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My story and my inspiration

1 hour 53 min ago

Hello everyone, my name Is PyroSpyral, and my twitch Is @The_Slime_Warrior. I'm a small streamer hoping to rise in the ranks and I am also new to this subreddit. Being that I am new I thought I should tell my inspiration to stream and my story of what I do every stream. Around the time of 2014 I had a shitty laptop and a capture card. My first streamed game was pokemon diamond and I had one viewer. He loved my channel because of what I did. At the end of every stream I give my viewers a challenge to make the world a better place. And to dm me what they've done on my Twitter (@PyroSpyral). I get a lot of DMs now that I've gotten bigger as a channel. My end goal is to get big enough as a channel to stream and give advice to people. My biggest joy in my life is being able to help others, and streaming had gotten me to do that. I would love to someday do a charity stream for the cancer research center or the suicide prevention hotline because both situations have impacted my life. Hopefully someone reads this and it makes their day better because there are still good people, and you can be too.

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[Discussion] Anyone finds the bias towards Macross Frontier to be too much?

1 hour 55 min ago

As the title say, I want to debate about the whole Macross Frontier situation in the game.

Needless to say at this point we all know about how much content from Frontier they put in the game. Frontier gets a big amount of events, songs and Ranka and (especially) Sheryl are the two divas with the most costumes ingame by a big difference. Counting the Kyawawa recolors, Ranka has 16 costumes for now, while Sheryl has 18. This, compared to characters like Minmay (who’s even supposed to be the face of Macross itself due to being pretty important for the Macross world and story) who only has 10 and Basara and Mylene who only have 8, feels pretty extreme. The Walküre girls are all also around 8~11 costumes per character, so it ain’t that much either compared to them (especially with Uta Macross taking a huge chunk of Delta for the game’s aesthetic, UI and overall).

My question is, what do you guys think about the treatment Frontier receives compared to the other Macross branches? Do you think the DeNA bias is pretty obvious, or do you think there’s another reason for them to put so much Frontier content in the game?

For me, I think they should calm down for a bit with Frontier and start putting out more content for the other branches, especially the original Macross and 7, since these two are the ones who got the short end of the stick. There’s lot of promos that they can use to push some content for them, like they did with the New Year quests to get a costume for Sheryl. We got that costume last year and a rerun for it this year, too. Why not add a new free costume for Minmay, Mylene or Basara so they can balance the amount of costumes between characters? Ranka also got a free costume for her birthday, but the rest of characters didn’t get this treatment. Why not?

I don’t know, I do like Frontier, and Sheryl and Ranka too, but I don’t like the path they took with focusing too much on them. My only hopes is that when Macross 0 content gets added into the game, they distance themselves a bit from Frontier and start pumping content for 0, Macross and 7, because for now, Delta is the only branch with a balanced amount of content imo.

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EnviroCraft [SMP] {1.13} {Grief Prevention}

1 hour 56 min ago

About us:

We are a community that has been playing Minecraft together for 5+ years. We reset our map for the Aquatic Update and keep the server updated with all new versions. We have border expansion setup so the map can be never-ending

We are a Semi-Vanilla Survival server with plugins to protect your base/builds from griefing with claims. Here are a few other highlights for users to enjoy:

  • Shop World: Build your own shop and sell whichever items you would like in exchange for cash that can be used at other shops or to buy into building competitions

  • PVP Arena

  • Mob Arena

  • Seasonal/Holiday Build Competitions and events with prizes Halloween and Christmas build contest

  • Event World: Where we feature multiplayer or single-player games such as Parkour, Spleef, Turkey Shoot, Connect 4, and etc previously featuring haunted maze and Sir Daniel the Halloween Boss

  • Player Voted PMods: We have admin and permanent mods but also a chance for anyone to try modding for a three month rotation.

  • The End resets

  • Additional Plugins Slime Chunk Finder (/slime?), Z-Horse to transport your horse to you, Dragon respawn, cash drops from mobs, crop plot protection against mobs

  • Discord Server

Server Rules:

  1. Be respectful
  2. No Griefing
  3. No cheating. (X-ray, Duping, flying, etc.)
  4. No advertising

A complete list can be found here

Server Information:

Server Address/IP:

Server Locale: England

Game Play Type: Semi-Vanilla Survival

Version: 1.13

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I ruined a relationship witha person I consider my soulmate out of self hatred, lust and idiocy and it’s making me crazy. [Very Long Story Ahead - Ramblings of a love crazed, possibly suicidal, Fool]

1 hour 56 min ago

I am posting this hoping it’ll get it out of my mind. So here it goes.

The Backstory: When I was young I sexually hurt a couple of animals (2 cats, and a young dog; I think I did it to out of some way to cope with a highly dysfunctional and divorcing family; we had just moved to a new place after our house was stained by our next door neighbor. I think I had some trauma and only mention this because I believe it played a factor into why I did what I did. Also, since I was too shy and scared to talk to anyone, I had my first crush, she had a boyfriend and I had no self-esteem so I never approached her. I was more than happy to just look at her and take slice she was alive and happy. Then one day my younger brother comes down the stairs and told me she died in a car crash, my warned mind good me this was punishment and God I still wish I could take her place instead. She'd be alive and have much more appreciation for life than I currently have. Her name was Stephanie Parnell; another good person who should've survived instead of me or her drunken boyfriend.

The Relationship: I hooked up with him first through a hookup app, he was and still is the cutest person I've had the pleasure of being with. After that I had a sort of mental break when my dad took to a mental hospital after me making suicidal remarks about the horrible actions I’ve done during my teenage years. I went through it, got pills, and got help, then was discharged out. My ex-lover(still just a hookup at the time) wandered why I went quiet for a straight week, so I told him the truth about everything, why i was in the hospital, and what I have done. A few days later he got stood up by someone he had meet on the same app, and asked me if I wanted to see him. I had no problem doing so and consoled him and gave him the highest hug I've ever given some one. we took his car and hung out at night at the park, we just talked and told jokds, I felt we had great chemistry and we were bonding so well; after we were done he took me to see Halloween and I cuddled and kissed him during the frightening parts, God he made the vutest noises and I loved how he always wanted to keep a part of himself on me. He took me to get his parents during Halloween and ever made me look like I had a disfigured face so I could fit in; I kind of felt I had a second home with him at that point. We kept dating for a couple months and eventually I met his friends; I had just turned 21 and decided to get bent out drunk, which he loved, he kept on calling me ”scoot” in the cutests voice. He ever took me up to his friends bed, tucked me in and laid with me for a while afterwards then went back to his friends. I never felt more warmth in my chest and body then that night.

The Betrayal: A couple weeks in, I become lustful and got back on Grindr, I then proceeded to the make the biggest mistake of my life (in my opinion), and cheated on him. It was awful and the whole time I was wishing I never did it. Then I got off Grindr and then kept going with Victor. After I had gotten drunk, he told me he was going to a new years party and didn't want to bring me because he didn't want to keep checking if i was okay. At this point I took it as he was ashamed of me and didn't want to introduce me to other people (although he took me to meet his parents and closest friends). This is another time I screwed myself by going back on Grindr and chatting to someone new. At this point i then got locked out my phone out if my own stupidity. I then made a second account hoping he’d get on, he did and explained to him what had happened. He came over and we broke up. I was very cold and distant, i even remember saying ”this isn't the worst thing that has ever happened to me” and after i said that i broke down and cried because i knew it was a lie and that I only had myself to blame. I then gave him back all his stuff i had in my father's house (i live with him at the moment). And as soon as i was done, i screamed out in anger because i knew i was an idiot, a liar, a cheats, and ruined the best relationship I've ever been in. I cried, workedout like crazy, seething with anger in myself and for myself. the one person who made me feel whole and loved and warm, even more then my own family and I fucked it up over lust, AGAIN!

To Victor: if you ever read this, I miss having you in my arms, i miss your voice, I miss a your touch, your eyes, your laugh, i know most of our relationship was just mundane and laying down watching Netflix and making out, but God I miss it! I love you and I always will. I pray to whoever or whatever made us and earth that you're given everything you desire; you made a broken man feel whole again and i would trade anything in the world just to look into your eyes again; just to gold you, and kiss your lips. I love you and I'm so fucking sorry I ruined myself over lust. I just want to hear your soft voice again, I want to fall asleep holding you and walking up to see you smiling looking down happy at me. I'm so sorry i did this to you, you deserved and deserve better from me. I will always love you and if you ever chose to forgive me, i swear on my grave and my name i will never betray your trust again. Please Be Safe, if I lose you like I lose Stephanie, I'm going to lose all will to live. You gave my life meaning; every-time I said I love you more then life itself I meant it and I still do know. I know I drove a knife into your heart when I told you I cheated and nothing will make up for that. You every right to never talk to me again, and maybe even get a restraining order (although I don’t visit your house often). I love you, I even want to grow old with you, raise children like you wanted, and just make you laugh. But I should've thought of all that before I traded a loving, wholesome, beautiful relationship for shitty sex that left me feeling emptied then ever. Good night, and I miss everything about you ♥️

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Is IO in the same universe as Lost in Space?

1 hour 58 min ago

I spent quite some time looking on the internet to see if anyone else agrees, but since i couldn't find a single article about It, i Will do one myself. Here is why i think that the movie IO is in the same universe as the show Lost in Space.

1- Same setting and premise: If you start to think about It, Both titles have a planet Earth that can no longer sustain life due to toxic atmosphere. It may sound a little dumb, but keep Reading

2- The space station that is Shown in IO looks a lot like The Resolute in the show LiS: Take a look at this picture of the Resolute:

Now, open the movie and go to 15:20 in the Movie, and you can clearly see the station near the moon, and it's similar.

3- The last one, but the most important, Alpha Centauri is actually mentioned a couple times in the film. This "New world" that Sam's Boyfriend is going to visit is actually Alpha Centauri, and the name is thrown away a couple of times ( see 32:15 in the film)

At first i thought to be Just coincidence, but the whole Alpha Centauri stuff is too much to ignore. Your thoughts?

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Parents, does it annoy you when someone else tells you what to do bout your kid?

2 hours 36 sec ago

I was a babysitter once and one thing I noticed is that the two kids I took care of shared everything together. Including crayons and papers. The boy was 9 years old and the girl was 6. Whenever she wanted to draw she had to ask permission to her brother who owned everything before she came into the world. I felt sorry for her cause whenever she said “Let’s draw!” she’d say “Oh..but I have no papers.”

Then she’d have to ask her brother who said yes sometimes but said no too. After work was over I politely asked the mother if she could possibly buy her a new crayon or sth. Then she gave me this look of ‘Who the fuck are you to tell me how to do shit’ and muttered something like “Kay.”

