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I am a people pleaser.

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:25

I have been since I was a kid and I hate it. It comes from my Anxiety and ik it comes from trying to make my dad happy growing up (it rarely worked he often had mood swings) but it’s ingrained in my system and I dont know how to make it stop. I’ve gotten better over the years. I can say no and Im aware of when I try to show off (and pull myself back bc its outta pocket and I dont like looking like a fool). But its something that I fear may always be with me. For example if my bf thinks something and my opinion differs from his I have this urge to change my opinion or to fix things and make them how he wants them. Ofc he knows me and how I am and he refuses every time. It’s gotten better I can have healthy natural arguments with him without having a panic attack (convinced that he will leave). However I hate that I still have this urge to please EVERYONE and I hate how Anxious it makes me…

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Fantasy Next Top Model, Cycle 4 - Grand Finale - Winner Announcement

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:23

As Ola and Steinberg enter the judging room for the last time, you can hear a pin drop. The judges' steely, knowing gaze goes through them like a laser beam. Not even their extravagant clothes lent by fashion week designers - Ola in a powder blue mermaid gown, Steinberg in a chic black trumpet dress - can hide the worry on their faces. The fear that they might not have done enough. They review their performances in their heads, but the truth is, there's nothing more they can do.

A decision has been made.

Tyra stands before them, as she has so many times before, a wistful smile tugging at her glistening lips.

"This is it," she says decisively. "This is the end. And it's been quite a trip, hasn't it? Hard to put into words.

Ola, your icy and ethereal beauty is transcendent. Your consistency and versatility has been manifested and materialized from one picture to the next. You are a model's model. Angles, connection, presence, professionalism - it all comes second nature to you. Since the beginning, we have been impressed with the standard you bring, and though there was a small bump right before the finish line, you've shown that you are every inch the fantasy.

Steinberg, you have an undeniable edge and individualism that is apparent to anyone who meets you. Your Russian charm and androgyny draw the eyes to that stunning face and make sure they stay there. Throughout this competition, we have been in awe of your research, artistry and perfectionism, and your total commitment to every brief thrown your way. There were a couple of low moments, yes, but when you felt the pressure, you did what a fantasy top model does and got better, fast... and that's why you stand before me.

So, the question remains.

Who is the Fantasy Next Top Model?"

For the first time, Ola and Steinberg cling to one another's hands, be it for sentiment or support, nobody can tell.

The tension can be cut with a knife.

"The Fantasy...





The screen to the side of the ladies looms ominously, containing a single picture.










Ola and Steinberg look at each other.

This is it.


A single photo appears on the screen.

Ola lets out a shriek that sounds like a bird call. "Ohhhh! Waoooohh!" She looks at Tyra. "I'm speechless."

Steinberg shrugs, as if this is to be expected. Tyra goes to her and takes her in her arms. Steinberg looks horrified.

"My Russian doll," she tells her. "I don't want you to forget this experience - take everything you learned, and apply to the world out there. It is ready for you to conquer it. Are you gonna kick ass?"

"I am Steinberg," says Steinberg with a coy smile. "Is what I do."

With a final hug from Tyra, the judges and Ola, the Russian renegade, Steinberg, departs the competition as the runner-up.

After this, confetti rains down upon Ola and a celebratory crowd, while she, Tyra and the judges dance and gleefully exchange memories of the competition, the challenges, the memories and the long and winding journey that it took to get here.

"I had to look inside to find out what makes me special, what makes me beautiful," Ola says. "And I found it.

I was just this blonde girl from Poland with hella confidence and a body to spare, and I was the one coming in using that to cover up how intimidated I was... but look at me! I'm the Fantasy Next Top Model, oh my God!"

After the crowning ceremony, Tyra and Ola go and take their first winner's photo, to be hung next to Sora, Luna's and HoYeon's in the Fantasy Hall of Fame. Sora and Luna both bestow the crown upon Ola, as HoYeon is too busy doing press for Squid Game.

