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Israeli troops kill Palestinian after suspected car ramming - Fox News

Google News - 12 hours 4 min ago
Israeli troops kill Palestinian after suspected car ramming  Fox News

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man in the West Bank after he attempted to ram his car into them, Israeli police said Tuesday.

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How Huawei's CFO ended up in a jail in Canada

CNN World News - 12 hours 9 min ago
For months, American law enforcement officials wanted to arrest Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei, but she remained outside of their grasp.
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Fly-half Sexton signs new Ireland & Leinster contract

BBC News - 12 hours 18 min ago
Lions fly-half Johnny Sexton signs a new deal with the Irish Rugby Football Union and will play for Ireland and Leinster until 2021.
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Global Medical Ventilator Market Size, Share and Demand Forecast Analysis to 2023

World News Reddit - 12 hours 32 min ago

Global Medical Ventilator Market Overview:

The ventilator market is projected to reach USD 849.9 Million in 2018, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period of 2018 to 2023. A medical ventilator is also known as a mechanical ventilator. This is a machine which is designed to move breathable air into and out of the lungs, to provide breathing for a patient who is physically unable to breathe, or breathing insufficiently. Ventilators may also be equipped with monitoring and alarm systems for patient-related parameters, backup batteries, oxygen tanks, and remote control. People who are facing breathing problem tend to die after they stop using ventilators. These medical ventilators survive the patient and help him to recover into his normal health condition. The end users of the market are Hospitals and clinics, Homecare, Ambulatory care centers, Emergency Medical Services.

Browse TOC and other details of 129 pages Global Medical Ventilator Market Research Report @

Global Medical Ventilator Market Drivers and Restraints:

The rising geriatric population, high prevalence of smoking, the high prevalence of respiratory diseases, highly developed health-care system, and high health-care expenditure are driving features for the market. Preterm births, rapid growth in the geriatric population and a rising number of ICU beds are the factors which are driving the medical ventilator market. The wide applications of intensive care ventilators in respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, and sleeping disorders are major factors for driving the market. the hospitals & clinics segments are likely to purchase more expensive products. The availability of low-cost products from the local market is a restraining factor for the market. Some of the restraining factors of the market are inappropriate reimbursement scenario, complications associated with the use of ventilators, and resistance from physicians for technology transition. These can cause loss to the market. Complications associated with the use of mechanical ventilators, resistance from physicians for technology transition are factors which are also restraining the market.

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Global Medical Ventilator Market Geographical Segmentation:

The Medical Ventilator Market is geographically segmented into North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa.

The key players of Medical ventilator Market: Philips Healthcare (Netherlands), ResMed (US), Medtronic (Ireland), Becton, Dickinson and Company (US), Getinge (Sweden), Dräger (Germany), Smiths Group (UK), Hamilton Medical (Switzerland), GE Healthcare (US), Fisher & Paykel (New Zealand), Air Liquide (France), Zoll Medical (US), Allied Healthcare Products (US), Airon Mindray (China), and Schiller (Switzerland). North America accounted for the largest share of the medical ventilator market, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

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About Us:

Research Cosmos is a provider of standard and customized Industry research, business intelligence and consulting services across more than 100 domains in different industries of the world. We host the trending Industry reports of the world’s top-notch publishing companies, offering services to a wide range of customers from students to fortune 500 companies and discloses the hidden opportunities in every leading industry of the world.


Kevin Stewart
Global Sales Manager
Research Cosmos
+1 888 709 8757

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Discover Effective 70-740 Windows Server 2016 Exam Strategies - Valid 70-740 Dumps

World News Reddit - 12 hours 32 min ago
The Context of Microsoft 70-740 Exam Dumps:

Are you registered in the Microsoft 70-740 exam? One of the most browsed question nowadays on the web is "where to get Microsoft 70-740 exam dumps?" and you continue searching for the Installation Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 70-740 braindumps online.

You are searching for numerous Installation Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 training material internet sites as well as companies which are supplying you the Windows Server 2016 70-740 exam preparation material. Microsoft 70-740 test questions need tough as well as hard practice to get through. So you ought to seek an exam code practice test that guarantees the complete training course review. We are supplying you the 70-740 test questions which is most required by the MCSA specialists all over the world. We provide you the best and best Microsoft 70-740 exam dumps that will cover all the aspect of the Installation Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 exam.

Produmps Windows Server 2016 70-740 Exam Dumps:

We at provides updated 70-740 exam questions that are divided on the basis of years. Our 70-740 pdf dumps have been updated progressively and also it is excessive simple for the students to pass 70-740 new questions. We offer you Microsoft specialists and experts made 70-740 questions that will assist you in obtaining a high ranked work. One more advantage of Produmps 70-740 exam preparation is that we give 100% passing warranty if you prepare via our 70-740 pdf questions.