I just wonder if my words bothered her or something. I’m not working there anymore though because their granny said she will take care of the kids.

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01-20 02:43 - 'as a long time lurker i've only recently started subscribing, I now see the error of my ways I am subscribed to world news and political cartoons, that is certainly not the best way to use reddit currently, I appreciate...' by /u...

2 hours 3 min ago


as a long time lurker i've only recently started subscribing, I now see the error of my ways I am subscribed to world news and political cartoons, that is certainly not the best way to use reddit currently, I appreciate you bringing this to my attention I'm dumb


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Go1dfish undelete link

unreddit undelete link

Author: /u/hiremeimbroke

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An MCU Completionist's Rewatch - Week Three

2 hours 3 min ago

Watch Order

Week One

Week Two

Welcome back to reading about my progress in my MCU marathon. In the past two weeks I have gotten quite far, and this week was no different. So here's what I've watched this week, and my thoughts about it all.

  • Agents of SHIELD 108-112 - The first couple of episodes in this block go back to the plot-of-the-week format, despite the Dark World tie-in. The plots aren't too bad, but they also aren't particularly memorable. The character work however remains fantastic, and that is where this series continues to shine, as the team bond, and build towards the main mysteries of the show. The midseason cliffhanger is where the metaplot of the season truly returns though, bringing back Mike Peterson, Raina, Centipede, and the Clairvoyant mystery, which I am really enjoying (despite already knowing how it resolves). The follow-up episode, with its revelation about Tahiti, was incredible, showing just what it had taken to bring back Coulson, although I do think they killed Edison Po off far too quickly. The following episode with Donnie Gill is also good, moving Skye's plot and providing an epilogue for Coulson while at the same time having an entertaining plot-of-the-week that also gives a better look at SHIELD, and brings back Ian Quinn, who is one of the more fun capitalist villains in the MCU, and reveals his own links to the Clairvoyant in a great stinger.
  • One-Shot: All Hail the King - A brilliant little short featuring a welcome return of Ben Kingsley's Trevor Slattery. I loved seeing him, and hearing the music from Iron Man 3 helped it feel like a nice epilogue to that film. The cliffhanger is unfortunate - I always felt the Mandarin would have been a good villain for SHIELD before it went bigger in scope. However little touches like the camera gun, the Caged Heat pilot (possibly featuring Christine Everheart's mother?), and Justin Hammer's cameo (the only time I enjoyed watching the character), as well as Kingsley's brilliant comedy and line delivery, really help this stand as one of the better shorts, so it's place as the last one is unfortunate.
  • Agents of SHIELD 113-116 - TRACKS is where this season really starts to come together - character subplots start to come together as the team hunt Quinn, Stan Lee gets an amazing cameo, and the storytelling technique used to gradually reveal the story of the episode keeps the whole thing tense and exciting. Mike Peterson's evolution continues, to a place neither we or he want to be, and the way the name Deathlok is revealed is cleverly done. What happens to Skye keeps the plot moving straight into the next episode, which keeps the brilliant bastard Quinn involved and brings in great new characters Triplett, and Bill Paxton's John Garrett, who is fantastic to watch. Coulson also says in this episode that they are Skye's family, which fits with the dynamics we have seen so far - Coulson is the dad, May is the tiger mum, Fits and Simmons are the older siblings, Ward is the boyfriend, and Skye is the kid sister. The reveal of the Kree body being behind Coulson’s revival is intriguing, and keeps a plot we thought was concluded in play. The following episode scales back the plot a bit for another done-in-one show, but it brings in Lady Sif who is used brilliantly here, and Lorelei isn't bad as a villain. The End of the Beginning is a brilliantly tense episode, as the team close the net on the Clairvoyant with Garrett, Trip, Blake, and Victoria Hand, all of whom get some great moments and help SHIELD feel bigger than just our team. Deathlok is a great threat, and the X-Ray of him was a fantastic visual. The tension between the team comes to a head, with one of the group possibly a traitor, but to preserve that twist I'm moving on to:
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier - This films high points have been elaborated on many times before by people with far better wording than I could muster, but I will say I believe it's the HYDRA twist that elevates the film as high as it is - allowing the film to embody the often sought after comic book trope of “nothing will ever be the same again”. My personal favourite action scene is Fury's ambush and subsequent car chase, just due to the tension of it, with it being very well shot and paced. The film does a great job of adapting and reinventing some elements of the comics as well, like Batroc and Rumlow, and making Falcon a soldier helped with his and Cap’s immediate bonding, and Black Widow’s expanded role was very welcome. Seeing Peggy and Cap reunited is one of my favourite scenes, despite Peggy's poor health. Robert Redford is a great choice for the villain, and Zola was the perfect choice to present the exposition behind HYDRA. Also the soundtrack is fantastic, especially the musical score that plays when the Winter Soldier shows up. There is one continuity error which bugs me though - namely how Zola transformed Bucky when he was captured by the SSR on the same mission Bucky was lost, but I have my own theories about that.
  • Agents of SHIELD 117-122 - The HYDRA twist is the best thing to happen to this show. It reveals Ward as a traitor, casting his previous actions in a whole new light, cuts our heroes off from any support, and reveals Garrett as the Clairvoyant, which stops that mystery from dragging along while at the same time positioning the character for a new role as the show’s big bad. The twists in the first episode in this block perfectly demonstrate how well this shows new direction could, following the solid foundation laid by episode 116. The episode following isn't really notable touch except it's introduction of Talbot and the return of Raina and Quinn. It's still a good episode, with continuing character development, but does nothing more than put the pieces in place for the rest of the season. The next with Daniels/Blackout is back to the plot-of-the-week format, but features a subplot with Ward that ties into the new narrative very well, and has some great scenes as Coulson deals with seeing his cellist again, and Triplett finds his place in the team to the ire of Fitz. The final three episodes are a tour de force - full of great character moments for the entire cast including the guests, tight plotting, and even some brilliant yet small action beats as everything pushes forward to a tense conclusion. However the standout moment of the final episode has to be after Fury returns and all the plotlines converge to an epic final battle full of tension and comedy in equal measure as May beats Ward, Coulson and Fury battle Garrett, and Skye saves the day by helping free Ace and turn Deathlok back, even if that story still ended bittersweetly. Garrett’s final death was hilarious, and Fury's handover of everything to Coulson marks a bold new direction for the show that continues to build on it's reinvention, and a few ending teases set up exciting plots for the future. What a great conclusion go a series that faltered at first. The longer storyarcs and ongoing character work are definitely a better fit for this show than the plot-of-the-week structure.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - This film is another of Marvel’s greats (sooner or later I’ll have to stop saying that as it will just get repetitive). It marks the first time Marvel truly tells a story independent of Earth, with the planet only appearing in a flashback, unlike the Thor films for example that have large sequences set there. We get strange new aliens, interesting new characters, exotic locations, and even though it is anchored by a human protagonist, its clear there is more at play by the end. The cast is very good in their roles, and the special effects, especially for Groot and Rocket, as well as the makeup for Drax, Nebula and Yondu, are all brilliant. We get to see how the wider galaxy of this universe looks, away from the Nine Realms of Asgard. Ronan may not be one of Marvel’s most memorable villains, but Lee Pace does a brilliant job of bringing gravitas to the role, and the first real role for Thanos is thrilling to watch, which Josh Brolin’s baritone leaving every word dripping with menace. But Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill is the ultimate star of the film - the source of its heart, soul and incredible music - keeping what is at times a grandiose space opera focused into an actual relatable story. And from the Collector we also get our next piece of Marvel’s continuing plot - the Infinity Stones, explained in a reasonable way, and with a glimpse of their true power seen. There are now three identified, with three to go.
  • Agents of SHIELD 201-205 - I remember originally watching this season before the first originally, and loving it. This season starts very well by heading straight into its numerous plot threads and reintroducing us to our cast of characters while also bringing in several new faces. Fitz especially has suffered the most from the last season, having a brain injury that has hampered him and his intelligence severely, not helped by Simmons being away. Skye however is a field agent training under May, interrogating the imprisoned Ward, and unknowingly being sought out by her mysterious father (played by the excellent Kyle MacLachlan) who is allied with Raina. There is a new mystery over the alien writing that Coulson has started scrawling, which seems linked to the serum that bought him back to life, and has a connection to an Obelisk taken off of HYDRA by (a welcome cameo from) the Howling Commandos: an Obelisk being sought by the same HYDRA scientist who lost it in WW2, who doesn’t seem to have aged a day; an Obelisk Skye’s father knows a lot about, and Raina alone can hold without dying. And through all of this HYDRA is gaining power and using hypnosis on key soldiers, SHIELD is slowly rebuilding but strapped for resources, and both sides are being hunted by General Talbot and the US Army. There’s a lot to like, even if it can feel a bit like there are too many mysteries at times, and the new cast members are great - Mack is an older brother and stable friendly presence, and Lance Hunter is a mercenary in every sense of the word, but he has a code of honour. New HYDRA villain Sunil Bakshi is pretty bland however, not being as charming or layered as the more dastardly Quinn or excellent Garrett from last season, but the enigma of the ageless Dr Whitehall is compelling. Donnie Gill returns from last season, however just for the one episode unfortunately, but not as a plot-of-the-week, but as part of the metaplot, and we also get a great version of Crusher Creel in the first two episodes. The final episode of this group is the best of the lot however, bringing back Simmons after her cover is blown, making Raina sympathetic as she is hunted by HYDRA, showing us a lot more of Skye’s father and his more monstrous side, and introducing the badass Bobbi Morse, who makes a great impression with her fighting moves and attitude. And Skye’s father giving the Obelisk/Diviner to Whitehall just so he gets their help to kill Coulson and get Skye is a tantalising teaser.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - I know I’m probably in a minority here but I firmly believe this film improves on the first in every way. Lindsay Ellis did a great video explaining how well it handles its themes and character work, and explains it far better than I can, but yeah the character relationships in this film are far better done than in the first. That said however the first film is a necessary groundwork to get to this film, and this film wouldn’t be as good as it is without it. Beyond that there are one or two things in this film that I also love: I think the soundtrack is better, being more varied and using both the score and source music to punctuate the most emotional scenes brilliantly; the scene of Yondu and Rocket escaping the Ravagers is one of my favourite action scenes in the entire MCU, with great visuals; I love the cameo for the original Ravagers, and like many others would love to see more of them, as I think they are all brilliantly cast; and while like many fans I knew the twist with Ego as the villain going into the film, the actual reveal of his villainy was brilliant, as was the reimagining of him from his Living Planet comic book origins, and you do genuinely get the sense he cared for Meredith, making her betrayal and killing of her even more painful.

