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Why I Can't Stand Overbreeders

1 hour 34 min ago

To be totally honest I have no respect for a woman who continually decide to bare child after child with no care for our planet. We no longer face extinction people so I see absolutely no good reason to have that many children to just one family. If anything we are ruining our planet by overpopulation which will ultimately bring us to extinction. The world is currently so overpopulated that we're driving over 50 species of plants and animals to extinction every day, destroying rain forests many times faster than they can regenerate and in some areas consuming fresh water 10 times faster than it is being replenished. For several years, population has been increasing faster than many vital non-renewable and renewable resources. This means the amount of these resources per person is declining, in spite of modern technology. You'd think it would be perfectly logical for parents to be interested in helping to ensure a better world for their children. And yet each new birth makes the earth a more crowded, polluted, unhealthy place for babies - and the rest of us - to live in. And I don't want to hear it's none of my damn business how many kids you decide to have and that you pay your bills. What the fuck does any of that matter to the big picture? You clearly are so small-minded and uneducated that you do not see the big picture. Who is going to provide your offspring with food? As I'm sure most of you do not raise your own livestock and have a farm in which you can provide your own family with food without going to the grocery store. And on top of that, what do you do with all that food that is wasted? I'm sure the majority of you do not have a food waste disposer and end up throwing your food in the trash. Well what do you think happens when you do this..? Could it be that the food you are wasting in ending up in landfills? Don't you know what happens to food when it sits in a landfill like that? It can produce methane gas which ultimately also adds to destroying our planet. $18 million disposable diapers are thrown away every year and will remain in landfills 300 years from now. It costs taxpayers $350 million annually to dispose of them. During the course of your child's lifetime the average American will use 18 tons of paper, 23 tons of wood, 16 tons of metal, and 32 tons of organic chemicals. All that emits to 20 metric tons of carbon dioxide for every year of your child's life. Secondly, most of you do not run and operate your own family business in which your offspring could obtain a job when they are old enough to. Most likely your child will be looking outside of your family for work, in which we the people will have to provide. As technology advances there are less and less jobs out there for the human race. People are having a hard time finding a decent job as I type. What do you think is going to happen when your child grows up? Thirdly, I'm sure most of you also will not be able to provide your child with a piece of land for themselves when they grow up and move on from the nest. They most likely will have to shop in the real-estate market for a piece of land from yet again we the people of the United States. We are already running out of land as it is. Where is everything, and everyone going to go? What, were just going to keep taking more land away from the animals so you could live a life most people don't approve of? I personally think animals belong on this planet more than we do. We destroy our own planet, I don't see animals doing the same. Plus, nobody needs a study to prove it's not just sex and contentment that suffer when people have babies. There's also the social life, the sleep and many of their own dreams. And all for what? You never know what might come out of the womb. Sure the kid might be a Clinton, or even Al Gore - someone who might help improve a place that gets more and more screwed-up the more people we cram into it. But chances are infinitesimally higher that the kid won't be a future president of the United States or a true genius. It's more likely your child will be a criminal. Making matters worse, having a kid is a huge-scale act of selfishness, if your ask me. They have kids because they want to add something to a life that doesn't feel full otherwise. They want a permanent cure for feelings of loneliness. They want to imbue their lives with a sense of purpose and meaning. They want to make sure someone will be around to take care of them when they get old. They want to have someone to pass their own thwarted dreams and ambitions on to - or at least their DNA. And I think they should think twice, then twice again, before they do that. I also personally think that instead of parents getting taxes back for having a child that it should be the opposite. I think that people who have 3 or more children should have to pay a tax every year to even have that child. This country is so much in a debt crisis that all that money the government collects from the taxing of children will help alleviate the debt. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not calling for people to stop procreating all together. But please, for the sake of humanity, keep the numbers down.

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Norway apologises to its World War Two 'German girls'

1 hour 35 min ago

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AFP Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg has issued an official government apology to Norwegian women who were mistreated over World War Two-era relationships with German soldiers.

Up to 50,000 Norwegian women are thought to have had intimate relationships with German soldiers.

The women who had relationships with the soldiers became known by the nickname the "German Girls", and were targeted for reprisals in Norway when the war ended - standing accused of betraying the country.

"Young Norwegian girls and woman who had relations with German soldiers or were suspected of having them, were victims of undignified treatment," Ms Solberg said at an event to mark the 70th anniversary of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Wednesday.

His mother, Else Huth from Sarpsborg was just 22 in 1944 when she fell in love with a 25-year-old German soldier.

About 10-12,000 children are thought to have been born as a result of relationships between Norwegian women and German soldiers.

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Crime-scene investigators search Saudi consul's home in Jamal Khashoggi case

1 hour 35 min ago

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ISTANBUL - Turkish crime-scene investigators searched the home of the Saudi consul general in Istanbul Wednesday in the disappearance of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi.

As Saudi Arabia's green national flag flapped overhead, forensics teams entered the residence, located slightly more than a mile from the consulate where Khashoggi vanished Oct. 2 while trying to pick up paperwork to get married.

It was the second-such extraordinary search of a site considered sovereign Saudi territory under international law.

The latest search, of the residence, came 15 days after Khashoggi's disappearance - and after police apparently thought they would be able to conduct the search on Tuesday.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Saudi officials had halted that search, claiming that Consul General Mohammed al-Otaibi's family was still there.

Pompeo told reporters to be "Mindful" of the meaning of the Saudi relationship in the region.

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[Banned] /r/politics/: Saudi Arabia transfers $100 million to U.S. amid crisis over Khashoggi

1 hour 36 min ago

I was banned from /r/politics/. Here's what I would have said in response to this post:

When I first saw this article from, its title was:

Saudi Arabia transfers $100 million to US amid crisis over Khashoggi

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Google’s new long game: 100% clean energy all the time - Buying enough clean energy to make up for all the dirty energy you’re using is one thing

1 hour 36 min ago

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No surprise: Google is a gigantic energy hog, but it's also currently the world's largest buyer of renewable energy, in its various forms-over 3 gigawatts-according to a March report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

With its sizeable purchase of renewables, Google says it's currently matching all of its total energy use with clean energy sources.

When you hear a company like Google say, "We're 100% renewable energy," it usually means that it is, on balance, buying as much clean, renewable energy as it is consuming unclean, non-renewable energy in a given year.

Many companies sign virtual power-purchase agreements whereby they buy renewable energy credits, financial instruments that certify that a certain amount of green energy has been added to the electric grid.

"Achieving 100% renewable energy is just the beginning," Michael Terrell, Google's head of energy market development, told me.

