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My awesome career is destroying my marriage, family, and social life

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:18

So the problem is I feel like my job is ruining my life and I don't have an option to leave this career for several years.

I (29F) have worked very hard for all my life to get a job that is a pretty great one both financially and to help further my career. My job is extraordinarily stressful for many reasons. To list a few (and to say it frankly) - my coworkers are either lazy, incompetent, rude, immature or a combination of these traits; it's an extraordinary toxic work environment; it requires me to be there at strange hours - which means many, many sleepless nights and difficult days; and it just generally causes me to have a lot of stress and anxiety.

I've learned a lot... maybe too much about the people I love in that time. My best friend (29F) let me know that, despite the fact that I'm constantly bending over backwards for her and helping her out, she will have to "take breaks from me" aka disappear from my life for months at a time because she can tell I'm stressed and it stresses her out. My husband is constantly on edge with me and yelling at me about minute things like whether or not I vacuumed, washed his laundry, or made his lunch in the small window of free time I have.

My husband asked me to stop telling him about my day at work because it makes him feel sad or anxious.

Most hurtfully, my dad reached out to me and asked me to "distance myself" a bit from my family because my busyness causes them to "worry about me".

The worst thing of all is these people are so kind and nice and sweet to me when I'm having a good day. I'm starting to feel like my family, husband, and friends are all fair-weather friends. They'll only there for me when I'm happy.

I'm looking for advice on how to deal with this. If you could link any books or media that might help me that would be much appreciated. Also general life advice or wisdom would help greatly. Thank you.

**Before people mention it I did take the proper route of seeking help from a medical professional about my sadness about this and basically he told me I'm not crazy and he believes I'm really struggling, but I'm not in need of medication or counseling... so too bad for me right?! Haha.

Tl;dr The people I love in my life are turning their backs on me when I'm struggling and I feel lost and alone.

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Casual Unranked, a proposal for Elwono’s proposal

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:17

TL;DR: Have a separate unranked game mode which doesn’t count for unlocking ranked (as Elwono described) and no leaver penalty would be great for new players and would destroy the incentive to smurf to stomp on them. If a player leaves, they are replaced by a bot. If an allied player dies, they can take over the allied bot for the duration of their death. This removes the power of smurfs, since a player can quit if they aren't having fun. Doesn't really matter if people quit, it just turns into coop against bots which is perfect for newbies anyways. You get replaced by a bot in CS:GO as well, and can control it if you die. Many more details, read on if interested


In Elwono’s video, one of the key ideas he put forward was for a safe environment for new players to get into the game, and avoid issues with smurfs. His proposal was for an unranked game mode which does not count towards the 100 hours played requirement to play ranked on their smurfs. This runs as a new game mode, targeting these players. Ultimately Elwono’s suggestion was that it was basically identical to unranked as it is now, but it just doesn’t count to the 100 hours requirement. I propose extending this idea, but also relaxing his requirement of leaver penalty.

My proposal is inspired by both his idea, but also the implementation in CS:GO regarding player leaving, along with other significant modifications and elaborations. There are also casual modes in Starcraft 2 that are relevant here.

This post is not trying to justify the reasons for smurfing, but Elwono’s point was that you can’t change this human behaviour if it is negatively impacting players, so you have to work around it. This post is concentrating on the new player experience in particular, but could be appreciated by other players as well, discussed further below.

The proposal

I’d call it the “Casual” game mode.

1) “Casual” does not contribute to unlocking ranked. This is Elwono’s original suggestion. Elwono’s point is that smurfs and alternate accounts want to unlock ranked on their accounts, and in the process they will stomp some new players. This avoids this scenario.

2) No penalty for leaving, you are replaced by a bot if a player leaves. Incentives to play past 5 minutes, and more incentives to not leave the game at all (explained further below in point 6). If an allied player dies, they can take over the allied bot for the duration of their death. Future extension possibility: Queuing for “Casual” gives you the option to join an ongoing game to replace a bot, which shows the current game state (time elapsed, hero you will replace and their items). You can choose to completely opt out of this option so you only queue and wait for a new match to start.

This removes the power of smurfs, since a player can quit if they aren't having fun with very minimal penalty. Onto the next game instead of getting stuck in this game. The point of the 5 minute restriction is to avoid people quitting quickly, wasting the effort and time of drafting and queuing. Fountain farming can no longer happen for very long, you just quit if you think it’s a waste of time. It doesn't really matter if people quit in this game mode, it just turns into coop against/with bots. It will be relaxed. It won’t be competitive. People will probably chat and make friends. Imagine!. It might have leavers, but the impact of them can be reduced.

Some inspiration here is from CS:GO. You get replaced by a bot in CS:GO as well if you leave, and teammates can control it when dead (refer to Appendix at the end). This is different to existing Dota games, since disconnected players get the option of being controlled by other players. I don’t think that is appropriate for this game mode, as any mode that is targeting new players should not have multi-hero control as an option (it is too overwhelming), as this could be open to abuse by a smurf, or even a veteran player who queues with their new player or low skill friend in this game mode, and asks them to leave to take them over.

The main thing is that they are maximizing the time they are having fun AND learning the game.

Also ideally, the bots get some love by Valve, and perhaps towards something as sophisticated as the Open AI bots but earlier in the training phase to get specific MMR bots. Given the skill rating tracking in this mode, the bot that replaces the person is strictly worse in their estimated skill level, so people aren't compelled to abuse someone to leave to get a bot. Good bots are a bonus in this proposal, they are not required, even the current bots will do.

3) Hidden MMR is still tracked for this mode specifically. “Casual” Matchmaking relies on MMR from other game modes as well, if that data is available, but winning or losing “Casual” does not update your MMR or matchmaking in any other format.

The point of this is that anyone can still queue this mode, and not worry about it affecting the matchmaking of future matches in other game modes. Also, to get similar skilled players in the same game if possible.

4) No need for surrender option. If you don’t want to keep playing, you just leave, the bot will take over. The other team can still get the general satisfaction and mechanics required to end the game (tower, high ground siege, team fight win, end game), but the end will just end up being against bots in some cases. But they are given an incentive to stay for the whole match (explained below in point 6)

Sure, some new players might miss out on going for those comebacks that make Dota 2 rich, but 1 hour+ long games with comebacks is also not conducive to giving new players that taste of Dota 2. Just let them quit, to start out. I think Turbo games aren’t a great place to play Dota 2 either, as it actually makes things more compressed, stressful and hard to absorb, compared to the slower paced and deliberative normal game mode. Turbo also rightly still has a leaver penalty, and the environment can be very competitive, so not the greatest place to get your feet wet.

5) If an account is detected as a smurf, it is banned from this mode until the MMR skill estimate has converged to their expected skill level.

