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Once a new season of pets gets released, will the new pets get their own new staking pools?

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 19:02

When pets initially launched each pet had it's own staking pool. Once baby pets got released, each respective baby pet is basically in the same pool as the adult pet but gets 1/10 of the earnings.

If we get a new season of pets, will they get their own separate staking pools? If that happens, can we expect to see the current generation of pets become more valuable and also see the APY's skyrocket? Since you won't be able to open crates anymore that contain those pets. And the only way to get those pets would be through the marketplace.


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In Spite of Seasons

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 19:01

In Spite of Seasons

Preface: The wine of the water

Water droplets seeped from the crevices in the rocks dripping down the mountain side through its shoulders. It gathered in heaps further down the slope trickling down in streams along the hip of the rocks. Perhaps, on the way in which the water fell or on the way the spring would flow it bulged at the waist of the mountain and gravely fell with force; whilst, on its wayward path down into the valley it would cascade down pressurized by gravity and momentum further down the slopes. The waterfalls from where the rivers of the valley fed towered over the forests and grassland motes. The brim of the water overflowed with colour in puddles of red, green, and brown from the virgin mineral veins on the gravel and ground. The quarries that formed from the giant boulders and large rocks teemed with life, and every day the wind sung with it in the airwaves. The water cascaded across the slopes, and emptied out at the feet of the forest; In such form, that the streams of the valley were seldom shallow between heaps of rubble and stone. Algae and moss lived happily in the river bed upon fallen trees, branches, twigs, small pebbles, rocks, and large boulders.

Under the light of the sun, all along the middle of spring and late fall the smaller fishes that had been born during the year would follow the current down stream. In the passing of time, and especially in the summer days the sun would peak at the azimuth of the sky. The Intense heat would dry the smaller canals of the rivers leaving a few unlucky fish in the cracks between the rocks. The scales of the fish would shimmer; where-thus, to any prowling bird, or hungry bear, and predating animal they would be a quick dine at the river alongside a drink from the sow. Other times the river would dry in pieces, and leave ponds and estuaries along the deep ends of the valley wherein the trees veiled the ground. These estuaries, ponds, and grottos left in haphazard locations between the thicket of trees would be often marred by tiny masses of quartz, bright stones, and other sorts. Otherwise, heavily ornamented with flowers, shrubs, and berry bushes. Most hiking trails avoided these routes since they were frequented by large omnivores and other wildlife. Else, which most paths followed the steppes of the mountain side that paved the way down the valley onto the inland of the plains. At the end of the thickets the river became diffuse into a lot of little tiny streams feeding the grasslands. All of the animals in the vicinal regions would come visit the forest whether for shelter, food, or social gatherings.

Thereof, the water of the river was of greatest import in the biome, and most sought after by the critters and creatures in the ecosystem. During the long cold winters, the water in the basin from which the animals sufficed themselves in the warmer days of the year would freeze entirely; however, the water from the mountain pass fell with much force for it to freeze at all. So, many survived off from the water in the river. In as much as the current flowed, many animals would slip into the river from the icy edge. Later the remains of these misfortunate deer, wolves, goats, mountain lions, lynxes or squirrels would be found alongside the river banks. In as much as the water went, the forest dwellers and even those from the plains would risk the journey up to the waterfall quarries and even further up the steppes for the rich and clean water infused with mineral salts and other trace elements. One major concern was that the deer would always pick fights with the mountain goats. They were always quite torp, and were jealous of them. The deer weren't the most skilled climbers; however, once in awhile the mountain goats would mewl in agreement. The mountain goats pact of amiableness with the deer went as far as to protect them from prowling wolves and lions; with their mighty climbing skills they would lure the wolves further into the steppes. In retrospect, many fell down. Lest, on which the quarries and estuaries were always approached with caution and vigilance; however, for the most part they were of a peaceful sort, and very few times was anyone truly endangered by predators.

Most of the time, it would be that the territory was shared, but divided since the steppes to the plains descended with a gradient, and the more robust areas of the forest remained on the other side. Thus, concentric of the way the landscape was partitioned, field grazing animals would remain on one side; although, many would still venture into the forest for fruits, nuts, and other nutrition. Further, along the trail of the river it would be rather verdurous. Many flowers and berry bushes would grow alongside the banks. The bears, goats, and bullhorn sheep often would hike down the mountain in search of snacks. The encounters were almost nearly fatal. Many goats and sheep were launched into the flowing river, and more than a few bears had battle scars. One was known as “One-Eyed Yogi”. It was a male grizzly that had gotten into an altercation with a mountain goat over an invasion of territory. The mountain goat was following the trail of berries and nuts that led down into the basin. On its way, entertained by each snack missed the signs of clawing in the trees. The mountain goat weren't always the most perceptive, this time wasn't any different. The bear had woken up hungry from slumber, and after a long period of hibernation knew that the most logical place to find food would be following the river down. One-Eyed Yogi; In due notice, that many animals lurk around, thus began clawing the nearby trees and stumps in order to not be bothered meanwhile sufficing himself. Otherwise, awe-struck by the amount of food along the banks started eating ravenously including; therein, a pattern of slashing, clawing, wrawling, and drinking. The mountain goat; meanwhile, calmly gnawing at the berries one by one, parsimoniously drinking from the river found itself going further and further down the banks. Once One-Eyed Yogi was thoroughly satisfied started climbing back the banks towards its den. Bears had always been the most logically and judgmentally sound, but in their lack of vision their flaw in reasoning often incurred their vicious rage. Thence, whilst listening to the calm rush of the river joyful for the growing warmth of the sun and plenitude in his heart strolled through each strewn berry, nut, and bramble.