Buying enough clean energy to make up for all the dirty energy you're actually using is one thing, but matching energy needs with clean energy resources all day, every day is quite another.

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[Online][5E][Astral Tabletop][Tuesday][EST][Homebrew]Looking for Players for campaign each Tuesday

1 hour 37 min ago

Welcome Adventurers to the wondrous lands of Infernia, a homebrew world that's inspired from the Forgotten Realms.

900 years have passed since the lands of Infernia survived the Dawn War and creatures that fought for the gods have found new lands to settle. With much of the Old World in ruins and corrupted, progress is slow and tedious.

With the ending of the War of the Five Kings and with the Thyner Gate's closing, the demonic forces that once spew fore from them, are thrown back into the 9 hells from where they once came. The gods have retreated back beyond the Golden Veil to regather their strength and rely on their champions to carry out their wishes. Now is the time for mortals such as yourself, to safeguard the lands of Infernia.

The Campaign will be weekly each Tuesday starting from 7:00 PM EST to 12:00 PM EST.
I only allow Non-UA Offical classes and races, players has a choice of either to use point buy or standard array. We will be using Discord as our main voice chat and using Astral Tabletop for our maps and player sheets.

The Campaign will begin at level 1 and the starting town will be determined on what everyone's race is. A backstory would be nice, even a short one. No PC can make a character that is inherit unfriendly and aren't willing to get along with a group. I am not going to break my back trying to get your character to stay in the group. you must be willing to do that yourself.

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Is Fiat Money dead? It seems all the financial institutions are lining themselves up to get involved in blockchain.

1 hour 38 min ago

A bull run is on its way, in my opinion. So, I wonder is Fiat Money dead? Is Cryptocurrency Money 2.0? Are Crypto-Assets the new stocks and shares? The financial institutions are getting involved. More will follow. Once profits start getting made a flood of institutional investors will get involved. Mass adoption is being implemented. World wide blockchain integration is taking place. The blockchain industry will only grow.

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Artwork issues in OPL Loader.

1 hour 42 min ago

I’m new to the ps2 modding world but i slowly figured some things out. I have a I bought a free McBoot card on eBay, bought a sata network adapter for my fat ps2, found some ISO’s online. I then downloaded the art work with the opl manager. Used a program to add the art to the arts folder on the hdd. No artwork showing up. I even tried the opl art batcher program, still no artwork showing up. And yes displays artwork is enabled in the opl settings. Any advice?

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The Most Impressive Planet: The Shadow of Gardener Point

4 hours 43 min ago

First Chapter
Previous Chapter
Series Link
The Story So Far

Previously: General Ynt has been summoned to meet the Secretaries of the Council.

The Most Impressive Planet: The Shadow of Gardener Point

The Light is pain and the Light is necessary.


The Light will scorch the land and dry the plains, yet the plant does not shy away from the Light.


The Light will blind the eye and burn the skin, yet the human does not shy away from the Light.


Growth is not easy, else all would be strong. It is the Light’s trial that separates growth from death.


Under the Light, one is laid bare. Flaws are plain for all to see.


Submit to the Light. Throw oneself into the fires. Only through suffering can great change occur.


To be human is to accept that suffering is a necessary part of existence.


There is no cost too great for betterment.

[Excerpt from Lillian Yansa’s personal copy of the Book of Lig]

The edge of civilization was in the centre of the galaxy. On a clear night, an astronomer would say you could see the glow of Sagittarius A* a scant few dozen lightyears away, a baleful eye cloaked in the remnants of dead stars.


The temperamental weather of Mónn Consela meant that despite being the capital of the Council, few lived beyond the borders of the world’s megacities. Massive hurricanes, hellish wildfires, and torrential storms were just the tip of the iceberg. Incredible tidal forces of the twin moons meant that even the largest boats could be crushed against the rocky shores with contemptuous ease, and public safety measures prohibited all but the most privileged civilians from owning personal aircraft.


Far beyond the shelter of the great storm walls, out of the reach of any communication, inaccessible to all but the suicidally determined, stood Gardener Point. The ancient monument of steel and stone sunk deep into the cliff face, like an axe buried in flesh. Imposing, featureless walls broke the grassy slopes, and even the violent ocean seemed to be subdued in its presence. Blinding white lights set on the perimeter flooded the surrounding area with a cold illumination, but little else. On a rare, clear day, one might be able to see the heavy defense cannons built into the side of the nearby mountain; ugly gargoyles that kept watch over the secluded fortress that served as the private estate of the Council’s leaders.


Today was not a clear day. Dark grey clouds were already gathering, threatening to unleash a downpour that would scour the land and drown the coast below. Not even the light from the masses of stars in the galactic core could break through the stormclouds. Lightning flashes in the distance lit up the twilight gloom, just barely illuminating the rocky path that stretched along the cliff face where Ynt found himself.


Just moments ago he had been in the Sol system, tens of thousands of lightyears away, but now he found himself in a place he had never seen with his own eyes before.


The rational part of his mind said that there was no way the Council had perfected teleportation technology, and that this had to be some manner of complex faster-than-light communication system. Holograms were commonly used for important business, but the resolution often left much to be desired unless you were in the same system as the other party. Perhaps a large array of quantum relays working in tandem to generate a live feed from the capital world? The financial cost for such a relay would be immense, worth more than some entire planets.


The primal part of his mind told him he was freezing, and that he could already feel the first few raindrops heralding the approach of a thunderous torrent. Faking tactile and thermoreception input was far more complex than mere images.


A chill ran up his spine, and not just because of the temperature. He wanted to run, to flee, but he couldn’t. No matter how much he dreaded it, he had to go forward. Whether this was a complex simulation from that machine on the Paralitas’ ship, or true teleportation didn’t matter. Ynt pulled his uniform tighter and started towards the illuminated edifice of Gardener Point. The lack of landmarks or features, coupled with the weather, robbed the building of all sense of scale. The harsh glare from the floodlamps cast long shadows across the landscape and the treacherous path, making each step fraught with danger. That was one strike against teleportation: there was no way the Secretaries would bring him halfway across the galaxy and then let him break his leg on their doorstop. Right?


But then why would the Secretaries send an army of their personal guards to invade Ynt’s ship and drag him into a clandestine meeting when a simple message would have sufficed?


A rock shifted underfoot and Ynt slipped, falling to the ground and tumbling down the slope right up to the edge of the cliff. The roar of building-sized waves battering the shore below him seemed real, as did the dull ache in his sides where he had hit the rocky ground. The rational part of his mind said that he had been restrained on the Paralitas’s ship. If this was just a full body simulation, there should be no reason to feel pain. The primal part of his mind screamed in panic at him to back away from the fatal drop.