So now from next week I start to add the Netflix properties into this, with Daredevil Season 1 being the next thing to watch. I’d still love to hear any thoughts from anyone who reads these, and feel free to check out the previous weeks entries if you haven’t already, and the next post should be up next weekend.

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why can’t i get you out of my head [long]

2 hours 7 min ago

growing up, my sister abused my entire family. as a child, it was constantly hammered into my head that i will never amount to anything. that i’m worthless, ugly, and unwanted. all of my siblings had to endure this everyday. i remember that she threatened to stab my dad once, while me and my siblings locked ourselves in a room. she’s gotten so much better now, but it still slips through sometimes, and i still don’t quite forgive her. now that the backstory is done, we can get to recent shit. i helped run the GSA at my highschool, but i left it about two weeks ago due to this and other shit. during a meeting, a new kid showed up. i’ll nickname them Empire, because that’s what i always called them. Empire was perfect. they had a beautiful smile, and always wore this letterman jacket. they just went through a rough breakup, so i guess they were just trying to find something to fill that void. and that filler was me. after Empire asked me to be their boyfriend, i was on top of the world. i proved everything my sister said to me wrong in just a day. Empire would skip class to see me during my lunch hour, and i’d skip study hall for their free hour. for two days, everything was perfect. we spent our time cuddling and talking. deep down, i knew i was a filler. but they said i wasn’t. then it all came crashing and burning down, when Empires ex came back (empire was still very much in love with them) and they requested to be left alone to talk. in the half hour i was gone, Empire took a scalpel to Empire’s wrist and punched a wall hard enough to bust their knuckles. they went to the hospital that night, together. Empire admitted that they lied to me when they said i wasn’t a rebound, and that they really did love their ex. i cried for a night, and then i was filled with rage. how fucking dare that piece of shit mess with ME. i wanted to punch their face until it could no longer be recognized as them. i didn’t, of course, and a week later that rage resided into a yearning for them to be back. i liked the way that they hurt me. i hated it, too. i want to do it all over again. i know that this comes from my sisters past, ever since she stopped the daily abuse i unconsciously looked for someone to make me feel like that again. and Empire is that person. why me? why did they have to make me miss them? why DO i miss them? do you guys have any methods on stopping this cycle?

EDIT: i feel like this is important to this story; i am a 14 year old guy, and they are a 17 year old person. i feel like that age gap is kinda weird

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Cryopod Refresh 133: LEGION

2 hours 7 min ago

Recommended Listening

My mind leaves Zeus's, and for the first time since Solomon's visions began, I levitate into the sky, my astral body unbound to the soul of another being. I hover high above the battlefield and watch from a distance as chaos unfolds.

Satan and Bael stand against Hercules, his eyes glowing with righteous fury and vindictiveness, while his army of five thousand humans charge toward the demons bursting from the depths of the Earth. Zeus takes a few minutes to regain his stamina and watch as thoughts about his son's awakened abilities roil in his mind. Half a dozen of Hercules' mind-controlled barbarians stand beside Zeus as if to guard him, though I can't help but think the Titan King is more than capable of protecting himself.

The demon army members cackle evilly as the humans charge toward them. "Filthy fleshbags!" Barbatos yells. "Not even ten of you can kill the weakest among us! Run to your deaths, foolish muck-dwellers! Nyehehe!"

Artorias swings his palms out to face the humans encircling the demons from the right and left. "Scythers, Brutes, take to the front lines! Burners and Rumblers, hit them before they get close! Don't underestimate them just because they're humans!"

The dark-skinned humans charge toward the demons silently, neither bellowing warcries nor howling like wolves ready to tear apart sheep. Their eerie silence sends waves of discomfort through the demon's ranks as they ready themselves for the first assault wave.

As the primitives draw within a hundred feet of the demons, the Burners shoot dozens of fireballs toward them, while the Rumblers launch boulders into the air, intending to flatten as many humans into pancakes as possible on the return.

Just before the fireballs hit, something surprising happens.

The humans dodge.

Their eyes, unified by the power of Hercules' soul manipulation, give them spherical vision in every direction. The front ranks halt, split apart, and dash left and right, causing the fireballs to splash against the dirt harmlessly. A few seconds later, the hail of boulders smashes into the Earth, sending tremors several feet underground as the giant rocks crash into the soil and roll to a stop.

"W-what?!" Barbatos squeaks. "Nyeh! They dodged?! That's impossible! We didn't hit even one!"

Artorias's eyes widen as the humans charge again, stomping through the tiny flames sputtering on the ground without a second thought. "Quickly! Fire another volley, Burners! Rumblers, you must-"

The Baron of Earthquakes doesn't get to finish his sentence. Hercules' armies splash against the wall of blade-armed Scythers and thick-skinned Brutes like two tsunamis against an island of red flesh.

Instantly, the demon defenders scream in horror as the human's wooden spears find their marks, gouging out eyes, throats, and hearts with uncanny precision. The humans batter the frontlines aside and rush the second row where the Burners have almost finished casting their fireball spells. Before the demons can complete their incantations, the first row of glowing-eyed humans swing their spears down like clubs, break the wrists of the magi, and cut off their spellcasting abruptly. Howls of pain erupt amongst the demon flanks as the humans tear through demon flesh like hot knives through butter.

Artorias slaps his palm against the ground. "The humans are sharing their vision! Hold them down and kill them one by one!"

His Earth Manipulation, far more powerful and precise than other demons of the same type, affords him a level of control they can't dream of matching. Artorias transforms the ground beneath the feet of several dozen nearby humans into quicksand, snaring them in the muck and causing them to stumble. In the blink of an eye, Barbatos and a dozen other grunts rip apart the humans and cackle with glee.

"Nyehehe! You may have killed a few weaklings, but now you'll have to face me, Barbatos, the most powerful demon of all! Foolish little fleshbags, rue the day you crossed my-"

Barbatos's triumphant cackles turn upside-down as he lunges toward a human pinned in the mud, motions with his hands, and sends a dozen shards of metal toward his trapped opponent. The metal instantly kills Barbatos's enemy, but in his excitement, the young grunt neglects a single human behind him, one who swings his spear out and bashes the demon across the back of his neck, sending Barbatos sprawling across the ground.


Barbatos coughs in pain and grinds to a stop. He turns to stare in terror as the glowing-eyed human charges toward him, spear upraised to deliver a killing blow.

"Eeee!! B-big brother! Help me!!"

As if Barbatos had unwittingly cast a spell, Artorias explodes from the dirt and catches the human by surprise. He pounces at the barbarian from behind and slams the human against the soil, raises a fist, summons a rock, and smashes it against the man's skull, splattering the primitive's brains everywhere.

Barbatos gasps. "H-haa.... th-thanks, big brother! I... I could've taken him!"

Artorias backflips just in time to dodge another human's spear aimed at his neck. "Less talk! More fight! We have to hold out until the main force arrives!"

The Baron of Earthquakes, currently the highest-ranked member of the demon army, barks out orders as he darts around, firing pebbles like bullets into the brains of nearby humans. "Their eyesight doesn't pierce underground! Surprise them from below! You, protect your weak points. You, assist that Burner!"

While the demons atop the crater's edge continually get reinforced by others emerging from Valac's Den, my eyes travel over to Satan. He and Bael engage in battle against Hercules, and to my surprise, the Titan seems to be easily holding his own.

Bael throws himself against Hercules and wraps his arms around the Titan's waist as he tries to grapple him to the ground. Satan leaps into the air and dives toward Hercules, Vectors extended, only for the Titan to swing his palm up and hit Satan with a telekinetic blast, tossing the Devil backward.

By the time Satan hits the ground, Hercules has already started battering Bael's exposed back. While the Demon Duke holds onto the giant with everything he's got, Hercules swings his fists down and smashes Bael's shoulders, spine, and head. Over and over, the Titan's fists become a blur as he savagely beats Bael with all his strength.

"Unhand me, you disgusting wretch!"

Bael grunts reflexively after taking each punch. "Guh! You can't- guh! You can't make me! I'm- guh! I can take anything you- guh! Anything you dish out!"

As the seconds pass and Satan lunges forward, I begin to notice that Hercules strength is increasing over time. His fists send out stronger shockwaves with each impact as his muscles increase in power. The Titan's glowing eyes intensify as he spots Satan skittering toward him, giant stones clutched in four of his Vector's claws.

"You want to hit me with some rocks, eh?! Give it your best shot, Devil!"

Hercules pauses his relentless assault on Bael's flank to swing his arm in a wide arc. Before Satan can close the distance, a telekinetic attack knocks him aside and throws off his balance, sending the Devil skidding across the crater to the left. "Shit! Bael, I can't get any closer!! This punk keeps hitting me with something!"

"Hahaha!" Hercules cackles and returns to punching Bael's head. "Your invisible arms nearly did me in, once! Now the shoe is on the other foot, little bloodskin!"

Bael winces as Hercules continues to smash his skull relentlessly. "Grgh! Forget me, boss! Help the others! I- gah! I can take this piece of- fuck!"

Satan pauses for a moment. He grimaces as he watches Bael taking unthinkably savage blows from Hercules, but turns his head toward the slaughter happening atop the crater.

"Damn," Satan mutters. "I can't just leave Bael behind... but my friends are getting murdered up there."

The Devil takes several agonizing seconds trying to think of what to do. All of a sudden, Bael gets a second wind. He digs his feet into the dirt, uncoils his arms from Hercules' waist, and throws himself into a ridiculous uppercut, smashing the young Titan's jaw with all his strength. Hercules gets flung backward, several of his teeth shatter, and he hits the side of the crater with a deep whump!

Bael charges the Titan and yells at Satan. "Get going, dumbass! I told you I could take this clown!"

Satan nods. "Oh. That settles that."

With a weirdly calm shrug of his shoulders, Satan leaves Bael and Hercules behind. He coils his Vectors, pounces atop the crater, and lands amidst chaos as Hercules' forces continue tearing through the demons like a herd of buffalo stomping through a flock of geese. The only one capable of holding his own is Artorias, and he's being pulled ten different directions trying to save his friends and eliminate as many humans as possible. Already, two thousand dead demons litter the ground, while only a few hundred humans have met similar fates.

Satan evaluates the scene of carnage for only a moment. He lunges toward the nearest humans and flings his Vectors forward, intending to catch them off-guard and crush their skulls before they can react. Instead, the humans spin to face him. Their glowing eyes lock onto Satan's Vectors, and they duck, dodge, and roll, avoiding them with ease.