Further up, the mountain goat had slowly become aware that very few animals if any had been wandering about which was bizarre for the time of day and cycle of seasons. A bit too overly zealous decided not to heed its inert inclining. The strewn berries were an obvious sign which later he regretted that evening. While the bear headed to its den, the mountain goat went further and further down the steppes. The most logical explanation the bear told its cubs it’s that perhaps the mountain goat thought it could go around through the shallow regions of the river at the bottom basin. Otherwise, in any regard he could never explain how any would ignore the obvious signs of clawing, gnashing, and rabid eating. The sun was heading down, it was mid afternoon, the bear's den was nearby, he was tired, and satisfied from its midday munch. All he wanted to do was sleep. Suddenly, at the center-line of his point of view a small white smudge appears in the distance to be by the river. The bear puzzled starts to mewl over pretending to have some of the berries that were laid on the ground. The mountain goat was quite engaged with its food source, and any sound the bear would make was damped by the flow of the stream. So, the closer the mountain goat got to him, the louder and louder he'd mewl over the berries. In his attention to the proximity of the mountain goat lost awareness to how close his snout was on the floor, many of the berries and nuts were smudged over its mouth, nose, eyes, and cheeks. The mountain goat almost dazed and loopy eventually took notice of the bear; especially, when One-Eyed Yogi was barreling down on all fours onto him, face smudged with red berries, angry from another invading marked territory; Otherwise, perturbing its peaceful lunch. The mountain goat calmly began picking up speed towards the bear. It was quite the bravest act of recklessness, while the only viable way of defense was; likewise, a long-shot.

When One-Eyed Yogi was at arms distance, mountain goat hurled itself into the air reaching one of the large rocks on the river bank in mid moment; climbing the larger rocks and boulders. One-Eyed Yogi was furious, and began picking large stuff to throw at it. The agility of the mountain goat had always played great import on the marking of the biome and the history of the woodlands. Yet, the strength, viciousness, and cleverness of bears were always well known amongst many of the woodland and grassland critters. After a handful of attempts at nudging the mountain goat, One-Eyed Yogi began rampantly clawing the trees, slamming onto their weak trunks making them fall over upon the boulders of the river. The mountain goat, astonished was forced to get down from the boulder; One-Eyed Yogi lurked about in the shadow of the thicket and shrubberies. Suddenly, a grave and harsh growl broke through the trees while One-Eyed Yogi leaped through the boulders behind the mountain goat. However, in the heat of the fire and fear the mountain goat was frantic, thus with the momentum and impulse to survive leaped onto the trunk of the tree, jumping over onto a rock. In the blink of an eye it was pouncing on the face of One-Eyed Yogi with its horns. Thereafter, they scraped the side of One-Eyed Yogi’s face getting caught on the outer corner of One-Eyed Yogi’s right eye. While, One-Eyed Yogi closing its paw hurled the mountain goat over the boulders into the river.

Fortunately, the mountain goat landed on the arborization of the trees which One-Eyed Yogi had pushed over. Meanwhile, One-Eyed Yogi fell on the gravel of the banks covering his face with its paws growling, wrawling, and mewling over the pain. The current of the river was about to take mountain goat down stream. However, the force of the river, and the weight of the mountain goat was pulling the tree further and further in giving it leverage to pull itself over into the banks. Once, back on land, the intensity of the moment; the smell of the berries and nuts as well as the ones that he had eaten were churning within the mountain goats innards. Surely, he thought he had to escape; likewise, as much as he had to go. Else, unable to hold on to its most primal necessities pooped where he was then ran away. On the other hand, One-Eyed Yogi was rolling in pain ferociously; however, he was still able to see, and the blood had stopped oozing out. Bears hadn't ever been the most keen on pain, and often tended to exaggerate their wounds; otherwise, there was a small nick running from the corner of its eye freshly opened. He turned and thrashed until he exhausted himself, and then a bit more tired with dusk setting on the scenery; thus, decided to go back home which was only a short paw away from midnight.

