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Test bench Recommendations?

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/27/2020 - 20:57

A little background:

I am going to be building a home network with a friend. In the rack will go your standard router, switch, patch panel and a couple NAS systems. He wants a permanent test bench to configure it. Then after setting it up, he’d like to monitor the network, so a temporary solution, like just plugging in a laptop, will not work.

My idea was to get a LattePanda and attach it to a rackmount HDMI monitor with mouse & keyboard. But from what I’m seeing this isn’t really a thing. Seems like most people are still using a KVM setup with a rackmount console drawer. This seems like ancient technology, and pointless for what he’ll be using the test bench for -- zero use for a KVM setup.

We won't have room to mount a monitor and keyboard & mouse outside the rack. There is limited space since this setup is going in a small closet.

TL;DR: What setups or solutions would you recommend for a peremenity test bench with limited space?

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Where can I sell technology to enthusiasts?

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/27/2020 - 20:52

I have quite the piece of technological history that I'm willing to part ways with. It's not brand new and it's mostly obscure, so I'm not sure who I could sell it to besides a collector or enthusiast. There are none of this item listed on eBay and I can't find it anywhere else on the web besides a special auction shop in a different country.

Anyways, where can I go to sell this thing? Thanks

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[Halfway Point] Part 1: A Journey Begins

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/27/2020 - 20:52

(Just before I start- this was something I posted a few days ago on r/HFY, and I thought I might start posting it here as well. As far as I know, there are no rules against posting in both subreddits, so yeah. If people here seem to enjoy it, I'll start posting the rest of the series! There is one more part on HFY right now, and another one being written, but I won't post those here for now because I don't want to clutter up the subreddit here if people don't enjoy it. Criticism and comments are appreciated!)


"Initialising… reboot complete. Ithaca Drive functional. Phoenix Circuit online. Amaterasu Generator activated. Athena - class exploratory vessel ready to depart from spaceport."

"Affirmative. Release from station's artificial gravitational field, and activate shipwide artificial gravity. Interstellar standard at first, and then slowly acclimate to Terrestrial gravity over the course of… twenty-four hours, please."


I felt the subtle shift in vibration and movement between the jittery and rough gravitational field of the station, and that of the sleek, humming gravity which my ship carried. Until my visit to the Ssinith United Nations' spaceport, I'd always maintained that the idea humans could tell the difference between the artificial gravity of our own ships, and the false gravity of the younger races, was a myth. But, as it turns out, spending nearly a Mercurian year in what amounts to the construction of a young mathematics hobbyists' theoretical physics project is prone to altering one's perspective somewhat.

"I suppose that some myths have a grain of truth to them after all…" I muttered under my breath.

A reply, "What'd'ya mean by that?", came from a short distance behind me. I realised I must have spoken louder than I'd thought. I stopped for a moment, before hearing my companion again.

"Ei? You good?" Ei. The fake name I'd given myself to the Kehi behind me, along with almost everyone else I'd encountered over the past journey. Fake, but not created out of malicious or deceptive intent, of course. Most species simply couldn't quite pronounce my true Sino-Martian name, and it seemed as if Ei had stuck as its replacement.

"Yes, Kah, I'm fine. It's a simple matter of needing to… readjust to a more stable gravitational field." I moved over to the small, white chair near the comms array, expecting a hail from the station's security, and permission to leave dock. As I answered said hail, I was surprised to find that it contained a video component, in addition to audio. I slightly jumped at the large, reptilian Ssinithan which appeared suddenly upon my viewscreen.

"Ah, lieutenant Sshi! This is… new!" I stated, after taking a moment.

"I assume you're talking about the camera, yes? We are aware that humans mainly navigate the world through photolocation, and are generally more comfortable when you are able to visually sense the people you are speaking with. We figured that, by utilising light-sensitive recording devices, we might be able to better facilitate communications with you and other representatives of your species."

"I already informed you, I am not a representative of humanity, for humanity has no representatives. We are each our own, and every community speaks for itself."

"Yes, of course. Regardless, it is always a unique pleasure to meet with a member of such a… historic species, and the establishment of a far closer relationship between us and individuals of your kind can only be good for us all! Besides that, however, I contacted you because I must update you about the cultural data which you had requested, before I allow you to download it and leave. You… are aware of how much data you are asking for, yes?"

"Of course."

"... And, you are also aware that much of said data is copyrighted material under Ssinithan law?"