The Devil's thoughts transmit to me, high in the sky. Just like Hercules, these humans can see my Vectors. He must be sharing some of his power with them. No wonder the grunts were overwhelmed.

Several dozen humans encircle Satan, leaving their comrades to battle the weaker demons. In the blink of an eye, they lunge toward Satan, spears upraised, intent on killing the demon leader. Satan uses his enhanced speed to instantly cast a wind spell. He rushes through the primitives, feints with his Vectors to make them dodge, but uses his fleshy arms to punch the heads of the nearest two clean off their shoulders. Before the others can recover, Satan dashes toward them. He transforms his body into a hurricane of destruction and crushes their heads faster than their bodies can react.

As I thought, Satan thinks to himself with a satisfied smirk. Their minds may be unified, and their eyes might be able to see my Vectors, but their bodies are still those of weaklings. I can easily outmatch them in both speed and power!

Satan doesn't hesitate. He spends the next minute murdering dozens of humans, forcing the others to turn their attention on him. Unfortunately for them, Satan's Vectors pass through their defenses, turning corporeal only long enough to rip them in half or tear their spines out of their backs. Despite the Barbarian's best efforts, Satan is simply too powerful for them to overcome.

Barbatos cackles. "Nyehehehe! With Satan and me here, these worthless fleshbags will fall! Come on, boys! Let's push them back!!"


Satan's appearance rallies the demons together. A surge of determination rushes through their ranks. It doesn't take long for a few Lords to emerge from underground, including Orias, Lord of the Moon. Hercules' barbarians lose their battle momentum and quickly get pushed back. Their numbers begin to dwindle. Soon, their numbers are nearly equal to the demons, despite their superior teamwork and battle prowess.

"Foolish Hercules!" Satan yells. "You thought you could beat me with the combined power of a few measly primitives?! Get real! You could never hope to stop me or my loyal-"

Satan pauses mid-sentence. He stumbles slightly and clutches his chest.

"Wait. What... what is... this feeling...?"

The Devil lurches backward. A sickening sense of nausea overtakes him.

Samael appears in Satan's mind. "By the Creator! Satan, this isn't good. Those humans... thou hath absorbed their souls! Hercules... he still controls them!"

Satan blinks heavily. "No... no... it can't be... this feeling is..."

The other demons continue battling the humans, oblivious to the battle being fought inside of Satan. The Devil's red eyes slowly lose their luster. Red fades to grey, then to white.

Suddenly, Satan howls in pain. "Ahhhhh!!! It burns! BURNS!!"

The Devil falls to his knees and clutches the sides of his head. His Vectors spasm uncontrollably. Several humans encircle him, but they don't move to attack.

One of us. One of us.

Satan leans forward and vomits bile all across the dirt in front of himself. "Guuaak!!"

The humans stare Satan down as he loses his last vestiges of resistance.

Obey. Obey. Rise. Join us.

After several seconds, the Devil stands. His eyes, like those of the humans around him, glow pure white.

In Satan's mind, a single phrase repeats, over and over.

We are one. We are Legion.


Meanwhile, down inside the crater, Bael stands atop Hercules and beats the Titan's face repeatedly, turning his fists into a storm of pain and suffering. His meaty hands batter Hercules over and over, sending blood spraying in every direction. "Bahahaha! You can't even move! You're dead meat, punk!!"

Hercules, despite having his face smashed from left to right, forces a smile.

You're wrong, dim-witted demon. I've already won.


Recommended Listening

With Satan under Hercules' mind-control, the battle outside the crater instantly and violently reverses momentum. Several demons scream in terror, their voices cutting off a split-second later as Satan rends their bodies in half with his Vectors.

"S-someone help! Satan's gone mad! He's working with the- AHHHK!"

One pyro-type tries to shout a warning to the others, only for Satan to rush him and crush his head. A moment later, Satan gains access to that demon's powers, and he begins summoning ten fireballs at once, using all of his Vectors and his non-Vector hands as well. One after the other, the Devil lobs dozens of fireballs, combining his attacks with the humans to completely overpower his fellow demons.

Shrieks and cries mix with begging and pleading for mercy, only for those speakers to fall silent as their souls leave the world of the living. Any demon with a useful ability ends up having their skull crushed by Satan, while the others turn to charred corpses in the wake of his onslaught.

Artorias, distracted by his battle with the humans, finally realizes what's happened. He gawks in horror at Satan, watching for only a few moments as Satan slaughters several grunts in the span of a few seconds. "Traitor!! How dare you kill your loyal followers! I won't forgive you!"

With a clap of his hands, Artorias dive-bombs onto the dirt, allowing the Earth to swallow him whole. Like a shark racing through the ocean, Artorias rapidly swims through the hardened rocky soil, stabs one hand through the surface, grabs Satan's leg, and yanks him into the dirt. Satan tries to attack Artorias, but the Baron of Earthquakes is far too agile. Artorias swims underground in an instant, avoiding Satan's Vectors as the Devil tears apart the soil trying to get to him.

A moment later, the terrain wrapped around Satan's legs suddenly compresses, crushing his bones and spraying blood in every direction. Eerily, Satan doesn't yell or cry out in pain. The mind-controlled Demon Emperor merely uses his Vectors to tear himself out of Artorias's makeshift trap, ripping away skin and bone from his legs as he does. Thick, viscous blood gushes from Satan's leg-stumps, but the Devil feels no pain.

As Satan swivels his glowing eyes around to scan the battlefield, Artorias bursts out of the ground, makes a sweeping gesture with both arms, and summons a massive cloud of dust. The wall of crushed stone and soot detonates like a bomb, instantly shrouding the battlefield in a dense, smog-like substance.

From my vantage point high above, I shouldn't be able to see anything, yet my eyes pierce the powder-cloud easily, allowing me to follow Artorias's movements. He dashes around to Satan's front, attacking the Demon Emperor head-on. At the last second, before Artorias can deliver a gut-busting punch to Satan's ribs, the Devil's Vectors dart toward the Baron, intending to tear him in half. Artorias's eyes spot the disturbance in the air, and he kicks to the side, avoiding Satan's counter.

An instant later, Artorias smashes his foot into the ground, sending a spray of dirt-bullets rushing toward Satan. The Devil can't react in time, and the pebbles tear through his body, ripping skin and bone out to spray against the humans and demons nearby. They, in turn, ignore the battle between the strongest fighters, focusing instead on combatting those on the same tier as themselves.

Artorias's thoughts beam to me. Satan isn't acting like himself. From what I've heard, he's an extraordinary battle tactician. There's no way a cloud of dust would catch him off-guard under normal circumstances. If that's the case, then that must mean... those glowing eyes...

The Baron dives underground, narrowly avoiding six fireballs hurled from Satan's hands and Vectors. For every second that passes, the Baron manages to piece together more of the puzzle surrounding Satan's mind-control.

Hercules must have taken control of Satan. But... why didn't he do so sooner? There must be some way to break the spell vexing our commander!

Swimming underground, Artorias begins hurling stone-spikes toward Satan. They burst out of the soil and rip through the Devil's defenses, tearing out Satan's stomach, liver, and lungs. The Demon Emperor stumbles awkwardly, clutches his wounds, and falls to the ground. His Vectors go limp as he swallows his final breath.

Artorias pounces out of the dirt to land beside Satan as his body flops to the ground. "Shit. I didn't mean to hit Satan's vital organs. Lucifer is going to ream me if I make it out of here alive."

Turning his attention away from the fallen Devil, Artorias jumps back into the battle and begins quickly eliminating several humans nearby. He smiles as he realizes that the dust cloud removes their ability to coordinate their vision properly. "Everyone! The fleshbags can't see! Hit them while they're blind!"

Having turned away from Satan, the Baron doesn't notice as the Devil's body begins to regenerate. After twenty seconds, Satan jumps to his feet. His glowing eyes lock onto Artorias.

Powerful soul. Must take. Ours. We are Legion.

Artorias senses something is wrong. He turns around just in time for Satan to grab his throat with a Vector. "Gahk! What?! You-"

The Devil doesn't allow his former subject to reply. Satan smashes Artorias against the ground savagely, battering him into the dirt over and over. Wham! Wham! Wham!

Artorias howls in pain. "Gaaaaugh! Shit!!"

He tries to cast a spell, but Satan's other Vectors dart toward him, grab his arms and legs, and pin him against the dirt. With the Baron restrained, Satan clenches his Vectors together, snapping each of Artorias's limbs like twigs. Kshhk!


Artorias screams, wails, and cries, as his life nears its end. He forces his eyes open just in time to see Satan's fleshy hand reaching forward to crush his head.

Before Satan can finish the job, several shards of metal fly through the smoke and slice his arm off, tearing through skin and bone as if they were wet paper. Barbatos jumps toward Satan, dancing and spinning as his shards of metal turn into a whirlwind around him. The young demon snarls viciously. "Get your fuckin' mitts off my big brother, scumbag!! I knew you couldn't be trusted, nyeh!"

Satan turns to face the new attacker, but he's too slow. Barbatos uses the element of surprise to his advantage, sending razor-sharp shards of metal to tear through Satan's limbs one after the other. Satan releases Artorias to focus on defense, but he can't dodge the tiny little blades dancing to and fro, dicing him apart like an onion. Barbatos severs Satan's other arm, gashes open his arteries, and eventually drains rivers of blood from the Demon Emperor before Satan can react.

Satan stumbles awkwardly, unable to control his movements. The Devil's legs give out beneath him, and he falls onto his back, as blood pools beneath him.

Barbatos doesn't hesitate. He sends three blades toward Satan and decapitates the Devil, killing him instantly. "Eat shit! I knew we couldn't trust you!"

After a quick confirmation of Satan's death, Barbatos darts into the fog to search for his brother.

"Bro! Bro! Where are you?" Barbatos calls out.

"O... over here..." Artorias coughs.

Barbatos follows the sound of his brother's voice, set against the backdrop of demons howling, weapons clanking, and feet stomping. Barbatos stumbles toward Artorias, only to find him laying on his back. "Aw, shit! What happened?! Are you okay?!"

Artorias blinks heavily. "F-forget... forget about me... Satan... he isn't dead. He comes back... get out while you can."

Barbatos flicks his eyes in the direction Satan perished, but he can't make out anything in the smog. "Nyeh! I cut his head off. No worries! C'mon, bro, I've gotta get you to the healers! You're in bad shape!"

Artorias's eyes widen. "The ground... it's trembling. He's already reviving. You... you have to go... you're too weak, Barbatos..."

"No! I'm not weak!" Barbatos says, tears in his eyes. "I won't leave you to die! Look, bro! I'm a Lord now! I gutted a bunch of fleshbags! I can protect you!"