When One-Eyed Yogi reached the den his cubs were gathering about him a bit enthused for the days meal, yet their grins and caws turned to whimpers and looks of fret when they saw One-Eyed Yogi bruised and gashed; His fur full of weeds, wet from the spray of the river. One-Eyed Yogi let out a loud roar that echoed through the den and the nearby forest. His cubs shriveled to a pea, but he opened his paws as a few berries and nuts rolled down into the cold damp earth of the cave. He nudged them with his snout onto the cubs as if to imply that they shouldn't worry and eat. The cubs approached the berries and nuts gnawing precariously at first, then rampantly devouring everything in a matter of seconds; hunger always takes its toll late in the evening.

Chapter 1: Wish of The Forest Thereof, once there was the silence of the forest. The chirping of the birds always rung with the quiet breeze. In the stilling hum of the air the arpeggio of nature resonated in the gentle passing of time. Before dawn, the woodland critters would wake up, and begin their day in a sort of sweet by & by. Those within the centerfold of the forest would fleet about haphazardly always aware not to make much of the calm. The forest dwellers always lived in amity and peace. All on their own the colors of the forest harmonized with its soothing sound. It was a place of safety, and more than that a place of worship and faith. A few hikers only noted in the spirit of the forest a mysterious and eerie yearn to conceal as well as to protect.

In the forest, there was a will o’ wisp which lived within every being that lived within its thicket of leaves. Some would say it was as much a part of the earth as us of itself. It was a calm nature which; otherwise, would be the sempiternally living entity formed by the wish of the forest. It’s life force were the quarries, ponds, and grottos where all the living beings of the forest dwelled about. The veins in the water were almost saintly protected even to be considered a safe haven from predators. No animal or insect were ever harmed in their vicinity. All blood spilled on these small idyllic paradises were sanctified by the spirit of the forest. In its nature always bearing its fruitful yearn to see all life in it prosper. The will o’ wisp was even said to appear, protect, and heal harmed animals as they were its kind-hearted kept-seek. Only in which in another form was to the predators the highest in the food chain in their mandate of merit, respect; heeding them in high esteem. The will o' the wisp, when approached would take the form of the innate human spirit, and bless them with food that was out of the season. All the animals loved them, and as such even predating animals were gentler than they ought to be truly.

The will o’ the wisp was a gentle and loving soul, and a few theories were conjured about how it came to be. One narrated how the source of all life in the forest were dependent on it. In one sense was the magnetic oscillation of the planet’s central core of liquid nickel and iron that quintessentially flowed through the mantle. The ever present polarity of each ion in the will o’ wisp were the magnetic resonance of the elements beneath the earth as it harmonized with the living nature. However, apart from the physical chemistry; many would say it was the last remnants of an ancestral species of cellular microbiota. Originally, a form of archaebacteria that had synthesized MRNA from a subspecies of precambrian era cyanobacteria which gave the colony a slightly bluish-green hue. The colony was supposed to have lived since nearly 2.4 billion years ago, and evolved alongside a type of mycorrhizal fungi. An interchange of plasmids with the fungus led to a systematic interconnection of the archaebacteria structural organization with the air pressure and oxygen and carbon dioxide saturation in the atmosphere. The summation of it was that the high iron content in the soil from the mineral deposits interacted with the oxygen saturation in the air which formed a halo of light in the archaebacteria that appeared to alter its shape with the resonance of the earth’s magnetic field. Else, the field was entwined with the beating pulse of the lymphatic tissue in living beings, and the shape the will o’ wisp took was the oscillation frequency of the schumann resonance, and the resting heart rate of someone who experienced a sense of true love.

Once upon a blue moon, the smaller nocturnal critters such as porcupines, hedgehogs, and armadillos would come visit the will o’ wisp sometime in the evening. The will o’ wisp would greet them in glee, and they would make tiny snort like noises to welcome it. Hedgehogs were the most fond of it, and would curl up into their tiny needles budging onto its feet. They were also the most timid around its presence, often which during birthing season the mother with all their little hedgies would come out. Usually, their favorite snacks to be offered were peaches with bits of arugula. The little hedgies would munch on them happily; whilst the mother will roll, and nudge the sandy earth in the water of the grove to clean itself. After all the hedgies have eaten, and their mother is clean they will all gather around the watery dew to see the fireflies gather upon the brightly colored shallow. Soon after, to not be much of a bother to the resting spirit they would leave to their dens. However, many times the will o’ wisp would follow them until they all were in their burrows.