Ynt strongly agreed and scrambled backwards, rationality be damned, his four arms scrabbling for solid holds as he struggled upright. When he found his footing, he glanced down and froze- his uniform was coated in mud.


A hologram wouldn’t be dirty. He wouldn’t have slipped. This had to be something more. Were the Paralitas drugging him? Would the Secretaries have their guards drug their own loyal general? Ynt would have doubted that just a few hours ago. Now, he wasn’t sure if he ever truly understood the Secretaries. He tried to put it out of his mind as he approached the grand edifice ahead of him.


By the time he reached the base of Gardener Point, the storm had already arrived in full force and the driving rain threatened to finish the job the loose rock started. Ynt’s grey uniform was soaked through, and he was hugging himself with all his arms just to try and retain some body heat as the temperature plummeted.


If this was a simulation, they were doing a perfect job of simulating Mónn Conselan weather.


A single black figure appeared through the rain, a murky blur in the downpour more akin to a mirage than an actual presence. As Ynt approached, the blur resolved into a Shinatren in the black armor of the Paralitas Guard waiting outside a door as though the storm was nothing more than a light drizzle.


‘This way!’ the Shinatren shouted over the din, holding the door open. Like a drowning man surging for a gasp of air, Ynt rushed through the door and collapsed on the stone floor of Gardener Point. Water ran off his body and clothes in steady streams, draining into thin grooves that were cut into the floor.


The sound of the storm faded into a dull roar as the Paralitas shut the door behind him, and Ynt looked up to see the inside of Gardener Point for the first time.


The interior was as grey and foreboding as the exterior. Monolithic walls rising up to a high glass ceiling offering him an easy view of the storm that had nearly swept him off his feet. The floor was not one solid surface, but rather a series of large stepping stones elevated above a pool of water that stretched across the room. Indirect lighting under the stones cast dancing reflections of the water on the surroundings. Each of the walls had dozens of frames holding numerous pressed and preserved plants that were unfamiliar to Ynt. The only other sound in the entire room was the gentle dripping of water from Ynt’s wet clothes. It felt closer to a museum or memorial than an estate.


‘Make yourself presentable.’ The Shinatren picked Ynt up off the floor with surprising strength. ‘Be quick.’


Still unsteady and shivering after the trial outside, Ynt stumbled to the door the Shinatren had pointed out. As he took caution to not step off the large stones, he couldn’t help but feel his eyes drawn towards the exit at the far side of the room. The distant hallway was shrouded in darkness, with not even the faintest hint of light. Behind him the Shinatren stood patiently as water dripped off their bare head.


The room was bereft of furniture save for a solitary stone bench which held a folded towel and a set of dark grey clothes. More frames with preserved plants lined these walls. The floor was another large slab of stone, with a foot-wide perimeter of water encircling it. The temperature in this room was markedly higher than the entry hall, and Ynt briskly dried himself off and put on the new set of clothes. They were scratchy and threadbare, but fit his bulky frame well.


Seeing no other place to put it, Ynt left his wet uniform on the bench. Thin rivulets of water pooled at the base to slowly drain into the surrounding pool. Ynt snuck a glance at one of the frames to the plants closer to him. A small inscription under each preserved specimen listed its scientific name, common name, a location, and a date. None of the plants were familiar to Ynt, but that was not unsurprising; he never had much of a green thumb.


‘The Secretaries are waiting.’ Ynt spun around in surprise, startled to see the Shinatren standing in the door, still soaking wet. He couldn’t help but notice that the Shinatren was missing a horn. Was an injury the entry requirement for joining the Paralitas?


Ynt nodded, rather than engaging the unsettling guard any more than necessary. He was not sure what it was, but each Paralitas didn’t seem like a normal soldier. There was a hint of reverence in their voices and actions, as though they were serving some higher purpose than being mere guards for the lords of the Council.


The Shinatren motioned expectantly to the dark hallway, and Ynt shuffled out of the room, keeping an eye on his escort as they trailed him. Bolts of lightning lit up the entrance hall as the storm raged outside, but Gardener Point remained unmoved. Impassive. Unyielding. Unfeeling.


Ahead, the shrouded entryway loomed like a gaping maw, ready to swallow him whole. Indirect lights under the first stone flickered into life as Ynt crossed the threshold, just barely illuminating the next stone in the path. The water surrounding the stepping stone stretched into the darkness, leaving the true dimensions of the room unknown. Behind him the lights in the entrance hall were extinguished, leaving the Shinatren hidden in the darkness. It was as though he had stepped through a portal was standing on a small island in the middle of an endless sea. The distant sounds of the storm were gone, leaving only the hoarse sounds of his own breathing.


Seeing no other way, Ynt stepped onto the next stone and the lights under that one activated, turning the inky-black water into a midnight blue. There were no hints as to the true depth of the water, but it seemed fathomless.


Careful of his footing, Ynt continued forward. No landmarks directed him, nor did the path of stones seem to be nearing any sort of destination as they seemed to wander in random directions. He had no way of knowing how far he had gone, for the lights under each stone vanished the second he stepped off it, leaving Ynt isolated on a minute spit of land.


As he stepped onto the next stone, a new, additional source of light caught Ynt’s eyes. A pair of small glass cases rested on pillars in the pool on opposite sides of the stone. Dim, ruddy light illuminated the orange liquid within and some dark shapes that floated inside, casting a soft glow over the pillar. Was it another plant suspended in there? Ynt stepped closer to one of the cases, trying to make out details in the dim light. The case appeared to be more high-tech than he initially expected, with several small monitors blinking obscure information around the base. As he studied it, the light at the base of the case grew brighter to illuminate the dark shape within.


It was no stone.


A dead animal floated inside the orange fluid, stubby claws reaching for something beyond its grasp. Its four eyes were open as wide as its mouth. It almost appeared as though the small beast had been screaming when it died. Ynt jerked back from the gruesome display and turned to the other hoping to see something different.


Within the other case a small bird was frozen mid-flap, feathers caught in the liquid. A small egg was clutched in its pouch, and another small bird of the same species clung to the back. All dead. Shuddering, Ynt looked at the base of the pillar, seeing a small inscription.


Red Crested Gishaki (Lieyaliaa Siyiiania). Iania Province, Paradise. 07-01-1982 MCE.


It was almost 250 years old! Ynt had never heard of a Red Crested Gishaki, or any other Gishaki for that matter, but 1982 MCE was around the time the Nyn Group officially claimed Paradise as their personal world. Had they discovered the Gishaki during their expansion? The inscription made no mention of why the bird was preserved.