If you want to play in this game mode, you have to use a main account where possible. Or if you made an alternate or smurf, you need to gimp your play style enough so you don’t flag the smurf detection (which might kick in, after one game). Both achieving the required goal. A smurf might play one game in this mode, but all the opponents might leave if they feel it is unfair, and they get banned from the mode due to smurf detection. If a veteran player queues with a new player, the matchmaker will try to give them a fair game. If your new player friend decides they aren’t having fun in that game because they are getting stomped (the opposite team average MMR will be much higher than them), they can just leave with their party, unless they can be convinced to stay. It might convince people to be a bit nicer to people? Who am I kidding. If a smurf makes an account, plays with their new friend, and gets their account banned, they have the option of gimping their play style next time they make a smurf so they don’t get banned from “Casual” to play with them, or they play with their main account and increase the skill level in the match to be more fair.

6) Positive reinforcement for not leaving at all. Some positive reinforcement for not leaving early. No penalty for leaving early. If you don’t leave the game before the end, you get “ancient essence”, based on the game length. If you leave the game, you get half the equivalent essence (or some other %) compared to if you stayed for the full match. If you leave the game in the first 5 minutes, you get zero ancient essence. You get a small bonus for winning. You are retroactively given full value “ancient essence” for the time you were in the game if you left a game with a detected smurf in it after 5 minutes (you will also get a notification that this happened).

You are rewarded with the ability to use these essences, in subsequent “Casual” games, to get a random cosmetic set for the hero you picked, equipped for that match only. It could be a more limited rotation as well, say up to rare items only. You roll this during strategy time, with strategy time being a maybe 10 seconds longer in “Casual”, and other players are notified that “ancient essence” was used and player X got set Y this match, and that they either “chose to equip it”, or “did not choose to equip it”. If you choose not to equip the set, you are refunded half of the essences that you used to roll, and you have your previous loadout for that hero. You have unlimited rerolls until you get a set you want or not. All new accounts and existing accounts are retroactively given a starting amount of “ancient essence”.

The logic for this system is that you want some incentive to hang around until the end of the game, but you don’t want it to be a leaver penalty. Rather, it is positive reinforcement. So you still have the potential for full length games, and ggs at the end, and comebacks. But you aren’t punished very much if you do choose to leave early.

You might wonder, why would I play unranked normals if I could just play this mode and gain a virtual currency and sometimes roll free cosmetics? Well, you’re a filthy casual then aren’t you? You play the other modes to be competitive (even unranked normals and leaver penalty becomes competitive), no leavers, stricter matchmaking.

To reiterate, the things you do not get in this mode:

  • Counting towards 100h of game time for ranked unlocking
  • Leave penalties, which reduces the competitiveness since people will leave more often
  • The high of winning in a strongly competitive environment
  • Full control of a disconnected player at all times, not just when you are dead

To most players of Dota, it will feel a bit more dull to play this mode. You probably have nice cosmetics anyways. You might play it with a new friend. You’d only play because you don’t want the leave penalty, and it has to be on a main account and not a smurf. It also gets players used to the fact that cosmetics exist, and that heroes might look different than what is expected.

Other potential target players?

This is a game mode designed for new players, but all players could use it. Who might be good to use it?

  • You have an uncertain amount of time free, but want to play the closest thing to normal Dota you can without the fear of leaver penalty on your behaviour score or matchmaking in the future.
  • You want to play a relaxing game mode with your new player friends. They have the option to quit if they are getting stomped, and trying something else to learn.
  • You just want to play a low stress, low competition game of Dota, where winning matters a little, but not much.


CS:GO example implementation for the bots:

A new feature implemented is that dead human players can take control of bots on their respective team, as long as the bot is not already being controlled by another player. However, stats, money, and obtained weapons will only be awarded to the bot and not the player controlling the bot. The player cannot return to spectating after starting to control a bot.


In CS:GO, the bots are extremely dumb on purpose, so noone has an incentive to kick players to get the bot. In Dota 2, there is no such thing as a votekick (which I think is a good thing), but abusing players could still happen.

Edit: Formatting

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Biohazard Bags Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2025

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:11

The recent market analysis published by KD Market Insights delivers advantageous insights concomitated to Biohazard Bags Market during the forecast period 2020 to 2025. The report yields a systematic understanding of the existing trends, growth opportunities, market dynamics that are expected to shape the growth of the Biohazard Bags market. The various research methods and tools were involved in the market analysis of Biohazard Bags, to excavate crucial information about the market such as current & future trends, opportunities, business strategies and more, which in turn will aid the business decision-makers to take a right decision in future. The outcome of our research analysis guesstimated that the Biohazard Bags market is destined to perceive constant growth in the coming years. The analysis forecasts that the Biohazard Bags market is projected to grow at a promising CAGR of XX% during the said period and on its course to exceed a value of USD XX Billion by the end of 2025.

Prominent Areas Covered in the Report:
SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Market Segmentation Analysis
Regional Analysis
Country-wise Analysis
Value, Supply and Distribution Chain Analysis
Company Information of Prominent Players in the Biohazard Bags Market
Micro and Macro-economic, Macro-environment Factors impacting the Biohazard Bags Market
Scope for Development in the Biohazard Bags Market
Outbound logistics, sales, and marketing strategies adopted by leading market players.

Request for Sample @

Competition landscape
Business Strategies of Leading and prominent market players in Biohazard Bags.
Product offering and development analysis.
Market share & positioning analysis.
SWOT analysis of the prominent market players.
Industry-wide business strategies and trends.

Competitive Landscape-
The report profiles various major market players such as Lithey Inc, BioMedical Waste Solutions, LLC. Global Packaging Solutions, Champion Plastics, Dana Poly Inc., Propper Manufacturing, International Plastics Inc., Tufpak, Inc., Medline Industries, Inc., Thomas Scientific, Super Plast Plastic Factory.

By Geography
North America (U.S. & Canada)
Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe)
Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Asia Pacific)
Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Rest of Latin America)
Middle East & Africa (GCC, North Africa, South Africa and Rest of the Middle East & Africa)

Research Scope and Deliverables:
- Research Methodology & Executive Summary
- Market Drivers, Trends, Barriers and Opportunities
- Market Size and Forecast Projections
- Competitive Analysis
- Macroeconomic Indicators of Various Countries Impacting the Growth of the Market
- Extensive Coverage of Industry Players including Recent Product Launches and Market Activities
- Porter’s Five Force Analysis

The Report Resolves the Following Doubts Related to the Biohazard Bags Market:
What was the overall market valuation in 2019? What will be the market growth rate during the forecast period i.e. 2020-2025?
Which region would have a strong demand for the product in the upcoming years?
What are the factors encouraging the growth of the market?
Which sub-market will offer the most significant contribution to the market?
What are the market opportunities for both existing and entry-level market players?
What are the numerous long-term and short-term strategies adopted by prominent market players?
Who are the dominating market players in the Biohazard Bags market?