"As much as I may take issue with your government's policy towards allowing the restriction of media by private entities which by all rights should be free for all to consume…" I sighed. "Yes, I am aware, and I am not willing to bypass an entire race's legal system, and potentially destabilize the intellectual property market of your nation, in order to distribute your contemporary cultural works to my people's datalibraries. I am entirely willing to pay whatever is requested by the copyright holders for permission to access copies of these works."

"Access, and duplicate, I would assume. Frankly, many of the copyright holders are afraid to sell access-only copies to humans. They're afraid that, if they did, you'd all just go ahead and duplicate them anyway! We know how your people are around stories!" I heard a deep, slithering, gargling sound which I had come to know as the Ssinithan equivalent to a human chuckle. "And, it's not as if your people couldn't get past any anti-piracy software we tried to use!"

"If I had wished to pirate your database, I would have done so, and likely would never have come here. However… I am willing to entertain your caution. Whatever prices have been asked, I shall accept. I will transfer the requested sum's worth of energy into your station's energy stores, to be delivered to the recipients as soon as possible."

"Acknowledged. You should be receiving the prices now."

I looked at the numbers which flashed on my screen. A paltry sum, in comparison to the capabilities of my ship's generators. I sent through the requested power.

"... I suppose that you wouldn't be willing to tell us exactly how you produced such a vast amount of energy? No? Alright then. I'll send through the data now." Sshi said, with an almost sarcastic tone, as his long tail swished from side to side. I downloaded the data, and scanned it. Everything appeared to be in order.

"Do you have any other requests?" I replied. "If not, I will request permission to leave."

"Actually… I expect that I know the answer already, however, I have received direct orders from the Captain that I am to ask any human who passes through the station for access to their highly advanced technology, and that I am to offer anything which my government can provide in exchange for such. If there is anything, and I mean anyth-"

"No." I interrupted. "Under no circumstances will I be responsible for artificially advancing the technological development of your species, and you can do nothing to convince me otherwise."

"Surely there must be something that your people need! Soldiers, labourers, resources, anything!" He said, his sharp and powerful audio sensors at his sides vibrating, as if to emphasize his request.

"No. Nothing which your government can provide."

"Very well, then, I suppose." He acknowledged, with a hint of disappointment in his voice. "I will open the docking bay doors now. You may leave at your convenience."

"Acknowledged." With a sudden shift, the doors to the station's docking bay opened, revealing a beautiful sea of stars. I thought back upon how, despite having been in a station orbiting well above the atmosphere of the planet below, protected from the vacuum of space only by a few centimetres of steel plating, if even that, I hadn't seen a single real star since my arrival. I suppose that a species who navigated primarily through echolocation would have little use for windows. I briefly looked down upon the planet below, and wondered what exactly the Ssinithans saw with their limited vision. Could they see the vibrant purple of their planet's plant life? The beautiful, deep blue ocean which extended across a third of the planet's surface? I engaged liftoff sequence, and prepared for the long journey ahead of me. Or, well, the long journey ahead of us.

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Exact career path question

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/27/2020 - 20:50

Hello everyone,

I have a question about career path in CS, long story short I went back to school this pass semester after 5 years, I only have 1 more semester to finish a Associate degree, when I started back up I had some experience in c, c++, HTML and css, nothing major just basic concepts, i decided that I wanted to do a website developer path, took a few courses from codecademy in html and css and started learning it more.

This semester I am taking a scripting languages class which teaches javascript, php using mysql. Javascript has been really kicking me in the rear. And I think parth of it is the way the class is structure , 2 sometimes 3 chapters a week, i feel like I'm just rushing through them and not really learning, instructor is no help either, have tried to reach out to him s few times.

The other class is s mid level C++ class which I am really enjoying i am actually learning and I get exited for the end of chapter projects.

Right now I think I want to go with something related to C++, now I understand to get a job i need to know something more than just that language, I will be picking java soon as well.

What exactly career path could I go into ?and what other technologies should I learn to do something with C++ or any other kind of language like that, I would love to get a job just coding in C++ but I think that would not work and I feel there is other stuff that I should learn as well to be able to land a job and support my family


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Web Design & Development Services In Australia

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:32

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How to make bricks?

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:31

With the development of construction, the demand of bricks is becoming more and more large. How to make bricks with high efficiency?