Shaking his head, Ynt stepped to the next stone in the path. Again, it lit up. Again, the light of the stone behind him snuffed out. Again, ruddy lights illuminated new cases on new pillars. However, there were four pillars this time. Looking back, the two pillars from the previous stone were still illuminated, the corpses still hanging in the orange glow. A cursory glance confirmed that these four new pillars held other small animals, their moment of death preserved and displayed. One of the specimens had its stomach ripped open, entrails hanging in front of it. Another was clinging to a malformed infant in its long claws, hugging it tight.


Ynt swallowed back the taste of bile, revolted by the grim displays. He had seen the death and violence in war. He had even visited taxidermy museums. This was something different. The museums and the battlefields were honest with their presentations of the bodies, the suffering and pain that came with war, and the nature of what came with preserving knowledge for education and posterity.


This was a display of suffering- nothing more.


Each animal was caught in the moment of death, each trying to escape their own cruel fate. It was a desecration of the dead to display them in such a manner, not even allowing them the dignity of returning to the soil from whence it came to nurture future generations. It sickened him. He had killed before, but he hadn’t taken pleasure in it. He hadn’t desired to remind himself of the moment of violence every day. Ynt looked at his feet and tried to ignore the macabre displays.


He stepped onto the next stone, keeping his eyes down. The orange glow on the edges of his vision didn’t disappear. With each new stone it only grew brighter and more pervasive. His walk turned into a jog, then a run. Ynt didn’t know how long he ran with his eyes down, only that it never seemed to end. His foot caught something and he went sprawling for the second time. With ragged breaths, he opened his eyes just a crack to see himself at the bottom of a small staircase. With a small sigh of relief, Ynt began to creep up the steps on his hands and knees.


The staircase slowly curved upwards and leveled out to a platform. Rising to his knees, Ynt opened his eyes and gasped. From the elevated platform he looked out to where he had come from and saw death. Hundreds upon hundreds of orange stars were organized in neat rows, stretching out into the dark. There were more pillars, more corpses, than he could count. A great ocean, filled with the drowned.


Tearing his eyes way from graveyard, Ynt retched over the edge of the platform. He heaved and coughed, but nothing came out. For once, he was thankful that Healthy Growth had been stopping him from eating as much. Though the rational part of his mind told him that it was nothing different from samples in a laboratory, the rest of him wasn’t listening.


‘Are you done?’


The voice hit Ynt like a bucket of ice water, and he turned to see an Oualan in the garb of the Paralitum Guard. The Oualan was standing stock still in the centre of the elevated platform, arms crossed. She was bareheaded, and her snow-white fur and feathered crest stood out against her pitch black armor. One of her four fingers was missing on her left hand.


‘What- what is this?’ Ynt stammered, gesturing at the field of ruddy light.


‘A reminder,’ the Oualan answered, as though that explained everything. A chill went down Ynt’s spine as the implications of the pronouncement sunk in. ‘The Secretaries are waiting for you.’ She motioned for him to step onto what he could see was a slightly elevated section of the platform.


With trembling legs, Ynt rose to stand beside her on the dais. Even though the Oualan was a good two feet shorter, Ynt felt dwarfed by the cold aura radiating from her. Every Paralitas he met had the same detached, unemotional personality towards him, but this one seemed different. Given what the Secretaries had in Gardener Point, he dared not think what could other horrors they might have seen or experienced, if their mutilated bodies were any indication.


‘Why do they want to see me?’ Ynt asked. He had come all this way and no one had told him why several of the most powerful beings in the galaxy desired to drag him across thousands of light years for a meeting.


No answer.


The Oualan gestured and the dais began to sink. In moments, all the light from the sea of graves had vanished as they descended deeper and deeper into the heart of Gardener Point. At last the silence was broken by the distant sound of thunder. It grew louder with every passing second, until the shaft they were in opened up into a grand chamber.


The entire far wall of the chamber was a single, titanic glass pane that stretched from the ceiling to a floor shrouded in darkness, far below. It was easily several hundred metres tall and likely reached all the way to the shore. Outside, the thunderstorm raged. Lightning arced across the sky, and gale-force winds pelted the glass with sheets of rain. As they descended, Ynt could make out the ocean he had seen from the cliff face, its writhing waves threatening to tear apart any ship foolish enough to brave the rocky coast. Long, thin lights on either side of the window filled the massive hall with a sickly aura that barely illuminated the featureless walls.


Ynt crept close to the edge of the platform and bumped into a wall, the glass shaft so clear it was almost invisible. If he strained his neck he could almost see scattered red lights at the bottom of the room that marked some gathering of figures.


The rational part of his mind told him he had no reason to be afraid because he had done nothing wrong. None of his actions were out of the ordinary for a general. The only thing that he could even consider being a blemish on his record was some minor war-profiteering, but that was rarely looked down upon. Hells, it was all but encouraged! If anything, Ynt had been restrained with his greed.


The closer they got to the bottom the more his mind ran in panicked circles imagining hundreds of potential outcomes, each more terrible than the one before. It felt as though the air was getting thicker, each breath coming shallower as he struggled to keep himself calm. His body felt heavier, his stomach twisting in knots at the thought of what might await him.


After an eternity, the elevator at last came to a halt at the base of a plain zigguart. Thin veins of water bisected the steps leading to the elevated platform, and the red glow he had seen from above came with it, making it appear as though the stairs were bleeding. The obsidian floor seemed to ripple like water in the half-light.


A rank of Paralitas were waiting before him in their pristine black armor, weapons held at ease by their sides. The menagerie of different species didn’t acknowledge him, but they did give the Oualan a half nod as she led him up the mercifully short flight of stairs and into the heart of the Council.


‘Tryk Ynt, General. Formerly Grand Judge of Mónn Consela. Leader of the Human Relocation and Rehabilitation effort.’ Ynt couldn’t help but feel as though the Oualan was reciting his epitaph as he raised his eyes to see the Secretaries in person.


He had met a Secretary before, a passing interaction, and had expected something different in Gardener Point, as though they would shed their public disguises. Larger-than-life titans befitting their status? Noble leaders bedecked in finery? Monsters covered in trophies of their victims? The four large glowing red pillars flanking the cap of the ziggurat cast long shadows and bathed them in hellish light, but he just saw seven people. Their plain black clothes stood out against the grandeur of the environment, and there were no symbols of wealth or power to be seen. They could stand on any street on any world and not look out of place... and they could sign the death warrant of a hundred billion souls with a flick of the wrist.


Secretary-General Joth Corr sat at one of the desks arranged in a semi-circle, the Hodwan wrapped in heavy cloaks to keep him warm in the cold chamber. His arms seemed thin despite the adornment, shaking as though they were holding up an immense weight even though he should have been in the prime of his life.