Ola goes to meet her brand new agencies and the editors of the magazines and owners of the brands with whom she will now be signed under, posing for and representing.

"I'M THE FANTASY NEXT TOP MODEL!" Ola screams into the cameras, pumping her fist into the air.

One by one, the models fade out, leaving at the end, only one: the Polish ice princess - Ola Rudnicka.

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Best Fabrics and Environmental Anxiety

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:23

Before I start, yes I mostly do charity/thrift shopping and yes I try to buy only what I need. Most of my basics in my wardrobe are bamboo or sustainable cotton that I use until they are unuseable.

I'm really struggling to come to a decision about what fabrics I should and shouldn't spend money on- and even if there are NO perfect answers, I could do with some advice on how you others make the decision. For context I have severe anxiety with several neurodivergency diagnoses so I worry about everything single decision I make to the point of sometimes physical exhaustion and pain.

I just bought a jumper that I really like thats 50% recycled, but after I got home I started thinking about how it's polyester so even then the fibres will go into the wash, and maybe RPet isn't even that much better long term anyway. But that of course 100% natural wool has it's problems too, and is just generally harder to find available for purchase. I've spent two days going deep on comparison articles about the best fabrics and I'm geniunely on the verge of meltdown I think, and bloody hell it's just a jumper. I'm thinking about further finishing my wardrobe with some linen trousers and shirts, so that's something that doesn't seem to be too bad at least. Is anyone else in the decision paralysis situation I am? Have you been before and got out of it? Do I just start wearing leaves and live in a cave drinking rainwater? It seems easier XD

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Listened to Wilbur Soot's album upon a friend's request- surprisingly good!

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:23

I want to preface this by saying that this album isn’t really folk punk, however I’m talking about this here because of some folk punk influences I noticed- if this kind of post isn’t allowed, please let me know

I have some friends that are pretty into Wilbur Soot's minecraft videos, and while I’ve never really had an interest in those sorts of things, one of those friends recommend his album “your city gave me asthma”, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Apparently the album is inspired by crywank, which can definitely be heard in the first few tracks in particular. What I found interesting was some of the songs' lyrics, like Jubilee Line, for instance, and they’re borderline nihilistic nature.

“Your city gave me asthma

So that's why I'm fucking leaving

And your water gave me cancer

And the pavement hurt my feelings

Shout at the wall

'Cause the walls don't fucking love you”

Those lines sound almost exactly like something you’d hear from early ajj- as far as I know they were never sited as an influence for him, but I found it interesting nonetheless

edit: formatting

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[EVENT] Military Moves

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:22
March 1503

"Mama mia!"

Luigi Finzione, the dutiful squire of the Marquess of Mantua, cried out in exasperation over the extreme nature of his labors. In an uncharacteristically un-Italian manner, the sweaty young man had been working all week in preparing his lord's weaponry, equipment, horses, flags, and armor for the coming campaign. In an extremely Italian-manner, it seemed as if the peninsula was due to be invaded by foreign powers once again, and Mantua was now set to join the conflict as a mercenary force.

Luigi was in the final steps of preparation: polishing his lord's armor, so that Francesco II could shine and gleam as much as possible right before he charged into a whirlwind of blades, blood, and bodies that would just dirty up his armor all over again. He had managed to scrub out the scratches and the bloodstains, and was now working to wipe away all the sweat droplets that had fallen from his own forehead and onto the armor as he cleaned.

But then, he heard the dreaded sound: the signature, smug footsteps of Francesco II strutting his way through the halls of the Palazzo. Realising that Francesco was seconds away from bursting through the door and bragging about his future victories, Luigi frantically searched the room for an escape. There was only one door in and out, and Francesco was smugly strutting towards it on the other side! That left one escape: the window!

