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CNN's Frederik Pleitgen speaks to fans

CNN World News - 13 hours 10 min ago
CNN's Frederik Pleitgen speaks to fans in Moscow following Mexico's first ever win over Germany during a World Cup match.
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CNN's Ana Cabrera speaks to John Moore,

CNN World News - 13 hours 10 min ago
CNN's Ana Cabrera speaks to John Moore, the Getty Images photographer behind the viral photo of a toddler crying as border patrol searches her mother.
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[PS4] Lone Wolf Pack "A Community For Solo Players"

World News Reddit - 13 hours 12 min ago

Hey everyone my name is Robin aka TwistedVegan(PSN),

Lone Wolf Pack [LWP] is a dedicated gaming community for PS4. LWP is built around the mantra of giving players that enjoy playing solo a community in which we can discuss the games, group up for group content and provide a nice and relaxed atmosphere to just chill and hang out in.

We started as a Division clan, but we have pretty much grown to become good friends in a community that play various games solo or together and we are looking for more to join us. This is so we can broaden our player base, meet and make new friends and have more numbers to do group content together.

We are around 30 strong and our members are from all corners of the world!

There are some of us that play daily, play every other day and that apparently do not need sleep. No matter what kind of gamer you are, we understand that everyone have responsibilities outside of gaming, so we do not expect you to be on 24/7.

There are no requirements for joining us, but we do encourage maturity and activity as well as having access to a microphone. We also use Discord actively, and we strongly encourage you to join us there.

If you are interested in joining our gang of adventurers, please click below!

-> <-

See you soon agents!

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F4A Dramatic roleplay

World News Reddit - 13 hours 15 min ago


So I just got done watching Californication for the third time. I wanted to sorta roleplay that it at least inspired by it but you don't need to have watched the show.

The script is basically this, and it will need someone who's very descriptive and creative.

The world is fucked up but in the land of Hollywood it might be more fucked up. We are both up and coming actors. Me having been discovered by a agent and just finished a movie with great reviews. And you've been working with acting for 2 years. Not we will both star in a new triple A movie that will certainly get the same reviews.

This will be a dramatic roleplay and it doesn't have to end happily ever after. It's just one of the many routes this roleplay can take. It might take a while or smut may happen straight away. We will simply have to see.


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Fixing the direction of star wars with 5 trilogies and one old republic saga

World News Reddit - 13 hours 16 min ago

The problem with Lucasfilm is that it has no idea what it is doing outside of the sequel trilogy(which I believe was planned well before Carrie fisher and Colin treverrow debacle). Solo and rogue one do not feed into a main story or set up anything to be excited for. Solo box office prove this.

They need to find a grand vision and make sure it is absolutely original...aiming for what marvel is doing in phase 3.

Phase 1 and 2 were inferior to phase 3 because feige started focusing more on making the film's "BLANK GENRE FILMS FIRST, superhero movies second"

Spiderman homecoming was a John hughes movie

Thor ragnarok was a Rick and Morty episode

Black panther was a political film

Guardians of the galaxy was space opera.

This cascade of genres allowed for each marvel film to feel fresh.


Make 5 trilogies and one saga...each of them have a unique genre and slowly build to a fourth Skywalker trilogy.

One trilogy can be a series of comedy films that are Rick and Morty esque movies about a group of social outcasts set 250 years after episode 9 where the galactic alliance and the fel imperium are in a cold war. These films can be metamodernist and weird, introducing deconstructed Sci fi concepts and colorful characters and complex world building. It can also contain political satire...making fun of the culture war and other political issues. This trilogy also introduces the rich elite of the galactic alliance, force sensitives part of the dark version of the jedi order known as the magistrium. These people have control of the galactic alliance senate via dark money contributions to the campaigns of politicians. The Skywalker clan controls the magistrium and are in the background like evil Morty. The film will explore philosophical and political concepts in a comedic light.

One trilogy can be a rogue one esque(but better written) about a commando unit working for the galactic alliance. This is similar to republic commandos as many of the darker themes of war films will be explored. These complex themes need to be the focus of this trilogy of movies. These films will hopefully capture the better elements of rogue one and get rid of all of its weaknesses(no more light hearted tone or nostalgia pandering). This qill be set in the same Era as the Rick and Morty esque trilogy.