Our ultimate research study overview for Installation Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 exam:

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Man held by armed police at UK Parliament

BBC News - 12 hours 32 min ago
A man is held by armed officers in an incident which police say is not terror-related.
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What is "Delirium"?

World News Reddit - 12 hours 33 min ago

So, as some of you may already noticed, I'm working on a game. And today I decided to tell you a bit more about what kind of game would be, because it's obviously not clear from my technical demos. So I really-really-really want to ask you to read this article.


current game poster

What is this?

It's heavily story-based top-down action RPG with the elements of horror. The shortest and the fastest explanation I could give. Still interested? Than follow me.

Where it all begins?

We all know, that an artifitial intellegence is quite trending direction in technology nowadays. But despite all the struggles in the world, there's still no working prototype emboiled in the microscheme or any other kind of device. "Synapsis" research institute working team decided to take another approach for solving this problem. They already managed to take their fame for Living Tissue Synthesis technology invention. So they decided to call up this technology for help: it's possible to launch the process of cultivation of living tissue, so it will form an actual part of brain, enlarged many times (so it would be like th first computers, that could occupy several floors), and integrate lots of analytic devices to that "brain" to study all the flowing processes in it.

Here's my really old concept of the \"brain\"

"Synapsis" research institute activity, like a most of research institutes activities, is not fully independent. The government took their eyes closely on them. When the project almost met it's final steps, the government intervene in the research process. They decided to plead the project as "extreemly dangerous", disposed to close it. As you can guess, that wasn't a good news for everyone who worked so hard to make this project done. So the conflict broke out: research team stood for their rights for further research, the government pushed their order to close that project. That conflict lasted for a couple of months, untill government decided to solve that with "force" by de-energizing the whole builging. Welp, that was one really wrong move...

What happened?

As I said before, that "brain" is 95% living tissue. All live support for it was energy dependent. And when all the energy is gone, it did what any living creature would do on the brink of death — fight for it's life. The chosen methods hardly could be called humanely...

Found out there's one "undocumented feature" of that "brain" - it could take control of mostly any personal in some radius (it's up to you to find in the game how exactly). So using that and Living Tissue Synthesis technology it starts to grow it's "internal organs" from the personal.

How do they look like?

The \"battery\"

This kind of guys are representative of digestive system. Their bodies generate a lot of acid, to dissolve any kind of biomaterial. After dissolving they gather that material inside themselves, and start a chemical reaction for enegry generation. Notice the plug on it's back. With that plug it plugs isself to the main energy bank to fill it.

the \"air filter\"

As you all know, any living creature needs an oxygen. This guys are gathering "wasted air" in their bodies, separate carbon from oxygen and pump it in the main air storage tank. Notice the valve in the neck with ehich it plugs itself to the tank.

And there would be many others. You may suggest me an idea for the monster.

Main characters

I don't want to give you much of the backstory of the main characters yet. I really want you to find it you youselves during gameplay, but I want to show you some of the concept art I made long time ago.

Main protagonist (yep, that's him on the cover of the article)

Techa, his fluffy sidekick

They're going to the dangerous adventure together!

There's a couple video demos about what the actual game looks like right now (if maybe you didn't saw it already)

I'm working super hard on this project all alone. It would be nice to have a helping hand there. So maybe there are some fellow artists that got interested in this project, or maybe you may recommend me someone to ask help for.

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A review of Plaza Systems

World News Reddit - 12 hours 34 min ago

In an e-commerce marketplace increasingly dominated by a few enormous players, Plaza Systems offers consumers an escape from unnecessarily high prices and big data while providing sellers a blockchain-based commerce (bCommerce) platform from which they can leapfrog their competitors. It’s Total bCommerce on the blockchain.

Plaza’s Freedom Lifestyle™ suite of search & payment tools are all connected via users’ multi-crypto PlazaWallets to the state-of-the-art MerchantChain.

The heart of Plaza’s Total bCommerce solution, the MerchantChain is the fastest, most scaleable, and most future-proof commerce-specific blockchain on the planet.

Any seller can build decentralised applications on top of the MerchantChain to leverage its speed and efficiency and to tap its loyal and fast-growing Freedom Lifestyle user base.

The dream to unify the world’s fragmented commerce has now made even more possible thanks to crypto coins and its core technology, the blockchain, and smart contract. We have now entered into a phase on which we demand to a more secure, faster and yet low-cost transaction operation.

Cyber-currency as the backbone of any ecosystem build on top of blockchain has even more famous because of the trend blockchain technology can possibly be made to transform any businesses into a long-term possibility.

