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Updated: 4 hours 16 min ago

Nature: Mystery deepens over animal source of coronavirus - Pangolins are a prime suspect, but a slew of genetic analyses has yet to find conclusive proof.

4 hours 17 min ago

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Scientists are racing to identify the source of the coronavirus that is causing havoc around the world.

Scientists have now examined those data - along with three other pangolin coronavirus genome studies released last week - and say that although the animal is still a contender, the mystery is far from solved.

Dozens of people infected early in the current outbreak worked in a live-animal market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, but tests of coronavirus samples found at the market have yet to identify a source.

Researchers at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou suggested pangolins as the animal source at a press conference on 7 February.

The researchers said they had found a coronavirus in smuggled pangolins that was a 99% genetic match to the virus circulating in people.

Sara Platto, who studies animal behaviour at Jianghan University in Wuhan, worries that all the speculation about pangolins being the source could drive people to kill them.

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Theatrical Masks

4 hours 17 min ago

Primary Nen-Type: Conjuration or Specialist

Description: The user may conjure a theatrical mask. Each one has different pre-requisites and different characteristics.


  • The mask only fits its user.
  • Each mask has its own restriction to be conjured or withdrawn.
  • The mask can't be taken off by force.


  • Kratos the Berserker
    Its appearance is one of a very angry man. (just think of Asura)
    When the mask is on, the user will temporary be treated as an Enhancer, and both the user's P.A.P. and A.A.P will increase tremendously.
    The user will be manipulated by this mask, becoming a illogical, fearless beast, doing anything to terminate its foe.
    The restrictions to conjure this mask are: The user must be in current battle against someone and he must have had conjured another mask before against said someone.
    The mask may only be withdrawn if the user faints (or worse) or the foe is dead.
    (So it's basically Shalnark's auto-pilot but a little bit more brutal)

  • Jack the Ripper
    Its appearance irradiates malice and pure evil.
    When the mask is on, the user will be able to conjure a indefinite amount of knives. But one of which is the primary one, which is automatically conjured when the mask is put.
    The restrictions to conjure this mask are: The user must have made contact with someone. The user must also be holding the 'main knife'.
    The mask will automatically be turned off if the user loses contact with the 'main knife' for more than 5 seconds or the user cuts someone other than the main target (the one used to conjure this mask). Otherwise, the mask can be taken off willingly. If this mask damages someone other than the target, it'll not be 'conjurable' for a week.

  • Häyhä the White Death
    Just search this guy, he's amazing. The appearance of this mask will mimicky his appearance, pretty much.
    When the mask is on, the user will be able to conjure a sniper-like weapon, its appearance is unique (just like Kite's weapon is unique), it may also conjure the bullets. The range of this weapon reaches 2 km, its attack speed is that of a regular bolt-action sniper.
    The mask may only be conjured with a target in mind, and will be "unconjured" if someone else is damaged by this weapon. Otherwise, the mask can be taken off willingly. If this mask damages someone other than the target, it'll not be 'conjurable' for a week.

  • Paean the Healer
    Its appearance is that of a smiling benevolent woman.
    When the mask is on, the user may be capable of healing wounds through their hands. The worse the wound, the longer it takes to heal. It may heal a dozen centimeters long cut within a few seconds, but a lost limb will take minutes to heal. It may also heal poison or burn or the likes.
    Being a counter-type ability, it needs to be conjured after the damage is done - to the user or else.
    It may be taken off willingly.

  • Lady Justice
    Its appearance is that of the blind Lady Justice.
    When the mask is on, a balance will automatically be conjured as well. The user may act as a third-party or not. The user will ask a question, upon receiving both answers, he'll conjure 2 papers with both answers and balance them. If one answer is unfaithful, treacherous or abusive, it will weigh more. If this is the case, or if someone refuses to answer thrice in a row, the user may bypass the other's mask restrictions.
    This mask may only be conjured if the parties involved are not initially hostile - Being all present. And the rules of this ability must be explained beforehand the conjuration.
    It may be taken off willingly.

  • Triton the Merman
    Its appearance is that of a gill'ed man.
    When the mask is on, a suit will be conjured in the user's legs and chest. The leg piece will make the user a 'merman' and able to move extremely fast underwater. And the chest piece will make him able to breathe underwater
    This mask may only be conjured when the user's completely underwater. It may automatically disappear after the user stays completely out of water for more than a minute. Otherwise, it may be taken off willingly.

