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What city or Province is the best to live and work between Calgary (Alberta), Vancouver (British Columbia), and Toronto(Ontario)?

  1. Overall cost of living: Alberta wins. Living in Toronto, particularly anywhere near downtown, can be expensive. Rents are among the highest in Canada, and other standard monthly expenses such as phone plans, groceries, and transit are not cheap either.
  2. Outdoor recreation:Vancouver (BC) and Calgary win (proximity to Mountains, Ocean, National Parks, etc.
  3. City living, Sports and Entertainment: Toronto (Ontario) wins
  4. Arts:Toronto wins. Restaurants, shopping, museums, galleries, the waterfront, festivals, and a true mosaic of people and cultures from around the world
  5. Education:Vancouver (BC)
  6. Weather:If you don't like snow and cold, go with Vancouver (BC); If you like sunshine, go with Calgary (AB). If you like short but cold winter, go with Toronto (ON). From a weather perspective, Toronto usually doesn't have much of a winter. It doesn't get that cold compared to most of the rest of Canada and has more of a slush season than a snow season. It's pretty filthy and grimy in the wintertime, and then in springtime as the slush banks melt the dog poo and plastic bags bloom. May and early June are usually beautiful there. Summer has periods of intense heat and humidity, although the smog has diminished a lot since the 1980s. Autumn is again often beautiful until the leaves fall and it turns grey and dismal again.
  7. Diversity:Toronto is one of the most racially diverse cities in the world. Every type of cuisine has at least one hole-in-the-wall grocery shop and a restaurant, including ones which really should never have left the country of origin. Every language exists there, every religion and every fascinating set of habits. Mostly this stew works just fine and everyone gets along. Part of what's interesting is that pretty much any time there is something to protest somewhere in the world, there's a protest in Toronto of people from that part of the world too. If you live in the downtown area, it's hard to ignore the rest of the world, which is a great way to live.
  8. Work, Jobs: Toronto wins. In terms of work, Toronto is pretty good. Finding a career job may take time but in the meanwhile there are lots of gigs to do and apps like Adam that let you pick paid tasks nearby at your convenience.
  9. Overall: It depends. If you are really outdoorsy, opt for Calgary or Vancouver as they have more green space, accessible parks and trails and are only an hour or 2 away from the mountains (hiking). If you are more culturally inclined, opt for Toronto as it has an extremely vibrant culture, is multicultural and you will have access to everything music, art, film and book related. Toronto is a world-class city; Calgary and Vancouver are not yet, but are trying to be.
  10. Source: Quora

City of Toronto Characteristics, advantages, way of life, disadvantages

  1. Busiest and most populated city in Canada. If you are in downtown Toronto during rush hour you will see hundreds and thousands of people walking on the side walks at any time of the year. Some even say that Toronto is a city that doesn’t fully sleep. Office building lights downtown are some times still turned on at 2 or 3 in the morning.
  2. This is the city that has the most jobs available out of all major Canadian cities right now as of 2018. So if you are looking to come to Canada to work Toronto is probably the city you would like to move to. There area also studies that say that Toronto’s salaries are the highest in the country.
  3. City is full of diversity. I have met people in Toronto from all different backgrounds which has been amazing!
  4. Cost of living is still high but not as high as Vancouver. You can probably get a condo for around 500k+.
  5. Close to major business hubs in the US, such as NYC, Boston and Chicago. It only takes at most 1.5 hours to get there by flying.
  6. It can get quite cold in the winters. You will definitely see a lot of snow. Most people like it when they first see snow when they move to Canada but then they get sick of it.
  7. Read Justine Cheng's answer to Which city is better to live in: Toronto or Vancouver? on Quora

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