But the world’s economy is not ready yet to accept crypto coin as monetary wheel due to the unregulated use of it leading the market to go too volatile in most cases. Transaction per second of some of the crypto world biggest crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) are still grasping to meet global demand and competitiveness. It is also good to mention that news about hacking plays a vital role in this recent condition of crypto coins as well.

PlazaDollar (Codename: Please or PL$) Is been created to accommodate company, retail businesses, and consumers that are worried to the crypto-coin volatile economy. PlazaDollar is tethered to the dollar price and can be exchanged back and forth.

PLAZA Token (Codename: Master) Is a standard ERC-20 token served as the backbone of Plaza’s whole ecosystem and can be traded with other crypto coins after successful coin listing.


BountyOx Username: Tranquil

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Supernatural Gen Case Fic Recs

World News Reddit - 12 hours 35 min ago

Gen Case Fics

Favorite/prolific casefic authors: K Hanna Korossy & JediSapphire & AO3)

In Reverse by sodakey: After Faith, a job has the boys looking for missing hikers in Wyoming. While Sam worries it’s connected to what happened to Dean ten years ago, Dean wonders if Sam would be better off back in the world of normal. // This story is unbelievably well-written, insightful, and believable. Takes place right after 1.12 "Faith" (as does the fic below, which refers to Sodakey bc they both wrote something slightly similar at the same time by accident)

Foreseen by P. L. Wynter: In 1967, tragedy struck Point Pleasant, West Virginia. They were given their warnings. No one listened. Now, the warnings are back. Rated M for language. // The author did her research on the Mothman myth & legend for this. Again, this is a fantastic thriller/drama. A lot of creepy suspense in this one.

River of Blood by Harrigan: A summoning ritual backfires. Instead of drawing the restless spirit of Cpl. Leamon Griffith to them, Sam and Dean find themselves catapulted to the side of the young Union soldier, just hours before he goes MIA – in 1863. Set S3 after BDABR. link

Forgotten by NorthernSparrow: Sam and Dean are working a case in Wyoming, but are distracted by news of a dangerous angel called "Castiel" who they can't remember ever having heard of before. The name seems a little bit familiar, but neither of the boys is sure why. Based off of mid-season 9 (before mark of Cain, before the angel army); takes place several months later, in September 2014. Case fic wrapped in a big ol' amnesia mystery. NO SLASH; the idea is that this is something they could do on the actual show, like a 3-4 episode arc with some mini cases and a cool story running through it all. GETS VERY EMOTIONAL with super strong friendship/family themes, lotsa hurt/comfort, about three metric tons of Cas angst, feels galore, plus monsters and M&M's. // Not Sam-centric, but what a hell of an adventure story & :shivers: over how well done sparrow did that amnesia trope. Read the sequel Flight if you're at all inclined (brilliant cuddly Destiel)

Red by big-pink. Something evil is killing treeplanters in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, possibly the same predator that Dean narrowly escaped years before. How Grimm will things get before the brothers figure it out? LJ link

Dust Devils by Sharlot: The Winchesters fight time, a vengeful spirit, and a wind demon in order to save a little girl from the monster who's stalking her. // really Dean-centric (still pretty great!)

Blood on the Tracks by Carikube: Dean and Sam ride the subway for something that takes one victim per year. They didn’t take it seriously – until it takes Sam.

Spirit of Winter's Chill by jedisapphire: Sam and Dean are hunting Jack Frost. There's one important piece of information they don't have. // Fantastic Christmas case! Really sweet emphasis on bro love

Fishing for Mermaids by CeCe Away: Don't be dead. Don't be dead. Sam floated, legs angled downward by the weight of his heavy wet boots and jeans. // This fic is action-packed from start to finish and features a creature that SPN hasn't tackled before: mermaids! I literally couldn't put this fic down. I had to reread it again because I was zipping through it so fast the first time. Totally felt like an episode - only better.

Illusions by Kyriebess: Sam gets attacked by a rare creature who is trying to scare him to death. Fortunately, there's a small but slightly awkward loophole in the creature's spell that may help the brothers defeat her. // Under 10k words. Another brilliant fic along the same lines by the same author: Thump in the Night: Under a lot of stress, the brothers argue, causing a monster to attack. // Basically if there had been a web series of short half-hour episodes to coincide with season 1 of SPN, these two stories would be featured.

Sucker Punch by K Hanna Korossy: Sam goes alone to meet an old friend from college. What can go wrong?

Ambush by Rachelly: Dean and Sam run into serious trouble when hunters gang together and make Sam their prey, and Dean, his only hope. Sam angst, Dean angst, hurtSam, hurt Dean.. NOW 1595 reviews! Thanks guys!