Luigi dropped what he was doing and readied himself for an escape. With a running start and a graceful dive, he jumped right out of the window and began to fall for quite a while. Perhaps this plan wasn't so well thought out after all? Falling, falling, falling....


Fortunately for Luigi, he had landed himself right into the Mincio Lake. What a great and daring exploit!

Inside, a confused Francesco searched the empty room where he had thought Luigi was. But he had just heard him in here laboring away moments ago? Oh well, time to tell someone else about his war stories, perhaps it's off to the barracks to tell of of the many soldiers preparing for march about his future battles? With a shrug of his shoulders, Francesco resumed his power pose and charged back into the hall, towards another possible recipient of his bragging.

Raising troops.

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Henry Cavill's dedication to Witcher lore

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:22

So Henry Cavill appeared on Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast last year - apologies if this has already been discussed - and towards the end he is asked about the Witcher and how he feels about the next season and what lessons he learned from season 1. I just wanted to hear what you guys think about his comments. All I can say is that I hope he is given opportunities to bring more of his vision to future seasons - his passion for the Witcher is so palpable it feels like he should be show-runner ;) and I think most people can relate to being a lore-loyalist.

“I’m a carriage on this train and it’s’s about finding my character’s place in the overall vision of the show-runner. The show-runner has a particular vision for the show and for the characters of the show and, I don’t know if you’ve read the books, but the books, certainly the first few, is very much from a Geralt perspective. And so, with the shift of the show-runner’s vision where it’s an ensemble cast more so than a singular lead, and the perspective is shifted to being almost more of a Cirilla/Yennefer perspective. And so it’s about finding, finding my character’s place within that vision and making sure that I do everything I can to be as faithful to the source material as possible that I can be within the structure that is set out for me. And so, I mean obviously I want to be a loyal soldier and I want to make sure the train keeps a-running - I’m not going to derail the whole thing. It’s about making sure I play my part in it but also maintaining my love and belief for the fantasy for the books and, indeed, the games because I’m a big gamer. And the stuff which CDProjektRed did - absolutely stunning - and they set the bar super high when it comes to everything Witcher. And it’s about finding that place in there where I can do both - I can help the show-runner realise their vision and also bring everything I can from the books and psychopathic lore-loyalist nature of mine into my own personal character.”

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A personal opinion on current events that I want to share with you

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:21

We are scattered like dust in the wind, 80% will succumb for the rich 20% to thrive, yet it will not be a natural occurrence unlike the Zipf’s theory also called Power Law, it’s a mass genocide organised by the elites and they’ll use it as a base to inaugurate the New World Order with a mass sacrifice to the beast, the genocide will happen almost like it’s in slow motion, slowly in 10-20 years from now for every 10 person you know there will be only 3 alive, they started with the elderly, now the fragile with underlying condition, then children and then at the apex of outrage to everyone else. It will be attribute to natural causes, but the vaccine will not be the only cause, stronger viruses will be released and people will be on the street, even those like me who now reject the vaccine, screaming with fear imploring for medicines and help, but it will be too late, they are cold and calculators, they had centuries to prepare for this, those who call themselves the Illuminati, those who are “enlightened” by the “bringer of light, Lucifer” see us as sacrifices, nothing else, blood to be given to their gods, their goal is to feast on the flesh of the poor and the unaware, ingenuity always has been a sin for those with a good heart. b

Don’t be afraid the future now that’s present, although we could see a slow and steady genocide to bring the population close to less than two billion, to start,because the spirit of the planet earth the soul of nature is looking after us victims of the evil, sooner or later the “will to live” will avenge those who will die in the massacres of the third millennium, it will destroy both the good and the evil , the rich and the poor, one day the media will not talk about the virus anymore, because once the inoculation cycle is complete there will be no comeback, people around us will start to fall like dying flies, and even if you don’t take the shot now they’ll release a new virus more powerful, enough to kill the unvaccinated but temporary spare the vaccinated to give them a false sense of security, those who will survive will remember the vile acts of the psychopaths who are dictating on us these draconian measures, who are imprisoning the most free of the creatures, the human being, the one capable of thinking what freedom is, the one who holds history in his heart and his hands, those who move in the shadows and use politicians as puppets will not complete this spiral of death because a real power of nature is awaiting them at the threshold of their obscure soul being, they move in the dark feeding their demons every night with renewed fear, they are afraid of light as they fear to be exposed in their evil practices, the years to come will not be easy, terrorism will comeback more strong than ever before, especially the Islamics now strangely quiet in the west.

