growth. However, the lack of awareness among the people in remote areas and the availability of cheap alternative methods are inhibiting the expansion of the market.

Request free sample @

Geographic Segmentation:

Based on the regional analysis, the world microbial air samplers market is studied in the regions of Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Europe. The increasing requirement for the contamination-free environments in the hospitals, clinics, biotech farms and other significant applicational areas is supplementing the market growth in all these regions of the world.

Some of the Leading Companies in the Global Microbial Air Samplers Market:

The prominent contributors to the global marketplace are MBV AG, VWR, Sarstedt, Bertin Technologies, Particle Measuring Systems, Emtek, Advanced Instruments, RGF Environmental, Ogawa Seiki, BioMerieux, IUL, Awel, Aquaria srl, Multitech Enviro Analytical, Qingdao Junray, Tianjin Hengao, Climet Instruments, Beijing Jiance, and Shanghai Sujing.

Inquire Before Buying @

About Us:

Research Cosmos is a provider of standard and customized market research, business intelligence and consulting services across more than 100 domains in different industries of the world. We host the trending market reports of the world’s top-notch publishing companies, offering services to a wide range of customers from students to fortune 500 companies and discloses the hidden opportunities in every leading industry of the world.


Kevin Stewart

Global Sales Manager

Research Cosmos

Blog: r/

Blog: r/

+1 888 709 8757

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Developers of Tomb-Raiding Game, Tomb Survivor --Experience on Visiting Historic Tomb Sites

World News Reddit - 6 hours 52 min ago

Part 1

Hi, there, I am the producer of Tomb Survivor, as well as the initiator of the six-member studio, Beipai Studio. For making this game great, we have traveled across China, and I wanna share our stories of the game with you.

Our Experience

After a few years of commuter life, in the summer of 2015, we, six members, some are classmates of mine in university, some became close friends because of the shared passion for the book, Grave Robbers’ Chronicles, built up the Beipai Studio and decided to chase the dream of developing games.

When I was at High School, I was fascinated by Grave Robbers’ Chronicles, amazed by the broad background based on the Chinese History, loved the characters depicted in the book, and has had a wild dream about going to the Mt.Kunlun and being a Tomb-raider as well. (How naive, aha) So the first game we decided to make is definitely about tomb raiding.

There are two goals we set at the very beginning and want to deliver to players with the game. One is the thrill and immersive experience of tomb raiding; the second is the curiosity and excitement of solving puzzles and revealing the truth concealed behind. To achieve the goals, we all agreed that we should visit some ancient tombs, talk to the locals and find out the stories and legends behind.

We set off the visit on a whim, and came across many difficulties in reality. The first question was, where shall we go to visit, and how? Thinking that the author of the Grave Robbers’ Chronicles has read many books on history before picking up his pen, we started to take research on tomb raiding histories, historic sites and anecdotes. We read and discussed. With a month more efforts, we finally set the frame for the background, as well as the route of research. The first stop is Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in Xi An Province, then Mt.Shangluo in Shaanxi Province, Qi River in Henan Province, and the Tomb of Ningde in Fujian Province.

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is a critical stop for the research and the story, and it’s quite near, so we drove to Mt.Li where the Mausoleum located.

We contacted a professional guide of the museum, Wang, as our tour guide and explainer. For better observation and analyzing the structure of the Mausoleum, we took a stroll in the Mausoleum and our excellent Art Designer drew a draft. During the visit, Wang told us a legend about the Mausoleum, which has enlightened us much on the game main plot.

The story began with the first female Marquis in ancient China. In the 26th year of Qin dynasty, Qin has unified the six states. The first emperor was so pleased, decreed that the whole sovereignty shall join the jubilation, and issued edicts to officials to report blessed signs and stories.

In Fall, Henei Country reported, a County Magistrate called Xu Wang in Wen city, his wife, Zhao gave birth a baby girl born with a jade holding in her hands, the Jade has Eight Trigrams chiseled into it. The baby began to talk when less than 100 days old. The emperor thought it was auspicious, and decreed to bestow Xu Wang with a hundred Gold, equal to 1.5 more million dollars nowadays to raise the blessed girl.

Xu Wang has three sons, and was in want of a daughter, the heaven gave him what he wished for. He was gratified and pleased enough, and has never thought that his daughter will gain the grace of the Emperor and be regarded as a blessed one. For expressing his appreciation on his Highness’s kindness, he named his daughter, Mofu, which means never fail the kindness of the Emperor.

Mofu Xu

The news that Xu Wang got a blessed daughter and has been rewarded by the Emperor has soon spread to and astonished the world. Many curious people came to visit from thousand miles away. Though not all got the chance to see Mofu. But Xu Wang could not turn those of higher positions away, so Xu’s was crowded with nobles and high officials daily.