The Raven by Jedi Sapphire: The Raven is a hotel opposite a haunted house a few miles outside Baltimore. Sam and Dean are there on a boringly routine job. Then Sam finds a package of nineteenth-century letters under a floorboard, a mysterious ghost with sad eyes insists that Dean is going to kill his brother, and the world’s creepiest doctor shows up claiming he can cure Sam, who’s suddenly starting to spike high fevers for no reason Dean can figure out. // Very fun case fic full of brotherly shmoop :)

The Gate Keeper by Hanna K Korossy: Where has Dean been the last two days? // Under 10k words

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Every Danganronpa Light Novel, Game and Manga in Japanese release order

World News Reddit - 12 hours 35 min ago

First, this is only for media mentioned on the fandom wiki, I created this so other fans who want to be hardcore can quickly go through released dates, this is also split up into three sections, one containing the main meat and has to be canon, the second containing non-canon short stories and stuff and the third going into content that I deem even more unnecessary or hard to access (Only bother if you know some Japanese). Lastly, I will not being mentioning the Animation or simple manga adaptations since you can figure that out yourself

Main List

  1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc; the first Visual Novel game, no doubt you should start hereNov, 2010
  2. Danganronpa: Zero; released between the first and the second game, it does some world building, goes into some detail about some questions we are left with in the first game and is overall pretty good, this is only a fan translated however. Sep/Oct 2011
  3. Danganropa 2: Goodbye Despair; The second Visual Novel game,July, 2012
  4. Danganropa/IF: What if all the characters in the first game survived? Unlocks after beating second game
  5. Makoto Secret File/ a.k.a. Makoto Naegi's worst day ever; About the first game's protagonist, before the incident Aug, 2013
  6. Danganronpa/Kirgiri; First Novel is only partly translated, however they might keep translating, this has 6 Volumes in total but these were the only released in 2013Sep/Nov, 2013 (Vol. 1/2)
  7. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls; Story heavy spinoff game that isn't a Visual NovelSep25, 2014
  8. Ultra Despair Hagakure; Unlocked after beating The 3rd game (spin-off)
  9. DR Togami; *Not Translated*; 3 VolumesNov27, 2015
  10. Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer; A cannon Manga (this is the first manga that is canon since the others are Light Novels)March 8, 2016
  11. Danganronpa 3: The end of hope's peak highschool; this is an anime, it is designed to clear up the events in the original series (a.k.a. DR1/DR2) because The 4th game takes place in a new locationJuly 11th, 2016
  12. Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono; Danganronpa 3 OVA about Nagito from DR2January 12th, 2017
  13. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony; I haven't played this yet because and I don't want to be spolied when researching so I'm not sure if this is canon but obviously you're going to play it after DR2 or after DR3 (Anime)

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21 [M4F] Looking For A Gentle Femdom

World News Reddit - 12 hours 37 min ago

Hey, I'm a 21 year old guy looking to start a relationship and explore a Gentle Femdom Dynamic. I've always been attracted to woman who are confident in who they are, know what they want, aren't afraid to go for it, and don't give a shit what society thinks of them due to that. The dream would be for myself to be one of the things she knows she wants and she would take me, conquer me, and then she would take me with her on the adventures and experiences such a person would go on due to their mindset. Plus confidence. I want a woman who is willing to take the initiative.

I fantasize about the idea of being the little spoon (even if I'm a big little spoon, small girls can be the big spoon too), laying on my partners lap, having her hold me in her arms. Basically I want lots of cuddles. I'm kind of a bear (big and hairy), we are made to be hugged :) And I'm interested in exploring things like pegging and such when it comes to sex.

I'm currently an Anthropology Major at UCSC soon to be starting my fourth year. Even though I'm half-American, the whole 'living in the US' thing is still feels kind of new to me, despite the fact I've been here for four years now. Most of my life has been spent in Europe following my Dad's work in the Navy, spending thirteen years in Spain (Where my Mom is from and which I consider home) as well as two and a half years in Italy and three years in Germany. I speak fluent Spanish (as well as English, obviously).

In terms of interests and hobbies I'm pretty much your all around Geek liking everything from videogames to fantasy novels to comic books. I've honestly consumed so much popular media so much that I've been pretty much burned out on anything normal and eagerly seek something that breaks the norm. I do still take comfort in my mainstays, however, which are Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Marvel movies, Comedy Anime, and most importantly: Dungeons and Dragons. I'm also a writer though other than a few short pieces I've read in front of a college audience, most of my pieces are just for fun and I spend way more time worldbuilding than I do writing stories (r/worldbuilding is my blessing and my curse). I'm also the type of person that finds academic subjects 'light reading material' so I often use my free time (as well as use my Anthropology major as an excuse for) studying everything from Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, Literature to History and Politics. I also spend way too much time on Memes and watching Youtube videos (especially videos with trivia that I will never need to know, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared).