Indeed, it's only now that I realize Barbatos's horns are more prominent than before, standing nearly an inch tall on the sides of his head. It also explains why his metal manipulation seemed much faster and precise than the last time I saw it.

Artorias turns delirious. His head lolls to the side. "Go... go... too weak... go..."

Barbatos gnashes his teeth. "I won't! I'm not a weakling! I'm big and strong, just like you! We have to stick together! That's what brothers do!"

Satan finishes reviving. He rises to his feet and sweeps his gaze through the smog, turning his head towards Barbatos's sobbing voice.

"I hate this!" Barbatos screams. "I hate people calling me weak!! I'm not weak! I'm strong! I'm awesome, like you!!"

Satan jumps toward Barbatos. His Vectors dart into the smoke and laser toward the crying little Lord.

Barbatos senses the danger incoming, but he can't react in time. Satan grabs the young demon by the back of the neck and yanks him toward the Devil.

"Uwaaah! Bro!!"

Barbatos shrieks in terror. His face spins around and sails toward Satan's outstretched hand as the Devil prepares to crush his head.

With death only an instant away, Barbatos's resolve suddenly hardens.


Rage swallows the Lord's mind. The instant his face presses against Satan's palm, dark energy erupts from every pore on Barbatos's body. The little guy shrieks a bloody warcry, his voice deepened by several octaves. His muscles explode with power.


Satan tries to crush Barbatos's head, but the dark energy around Barbatos's skin transforms into an iron-like barrier. Barbatos grabs Satan's hand and yanks it off his face. His strength increases by a factor of twenty as he tears the Devil's arm from his shoulder. A shower of blood explodes from Satan's stump, but he doesn't get much time to process the pain. Immediately, Barbatos plants a foot in the ground and throws himself at the Devil, summoning shards of metal to cover his hands and turn them into lethally sharp claws.

The newly arisen Lord swings his claws in huge, sweeping arcs, tearing out Satan's ribs and sending chunks of skin and bone flying in every direction. Satan flings Barbatos away with the combined strength of all eight Vectors, but the instant the berserked Lord touches the ground, he charges at Satan again, snarling like a wolverine.


Barbatos dashes to Satan's left. He swings his claws down, tears up the ground, and flings a hail of dirt and rocks at the Devil. They sail through Artorias's smog and smack Satan, but only distract him for a split-second. Satan counters by clapping his hands together and summoning the power of wind to blow away the remainder of the smoke and debris.

Instantly, Satan's demeanor changes. With the smoke no longer clouding the human's shared vision, Satan jerks to the side, not bothering to look directly at Barbatos. He snaps his Vectors toward the Lord of Iron, but one only manages to grab the side of the Barbatos's arm. It squeezes, hard, and tears off a chunk of skin, but Barbatos dives into a roll and pounces at Satan. His arm heals instantly, aided by some supernatural regeneration ability.

Barbatos and Satan engage in a high-speed battle. The Lord of Iron gashes out parts of Satan's body, but the Devil retaliates in kind, ripping out chunks of skin and muscle whenever he manages to land a lucky hit on Barbatos. Both of them face each other head-on, attacking with brutal savagery. Their blood and sinew coat the battlefield in the smell of death. Whenever Barbatos gets injured, he heals instantly, but Satan ignores any damage he takes entirely.

Eventually, after a minute of fighting to keep the enraged Lord from ripping him apart, Satan succumbs to his wounds. With his right arm missing, lacerations severing his tendons and muscles, and dozens of internal organs ruptured, agonizing pain punctuates the Devil's final gasp of breath as Barbatos slaps Satan's head clean off his shoulders, sending it flying into the crowd of humans like a cannonball. It pulverizes three primitives who were unable to dodge in time, and shatters into a mass of blood and bone when it strikes the dirt.

Barbatos doesn't let up. Even as Satan's body slumps over, Barbatos grabs him and begins tearing what's left of Satan to pieces.


The Lord of Iron's razor-sharp claws tear Satan's limbs off, flinging them into the crater behind him. He crushes bones, dices and slices muscles, and flays Satan's skin to nothing.

Suddenly, Satan begins to regenerate. Barbatos grins excitedly. "HAHAHA!! YOU THINK I'LL JUST LET YOU HEAL?! NOT ON MY WATCH!!"

Despite Satan's incredibly fast regeneration, Barbatos goes into overdrive. He uses his metal manipulation, huge muscles, and insane speed to continuously batter Satan's corpse with all his might. For over two minutes, Barbatos prevents the First Emperor's return from death.

Barbatos begins to pant. He rears back to smash Satan's regenerating arm, only to swivel his head to the side. Five humans dash toward him, equipped with little more than rocks and their bare fists. Their spears, destroyed or lost during the battle against the demons, would prove to be of little use against the Lord infused with Herculean strength.

Each human begins flinging their rocks at Barbatos. Barbatos stares at them silently as the rocks smack against his body, barely bruising him before he regenerates.

"Hahaha... what is this? Some kind of joke?! Are you MOCKING ME?!"

Barbatos leaps away from Satan and cackles maniacally as he rips the primitives to shreds, killing them before they can react. "Bahahaha!! WHAT A JOKE!! NOBODY CAN STAND UP TO ME, NOW! I AM BARBATOS THE ALMIGHTY, THE INVINCIBLE! NYEHEHE!!"

It only takes Barbatos a few seconds to kill Hercules' primitive humans, but that proves an adequate amount of time for Satan to finish regenerating. His glowing eyes bolt open, and he slams his Vectors against the ground, launching himself fifty feet into the sky.

Barbatos whirls around. "Aw, shit! I got tricked!"

The young demon starts to jump into the air after Satan, but the Devil's mind is already five steps ahead. His thoughts, as well as those of Hercules and all the other humans, merge together.

The demons will win, soon. Drastic measures required. Adjusting priorities.

The Devil begins motioning with his hands. As Barbatos rushes toward him from the ground below, Satan summons the power of wind and launches himself straight down like a railgun.

"What the-?!"

Barbatos yelps in surprise as Satan flies past him and smashes his fist against the planet, using Earth Manipulation to send a shockwave deep into the tectonic plates. A moment later, Satan yanks his fist up, combining his Earth Manipulation with Poseidon's Water Manipulation to summon the water from a vast, underground lake. A chasm three-feet-wide and miles deep opens up beneath him. Before Satan can fall inside, a violent ejection of freezing-cold liquid rushes up, flooding the underground caves Valac's cronies dug. It tears through anything in its path and slams against Satan's back, firing him into the sky like a shotgun.

The Devil spins around, lands on his feet, and creates a mana barrier to stand atop the plume of liquid like a surfer. Satan's eyes glow more intensely. With a flurry of motion, he begins using his hands and Vectors to fire ultra-compressed shots of water at his enemies below. Dozens of demons dive to their right and left, avoiding some attacks, only to end up gored to death by the humans. As its pressure lessens, Satan's wall of water crashes against the ground and sweeps everyone off their feet.

Artorias, still broken and dying from his battle, spirals away helplessly as the current yanks him into the distance. Barbatos lands in the river with a splash. "Bro! BRO!!" His body begins to lose its strength as his will to fight fades.

The Lord of Iron rides the current and swims after his brother, leaving Satan's onslaught uncontested as he fires compressed water at any demon in his path.

We are Legion. We follow our leader to the end.


Bael and Hercules, still locked in a stalemate of a battle, jump away from each other as the colossal river begins rapidly flooding the crater and flowing back underground. Bael's eyes flick toward the crater rim. Damn! I'm still stuck here, fighting this useless piece of shit by myself! The boss should've killed all the fleshbags and told everyone to skedaddle by now!

Hercules laughs triumphantly as the water rises to his knees. "Imbecilic demon! While you stayed here to fight me, I took control of your leader's mind! Satan is mine, now! He's killing demons, and there's nothing you can do to stop him!"

Bael narrows his eyes. "Bullshit! Satan would never work for the likes of you."

Screams of pain over the ridge reach Bael's ears. He tilts his head toward them, only to realize the ones howling in pain are demons, not humans.

"You underestimated me, little demon," Hercules says. "As did Satan and everyone else! They thought me a foolish meathead, someone incapable of forming coherent battle strategies. While that might be the case for you, it was never true for me!"

Hercules aims his palm at Bael and uses his telekinetic abilities to yank the Duke of Pain toward him. Bael grunts in annoyance and braces himself for a fist to the face, only to yelp in surprise as Hercules grabs him by the throat and plunges him into the rising waters inside the crater.

"You can take a beating, demon, but can you breathe underwater?! I think not!"

Bael's entire body submerges beneath the water, which has already risen to Hercules' waist. The Titan cackles as Bael struggles to free himself. He kicks his legs, grabs Hercules' arm and tries to pull it away, but the Titan only strengthens his grip.

"Gurgle, gurgle! Have you anything to say?! I can't hear you!!"


Atop the crater, Satan continues wiping out the last vestiges of his fellow demons. With the current slowing behind him, he simply uses the water already available to fire continuous concentrated bursts at any demons unlucky enough to draw his ire. The humans nearby combine their efforts to kill off the stragglers, but a lone Lord stands apart from the rest, still managing to hold his own despite desperate odds.

Orias, Lord of the Moon, wrapped in a brown cloak concealing his body, summons forth a wide variety of elemental powers. Fire and ice bend themselves to his will, as do the elements of Earth, lightning, and a dozen others. Despite being little more than a Lord, his powers seem far superior to those of other demons, allowing him to tackle dozens of humans at once.

After snapping his fingers, Orias fires several flame-bullets at two nearby humans, blowing out their chests and sending them sprawling.

"Tch. I'm running out. Not much longer, now."

Orias snaps his fingers again. A flash of light ignites in his palm, and he summons a wall of ice to block several of Satan's water-missiles.

"Everyone else is down. I'm the only one left. If I'd have known things would turn out this way, I'd have stayed underground. Fate bends me over, once again, I suppose."

The Lord of the Moon grits his teeth in annoyance. Despite his dire situation, he seems more annoyed than desperate. I can only assume he's resigned himself to death.

Satan leaps into the sky, bringing gallons of water along for the ride. He motions with his hands, and the blob of water adheres to his back. Within seconds, he finishes summoning Poseidon's Octopus Form, which, in addition to his Vectors and Arms, gives him a total of eighteen limbs.

Orias flicks his eyes toward the incoming threat. "Oh, fuck my life."

The Lord of the Moon quickly thrusts his hand into his robe. When he pulls it back out, I catch a glimpse of a shiny white piece of metal, or perhaps something else. He immediately closes his palm, snaps his finger, and inhales.