Get the Complete Research Report @

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Anyone using typescript in lambdas? How do you debug crash logs?

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:10

I am looking to use typescript in AWS lambda. Our current stack in a production ready app is Javascript lambdas exposed through gateway, and all deployment is done using terraform. Due to high number of errors in types, the team is looking to use typescript in lambdas.

I have couple of questions regarding to TS in lambda environment.

  1. How do you transpile js files and how do you deploy? I know there are number of tutorials that use serverless framework, but we are using terraform and not looking to use another deployment framework.
  2. How do you debug any crashes? If deployed files are JS, how do you map cloudwatch logs to your TS code? Currently in our JS code this is not much a question.
  3. Is there any other tricky point we have to take care of in TS?
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Tempest Theory [Triumvirate. alliance) - 0.0 based PvP focused corp, looking for experienced PvP pilots

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:08

We’re a mixed blend of non-bitter vets who have banded together to form a corporation, Tempest Theory.

Our core focus is PvP, however we easily generate the ISK we need through our juicy null sec space.

We’re currently actively recruiting new members.

A little about us

  • We’re based in nullsec. Our core territory is very secure, but jump bridges allow very easy access to nearby content rich zones.
  • We’re ambitious. We have clearly defined goals, broken down into bite size chunks so everyone can feel their contributions matter.
  • We’re semi-casual. No forced ops, CTAs, etc
  • Very friendly, welcoming community. No toxicity, no elitism, etc. (however an unhealthy dose of sarcasm and sexually inappropriate humour).
  • Daily small gang roams.
  • Regular large alliance level fleets.
  • Not obsessive about killboards, but do like to stay mostly green.
  • Supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to ‘step up’ to their full potential. (You won’t have to be an F1 clone for 6 months before someone takes your opinion seriously)

What we’re looking for

  • A good attitude, friendly disposition.
  • Passion for PvP and previous experience in small gang or large fleet flights.
  • Omega.
  • Relatively active, playing 2-3 times a week or more.
  • At least 20m SP.

Where to get more information

  • Join our Discord
  • Join the chat channel ‘Tempest Theory’ in game and speak to one of the recruiters.
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[VA] How long do wage theft claims usually take to process? Should I file in small claims?

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:04

I recently quit 2 weeks into a job due to a hostile (and hazardous!) work environment. I submitted a claim to VADOLI for the $130 and change I'm still owed by the bastard, but I'm not entirely sure how long it should take. Will I get any mail to let me know they got the paperwork?

Should I sue this guy in small claims? If so, when and how should I go about it?

Finally should I look into unemployment? I have another job, but it doesn't start until March. Would I qualify, even though I'm not actively looking for work? And if so, can I get compensated for the past month or so that I've been in limbo?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Best Betting Sites » Top International Betting Sites 2020

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:03
  1. KTO

Video gaming sector experts created KTO as a new as well as innovative website which brings you reliable, registered gaming experience. KTO provides ensured services to its consumers and also make them really feel remarkably distinct. The squad running the website has greater than half a century of experience in the wagering market. Providing a vast array of port games and live betting clubs, it also supplies the best chance on the first sporting activities events also. The site constantly expects to adding the most up to date advancements. You can select from a varied variety of Payments treatments, languages and also money. The website is still taking actions to guarantee reasonable as well as safe pc gaming, thus still keeping up with as well as aiding the individuals.


This site is an impressive online location, with impressive video games being worked on by finest programmers, keep up with their image. This website operates ground-based online casinos together with on-line gaming. You can become an associate of the club or online casino site. Consumer's experience is always essentially perfect that the firm gets respect whatsoever. Casino opts to give comfortable and also protected gaming experience to the customer. They declare to be one of the most popular casino in the UK, and also it appears when you come through the reviews of their online gambling establishment.


Bookmaker website sub-structured in London is also signed up on London stock exchange. The foundation was laid by William Hillside in 1934, at the time when Britain didn't support gambling. The leading company workplaces are located in the UK although the company runs all over the world, and about 14,000 people are utilized. This website supplies to bet online and likewise by phone. Greater than one million wagers are refined daily. In addition to the sportsbook, it also provides on-line bingo, gambling establishment, skill video games and so on


Bovada has been adding to an on the internet pc gaming experience because 2011, far better than anyone. Bets are taken down in the cross-functional sportsbook, Face publication, in the casino poker spaces or land gambling enterprises, are after that placed to retreat. Gamers have enjoyment as well as convenience and enjoy pleasing betting experience. Bovada has become a name in gambling web sites using poker, casino, poker and wagering in sporting activities as well as steed racing, and also one can count on. It can be a centralized location for on-line gaming, as it is taking sporting activities bettors near acting along with being secure and also fast. This is a pleasant site.


This on-line betting site is run from Australia, Canada and also the United States. It was released in 2014 as well as is handled by BeOnSports former heads. This website put forward sports betting, games and race betting. The site allured customers via radio advertising campaigns and the internet. It ended up being a repeating sponsor for ESPN radio programs. Live wagering qualities provides the users to put a bet on a video game already in progress. In-play gambling borders essential soccer, tennis, hockey events. Live casino licenses consumers to enjoy preferred table games while they can chat with other users or suppliers during the game via online video streaming.


InterTops is adding to the pc gaming market by giving contentious chances and also outstanding favours. The firm is setting the highest requirements for the pc gaming industry. It is the globe's significant site for wagering and also on the internet gaming. This website is prancing its customer count in over 180 nations. Five hundred million dollars have actually been paid to the successful individuals around the world. This business is a well-reputed and also reliable source for the on the internet video gaming experience. In any location of on the internet pc gaming, InterTops use modern technology which adds to the enjoyment and pleasure. InterTops site is using 23 techniques. It has actually been placed 36,908 among sites because of 1,518,293 month-to-month site visitors.

  1. BETUS

This firm, structured in 1994, is an inconspicuously operated on the internet gaming company offering to bet on online sporting activities, derby and also gaming. Your internet browser can be utilized for on spot video gaming. BetUs runs a mobile programme, Gamers can check out the on the internet gambling establishment on the mobile website as well can give up their sports wagers. It additionally provides real-time betting. This feature is adjourned during damaging moments and also is resumed in a safe environment.