Nowadays, we use automatic brick making machine to produce brick with mass prodution. Brick making machine china adopt the advanved technology, it can produce various kinds of bricks, such as cement bricks, concrete bricks, hollow brick, interlocking brick, etc. We Daswell manufacturer provide different specifications brick making machines, customers can choose the suitable models according to their requirement.

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The key difference between the Star Trek timeline and ours is they don't have Star Trek

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:30

We see few glimpses of different periods of the 20th century and they're mostly the same as our timeline. That implies most of the time travel shenanigans worked out in the long run. Changes before the 50's or 60's should have led to a different society when they went back to the 80's and 90's. There seem to be more noticeable differences going into the 21st century. No one built the Millennium Gate, though were getting back on track for the Bell riots.

I think the difference is that the Star Trek timeline didn't have the Star Trek TV show.

Countless people we never inspired to be scientists, engineers or astronauts. How many didn't see a future where women or people of colour were respected and treated as equals.

That's why some aspects of TOS and even TNG technology seem less advanced than ours, the people that would have invented them went on to be bus drivers or doctors instead. Other technology borders on magic because not everyone is inspired by Star Trek.

In TOS, vast amounts of information is stored on data tapes and the computer makes noise when its working, its like they didn't figure out solid state storage until the 24th century. In TNG the Enterprise has a giant central computer that operates every part of the ship with zero lag but you still have to physically hand in reports to Riker.

Zefram Cochrane doesn't give a shit about sci-fi so he still invented the warp drive.

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[HR] The Hateful Heartbeat

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:29

Kyle looked into his telescope, saw something he had never seen before.


At the dining hall, Kyle sat there all by himself, eavesdropping other people's conversation. He never got himself into anything, always an outcast in school, having little to no friend. Not particularly because he had a shitty personality or something like that, cause God knows there were people in his class way more awful. The reason for his lack of friends was due to his hobby.

He had no hobbies, but one, the obsessions for stargazing.

After school. A weed field. He could clearly remember that before, this place was a huge cornfield. Right now, it shared more resemblance with a wasteland than the cornfield that was still so vivid in his memory. He walked across the field, slowly but firmly.

That was his destination. The windmill, located in the middle of nowhere.

The windmill was abandoned a long time ago. It was like a little heaven for him. There were no judgments from others, there were no noises, there were no other shallow and stupid people, only him and the night sky.

The door was open. A sense of dread rushed through his entire body. Someone had been here. He walked up the stairs, reached the top of the windmill. His steps were careful, his limbs were shaking, fight or flight. He saw a guy, standing in the middle of his room.


"Mr. Anchor? What are you doing here..."

"What? A science teacher is not allowed to have a stroll in his free time?" He walked around the room, observing, "these are yours?"

He was referring to that giant, stacks among stacks of notes that piled up on the table.


"Superb... you made all these notes, by yourself..."


"You know," he picked up a piece of paper, "this reminds me of those great old astronomers, Tycho, Kepler... Those times, astronomers have no other advanced technology or equipment, so you write it all down. What you did here, is quite frankly, impressive."


"How long had you been doing this?"

"About six years... “

"You know why I am here?"

Kyle simply stared at him.

"This windmill was my dad's property. He died seven years ago. That cornfield out there, we sold it to the Simpson's six years ago. I don't suppose anyone had tried to get you in trouble during the years you spent here, right? The Simpsons had no use for a windmill so they just let it stand here. But lately, the crops are not doing particularly well, so they were planning to tear down the windmill... “

"So... am I being evicted?"

"No no no... I was planning to retrieve as many things as I can and let the Simpsons shred this place into nothing, but I changed my mind." He walked to that telescope which was sitting there, pointing at the night sky, "it’s rare to find a glimpse of genius, especially in this shitty little town. Is this your telescope?"

"My grandad's. He gave it to me on his deathbed."

"Ah... classic... golden color, old school mechanical telescope... must be some antique from the old time... might even worth a few grand... how is it?"

The scowl on Kyle's face never backs down. Those movements of Mr. Anchor, those probing actions and how his hand moved, felt invasive. "It was... good at his job... couldn't really be used for looking at anything too far away though... "

"And you made so many notes using only these amateur equipment." Kyle was enraged, he didn't like people commenting on his property, "Oh, no need to treat me with hostility. I am with you!" Mr. Anchor smiled, "you achieve so much with so little, imagine you having the advancement on your side! The sky's the limit! I will help you do that. Besides teaching class, I am also a casual astronomy enthusiast. I have an observatory at the top of a mountain. You can come and pay a visit.