Be strong, and remember that everything is here now just for you to be alive, to be free, to be yourself and enjoy your life, to fight for your life, to fight for our freedom just by maintaining a critical thinking and being righteous as the one true God will be judging the beasts that are now, once again, posing a threat to our future.

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Majoring in Anthropology, Double majoring/minoring??

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:20

I'm majoring in Anthropology and needing help understanding what would be the most beneficial to double major with and (possibly, most likely) minor in...

I want to be a field archaeologist but I also want to remain as well-rounded as possible to keep the doors open to being applicable to work within a CRM bureau or other adjacent offices.

I definitely want to double major in geographical information science and technology since it has a lot of opportunities with understanding how to develop GIS, not just understanding how to use it. It will also give me a BS with my primary anthropology major being a BA.

As far as a minor, I have read that you can't NOT have some sort of geoscience but also not go so heavy with the geoscience... I am trying to weigh between Ecology and Evolutionary biology minor, Environmental Studies, Geology, or Natural Resource and Environmental Economics minor.

any, and I mean ANY input, advice, and or guidance is appreciated!!!

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My shifting experiences (to boost motivation!)

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:20

Warning: I'm crying because of how long this is but it's not even detailing a full day...but here goes nothing.

Hey, hey guys! Since I have some time on my hands and I'm not leaving until 2022, I heard a lot of you guys wanted to hear about my shifting experiences, so I'll be writing them out. I previously didn't think people cared about reading the intricacies of one's experiences, so I didn't bother posting any before, but here we are now :). This will be long as I'll try to go into quite a bit of detail, so if you aren't looking for that, then please feel free to scroll further on reddit. As an FYI, I've shifted quite a few times, but not for long periods. I'm guilty of shifting whenever I want to take a break from my CR, so I take like a day or week vacation. I feel like a frog jumping to and fro to places. I'm hoping this post will boost your motivation and will reaffirm how powerful you guys are. It's just amazing, really. Also, I hope you don't mind that I'll be a little more casual and informal here as opposed to my other posts. I love the places I've been too and I hope you'll be immersed in my story-telling.

For starters: For every reality I intend to shift to, I have a basic script. You know, the one that just covers the fact that I'm always safe; my safe-word; my appearance and skills. I feel like one of those characters in games where you just teleport to different regions with the same skill-set. Anyways, once I have that covered I create a mini mental script for where I want to go to. Sometimes, I bullet them down (I'll explain what I mean later). I kind of want to keep it exciting so I don't script too much. And guys, let me just tell you, you will regain your child-like wonder towards life. You basically have infinity once you learn to wield this 'power'.

I think I won't go chronologically, I have an impulse to just start with the most favourite place I've been to so far.

A Hollow Knight inspired reality.

This one was actually one of my recent ones! When I tell you it was breathtaking, believe me.


City of Tears :)

You feel my drift here? Thing is, it was life-like and not graphics like in the game. The things I bullet-pointed were simple:

  • I want to feel peaceful.
  • Let there be a lot of warm baths that energise me.
  • Let everything there be beyond beautiful.
  • Let there be gentle choirs in the background for fitting occasions. Here's what I mean (isn't that breathtaking?)
  • Let there be good food.

And that's really it, the rest I just knew in my head. I wanted to shift here because, to be quite honest, this CR can be really mentally and physically draining. Going there felt like going to a warm bed after a very tiring day.