  • Artemis the Huntress
    Its appearance is that of a nature-like woman.
    When the mask is on, the user may be temporary be a manipulator-type. The user may be able to manipulate any non-human animal in its En. The manipulation is only a strong soliciting type. Even after leaving the user's Even, the animal may follow the commands.
    This mask may only be conjured when the user is in presence of a animal.

  • Grim Reaper
    Its appearance is that of a shadowy skeleton.
    When the mask is on, a long scythe will be immediately conjured. The smallest scratch caused by this scythe will cause a fast-spreading necrosis on the victim, which will not be stopped until all is consumed. Besides that, a strong swing with the scythe is strong enough to cause a shockwave that would make regular people fly.
    This mask may only be conjured when the user witness a murder. Knowing the murderer, this mask may only disappear after killing the murderer.

  • Saint Michael
    Its appearance is that of a angelical man
    When the mask is on, giant white wings will be conjured in the user's back. These wings feel natural to the user, hence he will not feel weird to fly, and are "ethereal" - for lack of a better word, after being damage it'll just reconstitute itself. Along with a conjured longsword. Besides that, Both the wings and the sword radiate a bright light that may burn those closer than 10 meters of them.
    Being the strongest mask, it also possesses the strongest restriction: It may only be conjured by the honest wish of at least a dozen people for a single goal, as Vox Populi, Vox Dei. The mask automatically disappears after the wish is concluded. The mask may become stronger with more people besides the 12 wishing.

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Going on a trip... Maybe

4 hours 17 min ago

I and three others are going to take a small number of tabs this weekend, he's getting about 50 tomorrow. We are 5, me and two others haven't tried it yet. My goal is to try it once, just to experience it. I think I'm going to take less than a whole tab.

So, I like to understand the unknown, so naturally, I'm doing some research. I have a small list of negative effects that I want you guys to help me understand and help me know what's bullshit. I do think the positives will outweigh the negatives anyways


- negative effect on the sense organs (sorry for my English BTW)

- Long term chance of hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (flashbacks)

- increased heart rate or/and blood pressure

- General confusion and fatigue right after

I couldn't find reliable info about this. Thanks

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Weekly Advice Thread - February 27, 2020

4 hours 18 min ago

Welcome to veterans and rookies alike! As we eagerly await the season to begin, we'd like to use this opportunity to set up a new standard in this subreddit with a Weekly Advice Thread.

If you have any burning questions you would like answered, please leave a comment below. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sifting through guides, comments, and OOTP content posted on here and begin to develop the wiki. Naturally, the FAQ will also be updated with some common gameplay questions from these threads as well.

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I am really tired of the panic about panic

4 hours 18 min ago

First of all people are going to panic anyway sooner or later because garbage governments didn't do what they were supposed to do.

If you keep feeding people false hopes they will panic more.

Lastly what has this "panic" done?

Some assholes fought in the supermarket and they bought everything, while panic-buying is bad and dangerous because it can make the virus spread more, the sooner they do it the better. Less chances to be infected because the virus is less present among the population.

What else?

It's a virus. To fix the problem a quarantine is needed.

If people are midly informed they will stay home and avoid contact with others. How could they riot at home alone?

Hubai has been quarantined for weeks and they are doing a good job.

There is no panic issues, not yet so stop focusing on that so let the information flow naturally (This is aimed mostly at media and governments)

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A Self Sterilizing Wallet

4 hours 20 min ago

Hey guys, TLDR my wife has Mysophobia and I created a wallet to help, but I need funding to get it off the ground. I'm putting myself out there so if this sort of post is against the rules or I get downvoted to hell, I apologize in advance, but I thought I'd give Reddit a chance.

My wife actually suffers from mysophobia: the irrational fear of dirt or contamination. In other words, she is a germaphobe. For her to be comfortable, this means constant hand washing because virtually everything that we touch daily is unfathomably dirty. Chief among these problematic, germ-ridden items are the wallets we all carry around with us every day.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Wallets?

Have you ever really thought about how dirty your wallet really is? Most wallets are made with fabric of some type, whether nylon, cloth, or leather. That fabric absorbs just about anything and everything that gets on your hands. So, if you touch the door at the grocery store, the germs from that transfer from your hands to your wallet when you go to pay. Not to mention money itself is dirty (you never know what someone may have touched before they touched that dollar you now have sitting in your wallet). While you can wash and sanitize your hands, you can’t do the same for a traditional fabric wallet.