One trilogy will do something that is unprecedented...a Droid revolution. These films will center on Droids who are trapped in the moral quagmire of a Marxist revolution of Droids who are now rebelling against their biological oppressors. Imagine wall-e meets blade runner. Hopefully this trilogy can be directed by David Fincher. These films will rock the very foundation of the entire political structure of star wars introduced in new hope...that Droids are subservient to the characters. This trilogy will be a end to that oppression. Ending with the Droids building their own "republic" in wild space. C3po and r2 will be very different Droids the next time we see them. Also set in the Era of the galactic alliance-fel imperium cold war.

Pirate of the carribean meets godfather in space with a female protagonist. This film will flesh out the criminal underworld of the galactic alliance and fel imperium as well as give us a proper underworld movie that solo failed to do. Pirates will be accessible(better than smugglers and drug lords that's for sure) and give us a darker yet feminist take on the underworld.

Doctor aphra movie trilogy, centered on doctor aphra and her relationship with her father. These films deal with the mystical elements of the aphra looks for ancient dark artifacts and secrets of the force. Aphra herself would have been frozen by Vader and released by the magistrium as they make her and her father work for the skywalkers(this won't be explained to avoid info dumps, instead the first movie will be like raiders of the lost ark, with her origin unexplained in the film).

Old republic saga, 5 movies each dealing with a protagonist loosely based on revan. This character is named Darth ruin, the first classical sith lord. He reinvented the sith, who before his reinvention were worshipers of a God king. Instead reinventing the sith to be like Ubermensches, building their own destinies. This god king was the prime jedi, the villain of the old Republic saga. Before the events of this saga, the prime jedi was obsessed with gaining god-hood and and immortality and tried to take control of the cosmic force itself. The force destroyed his spirit and he returned as a cosmic entity known as "the dark one". Creating the first darkside users and creating the sith empire, before he himself was weakened by ancient jedi and the first sith were wiped out. He would plant the seeds of his revenge by secretly destabilizing the Republic and siring children who would serve his dark purpose. And than he possessed a man and had sex with a woman and giving birth to a young force sensitive child...given to the jedi order, who will one day leave the jedi order to save the Republic from Mandalorians and slowly be disillusioned with the jedi and Republic and meeting his father...forced to sacrifice mandalore by destroying the world and rendering uninhabitable for the next 2 thousand years. He becomes Darth ruin and slowly undermines his father and creates a new sith empire with a third of the jedi order that left with him(a reference to lucifer from paradise lost), becoming the first modern sith. As this saga covers his reign, his exile from his own sith empire, to his redemption and his helping the jedi destroy the starforge. And finally leading to his final showdown with his father who possessed Darth ruins son...leading to ruin in a moral conundrum between killing his son to save the galaxy from the PRIME JEDI or saving his son somehow. The jedi and sith also work together. These films will be wuxia films and will center on spiritual and family themes.

Wuxia themes + old republic + more viceral force powers

  • Most wuxia stories involve the "Righteous Schools (明門正牌)" vs "Heretical Cults (邪門歪道)". In Star Wars terms, we can just call those Jedi and Sith respectively.

  • A common theme in wuxia novels is that some people from the Righteous Schools are actually evil and corrupt, while some folks from the supposedly Heretical Cults are actually good people. So you can add in some moral ambiguity here(something star wars fans beg for). This also opens the door to the jedi and the sith working together to destroy the prime jedi in the end of the saga.

  • Wuxia stories commonly refer to terms like "The Martial World (江湖)" and "The Kingdom/Empire (江山)". In Star Wars terms, that's just simply translates into The Galaxy and The Republic respectively.

  • Bring back the fast paced fighting styles. Wuxia combatants commonly jump and float around with their lightness kungfu. Some of them can even send out energy waves from their palms. These are your Force powers. Also, some stories involve powerful weapons, which in Star Wars terms means Lightsabers(Wuxia also lives off the brutality of these fights, do not be afraid to cut off limbs and heads midfight in mid sentence)

  • Instead of horses and chariots, you have some cool looking space ships and tech devices.