The above shows that spend way too much time indoors, but I enjoy doing stuff outdoors as while. I enjoying traveling probably more than the next guy, having traveled all over the world from China to Morocco to Mexico. I enjoy walking through natures, mostly cause it opens me up to inspiration. And I enjoy going out and getting drinks with friends sometimes (Though I can only do the non-alcoholic variety of that activity here in America). And my Spanish blood forces me to enjoy the beach even if its sometimes only to lay down and read a book.

Things I'm looking for in a Partner: I'm not really the best at these looking for kind of things. Honestly, I just hope that I fit someones 'looking for', someone to love me for me. Of course there are types I prefer more than others, but I think explaining myself with the above kind of gives an idea of what I want in my other. But I'll try to give at least some basic things:

Intelligence, but more specifically someone capable of holding deep conversations. Despite being an introvert I'm very much a conversationalist that enjoys talking about pretty much anything from the weird to the academic as long as its not small talk.

Common Geeky Interests, because if we can't geek out together over the latest Game of Thrones episode or we can't roll some dice to kill some goblins together what is really the point?

Confidence, I already explained my idea of the my perfect woman that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it.

Deeply Caring about Friends, Family, and eventually, of course, me. This is something that is really important to me. Not only do I want someone that cares for me, takes care of me, and things like that, I'd also like a woman that holds deep bonds with her close friends and immediate family and would do anything for them. This is the dynamic I have with my close friends, maintaining our deep relationship even when we are all over the country after we split up a couple years ago, and my family and I'd just like a partner that is the same.

Oh, and also that she can at least take a dark sense of humor well, if not have one herself.

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[H] A ton of games [W] Games/Offers

World News Reddit - 12 hours 37 min ago

Details and rep at the end of the post.