One mid-June; around the 17th of the month, it was a day till full moon. The hedgehog mothers were in ripe birthing season, and many had already gone on their exodus to visit the will o’ the wisp. There was one hedgehog mother who had been having a long and arduous time carrying her unborn children. She had her young after having them in the womb for about 5 weeks and a half. They were quite big when they came out, and the first born’s eyes were sort of about to open. Four weeks after, it was the first quarter, and her young were rowding up in the burrow. The hedgehog mother was mincing about gathering all her young to leave on their expedition to the nearest grove. The youngest; although, quite healthy and growing well had some eyesight issues, and its eyes were still trying to adjust to the world. The mother was a bit frightened she wouldn’t be able to follow. But, the birthing season was almost over, and she felt it was well worth the journey. Often, it was noted that hedgehog mothers were although the most keen in protecting their young, yet they would randomly risk their critters for special occasions such as the first quarter moon after birth, the winter solstice, and; oddly enough, eighty years before the precession of the equinoxes. So, all her young were at the foot of the entrance, and mother was snorting and grunting about. Mother heads out a short distance out to speculate about any unwelcome guests; None are nearby. Thus, they head out.

A bit into the stroll, and the youngest which had a sable look into her pelt was dazzled by all the colors of the world. It was a bit blurry, but she could still make out some details. It all made her feel fuzzy inside, thence bewildered by everything was snorting about and was lagging a bit behind. The mother noticing this turned around, went to her, and began grunting thus to her. She curled into her needles, snorted, and then followed in suit. A fox resting about besides some berry bushes awoke from its slumber startled from the snorts, grunts, and other sounds. Foxes are giddy creatures, and get startled easily; although, mostly when they sleep. It has been analyzed that; meanwhile, foxes sleep easily after feeding; they tend to have the most nightmares then; hissing, growling, and pawing at the air for comfort. They also are very hungry creatures able to eat twelve times per night or roughly one kilogram of bole meat. Thence, the fox suspicious starts prowling and foraging about. It quickly notices the hedgehog and the hedgies, and looks to have a hell of a feast. Unaware that the grove was nearby it begins following them. Over his observation makes a note that one of the hedgies has a bit of trouble walking and seeing slightly tripping-on and nudging things.

A bit before midnight, the hedgies are all huddled up by the peaches and arugula; whilst, mother is rolling about in the sandy earth. The will o' wisp is giggling about aware that the fox was plotting to have their bits of the panhandle. The will o’ wisp was always noted by all to have quite a mischievous, but often sly take on the difference between each omnivore, herbivore, and carnivore. In other regards, the hedgies and their mother were all hudling by the will o’ wisp, and were awed by the beauty and waltz of the fireflies. Then, the will o’ wisp grabs the youngest, and kisses her nose. She sneezes, and curls into a ball. The will o’ wisp pryes her out with a laugh, and the youngest hedgy now with eyes fully open is looking at all the many little stars in the distance. Her nose pointing in admiration to polaris, begins snorting sheepishly to the night sky. She lets her down gently besides her mother while her big brother and older sisters gather around her.

The moon is hanging low on the horizon, and all the little hedgies are a bit sleepy and jolly from the night at the grove. The will o ‘ wisp is snorting about with the mother. She is thankful for helping her youngest with her eyesight. The wisp o’will is thankful for the visit, and snorts that she’ll follow them to the safety of their den. The mother begets if that’s alright. The spirit nods. The mother climbs on her hands as all her young follow the bright light emitted from the spirit onward. The mother winces about the way, and when they are nearby she huffs and snorts indicating where it's at. The will o’ wisp lets her down, and they all burrow in. A few seconds pass by, and mother goes out of the den for a moment to thank the spirit. The will o’ wisp giggles, and wishes her a goodnight rest. The will o’ wisp then revolves around itself into a conch-like whirl of light, and disappears into nothingness.

A bit of a leg a way, the fox is ready to pounce on the unsuspecting den of hedgies. It minds its steps. At that moment, stealth is its only name. Its cunning and wit unmatched. He is right in front of the den. His stomach is growling for the meal. His left paw in the air is reaching for the den. But, the will o’wisp appears behind it forming a whirl of thundering and cracking sound mid-air. Goosebumps arise from the utter-most tip of the fox’s tail, and cascade all across every limb, organ, and appendage of the fox. His eyes are wide open; pupils dilated in fright. The will o’ wisp transforms, and with its arms reaches towards the foxes belly. It speaks three words “Te Tengo!” The fox in the most traumatic fear of its life begins cowering, whimpering, and pawing the air for comfort. The spirit picks it up, and brings it close to her belly cradling it in its hands. The spirit brings out some of the bits of peaches the hedgies left and gives it to the fox. While it calms down begins nibbling on the peaches.

It’s almost morning, and the fox is gently sleeping on the lap of the will o’wisp. The spirit is petting it as the fox paws his legs. It lets it down gently besides the same berry bush she was sleeping before, and leaves the remaining peaches besides it under its belly. When it is leaving, the fox whimpers and caws as it sleeps. The spirit lets out a small glint of a smile and a gentle giggle as it transforms into a child. Joy and laughter are two sides of the same coin. Chapter 2: The Broil At The Prairie

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Buying level 75+ RH account

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 18:54

Only need it to be level 75+, don't care about name/avatar/gampess :). Offing RHD or adopt me pets, comment with your offer <3

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(Selling) Huge list of 900+ movies! Lots of New and Rare titles! Prices slashed!