  • Fill up the galaxy with visual spectacle. Think more like tales of the jedi than the assembly line stuff from the OT and ST. Have each planet have their own style of ships, architecture, etc(not hard considering that space opera has thousands of planet types in which star wars can use and reinvent along with cultures).

  • Hire Michael ardnt(or Peter doctor of Pixar) to write a emotionally charged saga. Hire Tim miller to direct it(he made the old Republic cinematics) and have them study wuxia cinema to give this saga a unique flavor.

All leading to a fourth skywalker trilogy where the prime jedi returns, the skywalkers are villians that are controlled by him, eventually leading to a avengers style team up of the cast of the 5 trilogies to come together to save the galaxy from the evil prime jedi and the magistrium.

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What do you think of my coming out letter to my mom.

World News Reddit - 13 hours 17 min ago

It's 3 am and I can't sleep so I'm sitting in bed typing up a coming out email to my mom. Let me know what you think. It's so hard to communicate everything, to try to educate someone, you want them to know it all before they know anything, but when they live under a social rock and have no knowledge of trans issues it's very hard, so this is what I've come up with:

I'm sending this as an email only because I have no idea how to make sure that I say everything that needs to be said in person without getting completely tongue tied by anxiety.

I ask that you read the ENTIRE email start to finish before talking to me about this.

I also ask that you not share this or discuss what I say in it with ANYONE but me.

We've talked before about my issues with depression, and I don't know if I've mentioned, to a lesser extent anxiety. And it should be evident by my past endeavors in excessive exercise and obsessive self grooming that I have self image issues.

As of last month I finally decided to get myself a therapist - not to help me find out what's wrong, but because I knew what was wrong and finally was able to admit it to myself so I could seek help.

Also I hope you don't think this is some kind of suicide note so I'm just going to make sure you don't think that since I'm totally beating around the bush here, because I need to set the context first.

I've always felt a sense of wrongness and detachment in my life, like I was living someone else's story. I could never really say what was wrong or why. When I looked in the mirror what I saw often felt like a stranger. It was like my eyes couldn't connect with it, I couldn't even "see myself" in my reflection, if that makes any sense. Just bits and pieces my eye would bounce around on, like it was looking for something that wasn't there.

It wasn't until I was in my early teens I really had my first "hints," but at that time, I didn't know enough to think anything of it. They were just thoughts, I could ignore them and they would go away.

Except they wouldn't. Instead they evolved, and the longer I ignored them the worse I felt. I was so certain I could retrain my brain, set myself on the right path, be normal, but I couldn't, and it's just taken me until now, and doing some reading online, learning the science behind it to realize.

What I'm eventually getting around to saying is that I'm transgender, which probably means a very different thing to you than what it really is, which is why this is hard to explain.

The research heavily indicates that this begins before birth, the brain and body each have unique properties to each gender, but for whatever reason, they can actually develop independently, which means you have a brain expecting female hormones, a female body, a female life experience inside a body that's producing testosterone, growing body hair, has a deepening voice.

Around puberty when these changes ramp up, and with exposure to the "wrong" hormone, trans people begin to experience worsening "dysphoria" which is the only diagnostic criteria available. It means that physical or social reminders of your biological gender cause you emotional distress, the level varies greatly based on each person, which is why some people knew all along and others take decades to figure it out (Like yours, truly.)

It's hard to know where the cultural differences and biological difference diverge, but the most hard evidence we have now is that transgender brain patterns scan more like the brains of the gender with whom they identify than the one their bodies appear as. They also respond uniquely to administration of certain hormones, and respond more similar to the brain with which they identity. They may even be able to throw people in an MRI and "diagnose" them some day.

But ultimately, there's no way to rewire the brain. There's no way to cure this, or make it go away. I've read too many stories from people who have run from it, looking to find self acceptance in ways like I did, by trying to excessively masculinize themselves by growing a beard, building muscle, acting more tough and macho. The deeper they go into that hole, the worse they feel, because it's denying your own nature.