GAME STEAM REVIEWS GENRE TIER Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition 80% Action Very High Project CARS 2 73% Racing High Hard Reset Redux 81% Fps - Action High SpaceChem 96% Puzzle High SpeedRunners 95% Racing - Multiplayer High Hand of Fate 92% Rpg - Roguelike High Saints Row 3 94% Action - Open World High Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 76% Survival - Multiplayer High Darkness II 92% Fps - Co-Op High Dungeons of Dredmor Complete: Dungeons of Dremor + Dungeons of Dremor: Conquest of the Wizardlands DLC + Dungeons of Dremor: Realm of the Diggle Gods DLC 94% Rogue-like High Blue Estate the Game 92% Fps - Co-op High Sir, You Are Being Hunted 76% Action - Fps High Dead Island Definitive Edition: Dead Island + Ryder White DLC + Bloodbath Arena DLC + Ripper Mod DLC 72% Action - Open World High Sniper Elite 75% Shooter- Stealth High Sniper Elite V2 88% Shooter - Stealth High BIT.TRIP RUNNER 88% Platform High Ballpoint Universe - Infinite 87% Platform High Beat Hazard Ultra 95% Bullet Hell - Music High Betrayer 84% Fps - Horror High Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror 90% Adventure High Cargo Commander 82% Rogue-Like High Crimsonland 93% Action - Co-Op High Cook, Serve, Delicious! 95% Action - Strategy High Chroma Squad 94% Strategy - Rpg High Dino D-Day 86% Action - Multiplayer High Dino Run DX 93% Platform High Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh 83% Adventure - Horror High Dead Effect 71% Fps - Horror High Dreamcast Collection: Crazy Taxy + Jet Set Radio + Nights Into Dreams + SEGA Bass Fishing + Sonic Adventure DX + Space Channel 5 83-96% Mostly Action High Dreaming Sarah 92% Platform - Adventure High Dreaming Sarah 92% Platform - Adventure High Dyscourse 76% Strategy - Survival High Enclave 73% Action - Rpg High Enclave 73% Action - Rpg High Enemy Mind 80% Shoot 'Em Up - Co-Op High Eternal Winter(Artico) 72% Survival - Open World High Fancy Skulls 75% Fps High Flash Eaters 75% Action - Rpg High Flash Eaters 75% Action - Rpg High Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition 77% Strategy High Gold Rush! Classic 94% Adventure High Hero of the Kingdom 93% Adventure High Hero of the Kingdom 93% Adventure High Joe Dever's Lone Wolf HD Remastered 75% Rpg High Mini Metro 93% Strategy High Super Hexagon 98% Action - Puzzle High Kingdom: New Lands 87% Strategy - Survival High Layers of Fear 91% Horror High Lethal League 95% Fighting Game - Coop High One Finger Death Punch 95% Action High One Finger Death Punch 95% Action High One Way Heroics 90% Rpg - Rogue-Like High Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut 80% Action High Gorky 17 82% Rpg - Strategy High A.I.M. 2 Clan Wars 85% Rpg - Open World High Age of Gladiators 80% Strategy - Rpg High Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space 50% Adventure High The Swapper 95% Action - Puzzle High Zeno Clash 87% Action High Zeno Clash 2 80% Action High The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing + The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing II + The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III + Van Helsing Final Cut: High Resolution Texture Pack 74% Rpg Very Good The Whispered World Special Edition 78% Adventure Very Good Thomas Was Alone 94% Platform Very Good Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble 75% Rpg - Strategy Very Good AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome 81% Action Very Good Awesomenauts 85% Moba - Multiplayer Very Good Gryphon Knight Epic 93% Shoot 'Em Up Very Good Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising 97% Action Very Good Grand Ages Rome / Imperium Romanum 2 72% Strategy Very Good Lumino City 88% Adventure Very Good No Time to Explain 76% Action - Platfomr Very Good PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy 70% Strategy Very Good PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy 70% Strategy Very Good Post Apocalyptic Mayhem 80% Racing Very Good Quest for Infamy 76% Adventure - Rpg Very Good Risen 2 - Dark Waters 75% Rpg Very Good Saints Row 2 75% Action - Open World Very Good Sanctum 2 87% Fps - Tower Defense Very Good Shadow Blade: Reload 80% Platform - Action Very Good Shadow Man 82% Action - Horror Very Good Shadow Warrior Classic Redux 88% Fps Very Good Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos 68% Strategy Very Good Soul Gambler: Dark Arts Edition: Soul Gambler + Soul Gambler: Artbook & Soundtrack 88% Adventure - Rpg Very Good King of Dragon Pass 77% Strategy - Rpg Very Good Talisman: Digital Edition 83% Boardgame - Multiplayer Very Good Teleglitch: Die More Edition 90% Rogue-Like Very Good Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers 92% Action - Adventure Very Good Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers 92% Action - Adventure Very Good Tower of Guns 87% Fps - Rogue-Like Very Good Tropico Trilogy: Tropico + Tropico 2 + Tropico 3 90% Strategy Very Good Secrets of Raetikon 72% Action - Adventure Very Good Two Worlds Epic Edition: Two Worlds + Tainted Blood add-on 72% Rpg - Open World Very Good Ultimate General Gettysburg 84% Strategy Very Good VVVVVV 96% Platform Very Good VVVVVV 96% Platform Very Good Vanguard Princess 73% Fighting Game - Coop Very Good Volgarr the Viking 84% Platform - Action Very Good World of Goo 93% Puzzle Very Good 1953 - KGB Unleashed 63% Adventure Very Good 2064: Read Only Memories 87% Adventure Very Good Battlepaths 75% Rpg Good Battlepaths 75% Rpg Good Battlepaths 75% Rpg Good A Valley Without Wind 64% Action - Multiplayer Good A Valley Without Wind 1 + 2 64% Action - Multiplayer Good Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends 77% Adventure Good Asteroid Bounty Hunter 62% Action - Rpg Good Avencast: Rise of the Mage 70% Action - Rpg Good Avencast: Rise of the Mage 70% Action - Rpg Good Battlepillars Gold Edition 90% Strategy - Action Good Back to Bed 76% Puzzle Good Chains 74% Puzzle Good Chains 74% Puzzle Good Chains 74% Puzzle Good Chompy Chomp Chomp 74% Action - Multiplayer Good Chompy Chomp Chomp 74% Action - Multiplayer Good Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller 82% Adventure Good Crash Time II 56% Racing - Open World Good Darkout 54% Rpg - Action Good Darkout 54% Rpg - Action Good Dusty Revenge: Co-op Edition 52% Action - Co-Op Good Explodemon 81% Platform Good Face Noir 62% Adventure Good Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre 66% Action - Multiplayer Good Frozen Synapse Prime 64% Strategy Good Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets 63% Casual - Action Good Gun Metal 80% Action Good Guns of Icarus Online 92% Multiplayer Good Guns of Icarus Online 92% Multiplayer Good Hacker Evolution 67% Simulation Good Imperium Romanum 77% Strategy Good Incoming Forces 76% Action Good Insurgency 90% Multiplayer - Fps Good Jets'n'Guns Gold 88% Shoot 'Em Up Good KnightShift 63% Rpg - Strategy Good LightFish 88% Puzzle Good Litil Divil 85% Adventure Good Litil Divil 85% Adventure Good Making History II: The War of the World 72% Strategy Good Mechanic Escape 81% Platform - Adventure Good Memories of a vagabond 78% Rpg Good Memories of a vagabond 78% Rpg Good Murder Miners 81% Fps Good NIGHTS Into Dreams 82% Action Good Night Blights 80% Horror Good Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals 55% Adventure Good Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals 55% Adventure Good Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi 82% Fps - Horror Good Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi 82% Fps - Horror Good Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi 82% Fps - Horror Good Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi 82% Fps - Horror Good Obulis 77% Puzzle Good Of Carrots And Blood 70% Action - Coop Good Oknytt 86% Adventure Good On My Own 60% Rpg - Survival Good Pretentious Game 73% Platform Good Paranautical Activity 67% Fps - Rogue-Like Good Particula 66% Tower Defense - Coop Good Pixel Piracy 64% Rpg - Strategy Good One More Dungeon 73% Rpg - Rogue-Like Good Plain Sight 65% Action - Multiplayer Good Platypus 83% Action - Coop Good Platypus 83% Action - Coop Good Platypus 83% Action - Coop Good Power-Up 58% Shoot 'Em Up Good RADical ROACH Deluxe Edition 51% Action Good RADical ROACH Deluxe Edition 51% Action Good Realms of the Haunting 70% Fps - Horror Good Rabbit Hole 3D 60% Puzzle Good Real Boxing 60% Sport Good Real Boxing 60% Sport Good 8BitBoy 71% Platform Good 8BitBoy 71% Platform Good Restaurant Empire II 60% Strategy Good Rituals 61% Adventure Good Rocket Birds: Hardboiled Chicken 76% Platform Good Rush Bros 60% Platform Good Rush for Glory 63% Tower Defense Good SPACECOM 68% Strategy - Multiplayer Good Sang-Froid 83% Action Good Savage Lands 54% Rpg Good Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete 83% Strategy Good Sinister City 64% Adventure Good Skyborn 83% Rpg Good Skyborn 83% Rpg Good Soulbringer 73% Rpg Good Soulbringer 73% Rpg Good Song of the Myrne 86% Rpg Good Space Farmers - DOUBLE PACK! (includes 2 copies of the game) 77% Action - Coop Good Space Hack 50% Rpg Good Space Hack 50% Rpg Good Space Hack 50% Rpg Good Spirits 72% Puzzle - Action Good Steel Storm Burning Retribution and DLCs: 2 copies of Steel Storm: Burning Retribution + 2 copies of the Weapon Pack DLC 81% Action Good Stigmat 71% Platform Good Street Racing Syndicate 82% Racing Good Subject 9 / Rpg - Action Good Syberia 88% Adventure Good Syberia 2 84% Adventure Good Symphony 87% Shoot 'Em Up Good TIMEframe 82% Indie Good Tales from the Void 63% Strategy - Rpg Good Tank Universal 56% Fps - Action Good Terra Incognita - Chapter One: The Descendant 71% Rpg Good Terra Incognita - Chapter One: The Descendant 71% Rpg Good Terra Incognita - Chapter One: The Descendant 71% Rpg Good The Culling of the Cows 70% Tower Defence Good The Journey Down: Chapter One 87% Adventure Good The Journey Down - Chapter Two 96% Adventure Good The Samaritan Paradox 80% Adventure Good The Sun at Night / Action - Platform Good The Witch's Yarn / Adveture Good Tidalis 70% Puzzle Good Tidalis 70% Puzzle Good Time Gentlemen Please & Ben There, Dan That Special Edition Double Pack 87% Adventure Good Time Gentlemen Please! and Ben There Dan That! 87% Adventure Good Turbo Pug 92% Platform Good War of the Roses: Kingmaker / Multiplayer - Fps Good War of the Roses: Kingmaker / Multiplayer - Fps Good Wasteland Angel 58% Action Good Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space 71% Strategy - Rogue-like Good Who's Your Daddy 72% Multiplayer Good Windforge 70% Rpg Good iBomber Defence Pacific 85% Strategy Good 1000 AMPS 78% Platform Good 12 Labours of Hercules 93% Strategy Good 12 Labours of Hercules 93% Strategy Good Blood of Old / Strategy Ok BoxesWithGuns 72% Arcade Ok AR-K 56% Adventure Ok ASMR Universe 66% Casual Ok Biology Battle / Arcade - Bullet Hell Ok Blast Em! 53% Shoot 'Em Up Ok Coldfire Keep 40% Rpg Ok Collider / Arcade - Multiplayer Ok Commando Jack 61% Tower Defense Ok Crystals of Time 51% Adventure Ok Crystals of Time 51% Adventure Ok Crystals of Time 51% Adventure Ok Dark Matter 40% Action - Horror Ok Desert Thunder 53% Action Ok Desert Thunder 53% Action Ok Desert Thunder 53% Action Ok Nux 41% Platform Ok One Day for Ched 47% Fps Ok Drive To Hell / Bullet Hell Ok Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus 50% Action - Beat 'Em Up Ok BoomTown! Deluxe 60% Strategy Ok Calcu-Late 50% Adventure - Rpg Ok Calcu-Late 50% Adventure - Rpg Ok Castle 44% Puzzle Ok Victim of Xen 52% Rpg Ok Wooden Floor 60% Horror Ok World War II: Panzer Claws 65% Rts - Strategy Ok BorderZone 55% Rpg - Action Ok Escape Machines 43% Strategy - Rpg Ok Flight of the Icarus 37% Action - Fps Ok Grimind 71% Adventure - Horror Ok Hacker Evolution: Untold 58% Simulation Ok Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead 56% Rpg Ok Mata Hari 56% Adventure Ok Metrocide 55% Indie Ok Neon Hardcorps 47% Action Ok Neon Hardcorps 47% Action Ok Ocean City Racing 37% Racing Ok QuestRun 53% Rpg Ok Rhythm Destruction 47% Rhythm Ok Skyward Collapse 44% Strategy Ok Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar 61% Rpg Low Cyborg Detonator + Beast Blaster + Zombie Boom / Action Low Glacier 3: The Meltdown 38% Racing Low Glacier 3: The Meltdown 38% Racing Low Glacier 3: The Meltdown 38% Racing Low Greed: Black Border 44% Rpg Low Hacker Evolution Duality 33% Simulation Low Huntsman: The Orphanage 37% Horror Low Huntsman: The Orphanage 37% Horror Low Krunch / Action Low Ludwig / Adventure Low Lost Civilization 47% Adventure Low Lost Civilization 47% Adventure Low Lup 48% Platform Low Metal Planet 29% Fps Low Rise of the Ancients 41% Tower Defense Low 4PM 35% Adventure Low Starion Tactics 27% Strategy Low Bloop 33% Puzzle Low Steel & Steam / Rpg Low Shattered Haven 45% Action Low Racer8 43% Racing Low Strayed / Survival Low Pressure / Racing Low