  1. BET9JA

As mentioned by, the second most seen website in Nigeria is Bet9ja. This website uses to bet on prime sport events held in Nigeria. It was inaugurated in 2013. Consumers go to the site for high-rank odds on football and to experience best online wagering solution. It was founded as an offline pc gaming platform versus various other online systems. Bet9ja got a superior action in the first 3 years of operation accompanied by a substantial turnover. The Bet9ja group is constantly enhancing the site by adding up to date as well as interesting features to the website. It earns millions of Naira every year. This website is approved as well as insured under the Lagos State lottery game board. In 2015, Bet9ja was the executive sponsor for Nigeria's Women's Football League.


Hi, FOLLOWER ORGANIZATION exists users with social football experience by giving a platform for the fans where they can connect and engage. Every weekend the participants need to prophesize the end result of English football suits. Competitions can be held between close friends, competence, or the on the internet community and rewards are paid in cash money. This job, includes growth for web, iphone and also Android, was created by Tallium for a Swedish based company. Besides, being a wagering platform as well as reward earning website, this site brings the football neighborhood together. FAN ORGANIZATION mixes the betting with the social structure, which supplies the individuals with an enjoyable gaming understanding. Betting on online games is supplied, as well as the profits are upgraded with every goal that is racked up. At the end of the match, users can see which of their forecasts were exact or off-target. The application also apprises concerning the most up to date football information as well as expertise prognosis on the social feed. Customers can produce leagues as well as evaluate their skills against other participants. The gamers are allowed to attach and also talk using public conversations. FAN LEAGUE choose the professionals, users can get assist from them, as well as they likewise suggest just how to place an effective wager.

  1. 3ET

3et is among the brand new software application giving a sole betting service. Bettors are designated totally free as well as safe strategy to the wagering market. Arrangements and accepted wagers are all done by 3et without any voidness. A significant platform is offering the highest possible limitations and most exceptional odds for sporting activities betting. 3et has a method to all vital bookies and also exchanges. 3et advanced half time and edge wagers for football. This website offers individuals one of the most successful betting experience. They mention to be the best as well as purchasers will be so happy they will never need any other sportsbook.3 et belongs to Eurasia sporting activities restricted. They assure open accessibility to their deals without charging the players any kind of commission. This site is easy to use still suffices to catch specialist acknowledgment. Utilizing the 3et app customers can access the bets from anywhere around the globe. It is only obtainable in the English language. Lowest cost bets can be launched at 1 Euro, and when customers obtain the on specifying the occasion, the ultimate price is presented on the slip.


Betsat is the current name in the betting market that is established in Turkey. It tries to draw customers from Europe and various other continents and attempting to convince them that the website is adventitious. This company faces significant competition from within the country as well as from the claimed European wagerers. Betsat is ingrained in Turkey, being on the go amongst Turkish players and proudly highlights its viewers. They use multilingual aid to the customers, as well as the web site can additionally be translated in German, Spanish and also English to make sure. This website recommends an indiscriminate blend of sporting activities to draw in Turkish as well as European customers. Football and also basketball are uniformly famed in Turkey as well as around the continent which magnifies the popularity of the website. When it comes round live betting, the site offers to bet on tennis, football basketball after the game has actually begun.


Rooted in Malaysia, INFINIWIN is the leading online betting workshop. This rejuvenating brand largely concentrates on texas hold'em and also other table gaming products. INFINIWIN provides a remarkably good value of premium video gaming products. They ensure that the individuals are going to get the noticeably superior wagering experience. This website has a superior team aiding the clients as well as assisting the individuals in various languages.


MAXBET is currently leading the video gaming industry in Central as well as Eastern parts of Europe with a quickly raising energy. This business is at the forefront of Europe's betting industry following its tactical partnership with Italian lotto game monster Lottomatica. Enthusiastic clients are offered numerous fortunate possibilities for winning at gambling establishments, wagering games and vending machine. Events are arranged on a regular as well as month-to-month basis. MAXBET guarantees that consumers rely on them for a risk-free as well as safe and secure gaming domain name.

  1. BETLAND is a well-reputed bookie that runs online and by means of mobile in Nigeria. After its relaunch, it has ended up being even faster and well organized. Odds and also betting lines are used on a series of sporting activities which are just as popular in Nigeria and also other countries as well. Betting supplies on some considerable sporting activities occasions outside Nigeria gives a worldwide personality to the website. Betland aims to provide its services to all groups of bettors neglecting their financial condition.


BETSSON uses tradition for gambling, online casino bingo and also sports wagering. This company has actually stemmed from Sweden. It works through 20+ brand names that give video gaming items. This firm financial resources as well as handles the on-line pc gaming business. BETSSON intends to surmount the pc gaming sector in practical manners, although it is among the topmost in Europe.


Operating given that 1996, PARIMATCH has actually turned into a worldwide video gaming website. They state themselves among the leaders of the video gaming sector and so are always anticipating improving the top quality and automation and also adding to the events daily, stats and evaluation are provided night and day. Users are provided to bank on 20+ sports in above 60 nations along with 200 organizations as well as greater than 600 sporting activities occasions.


This is a European business established in 1999. It was released online in March 2000. Initially, it was rotated to on the internet sporting activities wagering, however it was redesigned with the launch of on-line casino site and also after that the system for playing poker. Different betting options are used on sporting occasions as sports scheduling is the website's main dish.


This gambling firm, based in Malta, has actually revealed exceptional growth given that 1995. With a selection of on-line video gaming options, land-based stores are also established. TIPBET sustains wagering and also odds on all primary sporting activities occasions and likewise holds a terrific range of gambling establishment video games.

  1. RedZoneSports

A fresh bookmaker taken part in sports wagering, specifically in the UK as well as America is named RedZone Sports. The site is highly in cognition with as well as also possessed by the Spotnation bookies. Argyll Amusement AG. Attacking the gaming sector in 2017, this fresh bookie reveals wonderful rate of interest in America's sportsbooks. The website is regulated by The Gaming Commission, a highly suggested global gambling authority, and this assures the user that the cash they are investing is safe and also secured. With a considerable focus on games like United States football, baseball as well as hoops, this internet site consigns helpful odds on several sporting activities. It is possible for the individual to play online or In-play alternatives are likewise available. This website gives the individual an authentic wagering experience by providing large-scale hypothesizing markets.

  1. BetStars Sportsbook

Casino poker celebrity, very acquainted as well as honoured on-line texas hold'em service provider, spin-offs the Betstars website. The website is visited consistently by countless consumers who are intended to seek satisfaction from all the on-line alternatives the website gives. This substantial number of punters seeing the site has actually helped the site being deemed as one of the most rated bookies around the globe.

  1. wager

Malta video gaming authority supervises of synchronizing PWR wager, a just recently added mobile-friendly bookmaker site. This site was presented in 2018. This site exceedingly advertises via its application, however as being an Android app, it is unfeasible for the people utilizing the apple iphone. Among others, this site provides betting on the derby, football as well as additionally sustains E-Sports wagering.