I've read a story from a person who ignored it for 58 years until they were on their death bed with cancer, with a family and children, and said that they regret not doing anytging about it their entire life.

I've read stories from people in their 40s who finally realized they will never be happy because they've tried so hard to be a "man" in society, getting married, having kids, even badass military guys who ran from it with multiple tours of duties as a distraction before they cracked.

There is only one effective treatment, one that gives people peace of mind and happiness and can give them some sense of being themselves, and that's transitioning.

Transitioning means taking hormones, it means undergoing visual changes, social changes, but it also means being able to be who a person feels they truly are instead of what everyone around them is comfortable with.

If you truly know me, you know at this point I've exhausted all my other options, I would never make such a decision lightly, without feeling full well this is the only way I will ever find happiness.

The earliest I had these thoughts was between 14 and 16. They got much stronger several years ago, and it was only recently I realized how many of my other issues are caused by this. This isn't new to me, it's not a sudden realization, and the media attention to it in recent history only helped me to feel more validated, that I'm not alone or some circus freak or weird sexual deviant.

The costs aren't an issue, it's about $45 a month for the hormones. I'm not asking for anything from you. Anything beyond that is my business, that is surgeries and any of that, it's not an immediate concern of mine.

I just want to feel, for once, that I'm living authentically as the person I want to be, and not something that makes the rest of the world comfortable with who I am.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions so I'll try to answer as many of the common ones as I can.

This is NOT about thinking I'll be pretty, since I doubt that's going to be the case.

I am not, immediately, due to my own comfort levels, going to ask people to call me by a different gender or name BUT there will likely come a time when I will, and I would like that to be respected.

So far I've only told [redacted names] and now you. I have no idea how I'm going to handle work or the rest of the family, but I'll have to just find a way.

[Redacted] state law protects against workplace discrimination by gender identify for which I am very fortunate.

I know this will make the rest of my life harder than it already will be, Crohns disease and all.

People are going to hate me and treat me like shit because I make them mildly uncomfortable.

I will risk harassment and physical violence, religious nut jobs trying to take way my legal rights because they don't understand science and medicine.

But it doesn't matter, because being transgender isn't a choice, only transitioning is, and if it's a choice between my happiness and everyone else's comfort the world can go fuck itself.

If you want to talk about it please do so out of earshot of the other two in the house. I'm not ready to tell them.

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Wtf is happening? League is imploding for me...

World News Reddit - 13 hours 17 min ago

I am a Platinum 2 Adc Main who is a hardcore Cloud9 fan ever since they qualified with the original roster. This isn't the same game anymore to me, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but... wtf.

  1. Adc/Bot lane is a fiesta currently (not even arguing whether they are good or not).
  2. Games are decided by the 8 minute mark most games for me (i began timing each game to see when exactly my team gave up).
  3. Cloud9 is making all these roster changes and what not. We have 0 members on the main team who were at worlds last year when they almost made semis.
  4. Riot announced some type of ranked per role thing, why is this even a thing? The current system works currently. Why not just add the new tiers to spread out that Diamond 5 mess and that's it.

League feels like it's imploding for me personally. Anyone have similar feelings? (or am i just another whiny adc main xD)

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18[F4M] My Adventure Begins...

World News Reddit - 13 hours 20 min ago


I’m looking for a GM who knows his way around CYOA Games and is willing to give one of two idea a go!

Fantasy: This would be a world that we can make together. I would play myself and it would be me exploring the world to find my sister and what happened to her. You would be everything I encounter in this smutty world (like trolls goblins, pigmen, minotaurs ect) it’s a bit like the game Corruption of Champions


This would be one where me and my family move to this new town in the middle of summer. With no school for a few weeks I’m free to explore and meet the new people around town. Welcome to the neighbourhood...

Both would work well and of corse my kinks: Monsters Impregnated (<3) Old and young Cock and cum worship Rough Dom The list goes on

So please send me what you think, what one you like more, your kinks and ideas and I look forward to playing!

