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Heavy smoke could threaten Edmonton Eskimos game on Saturday

Edmonton Sun - 2 hours 49 min ago

A lot of good the No Smoking signs around Commonwealth Stadium have done this week.

With an air quality warning in effect Wednesday due to smoke from British Columbia wildfires, the Edmonton Eskimos were chased inside to practice in the confines of the indoor fieldhouse.

And if conditions don’t improve, Saturday’s game against the visiting Montreal Alouettes (7 p.m., TSN, ESPN+, 630 CHED) may have to be rescheduled.

“If we’re not allowed to practise out in it right now and if it doesn’t get any better, I don’t know what else we’re going to do,” said Eskimos head coach Jason Maas. “So I’ll let that be up to the league, how they’re going to handle that, but we’ll do whatever they say.

“But obviously, it was bad enough out there today that we were advised not to go out in it. So we’ll just see what it’s like come game time. We’ll show up ready to play, and if we can’t, we can’t.”

A thick haze hung over the downtown skyline as the Eskimos kicked off their regularly scheduled two-hour-and-20 minute practice. But as the sun rose Thursday morning, it cast a dull orange hue that seemed almost eerie.

“I woke up, I thought my alarm was an hour early because it was so dark out. It was scary,” said middle linebacker J.C. Sherritt. “That’s wild, it was a little bit of a freaky day.

“I’m glad we got to come inside because that air, I’m not trying to breathe that all day.”

The smoke was noticeable enough just walking around outdoors, let alone running patterns and performing drills on field.

“I’m assuming you’re not supposed to breath air that’s out there right now,” Maas said. “You’re breathing in more air than normal when you’re huffing and puffing and exerting more energy.

“I get it, I understand it, and we’re fortunate enough to have a building like this that we’re able to practice in and get work in.”

In his 18 years in the Canadian Football League, Maas said he’s never seen anything like it before.

“It’s pretty remarkable, to be quite honest with you,” he said. “I feel bad for where it’s coming from, I know they’re dealing with a lot more issues than we are here, just with the air quality.

“So it’s unfortunate. We’re dealing with it the best way we can.”

It wasn’t the welcome linebacker Adam Konar hoped for having returned to practice this week after suffering a concussion in the season opener.

“It’s pretty tough breathing out there in the smoke, so to come inside is actually a pretty nice break for everyone’s lungs. Especially for me,” said Konar. “It’s been kind of flaring up my asthma a little bit, but it’s nothing major.

“Just take a couple inhalers and you’re good.”

Having grown up in B.C.’s lower mainland, Konar has seen his fair share of forest-fire smoke.

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the smoke this bad, honestly,” he said. “Hopefully, the weather kind of clears up throughout the week.”


After spending the past two seasons in the East Division between the Ottawa Redblacks and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Tanner Doll has come home.

The six-foot, 221-pound long-snapper from St. Albert was signed by the Eskimos on Tuesday.

“It’s good to have that depth,” Maas said. “He’s also played linebacker for us, and with our inability to stay healthy at that position at times, it’s nice to have a guy in-house that can do that.”

The 25-year-old has been placed on the active roster and will likely get in on special teams Saturday.

“It’s great. You dream about that growing up in Edmonton,” Doll said of playing for his hometown team, which he and his father had tickets to see take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Week 2, after being cut by Ottawa in training camp. “But then I got picked up by Hamilton.

“For the past three years, I’ve lined up on the other sideline. It was still a great thrill playing in Commonwealth, growing up watching the games here, but now I get to line up in the green and gold.”

In and out: RB C.J. Gable sat out of practice for the second day in a row … The Eskimos placed CB Arjen Colquhoun back on the six-game injured list, where he started the 2018 season. The second-year Michigan State product initially came off the list to play the last two weeks, but was limited to special-teams work.

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JONES: Upcoming game against Alouettes looking more like a gimme for Eskimos

Edmonton Sun - 3 hours 38 sec ago

Johnny Manziel didn’t practice with the Alouettes for a second straight day in Montreal.

The Als indicated they are out when it comes to acquiring receiver Duron Carter after his release from the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Good seats are still available for Saturday’s game against the last-place 1-7 Als at Commonwealth Stadium.