Next to him sat Secretary-Dean Yiei Corr-Eial. The Secretary-Dean was wearing the traditional heavy robes of the Oualan, hiding most of her features except for her piercing blue eyes. The unnatural glow of the light pillars only made them stand out more.


In the centre was Secretary-Arbitrator Fey So’yal, a tall Fen’yan whose large wings cast her head in shadow. Her ramrod straight posture and grim stare did little to convey her advanced age, but did far more than hint at her uncompromising nature. That shared determination was likely why she had chosen Ynt to be Grand Judge all those years ago.


To her right was Secretary-Governor Turan the 1st, a diminutive Shinatren with a legendary temper. Rumours said she had personally led Mónn Consela’s anti-terrorism squads before assuming the mantle of Secretary after her brother had died. They were just rumours, of course. All records were sealed, and no one dared to ask her themselves.


Farther right, opposite Yiei, was a third Hodwan. Ynt only knew of Secretary-Observer Gett Voll by reputation, but that was enough. Under her guidance, the Office of Culture knew what every city on every continent on every planet thought and why they thought it. It was her information that kept the Hunt and the Iron Core occupied, digging up threats and dissent before they had a chance to take root.


At the end of the semi-circle was an unfamiliar Poruthian wrapped in many layers of dark fabric until his enviromental suit was all but impossible to see. Ynt knew several of the minor Offices had a Poruthian for their Secretary, but he had not been paying attention to them since the human matter had begun and he could have missed a turnover in leadership. For such important figures, the workings of the Secretaries and their Offices often went unnoticed.


A motion caught Ynt’s eye and he noticed that another Hodwan had taken a seat beside Corr-Eial. While the shadows hid most of her features, Ynt knew enough about the relations between the major Offices to recognize Yiei Corr-Eial’s wife, and Joth Corr’s sister, Dess. While she was not a Secretary herself, she held a seat in the Outer Ring of the Council thanks to her company and charitable foundations.


The white-furred Oualan who escorted him to the meeting motioned for him to sit, and Ynt obeyed. No one spoke up, and Ynt was not about to be the first. In front of one Secretary, yes. Two, perhaps. Six? Absolutely not.


The grand window loomed over them, filling the room with occasional flashes of light as the storm continued to rage.


‘Do you enjoy killing, Ynt?’ Secretary-General Joth Corr asked, breaking the silence. The Hodwan leaned forward on his forelegs, peering at Ynt over his ivory-white desk.


‘Sir?’ Ynt asked, unsure if he heard the question correctly.


‘Do you believe you are a good person?’ Joth said, his voice deep and quiet.


‘Yes, I- yes!’ Ynt stumbled over the words as he grappled with the unexpected question. ‘I have only ever worked for the betterment of the Council. Yes, people are dead because of me, but that is the cost of being a general. Others would consider my actions immoral, but they are necessary! Those orders always weigh on my conscience, and I take no pleasure in what I had to do for the greater good! We both want the same thing, Secretary: a prosperous society.’


Had he really been so stressed that he was already trying to justify his entire life after two questions?


‘Wrong,’ Fey So’yal rasped with all the energy of a death rattle.


Ynt blinked in disbelief at the blunt statement. ‘I’m sorry, Secretary, I do not understand.’


‘Every word- Wrong,’ she said contemptuously. ‘You were rich. You could have been anything, but you chose to be a soldier, of all the things to be. You were never a good person.’


Her statement hit Ynt like a shot to the gut. People had called his motives into question before, but no one had denounced him like Fey So’yal. In that instant, she had dismissed every accomplishment he had to his name, suggesting he he was no better than a common thug. Even Healthy Growth had not stooped to that level.


‘Monaria, 2279 MCE. I led the single largest Zo hunt in decades, stopping a migration in its tracks and repairing the Lamp World’s systems,’ Ynt growled, anger overwhelming his fear. ‘Iayil 2, 2283 MCE. I led the liberation of Yuial from the rebels before they could detonate a dirty bomb-‘


‘Be quiet.’ So’yal’s words carried across the room, cutting him off.


‘We do not need a self-aggrandizing version of your service record,’ Gett Voll said. ‘We are not calling into question your capabilities.’


‘It is your sense of morals that vexes us,’ Turan said, not even giving Ynt the courtesy of looking him in his eyes.


‘Do not be ashamed; It is no fault of your own,’ Yiei Corr-Eial picked up, shrugging her wife’s hand off her shoulder. ‘Most people grow up with a sense of moral relativism, as though they can learn what is “good” or “evil” from society. A flawed notion. Morality, justice, democracy, religion, money- all of it is a shared delusion constructed by generations of beings who think they may impose a comforting truth over the universal one.’


‘What do you mean? What are you getting at?’ Ynt said, looking at the Secretaries. They seemed to have rehearsed this moment, or they were all so deep into madness that they thought as one.


‘You are not a good person because there is no such thing as good,’ Joth said, as though that statement was as obvious as the storm outside. ‘Ask yourself: did any of the hundreds of beasts you saw above consider themselves “moral” or “good?”’


‘We are not beasts!’ Ynt said, standing up to stare down at the Secretary. ‘We built a society because we have morals!’


‘Is that so?’ Gett Voll said with a tilt of her head. The Hodwan rose from behind her desk and trotted over to one of the large glowing red pillars. With a wave of her hand the opaque glass became transparent and all of Ynt’s confidence fled.


Suspended in thick, viscous liquid floated the body of a bipedal alien. Its two multi-jointed legs ended in splayed avian-esque talons, while its arms were covered in wicked spines. Unlike the other specimens, it was missing most of its flesh, as though it had been dug out of a grave and thrown into the tank. Empty eye sockets gazed out at Ynt and the fleshless jaw almost looked like a cruel mockery of a smile.


‘Do you agree with Ynt?’ Voll said, asked the corpse. She made a show of holding her ear up to the glass. ‘It appears they don’t.’


‘Gods save us,’ Ynt whispered, shrinking back in horror.


‘Once upon a time, the Neuroth were not the only sapient species capable of accessing the Ether naturally,’ Corr-Eial said, red eyes peering at Ynt through her heavy robes. ‘Unfortunately, the Zo found this species before we did and the universal Truth made itself known. They never made it into space before they were wiped out. All their records were lost along with their cities, so we call them Absliens. This is one of the few intact bodies left, found preserved in a glacier. They had wonderful works of art and culture, and without a doubt they debated concepts like “morality” or “justice.” They were unprepared for the Djaio.’