Kik: meganwintersx

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Questions about an IT career (Information Systems, CS minor)

World News Reddit - 13 hours 22 min ago

Hello, I made two posts a couple of months ago, regarding IT career path and general concerns. I have doing my classes, researching IT ABC's, and been doing tons of research. Currently a IS major at University of

Colorado: Colorado Springs. This post is long and has many questions because I have a shotgun blast of questions/concerns.

I am currently taking a summer Java class and will be trying to do my own independent coding (python). However, if I like programming and am good at it I will transfer to a full CS degree.

Though math and science are not my strengths (which will probably destroy my GPA), but that’s why I do not want to do a CS degree. It primarily the programming, the higher end programming in Junior and Senior years.

I do not want to get to my Junior year just so I drop out and do something else (Plus I do not really want to be a full time developer/coder).

I went with IS because what attracts me more is the IT field such as Sysadmin, but primarily the Network admin/engineer fields.

However, it has been somewhat discouraging because I want to do the best for me in my career choice. I have been hearing heavy mix opinions about the MIS, IS, and CIS programs in general.

Some people say it’s a great degree to go into, however other people just call it a trash/useless degree. I have read some Network Engineer/ IT shops do not ever consider IS as a "IT" degree.

This is concerning to me, because I do not want to handicap myself when in the job field. I have also heard that Universities have start getting rid of these programs due to poor placements. My college has some internships for IS, mainly IT management and some IT security, though it is a lot more focused on CS internships (could just be the Colorado Springs area though, though tbh it does seem like a small IS dept.).

Also, with more software-oriented IT is becoming, will it be worth it to still do an IS degree in a ever increasing CS world?

(check out this goal orientedgoals guy, he has some strong opinions. It a little older, but this is just one of the many I have read on many different forums. Many people in other reddits such as r/sysadmin had a lot of people saying they regret doing a IS degree.)

Just from what I have been reading it is somewhat discouraging, sigh it seems like an IT degree would have been nice but there are no schools nearby that offer it (except for CTU).

IS seems to business to my liking too, I would prefer more technical classes.

with this type of degree being so mixed and polarized from everyone is just seems like it better to get a liberal arts degree or no degree than an IS degree XD.

However I will preserve depending on what happens in this summer, either I will do a IS/CS minor or a CS degree (prob a 10% chance but we will see).

Thank you for taking your time and reviewing my post. I may be over analyzing things, but its my future so I want the best for me.

Here some additional unrelated questions (I have so many).

  1. I know Network Engineering will not be dying in the future, but I always see stories/articles that say "Networking is dying because of SDN/Automation." However, I think the more appropriate question is will Network Engineering be "declining" slowly in the future? The admin I work with says it won’t be if you adapt, but will networking jobs be declining within the decades?

  2. I have been exploring all my options, one is a "Computer Security" degree. I won’t major in this because I think it’s too new, and some new program that U of Colorado is doing. This one is just my curiosity it’s just seems like a mash of business + programming classes. Though what do you guys think, I know one of my CS friends was interested in this, and I heard people getting placed into internship with this degree.

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3:13 AM in WV

World News Reddit - 13 hours 23 min ago

Here i lay again tonight next to my wife who is sound asleep and alone with my thoughts. The evil deed has been done about 40 minutes ago. Relapse for 3 days consecutively. I'm often up this late because i get off work @ 11 and then i'm up for awhile.. because i can't sleep.

So, i have a problem. I've had it for years. But this year in particular i've had some sort of awakening where i've been trying to fight back against it. And, i don't want to give up. But, some days i am weaker than butter. Most days actually. Since like the age of 13 when i was formally introduced to this evil. (Actually further back when i was molested ) i haven't been the same since.

I'm at this weird spot with the Lord in my life. It seems that i pray, pray, pray, pray, pray and pray some more.. but it always seems to fall on deaf ears. I know Christians are supposed to walk in faith, but i LITERALLY feel like i am not worthy or i am doing something wrong.

Half of me knows the Lord is there, the other half doubts. And it hasn't always been like that, i'm just at this place in my life. I want to be made NEW. I've gotten saved young, since then i have back slidden then re dedicated countless times. But each time, i still feel like something is missing. Maybe motivation?