"What about this place..."

"I will tell the Simpsons to leave this mister alone." Mr. Anchor's smile was like a swamp, Kyle could feel his mind slowly sinking, "we can work together. We would have achieved the miracle." He raised his hand signaling for a handshake, "Do you want to work together?"

Kyle hesitated for a bit, "Yeah I guess..."

They shook their hands.

"And please, don't call me Mr. Anchor, call me Edmund."

"Right..." Kyle had to confess to himself, he was starting to like this guy, Edmund.

"Do you have any things that you find exciting and you don't mind sharing?"

"Uh..." Kyle completely dropped his guards down, "there is this one star, 45 degrees north to east, right next to Betelgeuse, alpha Orionis. I have never seen that star before... and there is no record anywhere noting the presence of this star." He handed Edmund some notes, "it might be a new star that no one has ever found out before... "

"Uh... interesting..."


Edmund had become one of his best friends. Well, his only friend. Every day after school, they met in the observatory at the top of the mountain. Studying the stars for the entire night. Every time the sky became misty and stargazing became impossible, Kyle could feel the unbearable longing in his heart. Edmund was one of the kindest people he had ever met as well, giving him as much support as possible, treating him with meals once in a while, even helping him in other aspects of his life. Now, he was living the happiest days he had ever lived. Although, something was looming on his mind.

His observation was not wrong. The star was not on any astronomical documents and records.They wrote an article and sent it to the IAU and now was currently waiting for a response.



"They responded. They want us to go to their place, to discuss this issue."

"So, you are the kid that discovered this galaxy?" A woman in a white coat asked.

"Um...." Kyle nodded.

"Hi, my name is Evelin Klein. I am the Vice President of the ICU, I just came out of a ten hours flight just so I can talk to you in person. What you just found might be one of the biggest discoveries in recent history."

"Right... just tell me what is going on..."

"Alright, this galaxy is about 150000 light year in radius, 2.5 million light years away from us... it was astonishing that for so long no one had discovered this galaxy..."

"It's almost impossible. The local group only has two galaxies that are larger than it, and this newbie is almost as close to us as Andromeda is." Edmund followed. “It is… almost insane… to think that we had missed this one…”

"I don't know what to say... but before today's, this galaxy was simply... not being observed, by anyone... now it was shining... so bright in the sky... I can't believe..." She seemed speechless. After a while of silence, She said: "Do you guys want to see the galaxy?"

Kyle gulped a little, he couldn't help but feel excited to use a giant electrical telescope for the first time in his life.

"Just look into it."

Kyle looked at Edmund. Edmund only nodded.

He walked up, leaned in, and looked into the screen.

It was, majestic. But also, eerie. A cyan color sapphire, sitting in the center. Radiating from the center were billions among billions of stars that glowed with so many different colors, his iris were hurting just by looking at them. Five arms spinning out from the middle, like smokes coming out of grandma's house's chimney during Christmas. The galaxy was dominated by this greenish blue color nebula, like the color itself was an entity of some sort. It was moving, and he was hundred presents sure that it was just his own head fucking with him. His ears started ringing. Dizzying views, throbbing nerves, he moved away from the screen feeling sick and tired.

"How is it? How is your biggest discovery? How does it look?" Edmund asked.

"Take a gander..." Kyle was visibly uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything.

Edmund walked up, leaned in and looked into the screen.

Then it was a solid minute of silence. Edmund just stared at the screen. A drop of sweat slid down his chicks, but he didn't move. Stasis, not even the expanding of his chest could be seen, and it lasted for so long.


He didn't respond.

"Edmund? Mr. Anchor? Mr. Anchor!"

He didn't respond.

Just when Kyle was about to pull him away. He snapped and dropped down on the floor, eyes wide-opened and lips trembling.

"What happened?"

"It was... staring back... at me..." Edmund was clearly in shock, his face was twisted, tears were in his eyes, "it was whispering words... at my ears..."

"You guys should leave now..." Evelin said, "we will need to have more meetings about this. We have to figure out more about it..." the look of concern on his face, seared right into Kyle's mind, "please, tell no one about this discovery."

After that day, Mr. Anchor never came back to class. He went missing and no one had ever seen him. Kyle never went back to Anchor’s observatory either, instead, he went back to the windmill and continues to observe this new galaxy.

Something else also happened.


"My dad said all of our crops died, we might be facing some serious issues this year..."