"One minute. It'll have to do."

Satan falls from the sky, aims himself like a bullet, and smashes into Orias with all his strength. The Devil weaponizes his invincible body, using it like a cannonball to try and crush Orias with all his weight.

Instead, the opposite happens. Orias holds his ground and thrusts a palm out, shoving the Devil backward with surprising strength. Satan grabs the Earth with his Water Tentacles and uses his Vectors to smash and pound Orias. Each one balls into a fist and slugs Orias's body like a sledgehammer, battering from eight directions at once. The poor Lord hasn't a chance of resisting. He gets knocked around, thrown into the receding waters, grabbed by the legs, and smashed into the ground over and over.

Orias doesn't yell or scream. He takes the abuse without complaint, and after several seconds, Satan drops his unmoving form into the ankle-deep water. The Devil grabs Orias's head and squeezes, intending to crush his skull.

Nothing happens.

Satan furrows his brow. He yanks Orias's hood off and lunges forward, only to stare in bewilderment.

Orias's body shines in the midday sun. Instead of blood-red skin like all the other demons, his is a ghostly white and pockmarked with hundreds of strange, concave holes. Each one, barely the size of a marble, is shaped slightly differently from the others around it. They appear to be sockets for fitting objects into.

After a moment, I suddenly realize a few of the holes are not, in fact, empty. Some of them have tiny little gems of varying colors embedded inside. Red, green, blue, purple... all the colors of the rainbow appear among them.

Orias jerks his head up to look at Satan. "Bastard. That was my last diamond. Now I'm pissed."

With a quick motion, Orias plucks a blue sapphire from the back of his head, clutches it in his palm, and snaps his fingers. His eyes shimmer, and all the water around him evaporates.

"I hate turncoats."

Water forms over Satan's head, solidifies into a one-ton block of ice, and slams down like a sledgehammer. At the last second, the Devil presses half his Vectors and Tentacles into the Earth, and uses the others to catch the incoming projectile.

However, this leaves his body exposed.

Before Satan can fling the giant ice-cube away, Orias springs into action. He leaps to his feet, plucks a ruby from his neck, and snaps his fingers.


A gout of fire bursts from Orias's mouth, blasts Satan's body, and scorches the Devil with several-thousand-degree flames. Satan loses control of his Vectors, his Tentacles fall apart, and the massive ice-cube falls on top of him, flattening him like a pancake.

Artorias wipes his forehead. His skin fades from white to red, and quickly regains its demonic coloring.

"If what I saw earlier was correct, this guy doesn't stay dead. Cripes. I'm nearly out of gems."

With the rest of the demons nearby falling one-by-one, the remainder of the humans turn their attention on Orias. They dash toward him, weapons raised, intent on his destruction.

Orias pulls his hood back to cover his face. "Miserable way to die."


A spine-tingling wolf howl erupts in the air. The ground explodes outward, and dozens of demons begin rushing to the surface, along with Hellhounds and Goblins.

The massive, fifty-eyed wolves snarl viciously and pounce at the primitives. Far faster and more powerful than any demon grunt, the monstrous animals begin tearing through the remainder of the primitives like lions devouring mice. While none of the humans scream in terror, their final moments end with a rush of adrenaline as the monsters rend them limb from limb.

Lucifer hops out of the newly opened hole in the ground. "Orias! There you are! I'm sorry we're late. Where are the others?"

"Dead," He mumbles. "Only a few of us remain."


Lucifer fixates her third eye on Satan's corpse. Already, dark energy is beginning to swirl around it as he regenerates. Diablo climbs out from behind her, along with Vepar and Belial. The newcomers gape at the bodies strewn in every direction.

"Lucy, baby, what did we just walk into?" Diablo asks.

"Hell," Lucifer replies, as Satan regrows skin and muscle. "Absolute Hell. I don't know how Hercules managed it, but he's taken control of Satan, just like all the rest of these humans."

Belial stares wide-eyed at Satan's reviving corpse. "I've... I've never seen anything like it..."

"Me neither. Get to work. There are dozens of injured demons around here. Tend to whomever you can. Vepar, Diablo, you're with me. We have to find a way to subdue Satan. Orias, can you still fight?"

The Lord of the Moon grimaces. "Not for much longer. I'm almost out of gems."

"Retreat. Bring the others with you. We'll take over from here."

Orias breathes a sigh of relief. "Hoo. Sounds like not dying. I'm in."

Satan finishes reviving and launches toward the newcomers. Lucifer knocks him away with a concentrated kinetic blast from her third eye.

"Fucking men. They always leave me a mess to clean up."

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[PI] The International Paranormal Group – Superstition - 2,920 Words

2 hours 7 min ago

Olsen and Williams drove in silence from the airport to an address at the edge of the city. It was late and they were both tired. Williams stared out the window, Olsen behind the wheel. Picking up a car like this and driving towards something unknown had become second nature to them, like muscle memory. Olsen had set the sat-nav but he didn’t need it. They had been to this place before.

‘It could be different this time,’ he said to Williams, as if in answer to a question.

She stretched out her shoulders, rolled her head over and back. ‘It could be,’ she said.

‘What floor did the report mention?’


They both were quiet again for a while. Then he said: ‘It’s probably not localised.’

‘It doesn’t seem to be.’

‘Associative, then.’

‘Must be.’

‘But who? We checked everyone.’

‘We must have missed someone.’

‘Or there’s someone new.’

‘In the same place? Could be. But it would be a strange coincidence.’

She said it without thinking, and their eyes met. He smiled.

‘A normal coincidence, I meant,’ she said.

There was almost no traffic at this time of night and to Olsen the city felt abandoned, the road like a river winding through a desert. But left and right were tower blocks like the one they were driving to, millions of lives of nearly infinite complexity all being lived out together. Who knew what was really happening out there, what was possible or impossible.

‘We’re nearly there,’ he said. ‘Let’s gear up.’

He pulled the rental car into a gas station that was closed, and drove it all the way around the back.


Oliver was frightened, but for him that was nothing unusual. He lay in bed feeling his heart pound and his hands tingle, and he concentrated every effort of will on not moving or making the slightest sound. When he had woken a few minutes before he had wanted to pee, but now all thought of that was forgotten. He had been about to get out of bed when he heard the hint of a snuffle in the semi-dark, from the far corner of the room, and his body froze. The nightlight was on, the one his mother had bought him when all this started, but it couldn’t light up that corner now. Nothing could - the thing brought its own darkness.

Tears had come to Oliver’s eyes at first and he wanted to call out for his mother, even though he knew how dangerous that would be, because in some sense he wanted to show them, to show the adults he wasn’t imagining things. Dr Zack - the specialist they had brought him to - had said gently that monsters weren’t real, that there was nothing out there in the dark. The man had said it so kindly, and with so much concern, that Oliver had almost felt sorry for him. Of course there were monsters. Wasn’t every person born with a monster playbook already encoded in their brain? Don’t move. Don’t breathe. If they think you’re asleep, they’ll leave you alone. But if they know you’re awake…

In the corner of the room he heard the snuffle again, and then the sliding sound of the creature dragging itself over the rug. Oliver focused every bit of his being on remaining still. Don’t move. The first rule of the playbook, perhaps the oldest thing that humans knew.


It didn’t take Olsen and Williams long to get ready and then they were back in the car and on the move towards the apartment. They were deep among the tower blocks now. They passed a burned-out car on their left, then a smashed bus-shelter, the shattered glass still coating the ground.

‘This place hasn’t changed much,’ Williams said.


‘Zemmerstein thinks it’s related. To the negative emotion.’

‘He thinks everything’s related.’

‘I think he’s right.’

‘If you have enough data, you can make anything correlate. He doesn’t understand that it’s… It’s a special kind of feeling.’

‘Yeah.’ This was an old conversation, with familiar patterns, and Williams let it go for now. ‘I see the building up ahead,’ she said.

She reached into the back seat and hauled a heavy canvas bag onto her lap. She unzipped the top of it and pulled out a curious device that looked like a small model Christmas tree. She mounted it to the dashboard with a suction cup. It trailed a heavy wire to the bag where there was a device like a thick tablet computer. The screen came to life brightly at her touch before fading to grey. Written in white letters were ‘IPG Research’.

A load icon appeared, then a screen of options and numbers. It looked like very little thought had been given to making the system easy to use, but Williams navigated through it rapidly, touching options and buttons almost too quickly to read. A three-dimensional view of the world around them appeared, showing the streets and buildings they were driving past. The scene was drawn in green lines against a black background, with patches of light green shading here and there almost like fog.

Williams manipulated the view with her fingers, turning it until the tower they were driving towards was displayed in the centre of the screen. She touched more buttons and a readout said: ‘Commencing deep scan’. A percentage completion bar appeared, starting at 0% and then flicking to 1% as she watched.

‘Last time,’ she said, as she waited. ‘Do you remember the place on the seventh floor?’

‘God.’ He snorted. ‘With the cats?’

Williams grimaced with the remembrance. ‘When we came in the door and the place was just flooded with black cats, and yet nothing showed on the reader’ - she glanced down at the machine in her lap almost unconsciously - ‘it was one of those moments when you wonder if you’ve lost sight of what is real.’

‘She was just a cat lady though, in the end,’ Olsen said.

‘Yeah. Almost certainly. And yet here we are, going back to the same building. It’s a strange thing. When did the alert come through?’

‘Tuesday. Automated drone scan.’

‘So no human call?’

‘No. Nothing.’

‘And there was the mirror that time, too,’ Williams said, thinking back again. ‘In the lobby. Cracked but not broken… And when we asked the building guy about it he said he’d never seen that crack before.’

‘He was a dumbass though. That crack could have been there since the 70s.’

‘I know. But we missed something, somehow. We must have.’

Olsen nodded. ‘There must be something associative here.’

‘To a person?’


‘Someone we missed in the scan?’

‘The scans are never perfect. Especially with very young children.’

She frowned. ‘True.’

The machine in her lap beeped, and she looked down. A message read: ‘Processing.’ And then the results appeared.

There was a short sharp intake of breath from Williams, causing Olsen’s gaze to snap first to her eyes and then to the screen. The image showed most of the tower overlaid with a faint green shimmer, but on the thirteenth floor there was a sphere of pure white, beams of green light ejecting from it in all directions.

‘It’s happening right now!’

Olsen slammed the accelerator to the floor and the car leaped forward, the engine howling at the unusual treatment.