I read about Moses, David, Samson etc... people that got things done, that God talked directly too. That did AWESOME things..

But here i am 3:13 in West Virginia, typing to Reddit.

I don't want this satanic pornographic disease anymore, i don't want to live like this. A guy on here a few days ago said i bit off more than i could chew by trying to quit cold turkey. I resented that. But he was right. I am depressed. I feel like God doesn't hear me. I feel useless. And i feel like i'll die anytime, and when i do.. what will my life have been? A sick masterbator who was half married to his wife, can't find God, and was never used to make an impact on this world.

Just ranting.

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[CN] The Great Ruler - Chapters 544 - 546

World News Reddit - 13 hours 24 min ago
The Great Ruler | Da Zhu Zai | 大主宰 Author: Tian Can Tu Dou | 天蚕土豆 Chapter 544 Chapter 545 Chapter 546

Official Synopsis

The Great Thousand World. It is a place where numerous planes intersect, a place where many clans live and a place where a group of lords assemble. The Heavenly Sovereigns appear one by one from the Lower Planes and they will all display a legend that others would desire as they pursue the road of being a ruler in this boundless world.

In the Endless Fire Territory that the Flame Emperor controls, thousands of fire blazes through the heavens.

Inside the Martial Realm, the power of the Martial Ancestor frightens the heaven and the earth.

At the West Heaven Temple, the might of the Emperor of a Hundred Battles is absolute.

In the Northern Desolate Hill, a place filled with thousands of graves, the Immortal Owner rules the world.

A boy from the Northern Spiritual Realm comes out, riding on a Nine Netherworld Bird, as he charges into the brilliant and diverse world. Just who can rule over their destiny of their path on becoming a Great Ruler? In the Great Thousand World, many strive to become a Great Ruler.

More Links

Translated by /u/Thyaeria at Wuxiaworld

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Japan 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in the northern Osaka area

World News Reddit - 13 hours 26 min ago

Japan Meteorological Agency

  • This earthquake poses no tsunami risk
  • There is no region where seismic intensity of 3 or greater has been observed.

Japan National Tourism Organisation

Oska City Website


News Stories


  • killed at least three people, including a child, and injured more than 200.
  • Airports in the area were closed for several hours, train lines interrupted and factories had to halt production.
  • Japan lies in a particularly earthquake-prone region and accounts for around 20% of quakes worldwide of magnitude 6.0 or more
  • Some 170,000 houses were left without power and gas supplies to more than 100,000 homes were stopped, the Japan Times reported.
  • The quake also affected the cities of Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, and Shiga
  • The meteorological agency warned the quake might be followed by another big tremor in the coming days.
  • companies like Panasonic and Daihatsu saying they were suspending production at their affected sites.

The Japan Times

  • One of the most powerful earthquakes to rock the Kansai region in decades
  • The earthquake, measuring magnitude 6.1 and a lower 6 on the Japanese seismic scale of 7, hit at 7:58 a.m. and occurred at a depth of about 13 km in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture, the Meteorological Agency said
  • A number of injuries and dozens of fires were reported from Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto and Mie prefectures, according to local police and city authorities.
  • Disaster management minister Hachiro Okonogi said people were reportedly trapped under a collapsed building. Authorities were working to confirm the details.
  • The weather agency issued a warning against landslides, adding that people should be cautious about possible aftershocks for a few days.
  • Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, speaking in Tokyo, said the government was not aware of any reports of damage to nuclear power plants near Osaka, such as the Takahama and Oi plants in Fukui Prefecture.
  • There is no immediate plan at the moment to open evacuation centers or supply food or drinking water to affected areas, Suga said, adding that the government has not so far received any request for Self-Defense Forces personnel to be dispatched.
  • More than 60 bullet trains were canceled during the morning
  • No abnormalities were reported at the Takahama, Mihama and Oi nuclear plants in the prefecture, according to Kepco.
  • The quake left many commuters stranded at stations or on streets during the morning rush hour after it disrupted shinkansen and other rail operations in western and central Japan.
  • In a quake with an intensity of lower 6, it is difficult to remain standing and unsecured furniture may move or topple over, according to the meteorological agency.