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The Haunting (1999) 4K/Vudu $6.5

The Hunt for Red October 4K/Vudu $5.5

The Hunt for Red October 4K/itunes $5.5

The Hurricane Heist HD/Vudu $3.5

The Hurricane Heist 4K/itunes $4

The Incredible Hulk 4K/MA $6

The Invisible Man (1933) HD/Vudu $3.5

The Invisible Man (1933) 4K/itunes $4

The Longest Week HD/Vudu $3.5

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy HD/MA $11

The Martian (Extended) 4K/MA $6.5

The Meg HD/MA $3.5

The Mummy Trilogy 4K/itunes $14

The Night House (2021) HD/GP $7

The Protege (2021) 4K/Vudu $8.5

The Rover (2014) HD/Vudu $4

The Santa Clause 2 HD/MA $3

The Santa Clause 3: Escape Clause HD/GP $2.5

The Secret Life of Pets 1 & 2 Bundle HD/MA $5

The Shape of Water HD/MA $3.5

The Shawshank Redemption 4K/MA $7

The Star HD/MA $3.5

The Sum of All Fears 4K/itunes $5.5

The Town HD/MA $3.5

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 HD/Vudu $5

The Voices (2015) HD/Vudu $4

The Wolf of Wall Street HD/Vudu $3

Thomas and Friends: The Grace Race HD/Vudu $3.5

Thomas and Friends: The Grace Race HD/itunes $3.5

Thor HD/MA $4

Thor HD/GP $3.5

Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) HD/MA $7.5

Titanic HD/Vudu $4

Tom and Jerry (2021) HD/MA $5.5

Total Recall (2012) (Theatrical & Extended) HD/MA $5.5

Unsane HD/MA $4

Venom HD/MA $3.5

Warrior (2011) HD/Vudu $4

Waterworld 4K/MA $6

Wings (1927) HD/Vudu $4

Yesterday HD/MA $4

Zola (2021) HD/Vudu $6.5

Zombieland Double Tap HD/MA $4.5

All other movies (A-Z)

300 4K/MA $5.5

300 HD/MA $3.5

10 Cloverfield Lane HD/Vudu $3

10 Cloverfield Lane 4K/itunes $3.5

101 Dalmatians HD/MA $3.5

101 Dalmatians HD/GP $3

12 Strong HD/MA $3

13 Hours Soldiers of Benghazi HD/Vudu $3

13 Hours Soldiers of Benghazi HD/itunes $3

15:17 to Paris HD/MA $2.5

2 Fast 2 Furious HD/Vudu $2.5

2 Guns HD/Vudu $2.5

2 Guns HD/itunes $2.5

2012 & Godzilla (1998) Bundle HD/MA $6.5

21 Jump Street HD/MA $3

22 Jump Street SD/MA $1.5

3 From Hell (Unrated) HD/Vudu $3.5

3 From Hell (Unrated) 4K/Vudu $4.5

300 Rise of an Empire HD/MA $2

31 (2016) HD/Vudu $3

42 The Jackie Robinson Story HD/MA $3

47 Meters Down Uncaged 4K/Vudu $5

A Dog's Purpose HD/Vudu $3

A Dog's Purpose HD/itunes $3

A Most Wanted Man HD/Vudu $3.5

A Quiet Place HD/Vudu $3

A Quiet Place 4K/itunes $3.5

A Star is Born (2018) HD/MA $4

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas HD/MA $2.5

A Wrinkle in Time HD/MA $3

A Wrinkle In Time HD/GP $2.5

About Last Night HD/MA $2.5

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter HD/MA $3.5

ACOD (Adult Child of Divorce) HD/itunes $3

Acts of Violence (2018) HD/Vudu $3

Adventures of Tin Tin HD/Vudu $2.5

Adventures of Tin Tin HD/itunes $2.5

After Earth HD/MA $3

Air Strike (2018) HD/Vudu $3

Aladdin (1992) HD/GP $2.5

Aladdin (2019) HD/GP $2

Alien Covenant HD/MA $3

All Eyez On Me HD/Vudu $3.5

All is Lost HD/Vudu $3.5

Allied HD/Vudu $2.5

Alpha HD/MA $3

America: Imagine the World Without Her HD/Vudu $2.5

American Assassin HD/itunes $3

American Assassin 4K/Vudu $3.5

American Hustle HD/MA $2.5

American Made HD/MA $3.5

American Psycho (Theatrical) 4K/Vudu $5.5

American Sniper HD/MA $2

Anchorman 2 HD/Vudu $2.5

Anchorman 2 HD/itunes $2.5

Angel Has Fallen 4K/Vudu $5.5

Anna Karenina HD/itunes $3.5

Annie (2014) HD/MA $3.5

Annihilation HD/Vudu $3

Annihilation 4K/itunes $3.5

Ant-Man and the Wasp HD/MA $3.5

Ant-Man and the Wasp HD/GP $3

Antebellum 4K/Vudu $5.5

Apocalypse Now (Final Cut) 4K/Vudu $5

Aquaman HD/MA $3.5

Argo HD/MA $2

Arnold Schwarzenegger 6-Film Collection (Last Stand, Total Recall, T-2, Red Heat, Maggie, Hercules in NY) HD/Vudu $15