Oliver had figured out the rules himself over the seven years of his life. There were different kinds of creatures in the dark, he knew. Sometimes he heard them crawling and slithering like snakes, and other times he heard the soft click of claws on the bedroom floor. Sometimes their sounds were snuffles and snorts, other times more like soft growls. Some of the creatures seemed unaware of him, as if they had wandered into his bedroom accidentally. But some of them seemed to be sniffing and listening and sensing, trying to find him. Hunting.

And now as he lay there, heart pounding, as still and silent as a human could be, he realised he had made a mistake. He could hear this creature sniff and wait, sniff and wait, listening as intently as Oliver himself was, alert to the tiniest movement or faintest scent. And Oliver realised that his foot was very, very close to the edge of the blanket, so close that it was not completely covered.

He heard a faint but unmistakable growl. A sound almost of surprise, of uncertain but possible delight.

He closed his eyes hard, feeling the tears drying there. Dammit, he said to himself, a word he had learned from his uncle. Dammit.

Very, very slowly he pulled his foot further back under the covers. In the silent, still room it sounded like a cacophony of hammers.


The car leaned hard on its front tyres as Olsen brought it to a halt and then he and Williams were out and sprinting up the short set of steps and through the lobby door. Six years previously there had been a security guard there, but now the desk was deserted and looked like it had not been used in a long time. There was an elevator bank and a set of stairs, and by wordless agreement Olsen hit the stairs and Williams pushed the call button. There was no way to know which was faster in these old buildings, and now every second counted. Better to take both options.

Olsen felt his legs began to burn after only a few flights but then his body settled down to the unexpected exercise. He had been a track athlete in high school and he only needed a few bounds per flight, placing his feet accurately and lightly. He pictured Williams moving upwards in the elevator, calm and controlled, and urged himself to get there before her.

Which he did. He glanced at the lift doors as he sprinted by them but there was no movement. He raced down the hall and came to the door of apartment 1322. Just outside was an umbrella, fully opened up.

‘Goddammit,’ he muttered.

He tried the handle but it was locked, and he pounded on the door.

‘Government agent!’ he shouted. ‘Open up, this is an emergency!’

There was no answer, but he was already crouched down at lock with a lockpick in his hands. The lock was cheap and should be simple to open. He applied gentle pressure with the tension wrench, breathing deeply to control the shaking in his hands, and then raked the tumblers. Once… Twice… Three times… Four times…

He kept raking. It didn’t usually take that long. He felt a surge of anxiety. Could he shoulder the door open? He glanced up at and didn’t think so. Too well set into the frame. He raked the lock again, and then again… Still nothing. The damn tumblers just wouldn’t align. So strange for a lock this cheap to resist so well, so unlucky not to…

His eyes fell on the umbrella.

With a strangled sound of rage he picked it up, let it down carefully, then threw it as hard as he could out of the upper section of an open window.

He crouched back to the lock and raked it again, and the door clicked open on the second try.

Olsen burst inside.


Oliver knew that the movement of his foot had done it. The thing was aware of him now - it had heard him and smelled him and now it was coming for him, crawling out from the far corner of the room. Sensing prey.

Oliver clamped his eyes shut as hard as he could, fresh hot tears rolling down his cheeks. He knew he was making tiny sounds of fear that were inaudible to him but which the creature could hear as clearly as screams. Don’t move… Don’t open your eyes… Don’t move… He let the instinct of two hundred thousand years guide him, telling him to be still, to be calm, to be silent. But it was too late. He could feel it. This was further than it had ever gone before in all the terrifying nights. Some important line had been crossed.

In the silence he heard the click of a claw on the hardwood floor where the rug ended, right beside his bed.

There was a growl of triumph.


The apartment was small and neat, half-lit from the streetlight outside. Olsen was standing in a kitchen-dining area, and there were four doors - probably two bedrooms, a bathroom and a closet, he guessed. He pictured the layout of the building and went for the door on the right. He had the Mark Two in his hands, huge and heavy like a Desert Eagle handgun scaled up another twenty percent or so. He flipped on the weapon’s light. Where the hell was Williams? Something must have happened with the elevators.

He took a breath and then pushed open the bedroom door and flashed the weapon left and right, every instinct primed to fire.

There was a bed and a rug on the ground, and some toys scattered about. A figure in the bed was unmoving. There was no sound.

He leaned in over the bed.

There was a woman there, soundly asleep.

Wrong room.

From the other room he heard the panicked scream of a terrified child.

He was too late.


The lifts were broken, Williams finally realised, and broken in the worst possible way. The call button light came on and far away a motor started to hum, but no lift actually arrived. You could wait forever, and she felt like she had.

She ran for the stairs.

Thirteen floors was a long climb but she trained for moments like this one, when stress was making it hard to concentrate and her training took over. She took the steps two at a time, the most she could do consistently and safely. If she slipped and hurt herself she would be of no use to anyone. She focused on the task and counted down the floors remaining. Eight… Ten… Six… Four… Three… Two…

She didn’t pause at the top for breath or self-congratulation, but sprinted down the hallway towards 1322.

The door was open.

A child screamed, a heart-rending sound.

She had her Mark One out and ready.

A glimpse: Olsen’s face looking back at her from the darkness of a bedroom, eyes and mouth round in shock.

The wrong room.

Three doors remained to choose from: bathroom, closet, bedroom.

Could be left or right. No way to be sure.

Seconds left.

She kicked out at the left door, a front-thrust kick from taekwondo, impacting almost head height.

The lock gave and the door exploded inwards on its hinges.

And then: pure fear and pure instinct.

The child’s face looking towards her, an expression of terror that would come back to her in troubled nights for the rest of her life.

His left arm encircled with a black tentacle, dragging him out of the bed while he fought against it with every gram of strength and desire that he had. The tentacle was part of a thing that was only half there, shrouded in darkness, seeping from the corner of the room.

She levelled the weapon and fired, the discharges deafeningly loud and percussive in the enclosed space, three shots crowding the same instant blam-blam-blam.

A screech of rage from the creature, an awful sound that did not belong on the Earth.

Then Olsen was behind her firing his Mark Two. The sub-barrel? It was impossible to tell. She thought she heard the chink of falling glass.

Then the creature was gone.

The child’s mother was screaming behind her, wild, thrashing against Olsen. ‘Miss Carrington, please,’ he was saying to her, holding her back. ‘We’re government agents. Please, be calm. We’re government agents… Everything is under control now...’

Williams took a step forward towards the child.

‘You’re safe now,’ she said quietly, holstering her weapon. Oliver was holding his left arm in his right hand as if he was clamping down over a wound, but he was not bleeding. ‘It’s OK,’ Williams said. She took another step, her hand out.

He was still a moment, then slipped out of the bed and away from her in a jerky motion, an animal instinct of survival.

‘It’s OK,’ she said again. ‘We’re here to help, we know what happened.’

‘They’re real,’ Oliver said, the words shuddering slightly. ‘I always told my Mom they were.’

His mother was staring at him from the doorway, Olsen still gently holding her back. There was an expression in her eyes of something close to madness. Her world was coming unravelled. ‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered to her son, the first time she would say it of the thousands in the years to come.

‘Yes,’ Williams said, answering Oliver. ‘They’re real.’

‘Why do they hunt me? And not the other kids?’

‘We don’t know. But we can keep you safe.’


‘Lots of ways. We’re going to talk about all that.’

Oliver stared at her, and then in a sudden movement he bent down and picked up something from the ground. He held it out on the palm of his hand. It was a small glass canister, only a few millimetres across. Inside was something grey-green.

‘What’s this?’ Oliver asked.

‘It’s a sample,’ Olsen answered from the door.

‘From the creature? You shot it?’

Olsen nodded.

‘That’s good,’ Oliver said. His words were more controlled now, his calm returning to him. ‘Because people need to know what’s out there.’

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A bbq at my mum-friend's house didn't start off too well for me, but her insane kids got shut inside and it became a dog party instead!

2 hours 9 min ago

Honestly: there's no real point to this story, and I'm not providing anything enlightening or new, but I thought some might enjoy it as well as the parenting style involved :)

In our friend group there are several who are parents with typical children, but one couple has two boys of about 2 and 4yrs... And Oh. My. God. I cannot appropriately express how incredibly aggravating and intense these boys are. Think of a typical rowdy little boy, then imagine 10 of him all running in every direction. Then turn the volume up to 100 then down to 20 and just repeat that over and over. Cover everything in a 20 meter radius of your body – actually just also cover your body – in honey and mud, and have someone repeatedly ram a ride-on Tonka truck into your ankles. That is the physical experience of being around these two boys. After seeing them I automatically transform into a dramatic woman from a Pre-Raphaelite painting, delicately putting a hand to my brow, collapsing to the couch and requesting a cool compress for my pounding forehead. To defend my friend, I don't think it's a parenting issue; this couple is a set of fantastic parents. But even they will readily tell you how hard the boys are to coexist with and how embarrassed they can get over their behaviour and personalities. If anyone other than the grandparents offers to babysit they will straight up say thank you but we are not going to put you through that. And they always encourage those of us with dogs to bring them around to their house to play, the kids can either deal with it or stay indoors, so that's refreshing.

So my boyfriend, our dog and I turned up and started making our way through to where the others were setting up for dinner on the deck. There was another new dog present so immediately my pup was tangling me up in her leash, running circles with excitement and trying to get closer for a meet and greet. I was getting wrapped up in a mess of leashes and trying not to drop the dish I was carrying. Then SPLASH! The side of my face was shot with a jet of water, followed by my whole side, then my hair (RIP silk shoes and perfectly styled mermaid waves). The fricken monsterspawn older one was shooting my with a super soaker from his foxhole in the pool and I wasn't even fully through the gate yet! It was a very alarming few seconds. Now, my dog hates water so she tried to shoot off to safety but of course I was still tangled so it was just one big, wet, infuriating moment of trying to stay upright and not drop my dish, but also not let the kid know he'd pushed my buttons because you know they can smell fear. The world went dark, I heard thunder from above. I think my dog even stopped moving for a second. My friend sprang to action and took away the super soaker, casting a few very scary looks deep into his 4 year old soul.

Eventually we made it to the others and I dried off in the late afternoon sun, my dog got to sniff a new and exciting butt so she settled down and the girls waited for the men to finish prodding the sausages . But the kids kept it up nonstop at a volume comparable to standing near someone tuning a shitty old dirt bike. I can't believe two small people can be so damn loud and not get sick of themselves. When the younger one ran over one of the dogs tails with his wooden scooter/bike things all kids seem to have (are they a mandatory part of childrearing now or something? Semi-serious question) I think that was the last straw for a few of the more tolerant people present. His dad scooped up both boys and put them to bed where they stayed for the rest of the night and the world returned to a state of peace calm.