‘Djaio?’ Ynt echoed. He had never heard the word mentioned before in all his years.


‘An Oualan word coined by the philosopher Syiuo Aiil,’ Corr-Eial said with reverence. ‘He was the first Secretary of Culture and held the position for two decades before tragically taking his own life. He was also there to witness the discovery of the Absliens’ devastated world and wrote his only treatise, The False Truth, on what he perceived the purpose of a galactic society to be. Djaio means “the unknown threat” and it is based on what he perceived to be the Primal Truth of life.


‘For most of a species’ existence, a Djaio would have been a natural event,’ she continued. ‘An asteroid impact. An unforeseen plague. Perhaps a gamma ray burst. Random, unexpected, unstoppable occurrences that could wipe out all life. Now that we have expanded into space, those threats are minimal. However, that is not the extent of the Djaio.’


‘The Council is comprised of roughly two and a half thousand habitable worlds,’ Gett Voll picked up. ‘Behold.’


With a wave of her hand, a grand constellation of planets materialized above them, stretching up hundreds of metres to the distant ceiling.


‘Our population numbers in the many trillions. For all that, we are the most arrogant grains of sand on the shore. We claim dominion of tens of thousands of lightyears of space, compromising hundreds of millions of stars, yet we have charted less than a quarter of a quarter of a percent of what we say is ours.’


The grouping of planets shrunk into nothingness and scattered as a holographic map of the galaxy filled the chamber, dwarfing them all in its cosmic grandeur. Even with the map highlighting every inhabited planet’s star, Ynt could barely make out the boundaries of the Council.


‘It is a mathematical certainty that the Council is not alone in this galaxy,’ Voll whispered, rapturously gazing at the hologram as if it were the essence of divinity. Ynt tore his eyes away from her to see all the other Secretaries likewise fixated on it with similar expressions on their faces. ‘Humanity itself was within our borders, yet we did not know of them until a chance encounter. Same with the Absliens. How much more is hidden from us by mere chance? The Zo came from beyond our borders, perhaps beyond the galaxy itself. What if they are not the last thing to arrive?’


‘One day a greater species or alliance may arrive at our doorstep and say “Follow our laws or die,”’ Turan said, scraping her lower grasping arms across her desk. ‘And what choice would we have? In an instant, our fate would be slipping out of our hands. Like a child who is broken by the arrival of war, or a citizen who is told it’s terminal and she has weeks to live, everything would fall apart in the face of something we could never stand against. It would be out of our control. Everything we built would become subservient to some other’s cause. That cannot be allowed to happen.’


‘Are we under threat?’ Ynt asked, alarmed at the implication as the Secretaries’ words sank in.


‘Perhaps. Perhaps not,’ Joth Corr said with a defeated shrug. ‘But we are the Council, so we must assume that at this very instant the predators smell blood and are closing in for the kill. To do otherwise would be to gamble with the lives of every man, woman, and child under our protection. That is the nature of the Djaio; at every moment, we must be prepared to kill everything that we ever encounter.’


‘At times, that means we Secretaries are forced to take action that most citizens in the Council would consider immoral.’ Turan spat the last word, as though it was toxic to her tongue.


‘It’s the humans, isn’t it?’ Ynt said. ‘You fear they are the Djaio.’


Turan laughed, an ugly strangled sound. ‘No. They are known. But we cannot allow them to jeopardize the stability of this Council. To protect ourselves from the Djaio, we need humanity. We need them to help us protect everyone.’


‘Hence your presence,’ Joth Corr said, fingering an envelope on his desk. ‘We know you are dissatisfied with the political state of Sol, so we brought you here to impress upon you the gravity of the situation. The feud between TSIG and the Black Room threatens not just the integration of humanity into the Council, but also our procurement of their technology. TSIG and the Black Room both possess invaluable resources and personnel. We need them. It is your duty to ensure that we get what we need.’


Ynt could not believe what he was hearing. ‘You want to recruit the Black Room? Do you not remember that they are responsible for covering up genocide? They have tortured and experimented on countless innocent people! For fuck’s sake, they detonated a bioweapon in Europa City!’


‘Does it matter?’ Fey So’yal said.


‘Of course it fucking matters!’ Ynt said. ‘We can’t endorse those monsters!’


‘And what of TSIG?’ Turan countered. ‘They have killed innocents as well; would you see them executed too?’


‘Yes,’ Ynt growled, clenching his fists. ‘Both deserve to be destroyed for their crimes, but Healthy Growth tied our hands.’


Corr-Eial tsked. ‘Again with your notions of morality. By your measure we are just as guilty as both those organizations. You must realize that not all our forbearers were saints. What does it matter if a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand deaths must be forgotten to ensure the safety of the Council?’


‘Because we must be better than this!’ Ynt shouted. All his reservations or fears of the Secretaries were gone, replaced by the anger that they would be willing to do something so heinous. ‘We can’t keep sacrificing lives in the hope that one day the Gods will be sated! We are the greatest society the galaxy has ever seen and I refuse to believe that we must stoop to this barbarity! I don’t care if a scary thought experiment from a depressed philosopher keeps you up at night! Billions of ordinary people deal with far more tangible terrors every day because they know that they are building a better world for their children and their children’s children! The Council was founded on that promise; a promise that through unity we can build a future where soldiers like me aren’t needed! If that future is built on the graves of dead innocents then the Council has already failed.’


‘Correct,’ Gett Voll said with a nod as she returned to her seat. ‘We fell short of that goal long ago, before we even climbed into the stars.’


‘All societies are built on the backs of the dead,’ Corr-Eial said. ‘Bones are the bedrock of civilization. You saw it for yourself upstairs. That was but a small fraction of the species that have been driven to extinction by the members of the Council. Even with my wife’s tireless work,’ she nodded to Dess Corr, who was still sitting in silence, ‘the numbers have only grown during our tenure. There was no reason for their end. We did not hate them. We did not sacrifice them for some power play. It was carelessness. Greed. It does not change the fact that they are gone.’


‘We all remind ourselves of the failure in different ways,’ Joth said, rapping a knuckle on his desk. Looking closer, Ynt realized with horror that it was not ivory but bone. The entire desk was an amalgamation of skeletons twisted together in grim patterns, merging into hypnotic whorls. ‘I know the name and cause of death of every last one.’ He tapped one bone after another, reciting information with ease. ‘Hezucalaxa: hunted to extinction. Ielia Flightless Swallow: foreign disease. Red-crested Snapper Forux: warming seas.’


‘You- you can’t blame our entire society for that!’ Ynt stammered. ‘No one wakes up deciding to end a species!’