Not long after, people came to visit became less and less, which has something to do with Mofu’s crying and smile.

It turned out that Mofu has two reactions towards the people came to visit, one is crying, the other is smiling. At first, people all thought it was just infant’s instincts, nothing special. While, people realized gradually that, those people that Mofu cried at were cursed, they either were eaten up with diseases or came across misfortunes or domestic calamity; those people that Mofu smiled at were somehow blessed, welcomed by fortunes, who either became wealth, or were promoted to higher positions. So they believed that this infant got a blessed talent on divination. Some even convicted that her crying was a curse, and they were too terrified to visit in the fear of being cursed. The Xu’s soon returned to peace as before.

Xu Wang did his best to cultivate Mofu. When she was four, he found an experienced teacher of wealth knowledge, who found Mofu was gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory later. Mofu has learned 4,000 words in less than a half year. The teacher noticed that Mofu was fascinated by the jade and somehow attracted by The Eight Trigrams, so he explained the origin and the meaning of the Trigrams to her. But he thought that Mofu didn’t understand what he said, so he asked: Mofu, do you understand what I say? What’s Yi and what’s Eight Trigrams?

Mofu nodded: Yes. Yi means change. Change has Taiji, Taiji creates Yin Yang, Yin Yang creates Four Symbols. The Eight Trigrams are composed of Four Symbols combined with yáo—broken or unbroken lines, that represent Yin or Yang respectively. The Eight Trigrams is Three-line Hexagram, three lines stand for Heaven, Earth and Man respectively, of which contain symbols of Yin Yang. Different sequences of Yin Yang bring out eight different hexagrams...”

The teacher was amazed, he has never thought that Mofu could explain the Yi Ching with such simple words at such a young age. He exclaimed: “ What a genius of stunning memory and comprehension, and what a pity she’s not a boy, otherwise, she surely will become a master of Yi Ching.”

Mofu argued: Yi Ching has three, they are Lianshan, Guicang and Zhou Yi respectively. Sir, you have mastered Zhou Yi, while you know little on Lianshan and Guicang. Lianshan also called Earth; Guicang also called Field that stands for female, maternity and Yin. Lianshan and Cuicang put Earth and Field in priority. Earth cultivates creatures, Female gives birth to human. Therefore, I think it’s biased to say that only a man can become a master of Yi Ching. According to the Ancients, female can also be a Master as well.

The Eight Trigrams

The teacher was once again astonished by Mofu’s words on Lianshan and Guicang, he wondered, how did she learn the knowledge of Lianshan and Guicang that even himself known a little, is she really a saint?

The teacher realized that Mofu’s capability has over his reach, so he asked Xu Wang to resign, and said: “ Mofu has blessed talents, a vulgar like me is not qualified to teach her. It’ll be great if you can find a master to be her teacher. Masters worthy their names are Ghost Valley’s creator, Sir Guigu, and a few protégés of him, such as Xufu, Luao, Huangshi etc. However, Xu Fu and Luao have been traveled around the sovereignty to search immortal elixir for the emperor, and Sir Guigu is on advanced years and has retired from the world, only Huangshi is still in the Guigu Valley in Yinchuan, who is versed in transcendence, the three-Yi and divination. If Mofu could be his protégé, there must be a great future in store for her.” Years later, being enlightened and inspired by the Master Huangshi, Mofu was appointed as a marquis that has assisted The First Emperor of Qin and the Emperor of Gaozu of Han.

With the above story explained by the Wang, we did further research on the female marquis, and has adopted her story which has later become a part of our main plot. As for her adopted story, we’ll leave you to discover in game.

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Education and Virtual Reality Continue To Combine

World News Reddit - 6 hours 53 min ago

Virtual and augmented reality tech in education isn’t a new thing… but some new VR tech is currently being trialed which offers a whole new interactive experience and will likely be used as an instructional aide soon. Users interact with the virtual world by pointing or moving the controls near objects and clicking buttons to interact, an aspect which will increase the suitability of the tech to an educational setting. What further tech do you believe will be introduced into the education system? Do you think VR and AR are going to be prominent?

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Brexit: EU leaders warn time is running out for a deal

BBC News - 6 hours 59 min ago
Theresa May and her EU counterparts gather for more talks at a summit in Salzburg.
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Rugby World Cup: Cover up your tattoos in Japan, players told

BBC News - 7 hours 1 min ago
World Rugby has warned that body ink is associated with gangsters in Japan, host of the 2019 World Cup.
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