So, one night I just intended to wake up in a place like that (but not with the bugs, I'd be freaked out if they were the size of me. I just assumed magical people would be there). I woke up laying down in a field of flowers. I think I sat there for a good minute just looking around. There were very soft white orbs just floating around and the amount of serenity I felt was beautiful. It kind of felt like home? The rustling of the plants; gentle streams in the distance; the vibrant and also delicate colours. It was basically eye-candy. The surroundings were kind of enclaved, if that makes sense? But there were still streaks of light here and there. To breathe there was also very freeing. It's hard to describe compared to the CR, but I felt more rejuvenated breathing fresh air over there.

After a couple of minutes, I walked to a nearby stream and waterfall. I looked down and there were these little beta fish (the ones with the big tails) just swimming around. I kind of thought that the stream would be my spa bath but nah, the fish can take it XD. Then I got severely startled because I heard a man just humming (it was quite quiet until that point). The humming came closer, so I naturally stood up and took a little bit of a defensive stance, but I calmed myself down since I scripted I'd be safe no matter what. He was kind of chubby and short, black hair and black moustache. He wore round glasses and kind of brown overalls you see miners wear. In his 50s or so, I think. He looked at me and said something along the lines of: "huh, I was quite certain I placed warning signs not to go in here." He seemed kind of ticked off. Honestly, I didn't script that I knew anything about the place, and I think I just popped into this reality because I didn't have any memories of it, of course. I said "so sorry, I'm kind of lost." After a bit of conversation, he just gave me his map. He said he knew the place off by heart since he does a lot of environmental conservation and used the map for only circling places that needed most repair. Apparently the beta fish I was looking at before were beginning to be very crowded since there was a blockage that prevented them from freely moving around and the stream in a few days would begin to flood due to the waterfall's supply. I asked him where a good restaurant would be and he pointed me to a place that was called 'Liberdeen'. Never heard of a place like that in the game, but there we go. My main priority was to spend 1-3 days eating good food and taking hot baths.

So walking around, I was so thankful they had these signposts because I'd be utterly lost and that map wasn't like a GPS you get in your CR. Also, that old man really did scribble a lot on that map, I couldn't even figure out if some lines were his or it was the map's >:(. It's true that experiencing many realities can lead you to honing different skills though. The one thing I'd do differently though is to script that I have a guide there, because honestly I felt like a tourist knowing nothing of the mechanics of the world. So I was lost but at least I had beautiful scenery in front of me. And I didn't come across any harm, so that was good. Once I walked around, I began to see more and more people, so I knew I was getting close to like a town or city. There were a variety of people and they didn't seem that different from your average person but they were dressed differently. Some were in long cloaks; some were hooded; some were carrying heavy loads of things like (I assumed) potions; some had these staffs (I was excited to think I'd be witnessing magic sooner or later), etc. Every time you entered a particular 'region' you had to get through this stoned door which had some weird carved symbols. When I first came across it, you'd facepalm at how I wanted to get through it. I started touching the stone door, circling my finger inside the carved symbols, etc. I literally bursted out "bruh" after 2 minutes or so. I was so thankful that this guy just came by. He was wheeling a cart full of herbs and wore a grey cloak. He had black hair and amber eyes, quite young. "What are you doing?" he asked me. I turned around and I got quite flustered because I was doing some weird movements beforehand in hopes to open the bloody door. "Don't you know how to open the door?". I remained quiet and hoped that by just looking at him he'd just show me. He rolled his eyes and knocked not ON the door, but the wall beside it. I had the biggest poker-face I've ever made my whole life. I was also expecting the stone door to somehow be pulled down and make a rumbling noise but it just faded. He gently looked at me at the corner of his eye and said "why do you look so surprised?". I felt like he was getting suspicious of me so I said "oh, you see..." and I looked down at his herbs and looked back up (don't worry, I did it as discreetly as I could) "I ate one of those plants that make you feel a little foggy, you know?" (God, I was hoping I could pull that one off). He said "ratsen, right?" lifting up an eyebrow. I didn't know whether to agree or not but I just went through the door, pretending I didn't hear him.