Chicago Tribune

The Times (full digital access [paid subscription])


Global News


The Globe and Mail (paid subscription)



The New Zealand Herald


The Financial Times



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Random Driver Highlight #25 -- Josef Peters

World News Reddit - 13 hours 27 min ago

My 25th Random Driver Highlight won't be a long one. In fact, it's quite short. Very short.

Partially because, as much as I could try, there's hardly any information about this dude. Still, I shall try with #471...

Josef Peters


Nationality: German

Years in F1: 1952

Teams Raced For: Veritas (Privateer)

Entries: 1

Starts: 1

Podium Finishes: 0

Points: 0

Highest Finish: DNF (1952 German Grand Prix)

Method of advancing his racing career: Claiming cars from dead drivers. Twice.

Part 1: Inheritance

Josef Peters was born in the city of Dusseldorf on September 16, 1914, just as the First World War was kicking off with the First Battle of the Marne. Not much is known about Josef Peters life from young. We don't know his parents. We don't know what he did in his childhood or teenage years. We're not even sure what role he played in World War II. All we know was that Peters would start his racing career in 1950 at the age of 35 with one of the strangest ways to start a racing career.

In the days before karting, there was a whole host of ways one could find that spark to begin their racing career. Juan Manuel Fangio's driving ability was discovered by his commanding officer in the army. Moises Solana had his dad build mini-racing cars for him from the age of four. Bill Aston only ever thought about racing in his fifties.

As for Josef Peters? Well, one source I found says that he was probably a good friend in Ralph Roese, another resident of Dusseldorf. More importantly, Roese was a racing driver and had a fair amount of success on the local stage. He was a two-time German motorcycle champion and a decent competitor in Sportscars, managing a seventh place in the 1939 24 Hours of Le Mans and a third in the 24 Hours of Spa that year. After the war, he became a privateer entrant for Veritas, an emerging German sportscar manufacturer, and continued his local success with a streak of podiums in several national races.

However, while on his way to the Veritas factory to look for a new car to purchase in February 1950, Roese and three others died when an oncoming driver lost control and crashed into their car, setting both cars ablaze. Germany had lost one of their best national racers.

And, as a result, this became the launchpad for Josef Peters' career.

How, you may ask? Well, Josef Peters was Roese's friend, or so the story seems to be. After Roese's death, his Veritas sportscar would find a new owner. And, somehow, it ended up with Peters.

And Josef Peters couldn't leave a Veritas like that to gather dust.

So, that very year, he entered his first race with it.

On Germany's fastest racetrack.

Not AVUS, mind. Peters entered his first race at the Grenzlandring, a nine-kilometre flat oval consisting of a concrete road paved for military use around the village of Wegberg. And while Peters wasn't the quickest driver that day, he didn't embarrass himself, finishing fifth out of ten starters. A good middle of the pack run.

Peters probably thought that motor racing probably wasn't too bad of a thing after all. The following year, in 1951, Peters went on to enter a couple more sportscar races with the Veritas, all with varying degrees of success, from a second place at the sexiest version of the Norisring to a DNF at the Eifelrennen.

Having found his feet in Sportscars, Peters Veritas, it seems, was also eligible for Formula Two competition, as evidenced by several other drivers like Fritz Reiss entering similar Veritas RS models into Formula Two races. Dipping his toe in the water, Peters entered his Veritas in the Formula Two race at the Grenzlandring, only to retire from the race.

Still, this opened up the opportunity for Peters to make his name known in Formula Two, and so he entered the West German Formula Two Championship for 1952.

And it just so happened that the World Driver's Championship would be using Formula Two Regulations next year.

And it just so happened that the 1952 German Grand Prix was not only the sixth round of the WDC, but also the second round of the German Championship.