"Lub dub... Lub dub... Lub dub..."

"Yeah the two communities are having a meeting or something.. my mom is selling stuff in our house just to keep things afloat..."

"Lub dub... Lub dub... Lub dub..."

The sound, it never went away.

This throbbing sound never left his eardrum. At the start it was very subtle, only staying in the background, pulsing rhythmically with quietude. He thought it was because of his excessive use of headphones since he didn't really have the incentive to talk to or listen to anyone anyway. But the sound grew.

"Lub dub... Lub dub..."

It grew harder.

"Lub dub..."

It wouldn't even go away during his sleep.

"Lub dub..."

Every day, it felt like the sources of the sound had been closer and closer. Like drums, like marches.

Sleep quality had been completely destroyed. He couldn't even hear what other people were saying if they were not yelling right beside him. He couldn't fall asleep, sleep deprivation made him trip even when walking on flat ground. All he could think of nowadays was the stargazing at night. The windmill seemed to be the only place where the sounds in his brain weren't completely unbearable.

"Lub dub..."

January 2nd.

That star seemed to get brighter and brighter. He remembered back when he first discovered it, he needed his granddad's telescope just to get a clear view of the star. But right now, he could see that star with his naked eye.

Right above Alpha Orionis.

He took a whole palmful of Tylenol, trying to calm the sound down. Anxiety and annoyances starting to get a toll on him. He felt like he could physically touch insanity.

Door knocked. Who would have come to the windmill at this time of the day?

He opened the door, Mr. Anchor standing in front of the door.

"Mr. Anchor! Where have you been?"

"Kyle..." he walked up to Kyle, to an uncomfortably close distance.

"Please sit down, I will fix you something..."

"No... you are enough."


His arms grabbed on his waist. He walked even closer to him. He can even smell his breath.

"Can you hear my words… There are lights in your eyes…"

"Mr. Anchor... stop..."

"There are lights in your eyes, and there are lights above us! Come! Come with me! We will see the stars!”

He pinned him down. Kyle knew what was coming.

In a struggle, he grabbed something that was lying on the floor. It was his stabler. He held that tight, then flung his arm and smashed it right against Mr. Anchor's skull as hard as possible.

January 3rd.

When Mr. Anchor woke up, he was tied up in the corner of the room.

"Kyle... Kyle what are you doing... Kyle?"

"What am I doing?" Kyle stood there, "you ran right into my room in the middle of the night to assault me! And now you are asking me what am I doing?"

"No! Kyle! Please! Believe me! I wouldn't have dreamt to hurt you! It was the voices! It is staring at me!"

January 7th.

Mr. Anchor was tied up and left in the corner of the room for several days already. Kyle also had stopped going to class altogether, or even leaving the windmill, only going out when it was absolutely necessary to get food and water. Food supply in the town was running low, nothing can be harvested this year, not even a grain. The star was getting brighter and brighter, glowing this cyan color among the night sky. Mr. Anchor had stopped all food consumption as well, lying there like a dead animal. If not by the faint breathing sound, he was no different to a dead skunk.

The sound. Not even staying in the windmill would do anything anymore. It was like a band of drummers playing around your years, every second of your life.

"Why?" He looked at the pile of notes he made, "the star... the magnitude is decreasing at such a rapid pace... -2... this is madness... it's brighter... it's getting brighter..."

"It's not getting brighter."


Kyle turned his head, it was Mr. Anchor’s whisper.

"It is not getting brighter.... it is getting closer..."

January 8th.

The star can even be seen in daylight. It was bright. Way too bright.The sound was rapid, and way too loud. Edmund Anchor died. He died quietly last night, cold but not rotten, at least not yet Kyle didn't even flinch at it. He kept thinking about the words Edmund had said.

It was getting closer.

The night came. The sky was drowning in this cyan color. There were more stars than ever before,

"It was getting closer," Kyle whispered to himself. He took a gaze at Edmund's corpse. Then he looked into the telescope. "LUB DUB LUB DUB!"

The sounds throbbed faster and faster, sounding like the fire alarm when the school had its fire drill. They were so loud he couldn't hear his own thoughts. In the telescope, was the center of that galaxy. Spinning, glowing, radiating, pulsing, staring right at him. He stumbled back, and with his naked eye, he could see a billion stars at high notwithstanding there was a wooden ceiling above his head. "It was alive!" He screamed.