  1. MoPlay Sportsbook

MyMoPlay collaborates with Manchester United along with Watford FC. The business has actually been taken down by IBAS, which forefronts its dependence as a good pc gaming system. Customers can locate a large series of sports to bet on. It also introduced its app for the best online experience in sports wagering.

  1. RoBet Sportsbook

RoBet established foot into the European on-line bookie market in 2019. Government of Curacao oversees the site guaranteeing that it goes along with honest implementation of sporting activities scheduling. The customers can confide in them for leisure ventures.

  1. Jetbull Sportsbook

Jetbull was founded in 2007. This site is secondary to OddsMatrix. Different languages are passed on the internet site. The site has ingrained markets in football, supplying countless chances yet is concentrated constrained to concentrate on US players.

  1. LuckyBet

Luckybet uses open chances for European, Canadian players and likewise gamers from New Zealand. Abundant gaming choices as well as rewards as well as the contemporary website design includes in the impact the site has on gamblers and punters. Many online internet sites attempt to reproduce their articulation.

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Redbet, a premier online casino brand name intervened in the on theinternet sporting activities reserving industry. This site was produced in 2002 with a mission of producing fun for the individual by attracting them to the website by supplying successful chances. It is a well-reputed website where the gamer's joy is the initial issue.

  1. Fonbet

FonBet was introduced previously in 2002. This site is a Russian bookie site. Russia as well as Eastern Europe birth a substantial number of participants of FonBet. This bookie is certified in Curacao. Therefore the certificate, the site detains, UK as well as UNITED STATES consumers are limited from making use of the on-line bookie.

  1. ComeOn

ComeOn became a brand-new bookie website in 2009. It is a secondary firm of Co-Gaming Limited. Malta Pc gaming Authority administrates the site. To operate in the UK, they are accredited from the UK Gambling Compensation. Markets of Scandinavia are the prime focus of the site.

  1. Marathonbet

Marathonbet was acknowledged in 1997 as a self -reliant bookmakers site. It is run by Panbet Limited, a firm that is in charge of running retail barters in the UK. This bookmaker website is deeply committed towards the UK members although it is well-reputed worldwide

  1. MyBet

It is hosting the tremendous variety of sporting competitions regarding greater than 14,000, this site is a significant on-line bookie and has a superb great deal of customers around the continent. Besides offering various high-grade sportsbook events, it designates the players assurance with the modern technology that is comparable to Europe's safety criteria.

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This is the primary and the most relied on the site of India. It is an on the internet showing off occasion betting site. The web site is amazing as well as uses straightforward expression. Individuals can select BetBarter versus their competitor whenever. The bargains made by BetBarter protrude the marketplace. BetBarter likewise inspects the internet sites which provide fast payments and also various other feasible means of withdrawals.

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Bodog888 is recognized to be a participant of the world-famous gambling enterprise Bodog and is sometimes acknowledged as Bodog Asia. This site gives a huge range of moral online casino and also texas hold'em wagering. It also involves Oriental bettors by sporting activities reserving. This site has gained the distinction by offering the very best performance as well as illustratory attributes. The website supplies the best aid and also rewards.

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Arised from Asia in 2016, BetEast asserts to be the most effective expanding wagering brand name. This business offers a substantial range of eSports solutions, casino site and live wagering as well as values subscriptions from worldwide. Its emphasis is to make a dash out there of Europe. The simplicity of the website format hits the customer instantly. The company has a substantial interest in the UK Betting markets. The site offers a comprehensive betting experience with giving a substantial number of on-line port video games.

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This company arised in 1999 later on releasing its website in March 2000. It soon became a supply firm and was provided at the stock market. This website is a credible sponsor for worldwide game events. It supplies betting odds on prominent gaming occasions. Followed by more than 4 million customers, it has become one of a kind sports scheduling site in Europe. All the info regarding the wagers placed as well as payouts are offered on their site.

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This website offers important odds on pc gaming and also horse racing. The website is compatible with mostly all mobile devices. The website has a substantial collection of slot video games and gambling enterprises for the customers. It additionally features a live gambling establishment with single and multiplayer choices. The website likewise aids the individuals through live Chat.

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It is a little gambling establishment on account of the gathered earnings, yet is taken into consideration a hot area. This internet site is readily available in a range of languages. Live betting games are readily available with different payment methods. Live Conversation is not open 24/7 that is somewhat a drawback to the website.

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This bookie website, established in 2014, emerges from Australia giving online betting and sporting activities remedies to the clients. This site is a subsidiary of The Celebrity Team. This website formally funds the Australian Football Organization.

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As opposed to the suitable bookies, Casinia wagered offers fewer choices for online betting as well as video gaming occasions. Still, the considerable contests are offered proper coverage that makes it challenging for the punters to separate between the leading bookies and also CasinoBet sportsbooks.

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It is just one of the earliest name present in the field of on the internet sporting activities betting, having actually grabbed popularity amongst customers given that its facility right around ten years in the past. Authorized by the UK Gaming Commission, it is just one of the most relied on on-line betting sites available.

  1. One Hash

One Hash is already the market head in wagering all over the world, with a huge variety of clients in many countries. Their wagering deals pre-competition or online wagering is very broad. Additionally, this manager communicates its online gushing TELEVISION terminal, countless pc gaming competitors.

  1. Mr Eco-friendly

On a remarkable assortment of video games, a vast array of wagers are used by bookmakers, which are determined based on chance. By wagering on these unique possibilities, a bettor can get money on rewarding wagers. It is consistently the situation that the very best online wagering sites for sports will be those that use the very best prospective benefits.

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[Discussion] As non-trad student who didn't study hard sciences, will a structured post-bacc program help prepare me for the rigor of medical school?

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:02

I'm a current computer science student interested in switching to medicine, and I'll need a post-bacc (DIY or otherwise) to finish my prereqs. I have an okay GPA on a good upward trend (3.72 with a few 3.9s and a 4.0 recently) but grades for my computer science courses are driven more by projects than exams. There are still exams and quizzes, but it's a vastly different type of learning and academic environment than medical school (or from undergrad orgo/bio/etc.). I can't say I've ever needed to spend more than 20-30 hours a week on my courses, and I'm scared that this had made me complacent.

As someone who doesn't come from a hard sciences background, will taking prereqs through a post-bacc prepare me for the rigor of the medical school (at least partially, and assuming I actually get an acceptance of course)?

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Getting back to socionics and rethinking my type. 40Q answered

Environment Reddit - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 02:01
Te Block

1. What is work in your opinion? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters where you can distinguish whether you can do this work or not?

Work is a meaningful task that people perform to accomplish a certain goal. There are many reasons why people go to work, so to be more specific and less generic, I personally go to work because I want to establish myself in my field, become better, develop and learn. Work or job is also a huge part of my identity, so working is partly a part of my process of self discovery and self improvement.