Part 2: Better Across the Border

Peters was all set to enter the West German Championship, but before the season started, I bet Peters saw it right to get some practice in. In 1952, East Germany wasn't the walled-off, border-patrolling state that we associate it with just yet. So much so that West German drivers were allowed, on occasion, to race in the East. Though ineligible for the East German Championship, Peters saw these races as a suitable way to earn some quick prize money as well as to stretch out the legs of his aging Veritas.

And, truth be told, Peters probably found his biggest success that year in East Germany. He finished second behind East German racing legend Paul Griefzu at Rostock and a fourth place in Dessau, challenging Rudolf Krause for third for a while in that race.

In contrast to his promising East German results, Peters had no such luck in the first round of the West German championship, the Eifelrennen, where he qualified down the grid and retired halfway through. However, on that day, there was an actual tragedy as Josef Hackenberg, competing in the 2000cc Sportscar category, made contact with the Swede Valdemar Stener. His Veritas RS crashed out, killing the mysterious Hackenberg.

Most people would see this as a disastrous tragedy in the motor racing world. For one Josef Peters, this was an opportunity. Hackenberg was a Dusseldorf resident, just like Peters. The Veritas, though damaged, was still in a repairable condition.

I bet you already know what Peters did.

Yep. He took ownership of yet another Veritas RS after its previous owner died in an accident.

I personally don't know Peters. No real primary sources I found lets me in on this. Only a post on the Nostalgia Forum on Autosport, though from a very knowledgeable source, is the only source for this. So, I don't know if that bit is 100 percent true, but the background information of Josef Peters casually picking up the inheritance of two sportscars from Dusseldorf residents just to race them himself is morbidly hilarious.

Anyway, where was I. Ah, yes, it's about time that we get to see Josef Peters take on the World Driver's Championship. He was one of fifteen German one-off entrants that race, all also competing for the West German Championship, mind you. And he was entering his Veritas RS, the closed-wheel sportscar, into a Grand Prix.

And he would last just one lap before his engine seized.

Granted, a lap at the Nurburgring was still 23 kilometres, but still, it was just that one lap. And that was the end of Josef Peters' career in the World Championship. That one lap. Distance wise, the tenth shortest career in the World Championship.

And, to be honest, Peters' further racing career didn't have much mileage after that. His podium in the next round of the West German championship at his home track, the Grenzlandring, was overshadowed when Helmut Niedermayr's crash killed thirteen identified spectators and injured another thirty. The final race of the championship, at AVUS, ended for Peters before he could even complete a lap.

After his relative lack of success in 1952, Peters called it quits in 1953, but not before one final race in the 1953 Nurburgring 1000 kilometres. He partnered Wolfgang Siedel in a Veritas Comet RS, though this Veritas was entered by Siedel, making this probably the only Veritas that he drove without inheriting it from a fellow racer's death. In a field full of Maserati entrants in his 2.0 class, Siedel and Peters weren't expected to be competitive in their class, let alone overall.

At the start, indeed, the Maseratis were much faster than Siedel's and Peters' antique of a Veritas. However, miraculously, the Maseratis started dropping like flies. In the end, all Maseratis pulled out of the race, and with the only other 2.0 car entered by Cooper being a full four laps behind, Josef Peters and Wolfgang Siedel, somehow, took the victory in the 2.0-litre class. Even though they were still a full thirty minutes behind the technically slower 1.5-litre class winner, a victory in their class was still a victory.

And so, in a career where he was anonymous, a career which started off him inheriting a car from a dead friend, a career which was better for him in the socialist, one-party state than his home country, a career that lasted just a single lap on the grand stage, Josef Peters capped it off with the only victory in his entire career.

There are some drivers here that, when I write about them, I forget about them instantly, like Chico Serra or Boy Hayje. There are a select few, though, who are my boys. Which, according to OSW Review, a 'boy' is a driver who is unsuccessful, unpopular and untalented that you absolutely adore.

After writing highlights about them, Ken Richardson is in my boy stable. So is Rikky von Opel. As is Eppie Wietzes.

And, after writing this, I think Josef Peters can enter my boy stable too.

All credit to the following sources:

Nostalgia Forum -- Racing Sportscars -- ConceptCarz -- Motorsport Memorial -- Formula Two Index -- StatsF1

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