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John Travolta mob film Gotti gets whacked by critics

BBC News - 9 hours 40 min ago
The actor's troubled biopic of crime boss John Gotti gets a rare 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
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CNN's Dianne Gallagher describes a

CNN World News - 10 hours 9 min ago
CNN's Dianne Gallagher describes a Texas immigration processing center where families are separated by gender and held in 12-foot chain-link pens.
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Loughborough Junction: Three killed by train in south London

BBC News - 10 hours 19 min ago
Police are trying to establish how the people came to be on the tracks near Loughborough Junction.
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Cristiano Ronaldo: Mocked statue at Madeira airport is replaced

BBC News - 10 hours 32 min ago
A bronze statue of Cristiano Ronaldo that left football fans scratching their heads is replaced.
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Brave New World and Nietzsche

World News Reddit - 10 hours 32 min ago

So i just finished reading Brave New World and I couldn't help but think that the society is similair to the one in Nietzsches Thus Spoke Zarthustra where they all cried out they wanted to live without pain and be the "last men". (I havent actually read the book only the first few chapters so may be misrepresenting Nietzsche here) It seems like Huxley is sorta saying the same thing as Nietsche that pain makes us stronger and we should embrace it? what do you think? do you agree disagree? let me know in the comments section below and remeber as always to click that subscribe button, till next time peace!

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Glasgow art school blaze: Fire chiefs 'guarantee' to find cause

BBC News - 10 hours 35 min ago
Fire investigators promise a "comprehensive and professional" probe into the blaze at the Glasgow School of Art.
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21[M4F] New roleplay scenes with all details mentioned

World News Reddit - 10 hours 39 min ago

Hey i am looking for someone who could do a long term or short term story slice of life roleplay ideas ihave some ideas listed down below and if you ont like any of them do send your own so we can discuss it.Also im a detailed person when i rp.Occasional one liners are fine tho.

1》CollageDrama : You and your boyfriend were the most famous couple in collage.I am a good friend of both of you.A new transfer student comes in and your bf starts to fall for her cheating on you and leaving you for her.You become the laughing stock of the collage.Since im friends with both of you i hear both of your opinions as well.But since i had been with you since the breakup we had a better connection.We plan to hook up and send a little something to your ex.( short term smut rp)

2》Cheating: I have a really good friend.Both of us have girlfriends as well.But there is always an awkward moment between me and my friend's gf.All four of us decide to go on a vacation where we start to be closer to each other and start to have quickies and reasons to be together than be with our other halves.(long term story based, can move forward, improv)

3》Steal a Wife: Youre living a really good life with your husband.I move in next door and i start to take a liking towards you.I start to flirt and try my best to seduce you.Youre loyal to your husband but little by little you get confused and you are willing to betray him and then starts to love it. (Longterm story based, can move forward, improv)

4》Good Professor: You want to enjoy your collage life.You understood how hectic it is just after a week of starting in collage.So after the first week of collage you find out the main professor's home and strike a deal with him where he can use you to his heart's content and on the other hand you get free grades and attendance and maybe other stuff as well.(long term smut based, situations, choices etc)

5》TimeTravel: I have time travelled from 2018 to anywhere in the past.(your choosing).According to the place and year i find my way and meet you.I tell you about the future and slowly we fall in love.I decide to bring you to the current world.The story continues from there.(long term story based, can move forward,drama, improv)

6》GangBang: There is a huge party in the neighbourhood of one of the collage students.Everyone is invited even the nerds.A bunch of nerds decide to use the most popular girl of collage for themselves for their enjoyment in this huge crowded house.(short term smut based)

7》Threesome:I decide to go on a roadtrip where i see two ladies asking for a lift since your car broke down.Both of you decide to travel with me where slowly bit by bit we start to live free a little.(MFF in a group or you can just play both roles)

8》Celeb Use: A celebrity to gain more publicity decides to make a show where every month she picks a person a does anything for them for 2 days of the weekend.Well this month i am the winner.I have some different ideas to do and you got to agree.(multiple storylines,public,improv)

9》RiskTaker: you want to see the world as well as have new expierences as well.Yo decide to travel to a country for vacation(of your choice).Since youre a bit kinky you decide to go out on the street after midnight where you find different people,sexual fantasies and more.(multiple scenes,moves forward)

10》Celeb workout: The celebrity and me share the same gym in a flat.We would see each other everyday as well.One late night with only both of us left at the gym we test our limits with all our strength since both of us have stressful jobs(short term,could be interacial)

11》The Bully Story: You are the mom of a 19 year old boy who i bully at school.At first you decide to come to school to confront me infront of the principal.Then i decide to give you a visit.(long term based,a lot of story to go forward,can turn into gangbang)

NOTE: you might have seen me write the scenarios as "you" or "person".This is because you could either play one of the roles in the roleplay not just the one applied.its free for your choosing.

KINKS: being dominant,spanking,rough sex,,dirty talk,light intimacy,oral,fingering,light bdsm,gangbang being forceful and anything else

LIMITS: toilet, vomit,ageplay,blood and gore,vore

Anything else you wanna change or do we could discuss it as well.So if you are intrested hmu on my kik brianrp69

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Is this Angela Merkel's moment of reckoning?

BBC News - 10 hours 42 min ago
How a row with a coalition partner has left the German chancellor fighting for her political life.
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Selfie mistakes: Sorry, but that is not a celebrity

BBC News - 10 hours 46 min ago
A Labour MP is thrilled to have his photo taken with Clean Bandit but he'd unfortunately posed with the wrong people.
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Ben Stokes & Chris Woakes: England all-rounders set to miss Australia ODIs

BBC News - 10 hours 56 min ago
England all-rounders Ben Stokes and Chris Woakes are set to miss the remaining three one-day internationals against Australia.
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