I believe people do have talents and gifts that make them better at some jobs while they can perform worse at others. Nevertheless, potential is just one part of it. Learning, education and mastering an actual skill are equally, if not more important.

2. How do people determine the quality of work? How do you determine such quality? How well you can determine the quality of any purchase, do you pay any attention to it?

I think it can be determined by the time taken to get to job done and how throughout was the job complected. Whether it offers long term or short term solutions and whether it's globally or only locally useful. It's also important to think about how the work can help the field in the future and what novelties it can bring.

When it comes to purchase... I know I tried to sound all intelligent person above, but honestly? In real life I am a simpel person. I like new shiny things that look good. Even though I do realize that quality is important, I personally usually go for the image and a status of a brand rather than for the quality. Like I'm not even sure if I believe that Apple is good anymore and they are super expensive, but I still own a lot of Apple stuff, 'cause I think it looks cool.

3. There is a professional right next to you. You always see that you can't perform the way they do. Your feelings, thoughts and actions?

I'd probably feel like I could learn something from them, that they could help me work on my skills and become better. At the same time, I'd really have to swallow a huge load of my pride, because I really struggle when I have to admit I am not good at something wanna be good at. Sometimes, even when people give me advice, I feel like they attack my integrity and pride. When I work with someone who is more humble and sensitive to me, I am more willing to learn.

4. If you struggle to do something, what can you say about such a task? Tell us your next steps and give examples. Compare with actions of others in a similar situation.

I definitely do struggle with many things, but I am really confident at others. I know I have my own talents and skills and I know I am also weak at other areas. I don't really mind it, I think it's natural. I usually try to figure stuff out on my own, I do some research and I also like to try new things and approaches of doing something, just because it's fun. Only after I fail doing something by myself, I decide to ask for help. Usually it's a friend who I know is good at it.

5. You need to build a pyramid exactly like in Egypt. Your thoughts, feelings and actions?

Why would I do that? Aren't there enough pyraminds? What is the propose of this project? We haven't even really figured out the meaning of pyramids in Egypt and now we're building another ones? What year is it, 2500 B.C.? Nope, thank you.

Ti Block

1. General to specific, specific to general – what does it mean? Give examples.

General concerns a wider range of something. It can be broadly applied in different aspects of one field or in possible multiple fields. Specific is something that only concerns a small portion of something, it might say a lot about one thing or go into many details about very few things.

2. What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? Is it is easy for you to be logical?

I think logical is something that can connect different ideas efficiently, shows how they can work together and create a balance. It's about finding different pieces and then making them into a perfect big picture, while every piece has its specific place.When you miss one or misplace it, you never get the picture or you get it wrong and it won't be as pretty as it should.

3. What is hierarchy? Give examples of hierarchies. Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? Give example of hierarchy of systems, what is it?

Hierachy places things/people/opinion/ideas/whatever into a system. It categorizes it by their specific characteristics based on which they belong in a certain place within the system.

There are hierarchies that need to be followed, while others are more abstract and social. I do believe that the whole universe is very logical and rational, or people like to see this logic and create it. Our minds just strife to put things into boxes, categorize them, give them a tag. Whatever you call it, everything basically is a hierarchy. Even when people say "fuck the system", they still do follow a system in their minds, created by their own consciousness. People can't live without this.

4. How do you explain fractions on the dial of the clock?

There's a 24 hour concept of time. It represents the time it takes our planet, the Earth to turn around its own axis. Each fraction represents an amount of time it takes the earth to spin. The biggest fractions are hours, the smaller ones are minutes and seconds. One hour has 60 minutes, one mintue has 60 seconds.

5. Do you frequently feel the need to structure information? For what purpose? How do people usually do it? How do you do it?

I do love to structure information when I work, and I need to be productive. When it comes to organizing my time and work tasks, I love to categorize every information I gathere and decide when and how I can use it.

Se Block

1. Can you press people? What methods do you use? If so, how does it happen?

I'm not very good at this. My whole life I have been told that I look like this sweet, cute innocent little girl. I used hate this to the core. I had these though, strong, independent female role models and I tried really hard to be like them. But the harder I tried, the more I failed. I thought that there was something wrong with me, that I was too weak and I couldn't really toughen up. Now when I am an adult, I've actually embraced looking soft and innocent and I came to peace with my girly side. A lot of people find it nice and even attractive. It also attracts a lot of strong people, who are willing to help me. I've learnt that people are more willing to help me or do as I say, when they see this soft side of myself. I guess it makes them feel like they do stuff for me from their own will rather than the will of someone else.

2. Are there strategies of attack? Can you use them? When is it justified? Do you think it's ok to occupy someone else's territory? In what situations?

No. No. Never. And no. Next question...

3. How do you protect yourself and your interests?

I'm a very private person. I don't let many people into my inner circle and I only share limited amount of info about myself with other people. When I get to know people better and I see that we have common interests and views, only then I decide to share some more.

4. Describe your behavior in situations of opposition and if you have to use some force?

Despite everything the first paragraph says, I can get angry and argumentative when I get triggered. I'm generally pretty stubborn and I'm vocal about many of my opinions. So, when people argue with me, I just argue back. I like to use my knowledge and info that I've learnt to show them, why they are wrong and I'm right.

5. Do others think of you as a strong person? Do you think you are a strong person?

I'm a goal oriented person. Sometimes, when I really want something and people around are being jerks about it, I can put up with a lot of it and swallow it with pride. Like at my previous job we had this really bad boss who used to yell and insult his employees and many of them even left the work crying. Once he tried it with me, but all I gave him was a silent smile and I continued doing my job as well as I could. I didn't want to give him the cry he wanted to see, 'cause he was an idiot. Also I didn't follow any of his instructions, 'cause he was just a bad boss, and I knew better.

Si Block

1. What is beauty? Do you change your opinion about beauty? Does your understanding correlate with the generally accepted notion? What goes beyond the generally accepted notion?

I think that beauty is very personal and subjective. There are so many different styles and aspects of it, it can't really have just one clear definition.

I personally like things and people who look different and original. I like it when something goes against this general idea of beauty on propose and presents something that might be seen as ugly as something beautiful. I think it's amazing when we can find beauty in ugliness.

I like a lot of extravagant and dark aesthetics for example.

2. Is there a template of understanding what beautiful means for everyone to use? Is there such a term as "classic beauty"? If so, what is it?

Of course there's a term like classic beauty. It's someone or something who/that is considered to be attractive/pretty by the majority of population. However, majority doesn't mean everyone, there always will be some people who might disagree with it being beautiful.