Maybe you don’t deal with mysophobia, or you’re not a germophobe, but you should be concerned about what’s going on with your wallet because all of those germs can become a breeding ground for germs like E.coli, staph and the flu (among others). Since you can’t sanitize your wallet or even partially clean it in most cases, you could be passing those germs along to yourself, your family and anyone else who comes into contact with you after you’ve touched something in your wallet.

That’s where the Brass Wallet comes into play. The Brass Wallet is the first product and it solves the problem of transmitting germs.

Why Brass?

Brass is made from a high percentage of copper, which is what’s called a “pure alloy.” Pure alloys are able to kill off germs entirely on their own, so you don’t even have to disinfect or sanitize them (even though you could because they’re metal). For brass, the timeline is approximately eight hours. After those eight hours, germs are actually completely eliminated. That’s exactly why we’re creating wallets entirely made out of brass, so you don’t have to worry about the germs that can easily transmit from your traditional wallet.

So, who would actually want a brass wallet? Well, definitely anyone who suffers from mysophobia. Anyone in the medical profession or any other profession where cleanliness is important. Also, anyone who travels a lot and finds themselves exposed to a wider range of germs. And anyone who is looking for RFID protection, because brass wallets will naturally provide RFID protection. Even more, if you’re just looking for a stylish, long-lasting, highly durable and recyclable product, this is a great option for you.

How Can We Get Started?

This is where we can use your help. In order to launch our Brass Wallets, we need to order a minimum quantity of 1,000 and that means a large investment. On top of that, we’ll be using Fulfillment by Amazon in order to store and distribute products. All told, our costs will be upwards of $12 per product just to get started. That’s where you can come into it. With your help and support, we can get our business off the ground and these wallets out into the hands of the many people who can use them. Plus, we’ll be able to create additional products currently in our pipeline.


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How likely is it that I was born with an undiagnosed condition and should seek a specialist opinion?

4 hours 20 min ago

My “symptom” is rare. So rare in fact that there aren’t many studies or concrete information on the matter.

I was born with bilateral congenital trigger finger, and not of the thumb. After failing to see any improvement, doctors recommended surgery when I turned one year old. The surgery worked fine, and I have had full use of both my hands ever since. No obvious issues that even made me think about it until recently I developed carpal tunnel at a young age (28). I don’t do any kind of hand work that would usually be associated with carpal tunnel.

I have not been to see any kind of specialist about this since I was an infant. My gp thinks it’s not a big deal, and most likely I just have naturally narrow pathways.

What concerns me is that there are so few cases of bilateral pediatric trigger finger like mine, and most documented cases were related to some other developmental condition/syndrome.

Is it possible that I could have some kind of undiagnosed condition that would not have obvious symptoms, to the point it could go unnoticed until adulthood?

What are the chances that a birth abnormality this rare could be unrelated to any other condition?

I’m probably overthinking it, but still I’m considering maybe looking for a specialist to rule out the possibility of any rare developmental conditions/syndromes.

Thanks for any input.

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Peeing at a Urinal (pre-bottom-surgery)

4 hours 20 min ago

tldr: How do you like, wipe or clean yourself if you STP (using a device) at a urinal?

I have never tried it because I can't figure out the logistics, but this is what I imagine. Have toilet paper available inside my pocket or inside my boxers, and just wipe myself with it in such a way that it looks natural while I am shaking out the urine inside the STP device, then stuff the toilet paper into the STP to help absorb more drips until I have a chance to do something else.

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Can't Sleep!!!!

4 hours 21 min ago

As I have gotten older, I find I can't sleep after I drink. Wake up miserable at 4 or 5am and sit hung over on the couch listening to the soothing voice of David Attenborough on some nature documentary until noon. Does anyone have any tricks for getting a full night's sleep after tying one on? The web says to not take melatonin with alcohol... Had anyone tried that?

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If humans were really programmed to be happy, then we wouldn’t need a countless amount of self help books

4 hours 21 min ago

If happiness was easy, we would feel it naturally and quickly without the need of self-help books or mental health professionals. If happiness was just a little hard to achieve, then maybe one book would be enough. The fact that there are so many new books published every year proves that they are not really helpful and that happiness is a hard – next to impossible thing to achieve. The fact that we need to spend thousands of dollars on therapy and make time and energy for these sessions only proves that we are trying to manipulate a system that is clearly not made for this purpose.

That’s not even the worst of it. Not only we barely get to feel the high of life. But don’t even have the privilege to get at least bored of life because face adversities that traumatize us and damage us physically and mentally. Every day is like a battle ground and we deal with so much pressure, stress, anxiety and depression. It’s all a burden. all a hassle. What is it good for?

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