Maybe the Eskimos should consider a last-minute ‘Guaranteed Win Night’ promotion.

I mean, think about it.

If Jason Maas gets the desired effect from his announcement that he intends to make changes to his own discipline issues on the sidelines in an effort to eliminate penalties, this should be a blowout.

Two games ago in Montreal, the Eskimos took 17 penalties for 191 yards and won 44-23 in Montreal.

Quarterback Mike Reilly passed for 415 yards, threw for four touchdowns and ran for another TD himself.

Duke Williams, Derel Walker and Kenny Stafford combined to produce 298 yards in pass receptions, Kwaku Boateng had three sacks and the team six. The Eskimos dominated the time of possession 35:11 to 24:49

On Saturday, they’re home in a snarly mood after gassing a 20-10 lead last week in Vancouver and losing 31-23 to allow the B.C. Lions to remain in the playoff picture.

With three losses already this season, the Eskimos have suddenly placed themselves in a position of not providing themselves with a home playoff game in a year when the 106th Grey Cup game will be played here.

This is a team that heads into the Saturday 7 p.m. game needing to start playing 60-minute football games and establishing themselves as the force and a team to beat like everybody expected them to be.

“When we put it all together, we’re going to be dangerous,” said Walker. “When we cut our penalties down from 14 to maybe five, we’re going to be a lot better off. We want to come out and dominate at every position, particularly at the receiver position,” he said of the area where Williams and Walker go into the game ranked 1-2 in the league with 759 and 734 yards, respectively.

Middle linebacker J.C. Sherritt, who will play his 100th Canadian Football League game on Saturday, has been around long enough to figure he knows the way it works.

“We’ve seen for a lot of years now that it’s team that grows the most during the season that raises the Grey Cup at the end of the season,” he said. “It’s not the team that dominates the regular season or has the hottest start. It’s who grows and who learns that will raise the Cup.”

A lot of focus has been on penalties, but not playing 60-minute games has been just as big of a problem.

“Absolutely,” said Sherritt. “You let your guard down for a quarter as you saw in B.C., you can dominate three quarters and lose one and lose the game.”

The Eskimos have three losses already this season, but so far, they haven’t lost two in a row and figure if they keep that going throughout the schedule, they’ll be playing a playoff game at home.

To lose two in a row, when the second game looks like a speed bump, could send their season skidding into the ditch with an away game in Hamilton followed by the back-to-back Labour Day games against the undefeated Calgary Stampeders. So there’s that as well.

“There’s been great energy out here and we expect to play well” said head coach Jason Maas. “That’s just the mindset that you have went you work hard and prepare hard. You expect results. That’s what our mindset is right now.”

When you beat a team by 21 on the road and yet take as many penalties as they did in Montreal, you’d figure the Eskimos have to be looking to put the boots to that team.

“No question, the last time we played them, there was room for improvement in the penalty department,” said Maas. “There was also improvement for the way we played. So we’re just looking to play a complete game, become more disciplined and look to be better on all fronts going into this one.”

Maas said he is not concerned by it being a so-called ‘trap’ game.

“Nope. We don’t concern ourselves with that kind of thinking,” he said. “We work extremely hard here no matter who we play. We realize it’s professional football. Each week, you play against professional athletes who get coached well and play hard.

“The least of our worries are about where they are in the standings and what type of team they are.

“We’re concerned about ourselves and getting better and playing good football week in and week out. When you concern yourselves with how you prepare, you don’t worry about the opponent as much.”

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EXIT Edmonton Escape on Whyte presents: REDEMPTION - 5/5 Diffic

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 3 hours 3 min ago
EXIT Edmonton Escape on Whyte presents: REDEMPTION - 5/5 Difficulty Targeted, kidnapped and chained, you and your team have fallen victim to a sadistic game by a self-styled vigilante killer bent on ...
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Needed ride from Edmonton to Calgary tomorrow afternoon 3.30

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 3 hours 4 min ago
I was looking passenger going with me Calgary tomorrow augest 16 . 3.30pm so any one interested text me by number 4033634802 thank you
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Transport Canada Compliant Drone Training in Edmonton, AB

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 3 hours 45 min ago
According to Transport Canada regulations, brought forward on 21 December 2016, all commercial UAV operators (anybody using drones for work or research, where they would stand to gain any benefit ...
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Looking for friends only

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 3 hours 53 min ago
I’m a 29yo m looking for female friends for friends only. I don’t have many friends anymore. I always got along better with females. Just looking for someone to talk to. There’s been things going on ...
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Quakers in Edmonton?

