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What are some pros and cons of living in Denver?


  1. Good air quality compared to LA, California, bigger cities, etc.
  2. Thriving cannabis industry, legal weed, innovation in hemp
  3. fittest state in the nation- easy access to trails, healthy food options galore, healthy lifestyle among most people, groceries are cheaper than the south, north east, pacific northwest and California.
  4. mid-sized city: you never get the feeling that you’re being “eaten alive” by how big it is, easy to navigate around downtown
  5. It's relatively cheap. Many of the new tenants coming from smaller cities around the country might not feel that way but if you come from bigger cities on the coast, it's very affordable.
  6. There's a nice sense of entrepreneurial spirit here. Denver is still 'finding itself' so anything goes and people are open to anything.
  7. bicycling- relatively friendly city, Boulder being better, but biking is popular and safer than larger cities.
  8. Winters are mild- if you take out the dryness factor downtown Denver rarely gets more than 3–4″ of snow. The sun is always out and shining too in the winter so even if it is snowing, the sky will clear up pretty fast. The weather here is the opposite of gloomy winters like in the midwest or rainy and dark like Seattle, Portland
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  1. The weather is pretty extreme - very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. You do get a lot of sun though and the humidity is very low. So, it's not the sticky humid summers and or dark winters that you get in the North East - but it's still brutal in its own way.
  2. Cost of living does not match up with wages. Rent is way damn high for what you make. Expect making 50–60K but the average rent is for people making 6 figures. Even the outer suburbs have horrible rent prices. Buying a home here is not cheap either. Expect 500–600K for something that you could get for 300K-400K in the midwest or south.
  3. Homelessness crisis- expect to be walking around tent cities, people spread out on sleeping bags on the street and sometimes human feces and dirty heroin needles in many parts of downtown. The city does not have a viable solution to deal with its huge homelessness problem as well as homeless flooding in from PDX and California due to the rising rent and homelessness crisis there. City park, one of Denver’s famous locations is now overridden with homeless and drug users.
  4. Drug epidemic- Denver has one of the highest rates of opioid addictions and overdoses. Heroin and Fentanyl are king here with users. Expect to see people passed out and strung out on drugs walking down to a bar or restaurant. I saw leaving a Micky D’s someone being wrapped up and placed into a body bag from overdose. This will depress you and anger you being around this. This has all occurred heavily in the past 3 years or so. The city does not know how to deal with this either
  5. Public transportation options are not the best- the light rail system constantly has problems, the buses tend to run late almost all the time, One train line has not been finished in over 2 years… you get the picture
  6. Landlocked, isolated: The closest city is Salt Lake City and unless you’re a mormon I don’t think you want to be there. There’s no beaches, major lakes or rivers. Flights out are expensive to the East and California is not that much cheaper either. Everything revolves around the front range bubble and every city out of the Denver Metro area is pretty insignificant.
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What are the pros and cons of living in Denver versus Boulder?

Boulder Pros

  1. Good public schools
  2. Beautiful setting
  3. Smaller-town feel
  4. College town atmosphere - this can be good and bad!
  5. Proximity to Eldora, a small ski resort, and hiking options
  6. Easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park
  7. Good public transportation and bike trails (though quite hilly, depending on where you live)

Boulder Cons

  1. Limited and generally unattractive housing options
  2. Expensive housing
  3. Little diversity in race, political views
  4. Very new-agey - which may or may not be your thing
  5. A lot of underemployed just kind of hanging out or independently wealthy doing the same
Read Kristin Winkler Snow's answer to What are the pros and cons of living in Denver versus Boulder? on Quora

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