I started walking with a little bit of speed and I turned my head around gently. He just turned at another direction, pulling his cart. You see fellas, this is what you get when you don't script you know the place. I now know. I don't think I even mentally scripted it, I wanted some spontaneity so spontaneity is what I got lol. Take notes, learn from my mistakes.

I then arrived at a more open space. Usually the paths I took were kind of, like I said before, enclosed. Like the shrubbery just surrounded you. I have to say though, once I got into a place where there were more people, I started to see the magic I've been wanting to see (this I mentally scripted). It was your average town-like place but didn't have open air. I mean, Hollow Knight is basically based underground. You'd think it'd be quite stuffy and dark, but it wasn't at all. So I was seeing many things like little white and blue wisps following particular people; little cat-like creatures that shape-shifted into bigger forms of wisps half the size of a human; I saw marketing of potions and people trying tasters where they turned green or blue in face and felt sick, with multiple people laughing at them. There's so much I can go into about this world, I'm not sure if you guys want this kind of depth so I'll try make it detailed but not too detailed (I'll ask for feedback at the end of my post). I was at the place called Liberdeen and I knew not only because of the signposts, but also because of the people on the streets marketing their magical products: "Liberdeen's most famous gullatin!" (I hope I spelt it right). Apparently gullatin is Liberdeen's speciality and it looks like a mochi and feels like a mochi, but once you take a bite out of it, you start to feel floaty for 5 minutes. At least, that's what the dude selling them told others (of course he didn't say mochi, I'm just trying to give you something CR-related so you know more or less what this gullatin thing is). I'm guessing it was kind of similar to an alcoholic beverage but in the shape of food since you had to be a certain age to try it out. I can see why it's popular, and it doesn't seem to have any negative side effects besides just bumping into people if you eat too much of it.

I then came across to what seemed like a restaurant. And I saw the grey cloaked guy I met earlier. I was kind of confused since he took a different pathway than me, but maybe he took a short-cut, idk? He was discussing something with a man, pointing to his herbs and all (I think he was selling them or something). I did mentally script I wanted to make some friends, so I guess this must be the reason for his reappearance. But I wasn't brave enough to actually go up and talk to him since I err, you know, blanked him earlier on. I bet he saw me at one point but I didn't dare to keep my head up. I just sat down and opened up the menu. I thought I was getting the hang of things, blending in...but when I saw what was served, I had no idea what I was reading. I'm not even going to butcher the meal names but bro was I confused. A lady came up to me, dressed in green and white flowy robes. She had tied up blonde hair and green eyes. "What can I serve you today?" and I just looked at her and asked "erm, could you recommend me something?" and she smiled and nodded, went off. I kind of just fiddled with my thumbs waiting, looking around at the type of people that were here. [I'd go into detail but I don't know if you guys want this type of detail as I've said before, quite conscious of what I write, you know?] And you know, I was actually so dumb, thinking I could just waltz in and get free food. It hit me ONLY when I asked for a meal that I needed to provide some sort of payment. I went out of the restaurant quickly and then I started to worry about where I'd sleep. Well done me, clap clap. I kind of just started pacing around, fiddling with my hands. I didn't want to leave yet because I still wanted my hot bath and food! But it seemed like I would have to if I didn't find a way to actually live here. Man, I didn't even know if they followed the same 24 hours like in the CR. So I said my safe-word and came back.

I actually think that's quite a lot for one reality and it was only for like, what, 4-5 hours?? And since I visited several, it would take me quite a while to write them all down. So I actually want to hear feedback from you guys. Do you like hearing such in-depth stories or do you want me to be more concise? I also want to ask you guys what you want to hear from me next! (Or not hear from me at all?)