Edmonton Reddit - 3 hours 55 min ago

I checked out the website for the local meeting of the Society of Friends and it looks like it's a fairly small, middle-aged group. Are there younger, hipper Quakers around? Preferably with kids?

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Air quality?

Edmonton Reddit - 4 hours 4 min ago

Hey guys, so I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what is the air like there right now? Just how smoky is it due to the wildfires?

We'll be camping on the weekend in Jasper and Im hoping that it isn't as bad as Edmonton right now.


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Applying to either UofA or NAIT as an International Grad Student looking for long-term work in Edmonton/Canada? Beware long, long post!

Edmonton Reddit - 4 hours 16 min ago

Hello beautiful people from Edmonton, I'm from Peru and I miss your city dearly. I was there last Holiday visiting my cousin and her family, and not even the -30ºC temps managed to tarnish my experience going around the city and Alberta itself (Seriously, having something like Banff that close is just plain UNFAIR guys). All and all, you can probably tell I really want to go back and stay a lot longer than before. I've always been kind of a nomad and I feel like my time here in Lima is over after 10 years, and I'm totally wasting my english proficiency as well, or so I've been told by the Canadians I met.

I'm a B.Sc. in "Industrial Engineering". By UofA standards, it's more akin to what is offered in their "Engineering Management" Graduate course: A lot of focus in soft skills and management without going too far into the hard sciences. The thing is, UofA and a lot of Canadian Universities seem to have a strong focus on research and paving the way for a phD, even if they offer "course-based" options. On top of that, the requirements for the Engineering Graduate programs are appropriately tough and I'm sure my theoretical background is not enough for things such as Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Engineering (I'm not interested in pursuing yet another Management program).

Now then, I hadn't considered NAIT at all until a couple of days back when my cousin told me about it over the phone. I guess she could tell I was starting to feel a little eager about going back to Canada (To eitehr pursue my studies or to stay for work). I've been looking through the web and Reddit for more information and it -seems- as if NAIT would be a better fit for my particular case. I already have an Engineering B.Sc. and work experience in different industries, but I'm only really interested in following a career path by becoming an expert in a particular field: I'm not particularly restricted by field of study (I can take Finances, Programming, etc.), it won't take 4-5 years and I'll get education focused on application and on-hands field experience. All I heard from the people I met in Edmonton was that they put experience above all things, even Master's Degrees.

As you can tell, I'm a little torn by all of this. For the record, I have a 8/9 Academic IELTS diploma which is valid until July 2019 (originally took it just to know where I was standing and to open future chances), so I have less than a year to prepare myself for everything!! I've checked Express Entry from the ICC and while it is a great option I'd rather spend my last years as a 20er squeezing as much education and development abroad as possible rather than waiting for the invitation. It's also important to mention that wherever I land at, I'll initially have my cousin's support as she has offered me a place to stay and no extra charges as long as I help with the cooking and chores hahaha.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is writing, so I'm sorry if this is such a massive wall of text but I like to convey every possible thing that comes to my mind while doing it. Thank you so much for your time and be careful with the smoke! I've been there, but our culprits were landslides xD

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The chick from south side , I lost ur number

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 4 hours 28 min ago
The south side chick , lost ur number , text me
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Pressure’s on Edmonton Eskimos to continue protecting Mike Reilly

Edmonton Sun - 4 hours 28 min ago

Football can be a game of inches.

But for a quarterback in the pocket, it’s also a game of seconds.

Fractions of a second, even, for Mike Reilly last week in Vancouver.

And if the Edmonton Eskimos quarterback had a few more of them, a few more of his passes might not have been a few inches off the mark.