PAYDAY 2 - Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks

PAYDAY 2 Orc and Crossbreed Masks

Vanguard Princess Director's Cut DLC

Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize DLC

Vanguard Princess Kurumi DLC

Vanguard Princess Lilith DLC

Defense Grid 2: Double-Take Designer’s Cut DLC

Battle Islands Commanders - E3 Exclusive Crate

Gems of War – Demon Hunter Bundle

HAWKEN – Prosk Starter Bundle

Gotham City Impostors Free to Play: Professional Impostor Kit

Rock of Ages 2 – Classic Pack

Total War Battles: KINGDOM – Exclusive Humble Banner Heraldry

Total War Battles: KINGDOM 1000 in-game gold ($10 value)

Total War: ARENA – Exclusive Humble Warrior Greek Shield (available in Closed Beta)

Duelyst - 20 Spirit Orbs

Duelyst - Cosmetics Bundle

SolForge — Dinosaur Starter


Combat Cats (Desura)

Triera (Desura)

CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ DELUXE (Desura)

Data Hacker: Corruption (DESURA)

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends (DESURA)

Sinister City (DESURA)

12 Labours of Hercules (DESURA)

World of Warship (Key not on Steam)

Heroes of Might & Magic IV: Complete Edition (Uplay)

Might & Magic 1 to 6 collection (Uplay)

Might & Magic Heroes Online - Angel Starter Pack (Not key on steam but on

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf (Android)

The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault - Warmaster's Edition (Android):

Spaceteam (Android)

The last Express (Android)

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous (android)

Indie Game Magazine Voucher April 2015 issue voucher

Indie Game Magazine Voucher April 2014 issue voucher

Race the Sun (key on Flippfly)

The Wanderers (Indiegamestand)

Snake Blocks (Indiegamestand)



Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy (gog)

Lure of the Temptress (gog)

Beneath a Steel Sky (gog)

Teenagent (gog)

Tyrian 2000 (gog)

Ultima™ 4: Quest of the Avatar (gog)

Treasure Adventure Game (gog)

Worlds of Ultima™ : The Savage Empire (gog)

Ultima™ Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams (gog)

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete (gog)

Eschalon: Book I (gog)

Stargunner (gog)

Flight of the Amazon Queen (gog)




UFPS: Ultimate FPS

Inventory Pro

You can propose me any extra key you have, just look here to check if I don't have them already

Games Owned

Or Just link me your list of games if you have one.

You can also check there my Wishlist if you want a better idea of the genres I like. To summarize that I like strategy, rpg, action, original indie games but not only. Just please don't offer me rpg maker games, platform, puzzle games or similar. I got too many of those in bundles really.

Steam Account

Indiegala Rep Page

IGP Rep Page

SGW Rep Page

GT Rep Page

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