He realized, the throbbing sounds in his mind, were the heartbeats of that galaxy.


The arms of that galaxy were mere the rim of its skirt!

Those innumerable stars glowed, then they rained down onto the land from millions of feet above. That was the meteor showers, except that was the entire sky of stars, raining down like a storm. And even if he shut his eyes, blinding white lights could still penetrate through every veins on his eyelids, and his brain screamed at the sight.

Who could have fathomed the hateful scorn of a billion stars?

Inspired by Lovecraft, of course.

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AHC/WI: Ancient Egyptians conquer all the Semitic and Berber speaking regions and "Egyptizes" them

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:28

Have the Ancient Egyptian Civilization conquer the entire Semitic and Berber lands and Culturally Egyptizes them with Settlement and Cultural influence. I think its easier to have them conquer North Africa, Ethiopia, Levant and Iraq regions but Arabia would need sophisticated Home cooling and pastoral technologies (not electric A/C or Hydroponics but advanced water/air cooled houses and sophisticated camel rearing. Hence, Egyptian is the only surviving major Afro-Asiatic culture interacting with the Old World.

The Cushatic is the only other Afro-Asiatic culture that survives IATL.

How do you think everything would change? I think we would see a far more stable, different and advanced World today.

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New to networking. A guy came in and everything seems to be worse

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:26

I'm interested and keen in technology but the second I go into networking I know very little.

Our router is the huawei hg659b that was given to us by the ISP and we never changed it despite it being traaaaash. We get around 60-100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.

Now we finally got some telecommunications guy to come in a second time over the weekend (the first he tested the wifi and saying what we needed to do and this was the worst wifi he had ever seen but noticeably change anything). The second time (over the weekend) however, he placed those small white thingys (I forgot the name but its to increase speed further away from the router - I wasn't home when he installed it) and since then the internet has been HORRIBLE. Like I game regularly from my room (upstairs) and am lagging waaay more and more frequent frame drops. Most of this is due to a bad laptop (which I will upgrade) but I swear it was never this bad.

Now the living room used to be okay at best. Sometimes you struggled to get connection but after the first time he came it was good enough (no lag or drop out of internet) and I was happy (I CAN ACTUALLY SEARCH UP SOMETHING AT THE FAR END OF THE LIVING ROOM!!!) but after putting that extra thing in I can't even get wifi at all in the living room (like 5m away from the router) let alone the far end of the living room (furtherest place away from the router apart from upstairs).

I am constantly waiting for videos to load even when I'm the only one on a phone or laptop and like I said earlier I disconnect from the internet when in the living room (but connect okay upstairs).

So naturally I did a speed test... I got a download speed of 0.28 and upload speed of 2. I'm so confused and I don't know how to change this. I've been adamant to get a new router but my dad says that it was good enough. What do I do????

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What do you think of a World War One like setting for a fantasy novel?

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:23

Hi I have an idea for a fantasy setting in a world I was creating since many years ago, and is of doing a setting and story inspired by World War One. I mean, technology based in the early XXth century or late XIX, a group of big colonial powers fighting between them in a gigantous war for power, the adveniant of new technology that will change warfare for ever, and war taking place outside of the battlefield and involucring civilians and all the stuff, with fantasy elements such as races and magic. I was thinking in this idea from a few weeks ago and I have some ideas out there.

What do you think of this idea? Do you like it? What things would you like to see in there and what tips do you have?

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Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:23

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From the first time you step into a Bhandal Dentist practice, you are greeted by our welcoming staff, who share the same aim, to make your visit with us as comfortable and stress free as possible. At Bhandals, our primary focus is on the complete dental care needs of you and your family, so if you are looking for a dentist in Coventry, you can be sure you’re in safe hands. Orthodontist

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Whitecoin Is Included by 100 Well-known Digital Market Websites Globally

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:22

With the rapid development of Whitecoin, its global popularity has been rising rapidly, as well as its influence. At present, Whitecoin has been actively included by 100 well-known digital market platforms around the world, including CoinGeoko, MyToken, non-small, CoinMaketCap, winning a good ranking.


CoinGecko, founded in early 2014, is one of the largest and earliest encrypted data market platforms. It has currently tracked nearly 3,300 projects online from more than 260 different cryptocurrency exchanges. And it maintains good cooperation with global leading media, such as Coindesk and Cointelegraph.