How many cases had he seen upstairs? How many thousands of species had there been in that one room alone? Were there other rooms with similar displays? How many countless plants or animals were gone forever because of their carelessness?


‘The lack of intent does not excuse the crime, correct?’ Turan said. ‘You were a judge, after all. Do you now find humanity guilty of the extinction of the Neanderthal? Or perhaps the aurochs, or the bluebuck, or the giraffe, or the polar bear?’


We were the Djaio, the unknown threat, to those creatures,’ Joth said, sliding his hands across the desk. ‘That is Aiil’s Primal Truth. They did not understand that we would be their end. They committed no crimes, yet they are dead and we are not. Be it a natural disaster or a malicious species, the Djaio exists and we must be prepared for that existential threat. That is the true ethos of the Council: survival, no matter the cost. So that your ordinary people can face the tangible terrors.’


He fell to his knees, staring at his hands. It was all a lie. Justice, fairness, honour, progress. Ynt’s entire life’s work was for an ideal that the Council never believed in. How many people had he ordered to war for a cause long since abandoned?


‘The universe is a cruel, untrustworthy place,’ Fey So’yal said, shaking her head tiredly. ‘One day we will encounter a species that will not willingly join the Council. When that day comes we will bomb them until they submit, because someone greater may do it to us and we must be able to fight back. Our only foolish hope is that we are the most significant grain of sand on the infinite beach.’


Two and a half thousand motes of dust floating through the galaxy, wrapped in the cold dogma of the Secretaries. The enormity of it all caught in Ynt’s throat, seizing his breathing.


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Nobody knew me.

4 hours 44 min ago

I'm sorry if the writing is all over the place. English is my second language and I'm having trouble concentrating.

When I transferred to (insert school name here), nobody knew about what happened to me before. Not even the entire story. Only fragments of it.

I was extremely sheltered ever since I was young. I knew little about the outside world. In my previous school, which was rather small (only 20 in each class) with very few new kids transferring each year, they did not do anything to get me to talk, so I stayed a selective mute for many years.

That's why I had no friends, nobody to talk to. That might have also been why I developed severe social anxiety. And when I suddenly transferred to a significantly larger school, I experienced a severe culture shock and sensory overload, being afraid, all while I didn't know how to act or talk to people because I never learned from last time.

Imagine living in a small box for most of your early years, then suddenly being put into an environment you're unfamiliar with. I had social anxiety to the point that I could not do basic things like present in front of class (it was very difficult) or approach people. My communication skills were so bad and I was so inexperienced/socially inept that students and teachers often mistook my words and actions for something they weren't.

Nobody gave me a chance, aside from the few people who didn't judge me. It was such a hostile environment. Some teachers even sided with my classmates. It was just the 'thing' to do, to hate me or revile me. Or laugh at me.

And somehow I'm sure if they found out about this it'll all be spun in a way that everything is my fault.

It's not easy to go be trapped in a room everyday for several hours filled with people who don't treat you with any respect. You start to feel like you have no dignity, since everyone just laughs in front of you, behind you, or talks about you, even if you can't see it. It is palpable. Instead of directly confronting me about what was wrong with me, there were just whispers in every single direction, looks of annoyance and disdain, or disgust.

I went home everyday exhausted, I was depressed, and I cried for reasons I did not understand. Some or most people will just keep doing the things they do to you because they know you can't fight for yourself.

It's been a few years since it all happened. The things they did to me still get stuck in my mind sometimes.

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Player Franchise or Madness is Fun

4 hours 45 min ago

Got some tests running so I wrote this up. I'm bored and it is LOOOOOOONG:

I decided to start a new franchise as a player and chose MLB as that is one of the Saints weakest positions(No hate on real world Te'o).

The Bucs game was uneventful. Got a few tackles, got mad at the AI as they blew assignments, and sacked Winston twice. Yay!

Browns game was tight. Mayfield had a good game. Got some tackles behind the line and a sack. OT victory yay!

Game 3 at Atlanta I was ready for some crap. Madden always seems to boost division rivals and ATL's squad is always overrated in Madden.

1st Quarter Sim'd offense gets a field goal. Defensive series come and go while I rage at my DB's allowing short pass after short pass but we keep holding up the drive.

2nd Quarter Matt 88.8% completion rate Ryan racks up two touchdowns on consecutive drives. My MLB keeps getting to him, in his face, knocking him down but he simply can't reach him fast enough.

Then Matty Int lives up to his name and chucks a bad ball to Von Bell. Sim-Brees and crew march.

Next drive the short pass machine is back on...five yards here, seven yards there, two yards to Freeman out of the backfield. No big runs, no big passes. I can feel the score coming it is just matter of time...or is it? Ryan drops back, Cam Jordan fights through a block, forces a fumble, Okafor grabs it and runs back to the nineteen. Sim-Brees and pals score.

Saints 17 - Atlanta 14 at the half.

No score in the 3rd. Just a lot of grinding.

Sim-Brees and co start the fourth quarter with the ball and march downfield and score. I was simultaneously psyched to be up 10 but know how fickle the engine can be in the fourth quarter.

Atlanta drives but stalls out in the red zone. Field goal is good 24-17. Sim-Brees and the gang go three and out handing the ball back to Atlanta on their own 27 with enough time to go downfield.

The march begins--dink, dunk, then a first down. Rinse repeat. The Atlanta 40. Our 47, our 30...I feel the icy grip of The Comeback Code wrap its bony hand around my young undefeated season.

Atlanta has a 3rd and short at their own thirty they come out in a three tight end set and I get this odd feeling in the back of my mind: CPU is going to go with play action I audible to a play with my MLB in a spy. Ryan snaps the ball, my timing is PERFECT, as my player steams into the backfield I watch Ryan turn to Freeman and hand off the ball—or at least fake that he is handing off the ball. Ryan turns away from his running back, looks up field, only to be greeted by the grinning face of death: My MLB with his hit stick waaaaay up. Ryan's frame rattles from the ferocity of the blow and the ball slips from his no doubt feminine grasp. It bounces toward midfield only stopping when the weight of my MLB comes to rest upon the errant pigskin.

Brees and partners burn the rest of the quarter capping the game with one last touchdown.

NO 31- ATL 17

tl;dr: Had more fun playing and watching the AI be the AI as a player than controlling the entire team. Also I found a lot less bullshit happened on D. There were no scripted ints or scripted fumbles. Sure Julio Jones was snatching catches from the stands but I kept him in front of my safeties and minimized the damage.

Hope you enjoyed my overly detailed franchise tales of actual Madden fun

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I'm (M29) Feel Like An Idiot for Being More Committed than Her (F28).