Arrival HD/Vudu $2.5

Assassin's Creed HD/MA $3

Assassin's Creed 4K/itunes $3.5

Atomic Blonde HD/MA $3

August Osage County HD/Vudu $3

Avengers Age of Ultron HD/MA $3

Avengers Age of Ultron HD/GP $2.5

Avengers Endgame HD/MA $3

Avengers Endgame HD/GP $2.5

Avengers Infinity War HD/MA $3

Avengers Infinity War HD/GP $2.5

Back to the Future Trilogy 4K/MA $14

Bad Boys for Life HD/MA $3.5

Bad Boys Trilogy HD/MA $10

Bad Grandpa HD/Vudu $2

Bad Words HD/itunes $3

Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar 4K/Vudu $6.5

Batman and Robin 4K/MA $5.5

Batman Begins HD/MA $3

Batman Complete Animated Series (+2 Vaulted Films) HD/Vudu $19

Batman Ninja HD/MA $4

Batman Soul of the Dragon (2021) HD/MA $5

Batman the Dark Knight Returns Pt 1 HD/MA $3.5

Batman The Movie DC Super Heroes Unite HD/MA $3.5

Batman V Superman (Theatrical & Ultimate Cut) HD/MA $3.5

Battleship HD/MA $3

Battleship 4K/itunes $3.5

Baywatch HD/Vudu $2

Baywatch 4K/itunes $2.5

Beautiful Creatures HD/MA $2

Beauty and the Beast (1991) HD/MA $3.5

Beauty and the Beast (1991) HD/GP $3

Beauty and the Beast (2017) HD/MA $2.5

Beauty and the Beast (2017) HD/GP $2

Before I Fall HD/itunes $3.5

Big Eyes HD/Vudu $3.5

Big Hero 6 HD/GP $2.5

Birds of Prey HD/MA $4

Birds of Prey 4K/MA $5.5

Birth of the Dragon (2017) HD/itunes $3.5

Black Mass HD/MA $3

Black Nativity (Extended Musical Edition) HD/MA $3

Black Panther HD/GP $2

Black Sails Complete Series HD/Vudu $16

Black Widow (2021) HD/GP $4

Blade 2 HD/MA $3.5

Blade Runner 2049 HD/MA $3

Blinded by the Light (2019) HD/MA $3.5

Blockers HD/MA $3.5

Bloodwork (2002) HD/Vudu $4

Body Cam (2020) HD/Vudu $4

Bohemian Rhapsody HD/MA $3.5

Bombshell HD/MA $4

Bombshell 4K/Vudu $5.5

Book Club HD/itunes $2

Boyhood HD/Vudu $2.5

Boyhood HD/itunes $2.5

Brave HD/GP $3

Breakthrough HD/MA $3

Bumblebee HD/Vudu $2.5

Bumblebee 4K/itunes $3

Buttons A Christmas Tale HD/Vudu $3

By the Sea (2015) HD/Vudu $3.5

Call of the Wild HD/GP $2.5

Call of the Wild HD/MA $3

Captain America Civil War 4K/MA $5

Captain America Civil War HD/GP $3

Captain America Winter Soldier 4K/MA $5

Captain America Winter Soldier HD/GP $3

Captain Marvel 4K/MA $4.5

Captain Marvel HD/MA $2.5

Captain Marvel HD/GP $2

Captain Underpants First Epic Movie HD/MA $2.5

Cars 3 HD/GP $2.5

Cars 3 HD/MA $3

Cats (2019) HD/MA $4

Central Intelligence HD/MA $3.5

Charlie Brown 4-Film Collection (A Boy Named Charlie Brown/Snoopy, Come Home/Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown/Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown) HD/Vudu $16