3. How do you create your comfort and coziness? How do others evaluate your skill in doing so? Do you agree with them?

I like to feel comfortable and cozy. I like to decorate my apartment, buy candles, play with design and style. I do believe that your own apartment reflects your personality, that's why I didn't let anyone else design it and I did it all by myself using stuff that is close to my heart.

Nevertheless, my problem is that I am an extremely messy person. There is stuff lying around in my apartment and I am not a clean one either. So sometimes, my environment looks like a dump with pretty things in it. I honestly, don't care enough to change it.

4. How do you pick your own clothes? Do you follow fashion? Why? Do you know how to select clothes for different types of figures?

I do care about fashion a lot and I think I have a natural gift for spotting trends, but I also like to have my own personal style. What I love to do the most, is combining what's trendy with the pieces that I personally love. It creates a unique style that is modern and fresh, yet it's still me and very personal.

5. Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself or trust someone else to do it? Why?

I believe I have already answered this, when I said that I designed my own apartment. I absolutely love to do these things, when I have my own creative freedom and can use my sense of aesthetics and imagination.

Fe Block

1. Is it acceptable to express emotions in public? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions.

I think it's acceptable to a certain degree, but nobody likes drama queens, right? I for example, try to control my expressions of emotions in public, but they usually take the best of me and I often become loud and passionate, even when I don't mean to. People usually say that I'm a very expressive and lively person, even when I do control myself in public. I used to suffer because of this at school, 'cause I have always been this very expressive person without really realizing it, it was super subconscious and real, but many people thought I was being theatrical or fake. I worked really hard on being less expressive.

2. Think of such negative emotional states as sadness, gloom, and despondence.

--Can you, at your own will, enter these states? If not, then when do you feel them?

Yes, I can enter them as I please. Usually art helps me to feel them, music, films, paintings etc., they all do extreme whole lot to my emotions. It is easier to enter them than to leave them though. I'm generally a very melancholic person and these states come more naturally to me than to other people.

--How long can you stay in such states?

Oh, wow. LONG! I mean... really such emotions are so strong and hard to unfeel. They do get under my skin and walk with me long after a triggering situation.

--How can you withdraw from them?

Again, usually art works. Upbeat music like metalcore or pop-punk usually makes me feel a lot better. Then I like to watch silly TV shows like The Simpsons or Big Bang Theory to make myself feel better and remind me on the fact that life can be simple and fun.

--Can they be pleasant, soothing?

Oh, yes! I am a huge masochist at my core. Sometimes, I get so deep into these feelings, they drive me crazy, but I love how strong and real they feel. They can take control over my whole body and brain, and it can actually be soothing at some points. Happiness is more scattered and all over the place for me, which can be tiring sometimes. Sadness is just, deep, calm, steady.

--How do you feel after you have experienced them?

I believe I've just explained it very vividly.

3. How quickly can you change emotional state? To what side – positive or negative?

It's easier for me to feel negative emotions, I guess it sounds sad, but it's not sad for me, it's natural, It's who I am. Negative feelings stay with me much longer than the positive ones. Usually feeling happy is a hard work for me, like I need to watch myself not to fall back into feeling sad.

4. What emotional state is usual for you? Does your internal emotional state correlate with what you show externally?

Usually, I feel a little apathetic with a dose of hope and expectation. It's like I feel negative about most things, but then I'm like, I'll definitely meet or see someone or something else who will be perfect and great and interesting and I can't wait to see it/them.

This feeling of things being imperfect and disappointing in the here and now, combined with my hopes and expectations, make me feel a lot of nervous energy. An energy that actually makes me a person who is impatient and kinda fast. Like there's always something pushing me to do something, be somewhere...

Then I also often feel nostalgic, melancholic, but it's this warm melancholy. It's like the world has saturated colours, and it's a little sad but colourful too. It's like a warm familiar blanket, that hugs me and understands me.

5. Tell us about your moods over the last day.

Yesterday was actually very weird. I had bad dreams about being trapped in a room with this really heavy and unpleasant atmosphere, so I woke up with a really bad mood. Dreams can mess my mood up for the whole day and that's basically what happened yesterday. I felt scattered in a bad way, like I couldn't really concentrate and I felt like I was losing control over myself for some reason. I even binged ate on some crappy junk food, I alway eat when I feel really uncomfortable and stressed out.

My mood got better when I went to work and my boss told me, I had done a good job. It calmed me down a little and I didn't feel so scattered anymore.

Then, when I met with my best friend for wine, I felt much better and we had a good chat, so I went to bed feeling relaxed.

Fi Block

1. Tell us how did you build relationships with others over the last day.

I actually gotta admit I had been a little neglectful of my relationships. I don't have as much time to hang out with my friends and visit family, 'cause I work, I have hobbies and then I feel like I know so many people who want to meet and hang out, I sometimes don't know with whom should I hang out first. I actually only have few close friends and I'm sure other people know twice as many people as I do, but I'm not good at time management and I easily feel overwhelmed by too many friends/people around me.

Yesterday, I met with my best friend and we shared a bottle of wine together. We talked about how we want to travel. What destinations should we visit this summer. Then we talked about our common friends and their lives. And after that, we talked a lot about music that we both listen to, our favorite artists and concerts that will take place nearby and which ones should we visit...

Then I even wrote my mom on messenger, even I never do it and when I got home, I hugged my partner, but he was already asleep. That's so much about my social life.

2. What is sympathy? When do you need to express it? When is it advised not to? How do you express it?

I don't think sympathy has rules. You either feel it or you don't. It's a very personal and spontaneous thing. I think it's about fitting yourself into another person's shoes, feeling what they feel.

I never express sympathy, when I don't feel it, I think it's fake and dishonest and emotions should never be dishonest.

Usually, I express it by saying, how I feel about the situation a person is in. Then I try to figure out whether he or she feels the same way and find a common ground of our emotions on which we can build and share our feelings, perhaps even find a solution or a cause of their emotions.

3. Are there any standards of behavior for interpersonal relationships in society? If so, do you adhere to them? Do people always have to maintain them? Why?

Of course there are standards, many of them. I am a person with a mild social anxiety, I don't flip out when I meet people, but often I do feel uncomfortable and lost, wondering whether I said or did the right thing.

These standards help me a bit to understand whether my behavior is correct or not, and I feel much more at ease, when I can follow them. That sometimes makes me feel uptight, I have been told that I seem uptight by some people in the past.

Of course there are situations when these rules do not apply. Many people can't see them or don't think they really matter. I usually try to adapt to it and observe how people around me prefer to behave.

4. What does moral mean? What is immoral? How do you understand these terms and does your understanding correlate with the others? How can you evaluate the correctness of your own understanding?

I think people should create their own codes of morality. Of course there are things like killing or hurting someone on purpose, which we all know is bad, but other than that... There are many things that are considered to be moral by some people, while they are viewed as immoral by others.