  • A magical forest (elves, magic, hunting, festivals, etc).
  • A regular beach (one of my first realities, that's why it's so reality-based and not fantastical like the one I just rambled on about).
  • A castle (royalty, magic, winged horses, etc).
  • Random carnival/funfair outing (but with a Halloween-ey twist).

As you can tell, I like magic stuff.

Lowkey feel like a journalist, but not for writing about current affairs, but for different dimensions. Now that's a kind of job I'm looking for XD. Also, guys, don't be afraid of your subconscious not giving you what you want. I know I was a lost cause in this reality but that's literally because I was looking for an adventure. And for some reason I didn't think of shifting within the reality to a place where I can just script and come back immediately, but that's basically like my CR at this point anyways. I also think being in the CR gives me some time to just process all my mistakes without rushing to go back lmao. But seriously, you literally created the world you're living in now and it's so filled with detail, it's insane.

But wow, that felt great to let my experiences out. I haven't told anyone about my experiences before, it was just a little thing that stayed with me. Please do answer my questions! It'd be great.

Oh and P.S!! Would you guys also like more images for reference? I would try find similar ones, but I didn't add many in as I thought it'd be clunky. I just want to make you guys' reading experience as nice as possible :)

I'm also thinking of going back to that place because I'm a bit peeved off that I didn't get my hot bath and food.

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BDSP | LF Porygon - can trade feebas male or female back

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:20

Title is pretty clear, ofc good nature/ev appreciated but I’ll take anything

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Is 174% Skill Haste the highest that can be achieved? I *think* so

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:20

It took a little while to get there, but I decided to push it a bit. Here goes:

2 piece China Light (in this case, backpack and mask)

1 piece Hana-U (in this case, chest-piece)

3 pieces of Improvised Gear (in this case; holster, gloves, and kneepads)

Every piece of gear has Skill Haste as an attribute (max'd, of course)

Every mod slot (remember, there are six of them because of the Improvised Gear) has a 12% Skill Haste mod

Max'd-out Keener's Watch for Skill Haste

Naturally the skills are the Cluster Seeker mines and the Stinger Hive in a build like this, both of those skills have max'd out 'Skill Haste' mods applied where applicable.

Specialization: Demolitionist

Additional Notes:

  • Perfect Shock and Awe is the talent on the backpack
  • Tamper Proof (for the hive) is the talent on the chest-piece talent
  • All other attributes (when not 'Skill Haste') are Skill Damage and Status Effects


You: "Geez - why not just use Hard Wired?"

Me: "You meta-insect! Join me as we go dig up Sir Edmund Hillary's body and then ask him why he climbed Mt. Everest."

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26[M4R] Ireland/Anywhere - Insomniac looking for someone to bug at night

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:19

Hi there, internet stranger!

A bit about me:

I’m 26 years old from Northern Ireland. I’m on the spectrum, but functionally so.

I’ve done a lot of travelling, and lived in Canada for a while. I’ve picked up a bit of a weird hybrid accent, and I’m a lil self conscious that I no longer sound like my peers.

I sing. Often, and badly. Music is a big part of my life, and I’m not about to let the unfortunate fact that I sound like a strangled cat stop me from jamming HARD!

I really enjoy going on long bike rides through nature with an audiobook. A coastal path near me is a personal favourite.

I’ve been experimenting recently with my cooking. I enjoy the process, and obviously the delicious results! I’m fully convinced I make the best gravy in the world.

I love games of all types: video, board or otherwise! I’m probably a little too competitive for my own good. All the same, if you want to play something together I’m more than down!

To be blunt, I’m really looking for a new friend. COVID’s been rough on me socially, and I’ve found myself with few people to talk to, and even fewer who would be awake when I’m struggling to sleep. I’m basically looking for someone to word vomit with, late at night while I should be sleeping. I’m open to calling, texting, or exchanging carrier pigeons.