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Feixiaohao, one of the largest and earliest encrypted data market platforms in China, is a professional digital currency industry big data platform, a Chinese version of CoinMarketCap, focusing on providing digital currency users with data analysis and data mining services. Feixiaohao has more than 4,000 pieces of digital currency information around the world, over 300 trading platforms, and data resources of more than 9,000 trading pairs. It provides the most professional and comprehensive cryptocurrency trend analysis.

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MyToken, dedicated to satisfying users' ecological needs for global digital asset market and information, is the most influential digital asset market app in the industry. It provides global users with the best one-stop digital asset investment service, presents full-value content information and social experience, and integrates more in-depth investment tools.

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CoinMarketCap, currently the world's most credible comprehensive cryptocurrency data websitCoinMarketCape, was established in 2013. As one of the most popular and high-traffic websites in the cryptocurrency world, it boasts 60 million unique visits and ranks the top 50 as the most popular website at Alexa of the United States. CoinMarketCap’s review procedures are extremely strict, and only projects that meet its review conditions can be included.

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The following are the digital market platforms that include Whitecoin (in no particular order):

You can check the latest price and information of Whitecoin on the relevant market website.

Whitecoin is taking the lead to forge interconnection of value between blockchains through Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Ptotocol (MTBCP). The developments of the cross-chain function has great significance for the fields of blockchain. Breaking down barriers between independent blockchains, provides a basis for building an interconnected blockchain ecosystem while enabling existing blockchains to foster adoption and lead internet businesses to join the blockchain revolution.

Since the establishment of Whitecoin for 6 years, Whitecoin keeps its commitment to developing its blockchain technology and community construction. As of September 18, 2020, the price of whitecoin has reached 0.25 USDT and has presenting a steady growth, which has brought a tidy profit to Whitecoin lovers.

The inclusion by world's renowned digital market websites registers that Whitecoin has been further recognized by the global market and is entering a fresh chapter! In the future, Whitecoin will continue to boost blockchain technology, community construction and ecological applications to be better!

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Civil Engineering student. Should I learn how to program?

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:21

As a Civil Engineering student I can say I really love math and technology but one of my insecurities especially when meeting redditors is my lack of skills in programming.

I mean I can solve Differential equations, analyze truss, solve for forces and loads, and 3d model (CE shits) but I am aware at in this technology boom that Computer, software, electronics engineers are in the driver seat of engineering right now.

I am really bothered if I should learn how to program. Because I know its a good skill to have but I was thinking that I will never be good or decent on it compare to professionals who actually studied it. I don’t know why but I am afraid it will be a waste of time or I will get frustrated because I can’t do it well.

If ever I decided to give a try It will most likely self taught, that’s why I’m hesitant. I don’t even know why I am asking it here but I’m afraid of asking it in Engineering subs (they are quite intimidating) but I hope anyone can help. Thankss

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David A. Schlissel: "The stated goal for carbon capture from coal plants is to capture 90% or more of the CO2 produced by the plant. However, there is no evidence that existing technologies actually can achieve this goal at commercial-scale plants over...

Technology Reddit - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:19

Ari Bernstein: "There are two things to understand about energy. The first comes from environmental science: We must reduce greenhouse gasses. It’s not enough to lower the emissions we spew in an already overburdened world. We need a negative carbon rate, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

And the second comes from economics: The best way to extend lifespan and improve social conditions is with cheap, reliable energy. Inexpensive heat in the winter has saved more lives than penicillin. Electricity has done more to improve the quality of life than anything since the discovery of fire.

In short, if you don’t work to remove carbon from the atmosphere, you are not serious about the environment. If you don’t seek reliable low-cost electricity, you are not serious about the poor."

David A. Schlissel: "No, carbon capture on its own cannot save us. The burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) created the threat from climate change that we face today. A fundamental transition away from fossil fuels to a renewable and sustainable energy economy is needed. Fortunately, that change is happening, although not as fast as we need.

I agree that some carbon capture hopefully will be part of this fundamental transition of the world’s energy economy. First, to capture and store the CO2 emitted during industrial processes. Second, to remove CO2 already in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels—a process called direct air capture or DAC.

The stated goal for carbon capture from coal plants is to capture 90% or more of the CO2 produced by the plant. However, there is no evidence that existing technologies actually can achieve this goal at commercial-scale plants over the long term, not merely on an intermittent basis. In fact, neither of the two existing coal-fired generators in the world that have been retrofitted for carbon capture has achieved a 90% CO2 capture rate, even for a few years."

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