I for example think, it's immoral to eat dead animal, while others prefer a steak for their dinner. Or I think it's immoral to waste drinking water, while others shower for 30 minutes...

My morality is based on compassion and empathy towards all the living beings and organisms. Not just humans, but also animals and the nature. I think we are all a part of this huge beautiful living breathing organism, and we should work together in unselfish ways to preserve and improve our society and the environment we live in.

5. Somebody is giving you a negative attitude – what is your reaction? Could you show your own negative attitude toward someone else? If so, how? Could you feel ill-disposed towards somebody for a long time? How easily do you forgive people?

I'm not good at dealing with this. Usually, when I see someone being negative towards me, I act with niceness and politeness. I usually hope it makes them realize they act like jerks and change their behavior towards me. If that doesn't work, I simply ignore them and pretend they do not exist.

Ne Block

1. Is there a meaning of life? In what? Is it the same for everybody?

I've struggled with meaning a lot. I used to be obsessed with it and I still mildly am. I had this huge philosophical crisis when I was around 19 - 20, and I tried to find my answers in religion, spirituality and philosophy. I might be an idealist and a dreamer, but I'm also a person of reason and rational thinking. Religions and spirituality did not work for me, but philosophy did. I found myself a lot in Nietzsche. It actually helped a lot to see that there was a person who struggled with meaning just like I did and then, found some in something that can seem as an extreme version of self improvement.

I think, everyone should find their own meaning. For some, it's religion, for others it's helping people or building new inventions. It really can be anything that fills your life with hope and makes it a little less empty.

I found my own personal meaning in being socially active. I see so many things in our society that are wrong, cruel or rigid and I do my best to change them. I have a voice and I use to it talk and write about social issues and injustices that concern all of us. Only by acknowledging what's wrong, a true change can take place. My meaning is also in creating my own pieces of art, pieces, that speak about things dear to my heart and a pieces that can make people feel, think and move.

2. When you meet a stranger, what can you say about them right away? How do you know what this person is all about? Does it take long to understand someone's traits?

If I have a one really excellent strength, it is this one. I read people very easily. I am not sure what it is, but everyone has an essence, a vibe or an energy, whatever you call it, it's the same thing. I approach people based on this energy and basically always I'm right about them.

Then there are other signs like their style of clothing that can tell you a whole lot about someone. When you can read those subtle signs in their choosing of colours for example, you can easily paint the whole picture. I've never studied this, it just comes really naturally to me.

3. What is imagination? Do all people have imagination and can fantasize? What is your fantasizing like?

Imagination is an escape from this gray and stereotypical reality. Imagination is the beauty and passion you can create in your own mind. It is a gift that everyone has, but not everyone can use it the right way.

I love to turn the reality button off and the fantasy button on and I can do it in a spur of a moment. I can totally block myself from anything that happens around me and live in my own dream world. It often happens to me even at work. I just space out a leave planet Earth.

To me, fantasy is like watching a TV, but I'm the main character in all of my films. I can make myself whoever I want to be a queen, a feminist, a rockstar, and the reality just stops to matter anymore. There is this film in my mind that I love to watch and imagine myself in different scenarios of life.

4. What do you think of people (or yourself) who distinctively stand out in a crowd, differ from others? What is a measure of such distinction, how can this difference be feasible and how not?

They are real, true, honest. Life would be nothing without rebels, without people who are not afraid to be different and change things. Can you imagine the steady and boring world without people like this? World needs innovators, creative people who see things differently and can help us improve and become better.

For me, it's a lot about thinking out of the box. Coming up with original, personal and novel view points and ideas. I think this could happen in any category from art or fashion to physics and chemistry. Novelty should be welcome in all areas of our lives. Otherwise, life would be the most boring thing.

5. Ideas do not have to be correct in order to be good. What's your attitude towards this statement?

Correct things are so boring! Trial and error is the best way to test things out and see whether they work. The process of discovering and trying new things out is so exciting itself, it doesn't need to be anything else.

Ni Block

1. How people change? How do you feel about those changes? Can others see the changes?

People change over time, some changes are internal, which are harder to see, some are external which are easy to see. Life forms us, it doesn't only happen when we're kids, it's a process that happens throughout our whole lives, whether we're aware of it or not. There are situations and experiences that can change our whole personality, then there are others that can only change these tiny bits of it, but in the end can mean a lot to us.

I like changes, I think they are exciting and interesting. I always force myself to change, to become a better person each day. I think it's important to keep moving and changing, otherwise people just end up being blunt and stuck in their ways.

For me, life can be really boring and empty, when no change happens for a long time. I always await something new to happen, because it brings spark and passion. And I often push myself and others around me towards these changes and discovery of new things.

2. What is time? How do you feel time? Can you waste time?

Time is an abstract concepts that has tangible effects. It helps people to measure how long something takes, and how a thing A leads to a thing B. In our understanding it is linear, but it doesn't really have to be.

I feel time passing, sometimes when I have a good time it passes quickly. When I have a bad time, it passes slowly, it's very subjective. I think our feeling of time, helps us know when it's the right moment to say something or do something. It's a just thing your gut tells and then you decide to follow it or not.

We only have a limited amount of time on this planet. Some have more, some have less. I think it's safe to say that we waste it, when we do not use it to do something that either makes us happy, makes us better or makes us improve.

3. Do you need help creating forecasts and determining how something will end? Do you trust those forecasts?

I very often can somehow feel how things will develop and how will they end. Sometimes, even prophetically really. I think my ability to predict these things really balances on the thin line between something that can be logically explained and something, that remains a mystery even to my own self.

When I was younger, I used to have dreams that came true later. I don't have them as often anymore, but they still happen from time to time. I also often experience these sudden inspirations that tell me that something will happen and it really happens.

It's a little scary sometimes.

4. Are you normally late? How do you react if someone is late?

Usually, I adapt my time management to others. When I'm about to meet with someone, who is usually late, I'm late too. When I know I'll deal with someone who is punctual or I'm about to head to a formal meeting, I arrive either early or on time.

Nevertheless, I often find myself feeling either lazy or like I have a lot of time, even when in reality I have very little time. I often put thing off until the last possible moment, and then I find myself being stressed out and forgetful about a lot of details.

5. Imagine the situation where you agreed to meet with someone. Your feelings and actions:

a) 20 minutes before the meeting starts,

It's ok, I still do have a lot of time to arrive. I'd probably just head out for the bus or something, or choose to walk, 'cause I really like walking and I'm a fast.

b) 5 minutes before the meeting starts,

I'd probably end up being stuck in traffic or waiting for the bus, 'cause I never really check their schedule. I'd become kinda nervous and wishing I'd have gotten ready faster.

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