As it was, the reigning Canadian Football League most outstanding player completed 26 of 41 passes for 302 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

While perfectly acceptable, those numbers aren’t quite on par with the record-setting pace the Eskimos passing game was on out of the gates.

“We just couldn’t get rolling as an offence,” said receiver Derel Walker, who led the way with five catches for 117 yards to pull right behind teammate and league-leading receiver Duke Williams on the Canadian Football League receiving-yards list. “We had quite a bit of two-and-outs (converting on just 12 of 23 second-down chances) and couldn’t get down the field and score.

“We couldn’t finish, we had a few turnovers and a lot of pressure on the quarterback.”

It’s that last part that was the biggest culprit, as Reilly faced second-half pressure from the Lions pass rush that turned the tide in B.C.’s favour after the hosts were trailing 20-10 at halftime.

Unfortunately, the league doesn’t officially keep stats on quarterback pressures, following an unsuccessful attempt last season that resulted in widely disparaging numbers between stats crews across the country.

But according to a count by TSN’s Derek Taylor, Lions defensive end Shawn Lemon came up with seven pressures, including a sack, in the game, which equalled his entire production with the Toronto Argonauts prior to being traded. It also tied a CFL-best seven pressures in a game this season by teammate Odell Willis against the Ottawa Redblacks.

Over the first six weeks of the season, Reilly had been the most accurate passer in the league among starters, with 68.9-per-cent accuracy. After the past two games, that number has dropped to 66 per cent, which ties him for third overall with Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell.

At the same time, an Eskimos pass protection unit that had been superhuman in allowing just four sacks in its first six games has now allowed seven in the past two — albeit four of those came against a Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive line that is arguably the best in the league.

On the flip side, the same could be said for the Eskimos offensive line that surrendered a league-low 23 sacks in 2017.

“That’s how it is when you’ve given up the least, everybody has a huge target on your back,” said Eskimos centre Justin Sorensen, who was back against B.C. after sitting out the previous week with a calf injury. “They say we’re a good O-line, so everybody’s going to come at us all the time, right?

“I thought we did well in the first half, and the second half, we just fell a part in a few. It happens sometimes, I guess. Obviously, Mike got pressured a few too many times (Thursday), so we didn’t do our job well enough.”

But no one in the locker-room is pointing fingers at Reilly’s blockers.

“Any time your quarterback’s getting hit, is that a concern? Sure,” said head coach Jason Maas. “But are there multiple reasons why he’s getting hit, sure. If it was an easy fix, we would fix it, but when a guy takes his turn here and there, plays 50 snaps great and the one time he gets beat and the quarterback happens to get hit, what do you want to say about it? Do you want to stop throwing the ball and just hand it off the whole game?

“Being hit and playing quarterback is part of the game. That’s bottom line. And our quarterback knows it better than anybody. Are we going to change some things up? Sure. But football is a physically violent sport. You can’t keep a quarterback clean the whole game.

“I think our guys do a great job up front protecting him. Are we going to have lapses here and there? Absolutely, that’s professional football. But are we worried about Mike getting hit? It’s our jobs to worry about it, but you can’t dwell on it. You’ve just got to move on and frickin’ try to get better.”

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Need a truck?

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 4 hours 35 min ago
Truck for moving furniture, recycling bottles, or anything else you need. Call or Text Aaron 1-587-217-1165
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Indoor Volleyball Tournament - Edmonton Sport and Social Club

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 4 hours 46 min ago
Love at first spike, we'll set you up. Join the ESSC on Saturday, October 13 for a day of bumps, sets and spikes! Registration is now open for full teams or individuals. To register, please go to: ...
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Rec hockey team needing a player

Edmonton Community Kijiji - 4 hours 46 min ago
Div 7 rec team looking to add a player for this upcoming winter season. We have a wide mix of ages and skill level. Looking for someone who knows we aren't playing for the stanley cup but also cares ...
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Come get your henna done for cheap! 109Ave 95 Street!!!

Edmonton Reddit - 4 hours 47 min ago

If you're near 109 Ave and 95 street, come to Future Stars Daycare Fundraiser and get your summer henna done for $2!!!! All proceeds go to buying the daycare desperately needed new playground equipment!!!

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