Charlotte's Web (2006) HD/Vudu $3.5

CHiPs HD/MA $3

Cinderella (2015) HD/MA $3

Cinderella (2015) HD/GP $2.5

Cloud Atlas HD/MA $2.5

Cloverfield HD/Vudu $4

Coco HD/MA $3

Coco HD/GP $2.5

Cold Pursuit HD/Vudu $3.5

Cold Pursuit 4K/Vudu $5.5

Collateral Beauty HD/MA $3

Collide HD/Vudu $2.5

Collide HD/itunes $2.5

Columbiana (Unrated) HD/MA $4

Concussion SD/MA $1

Concussion HD/MA $3.5

Contagion HD/MA $3.5

Contraband HD/itunes $3

Courageous HD/MA $3.5

Cowboys and Aliens HD/itunes $3.5

Crawl HD/Vudu $3

Crawl 4K/itunes $3.5

Creed 2 HD/Vudu $4

Critters Attack! HD/MA $3

Cruella (2021) HD/GP $4.5

Cut Bank HD/Vudu $4

Dallas Buyers Club HD/Vudu $3

Dallas Buyers Club HD/itunes $3

Dark City (Director's Cut) SD/MA $4

Dark Shadows HD/MA $2.5

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes HD/MA $3.5

Daybreakers 4K/Vudu $6

Deadpool HD/MA $2.5

Deadpool 2 (Theatrical & Super Duper Cut) HD/MA $4.5

Deadwood Complete Series HD/Vudu $18

Deam House (2011) HD/itunes $2.5

Dear White People HD/Vudu $3

Death Race 3 Inferno (Unrated) HD/Vudu $2.5

Death Race 3 Inferno (Unrated) HD/itunes $2.5

Death Wish (2018) HD/Vudu $3

Deepwater Horizon HD/Vudu $2.5

Deepwater Horizon 4K/itunes $3

Defiance HD/Vudu $4

Despicable Me HD/Vudu $3.5

Despicable Me 2 HD/Vudu $2.5

Despicable Me 3 HD/Vudu $3.5

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 Dog Days HD/MA $2.5

Die Hard 4K/MA $6

Die Hard HD/MA $4

Dirty Dancing HD/Vudu $3.5

Dirty Grandpa (Theatrical and Unrated) HD/Vudu $3.5

Dirty Grandpa (Theatrical and Unrated) 4K/itunes $4

Disney Animated Shorts Collection HD/GP $3

Disney Animated Shorts Collection HD/MA $3

Divergent HD/Vudu $1.5

Django Unchained HD/Vudu $2.5

Doctor Strange HD/GP $2

Dolittle (2020) 4K/MA $5

Dolittle (2020) HD/MA $3.5

Dolphin Tale HD/MA $2

Dolphin Tale 2 HD/MA $2

Down a Dark Hall (2018) HD/Vudu $3.5

Downsizing HD/Vudu $2

Downsizing 4K/itunes $2.5

Downton Abbey HD/MA $4

Dracula Untold 4K/MA $5

Dracula Untold HD/Vudu $3

Draft Day HD/Vudu $3

Dragged Across Concrete HD/Vudu $3.5

Dragonheart 5-Film Collection HD/MA $17

Dreamworks 10-Film Collection HD/MA $23

Dredd HD/Vudu $2.5

Dumbo (2019) HD/MA $3.5

Dumbo (2019) HD/GP $3

Dunkirk HD/MA $2.5

Dying of the Light HD/Vudu $2

Early Man HD/Vudu $3.5

Edge of Tomorrow HD/MA $3

Elysium / District 9 Bundle HD/MA $6

Empire State HD/Vudu $2.5

Ender's Game HD/Vudu $2.5

Endless Love (2014) HD/MA $3

Entourage The Movie HD/MA $2

Escape Plan HD/Vudu $2.5

Everest HD/Vudu $3

Everest 4K/itunes $3.5

Evil Dead 2 4K/Vudu $5

Evil Dead 2 HD/Vudu $3.5

Exodus Gods and Kings HD/MA $2.5

Expendables 2 4K/itunes $1.5

Expendables 2 HD/Vudu $1

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close HD/MA $2.5

Face/Off HD/Vudu $4.5

Fahrenheit 451 HD/Vudu $2.5

Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald HD/MA $4.5

Fantastic Four (2015) HD/MA $3

Fast & Furious 6 (Extended) 4K/itunes $2.5

Fast & Furious 6 (Extended) HD/Vudu $2

Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift HD/Vudu $2

Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift 4K/itunes $2.5

Fast Five (Extended) HD/itunes $2

Fate of the Furious (Extended) HD/Vudu $2

Fences HD/Vudu $3

Fences 4K/itunes $3.5

Fifty Shades Darker (Unrated) HD/Vudu $2

Fifty Shades Darker (Unrated) 4K/itunes $2.5

Fifty Shades of Grey (Unrated) HD/Vudu $2.5

Fifty Shades of Grey (Unrated) 4K/itunes $3

Final Destination 5 HD/MA $3.5

Final Prayer (2013) HD/Vudu $3.5

Finding Dory HD/MA $2.5

Finding Dory HD/GP $2

Finding Nemo HD/GP $3

Flight HD/Vudu $2.5

Focus HD/MA $2.5

Footloose (2011) HD/itunes $2.5