Tell me about the TV/Movie universe you’d most like to live in?

Longer term connections are preferred, but not necessary. If anything here strikes a chord with you then I hope to hear from you soon!

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Looking for friends.

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:18

i am in my late 30s and i live on east cost time but the time doesn't matter as i am up very very late into the night. I am looking for people to enjoy some games with. I play almost everything.. I dont like DOTA at all or hero's of the storm type games like that.. i just didnt like them when my last friends tried to get me to play but i will admit i held some prejudice against the game from taking away from the game i wanted to play.. I am even willing to eventually revisit games i dislike with you after we get some time in.

As i said i play about everything. I really want to get into Rust i know quite a bit about end game but never got to start my own base with a friend and encounter things together. I was just always tossed in end game raids and was just another pointing at gun at the bad guys. Ive been playing a lot of Forza Horizons. I am more of a beamMG fan (please play that with me muitiplayer!) but i love the idea of racing around in cars with my buds doing funny shit. Ive been playing a lot of back 4 blood but you know how pick up games go in that... get a few console players screaming in the backround and its as nightmare.. I have a good friend jim i play with but he has very limited time. i will list a few more games i have installed or i play or want to play

Diablo 2 Resurrected
Halo Infinite
world of tanks/warships/planes
wow classic
7 days to die
(pretty much anything you can suggest that doesn't suck)

i am willing to play about anything else. my times i am around are from about 6PM EST until 6AM EST. Due to some changes in my life i have massive amounts of free time and i just got a new gaming computer and would love to use it.

I am also looking for that "group of friends" or "best bud" sort of connection. the type of people that i can chat with back and fourth about tech or other daily nuisances of life as we game. I am very intense when i get going but i dislike it when people rage at each others skill levels.. All i ask is if we are playing a competitive game you try your best and if you fail i wont hold it against you or put you down and i ask for the same thing in return. If we lose and you want to yell "GODDAMIT" i am fine with that and will probably even join in with you and say "yeah fuck those guys" but if you start saying "WHY CAN'T YOU SHOOT BETTER WE WOULD OF WON YOU SUCK!" i am out. Raging in general is fine but the moment you rage at me or target me i am gone. I had way too many bad memories with that in world of Warcraft babying people's egos so i can gear up, telling myself "just one last piece and i am gone" I am over those days.

I hope this finds you healthy and well, I have discord but will give that out later. I dont care who messages me, you could be a 65 year old lady or a 18 year old boy (i say 18 due to the NWS nature of a lot of discords i am in so sorry its 18 and up for me) as long as you can play a video game and have a good time and be someone to listen to me and want to talk please hit me up.

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If you can swap out 1 of the jutsu from the FV units and replace it with a jutsu from a different version of the unit, what would it be?

Nature Reddit - Wed, 11/24/2021 - 16:17

For example, swap the Amaterasu pull on Sasuke’s kit with a jutsu from Sasuke Hebi like the Sharingan aoe jutsu.

Only rules are no Hokage Dash from Narukage kit. Other than that, be creative! You can do both Naruto and Sasuke.

Now for Naruto, I would swap his Kurama chakra cloak arms with Narukage’s mountain tempest jutsu. I love the huge range and by doing this I’d keep the defence down effect and have a stronger damaging jutsu too. Only thing I’d be losing is nature resistances. My reasoning is because I’d love to see more Kurama based jutsu and love the massive AoE of them.

For FV Sasuke I’d swap his Fireball with the Susano’o flame arrow jutsu from EMS Sasuke. This would keep the trap clear and seal, however it’s a longer iframe and also gives invincibility. This would lose the attack buff and make it available only thru the ex ult. My reasoning is because I’m a big fan of Susano’o jutsu and this is my favorite one aside from the limit break Susano’o.

What would you guys choose to swap it with?

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