7 hours 31 min ago

tl;dr - The woman I love more than anything, my best friend in the world, finally just admitted last night that she's not ready to make building a life together her priority. I am and after 4 years of doing exactly that, I'm feeling resentful.

I met my favorite person, "Jen," in college. We went to different schools but did the same summer program, had a wild fling that turned into a relationship, and dated for about a year before a combination of immaturity, distance and a lack of plan to close it led to me ending it.

I always missed her. I always felt like I'd made a mistake not giving this relationship a real shot. So, a few years later, when we re-connected and were both single, sparks flew, and I jumped into my miracle "second chance" with two feet. In the 4 years since, I've left my family, friends, and life to move to the opposite coast of the USA to be with her. I've worked so hard every day to be the best partner I can be. I've developed an amazing, close relationship with her whole family. I've put in the work to create a new life for myself, and a home together with her, here in my new city.

The one re-occurring issue that keeps coming up, manifesting in a thousand little subtle ways until last night, is that I've always felt the relationship was somewhat asymmetrical in terms of commitment. I'm her first and only real boyfriend, and we went from long distance to living together, so I made a serious effort to be patient and talk this out.

Still, it took about a year before I stopped constantly feeling like she was annoyed that I felt entitled to some percentage of her time or to knowing where she was when she wasn't at home. I've lost count of how many times I've asked her to pick a weekly date night for us, even just one, which works for maybe a week or two before she's pulled away by her friends or recreational sport or job, and then it's my fault for not making enough of an effort to schedule a day with her far enough in advance. I express that I feel taken for granted and instead of working to resolve it, she pushes me away because I'm "making her feel bad."

She's the funniest, sweetest, most loyal, witty, beautiful person I've ever met. I know how I feel, and I want to build a life with her. Last night we finally talked about the fact that I am actively building my life around her. I'm applying to graduate programs, and I'm 100% willing to make her an equal partner in planning our future. If she needed to stay close (her parents are getting older), I wouldn't hesitate to factor that into the program I choose. She bought a ticket to join me on an international trip to meet my relatives. Her parents made plans with me to combine our Thanksgiving dinners with my family this year.

And then last night she confessed she just "doesn't feel ready" to plan her future around me. If our position was switched, and I asked HER to put off or adjust her future plans to center our relationship, she wouldn't be willing to do it. And I think that broke my heart.

I don't want to rush or pressure her. I understand this is a time of great change in our lives, and she's an independent lady who doesn't want to be defined by her romantic relationship. But I just feel so...stupid. I've built my entire life and am now trying to build my future around someone who just...isn't willing to do the same. And, worst of all, I can feel the resentment building, which I hate.

How do we move forward from here? How do I find the patience to let her grow on her own timeline? Is it dumb to stick around?

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Automatic bounties have arrived! CoinClaim carries bounty programs that go straight to your wallet!

7 hours 31 min ago

CoinClaim is the first SaaS marketing tool dedicated to promote airdrops, bounty programs, contests, and others in a fully automated form.

At CoinClaim the only thing you need to do is to register as user, then look for a program to participate in, and... Boom! Crypto assets go directly to your wallet, as simple as that!

CoinClaim was developed as a marketing tool for companies who want to put the power of the internet (You) to work for them. To reward you for your work, they have set a token reward amount for each campaign you sign up for and complete. It’s really that simple. Join a CoinClaim campaign, complete the task(s), and get free tokens.

What's the best way to show the crypto world the new bounty experience? For sure, by creating a bounty program ourselves.

$500,000 will be at stake, so if you'd like to get CLM tokens just register and follow the process.

To see the bounty and claim CLM, click here:

Limited number of tokens in this first round.

Terms are on the website.

Cheating or spam will result in revocation of bounty.

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Watch Cowboys vs Redskins NFL Online Live

7 hours 31 min ago

NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more. Access to these games is available within NFL Game Pass on an on-demand basis in the NFL Game Pass …

The National Football League is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America, and the highest professional level of American football in the world. The NFL's 17-week regular season runs from early September to late December, with each team playing 16 games and having one bye week. Game Pass NFL does not include live regular season, playoff, or Super Bowl game broadcasts.

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The Lost Vikings is Blizzard's Best Game To Date

7 hours 32 min ago

Blizzard, gaming studio behind StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft: Ghost, and Heroes of the Storm.

Their first game, as "Silicon & Synapse" rather than "Blizzard", was a weird puzzle platformer about three vikings getting tossed around time and space while trying to get back home. Each level you switch between the three of them to try and get all of them to the goal. But there are nuances; switching control doesn't just swap out your character. Rather, the Vikings you don't control just sit helplessly in place until you switch back to them, leaving them open to any dangers that may appear.

This and other odd mechanics (only one character was able to jump) made it a really unique and challenging game. Even as a Super Nintendo game, I found it extremely fresh and original when I played it in 2017. The graphics and audio we're easily on par with other greats of the console like Earthworm Jim, and the challenges required an entirely new way new way of thinking.

Now I also love Heroes of the Storm, and I have a passing appreciation for WoW and StarCraft (Diablo isn't really my thing...I like my dungeon crawlers turn based). And clearly those games have higher production value and are arguably higher quality. But they largely just build on and adapt successful ideas they get from elsewhere. A lot of the improvements do come from Blizzard, and they have fantastic lore and art direction. But nearly all of it is just improvement and twists on older ideas.

The Lost Vikings was a fully original, very strange IP with a lot of personality and charm. I found it a much more potent experience. Everything felt so tightly designed and inspired. And I think that's a big difference I see in newer Blizzard games...Lost Vikings (even what little I played of Blackthorne) felt "tightly designed". Really carefully crafted, like an antique table. Whereas HotS and WoW and such feel more "finely tuned", like a machine they're trying to perfect.

They're putting in a lot of hard work either way, and it's commendable. I just got a much stronger impression from a week of Vikings than I have from a year of HotS

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[D] Wednesday Worldbuilding Thread

7 hours 32 min ago

Welcome to the Wednesday thread for worldbuilding discussions!

/r/rational is focussed on rational and rationalist fiction, so we don't usually allow discussion of scenarios or worldbuilding unless there's finished chapters involved (see the sidebar). It is pretty fun to cut loose with a likeminded community though, so this is our regular chance to:

  • Plan out a new story
  • Discuss how to escape a supervillian lair... or build a perfect prison
  • Poke holes in a popular setting (without writing fanfic)
  • Test your idea of how to rational-ify Alice in Wonderland

Or generally work through the problems of a fictional world.

Non-fiction should probably go in the Friday Off-topic thread, or Monday General Rationality

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