Without the kids around the dogs perked up and came out of their shellshocked states. It was a beautiful moment. My dog developed an unrequited crush on the new dog. Someone's daschund fell asleep and rolled off the deck. A Samoyed got in the paddling pool and claimed it as her personal cooling off station. None of the dogs wiped anything gross on my leg or screamed MUUUUUUM at 800 decibles for no reason. Dogs don't decide your shoes would be a good boat and throw them in the pool, they don't watch awful, poorly animated TV shows and insist on explaining every single plot line while screamed "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME" into your face if you dare to appear even slightly disinterested in the story of what Peppa Pig said to curly worm or whatever. Dogs just want you to be happy and get pats.

Towards the end of the night one couple revealed they had some exciting news to share and my spirits dropped... but only for a second because actually they'd finally decided its time for a puppy and they're taking a trip to view a litter in the morning!

And that's the story of why I will always choose dogs over sprogs.

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wtf is this?

2 hours 10 min ago

so you read the news and a bomB goes off in derry (this is not new, you have heard about this in the past),( you think newry is going to be where the counter attack takes place) (provided that the bomb was republican) you automatically think that its nothing! that these RANDOM attacks take place too frequently to care about, you go on with your shitty life! then you reAlise that the CUNTS in your area are on a payroll of a terrorist force, not any force but the one that you disagree with! you dont really know them! they have been lurking in the shadows for 40 years, you know they are there because of shared history of violence. you are backing these people because it was a good idea when your grand/father was a young man. but your ideals are different, you have seen more of the world, you are the arbiter of light in a family that fails to see through the darkness. you realise these lads that your father/and grandfather vote for. they are doing a good job of making sure the working and lower middle class of Ulster keep fighting amongst themselfs, while blaming the Churches shortcomings on some idealistic form of Christianity. roman Catholicism and the teachings of the Anglian/Presbyterian church both agree on this shortcoming. you do not. you thought these lads where fighting a cause, that they were doing something that mattered! that these boys were cut from the same cloth as you! but it seems that retaliation is not your thing, that murder is murder.. and dare i say it.... crime is crime ,we as a nation North and south have evolved in a way that is inclusive, for everyone across the island, i like to think of myself as a "republican" and i like to think of myself as some how better than the average unionist when it comes to politics. (this is a flaw.) when it comes to being an irish person who lives in the 6 counties of the uk, as a unionist or a republican we are this weird breed of socialist that looks at what ireland is doing, looks at what the uk is doing, looks at our own religious and geopolitical status then votes in 4-6 different ways. many of us agree on how NI is to be taken forward (except any major political party,) Its about time we start making our own changes, i hope this makes some sense as im very drunk

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Suggestion regarding player made factions

2 hours 15 min ago

(Not far fetched idea)

We need more flag plans, both regarding already established factions, and player made factions

Rust, for example, has the ability to create paintings, so why not apply that for 76, but with a blank flag canvas to decorate? And have the ability to form factions, where anyone who is apart of it get a little title to the side of their name (like battlefield/call of duty has, using 4 letters). The leader is the only one who gets to design the flag, and it can be edited at any time. Anyone who is apart of said faction gets the custom flag in their camp inventory, and can place it in their C.A.M.P.

(Far fetched idea)

Faction wars. Maybe dlc could do this, so you get transported to a new part of West Virginia (I.E. new world part), where factions get a preset town to decorate/defend. In this area, the player number can be increased from 24-30 people to 55-60 (?). If you create a faction, only 4 factions are available per dlc world (if one world is full, your faction is placed into a different world), and they could claim parts of the map that is no where near the main faction towns, and (this is where PVP comes in) there could be a ticker to see who has the most casualties (-1 to preset 200 lives, per whenever someone dies), and who ever has the least amount of casualties before the timer runs out, or if one side completely drains the other’s health, then the winning side gets the area, and have the faction’s influence around the place. Some areas could have NPC towns, which display the faction’s towns, and people who are apart of the ruling faction get discounts from the vendors. Other people from different factions can still visit a NPC town, but they don’t get the discount. Usually a faction V faction would be displayed, and all faction members in the dlc world get automatically put into the round, and people from the main world space can decide if they want to or not. The dlc world could have:

•NPC towns •Supermutant/raider/robot outposts •faction capitals •battlegrounds for the faction V faction (with sandbag barricades, trenches, sniper towers, destroyed buildings, abandoned cars, etc.) •flora and fauna of a fallout world, with depressing abandoned towns, former NPC faction towns, factories, etc. •(more to come)

I’m mainly hoping for the faction identification tags/flags, if faction wars don’t get put in (which is highly likely)

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I need help fixing what I broke

2 hours 15 min ago

I've been playing a little over a month. The first few weeks I played without add-ons to get a feel for the game and then discussed with my buddies what I wanted and added some in.

The add-ons are working great but the one thing I can't figure out is how to get the action buttons for vehicles/events mapped to numbers. Most recently I'm running into them on the world quests where you have to get the baby turtles to the water. I have to use the mouse to aim my shot then move fast to click on the button and usually end up missing.

I remember they used to have numbers assigned to them but after I installed my add-ons I can't figure it out. I'm using Dominos for my UI if that helps. My buddy has the same ones and has no problems, but did tell me I had to have spells on the far left side of my number 1 action bar. I changed things around and made sure I had some in at least the first few slot but still don't have the option of just pressing a number to shoot.

Is there some option that I may have unchecked somewhere that would cause this? As well as being new to wow I've only gamed on a pc for about 6 months, I know I'm not that used to it so I could believe that I just clicked on something that messed it up also.

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Looking for a committed developer for exciting new project

2 hours 17 min ago

Players can choose to play it solo or lead their friends in a all new experience. Minutes after joining players are thrust into a kingdom building adventure like no other. Gather materials to expand your kingdom, unlock special buildings, build your army and create a legacy as a leader.

I am looking for an experienced developer to help develop a set of plugins to help manage instanced worlds, custom guis, and a custom schematic pasting system. More details will be available to those interested.

The most challenging of the plugin will be making “schematic crates” special blocks that once filled with the correct custom resources pastes a specific schematic at its origin. These crates will have to be present on the creation of each instanced world as well as be able to paste other “schematic crates” themselves as well as npc’s and some other things

I am looking for a set of plugins that are configurable with options to turn every part on and off in a config. Someone with clean code who can continue to support the plugins for several months afterwards with any bug fixes needed and willing to do updates with each minecraft version for a small fee.

To further discuss add my discord SevenSkies #0285

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UPA 2004-2014

2 hours 18 min ago

Quick & very partial list of stuff happening during UPA


This is data about growth in share of India's GDP as a percentage of World GDP (it's normalised data - so you cannot cry about external conditions).

[Data is in US Billion Dollars]

India's GDP
1999 - 466.841
2004 - 721.589
2009 - 1365.373
2014 - 2039.127
2018 - 2848.231

World GDP
1999 - 32782.879
2004 - 43919.510
2009 - 60337.197
2014 - 78663.165
2018 - 87504.567

India's share of World GDP
1999 - 1.42%
2004 - 1.64%
2009 - 2.26%
2014 - 2.59%
2018 - 3.25%

Growth in India's GDP as a percentage of World GDP

1999 - 2004 ==> 2.9% YoY
2004 - 2009 ==> 6.6% YoY
2009 - 2014 ==> 2.8% YoY
2014 - 2018 ==> 5.8% YoY

All figures are from here

UPA1 kicked Modiji & the drunkard's ass.

Drunkard was marginally better than UPA2.

Manufacturing Jobs

the years from 2003-04 to 2011-12, when the Manmohan Singh government had been in power in two terms since assuming office in 2004, had been the golden phase of manufacturing employment growth in Independent India.

Offset Manufacturing

Huge growth in Defence Offset Manufacturing in India as compared to the drunkard's time

Date Contract Local Manufacturing value October 2007 Medium Power Radars for IAF $5 million April 2008 Fleet tankers for IN $55 million May 2008 MiG 29 Upgrade for IAF $308 million December 2008 Mi-17 V-5 Helicopters (MLH) $405 million January 2009 P-8I Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance (LRMR) aircraft $641 million February 2009 Medium Altitude EO/IR Recce System for Jaguar aircraft for IAF $21 million February 2009 P-IV (HAROP) System for IAF $44 million February 2009 C-130 J-30 aircraft (Foreign Military Sales) for IAF $219 million March 2009 Fleet tanker under option clause $55 million July 2009 Low Level Transportable Radar (LLTR) for IAF $34 million November 2009 Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) $11 million February 2010 AW 101 VVIP Helicopters for IAF $224 million March 2010 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) $80 million November 2010 Sensor Fused Weapons for IAF $102 million June 2011 C-17 Globemaster aircraft for IAF $1.09 billion July 2011 Mirage 2000 upgrade for IAF $592 million January 2012 MICA IR and RF missiles for IAF $386 million May 2012 Pilatus PC-7 trainer aircraft for IAF $150 million Income Tax reforms


Year Minimum Tax Slab Maximum Tax Slab 2003-04 50,000 1,50,000 2007-08 1,10,000 2,50,000 2009-10 1,60,000 5,00,000 2011-12 1,80,000 8,00,000 2012-13 2,00,000 10,00,000


FDI growth

FDI was flat during the drunkard's time. Manmohanji grew FDI continously.

India was the world's second most favoured investment destination in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010.

And 3rd in a few other years.

FDI in India grew by 34% in 2005. FDI in India grew By 180% in 2006.
FDI in India grew By 60% in 2008 FDI in India grew By 17% in 2013

  • The FDI route for Mining and exploration of metals and non-metal ores was revised to government route from automatic route.

  • FDI limit in Single Brand Retail Trading is increased from 51% to 100%.

  • Pharmaceutical existing companies and green field were included in the list of the sectors in which FDI was allowed. 100%

  • the FDI limit for Cable Network (MSOs at National and State Level) industry, Broadcasting DTH industry, Asset Reconstruction Companies, Up-linking HUB / Teleports is increased from 49% to 74%

  • Tried to increase FDI in Insurance from 26% to 49% but had to shelve it because of fierce opposition from BJP & the commies.


Exports were flat during the drunkard's time. But, India's exports grew on the average by around 16% year after year between 2005 and 2013.

India also made it's first deal for a warship export -

Barracuda was the first warship to be exported from India.

Rural Electrification

108280 unelectrified villages were electrified in 9 years by UPA. Works out to around 11,000 villages per year.

Nuclear Ambitions

In September 2008, the Nuclear Suppliers Group granted India a waiver allowing it to access civilian nuclear technology and fuel from other countries. BJP fiercely opposed the India-US nuclear deal

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