Force of Nature (2020) HD/Vudu $3

Forever My Girl HD/itunes $3

Free State of Jones HD/itunes $2

Friday the 13th Part 2 HD/MA $3

Frozen HD/GP $1.5

Frozen HD/MA $2

Frozen (Sing-Along Edition) HD/MA $2

Frozen (Sing-Along Edition) HD/GP $1.5

Frozen 2 HD/MA $2.5

Frozen 2 HD/GP $2

Frozen Ground (2013) HD/Vudu $3

Furious 7 (Extended) HD/MA $2

Fury HD/MA $2.5

Game Night HD/MA $4

Game of Thrones Season 2 HD/Vudu $2

Gangster Squad HD/MA $2

Get Hard HD/MA $2

Get Out HD/Vudu $2.5

Get Out 4K/itunes $3

Getaway HD/MA $2.5

Ghost in the Shell (1996) 4K/Vudu $5.5

Ghost in the Shell (2017) HD/Vudu $2

GI Joe Retaliation HD/Vudu $3

GI Joe Retaliation 4K/itunes $4.5

Gifted HD/MA $3

Girls Trip HD/Vudu $2.5

Girls Trip HD/itunes $2.5

Glass HD/MA $4

Gods & Generals (Director's Cut) HD/MA $4

Godzilla (2014) HD/MA $3

Godzilla 3-Films (Godzilla v Kong/King of Monsters/Skull Island) HD/MA $14

Godzilla King of the Monsters HD/MA $4

Gold (2016) HD/Vudu $3

Gold (2016) HD/itunes $3

Gone are the Days (2018) HD/Vudu $3.5

Goodfellas HD/MA $4

Grace Unplugged HD/Vudu $2

Gran Torino HD/MA $4

Gravity HD/MA $2

Grease 3-film Bundle (Grease, Grease 2, Grease Live) HD/Vudu $11

Green Lantern & Emerald Knights Bundle HD/MA $3.5

Gretel & Hansel (2020) HD/Vudu $3.5

Grudge Match HD/MA $2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 HD/MA $3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 HD/GP $2.5

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 HD/MA $2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 HD/GP $1.5

Hacksaw Ridge HD/Vudu $3

Hail Caesar! HD/itunes $2

Hammer of the Gods HD/Vudu $2.5

Hands of Stone HD/Vudu $3.5

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters 4K/Vudu $5.5

Happy Feet Two HD/MA $2.5

Hard Target 2 HD/itunes $1.5

Hard Target 2 HD/Vudu $1.5

Hardcore Henry HD/itunes $3.5

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 HD/MA $3

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 HD/MA $2

Heaven is for Real SD/MA $1

Hell Fest HD/Vudu $3

Hell or High Water HD/Vudu $2.5

Hellboy (2019) HD/Vudu $3.5

Her A Spike Jonze Love Story HD/MA $2.5

Hereditary HD/Vudu $3.5

Hidden Figures HD/MA $2.5

Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies HD/MA $3

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey HD/MA $2

Holiday Inn HD/itunes $2.5

Holmes & Watson HD/MA $3

Home (2015) HD/MA $3.5

Home Again HD/MA $3

Hope Springs HD/MA $2.5

Horrible Bosses HD/MA $2.5

Hostiles HD/Vudu $3

Hostiles 4K/itunes $3.5

Hot Pursuit HD/Vudu $2.5

Hours (2013) SD/Vudu $1

How to be Single HD/MA $2.5

How to Train Your Dragon HD/MA $3

How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD/MA $2.5

Hugo HD/Vudu $2.5

Hunter Killer HD/Vudu $3

Hustle and Flow HD/Vudu $4

Hustlers 4K/itunes $4.5

I Am Legend HD/MA $4

I Can Only Imagine HD/Vudu $3

I Feel Pretty HD/itunes $2

Imperium HD/Vudu $3.5

In the Heart of the Sea HD/MA $3.5

In the Valley of Violence HD/itunes $3

Inception HD/MA $2.5

Incredibles 2 4K/MA $4.5

Incredibles 2 HD/MA $3

Incredibles 2 HD/GP $2.5

Independence Day Resurgence HD/MA $2.5

Indivisible HD/MA $3.5

Inherent Vice HD/MA $2.5

Inside Out HD/MA $2.5

Inside Out HD/GP $2

Insidious The Last Key HD/MA $3.5

Instant Family HD/Vudu $3

Instant Family 4K/itunes $3.5

Interstellar HD/Vudu $3.5

Interview with the Vampire HD/MA $4

Into the Woods HD/MA $3

Into the Woods HD/GP $2.5

Iron Man 3 HD/MA $2.5

Iron Man 3 HD/GP $2

Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United HD/GP $2.5

Iron Mask (2020) HD/Vudu $4.5

It Chapter 1 HD/MA $2.5

It Chapter 2 HD/MA $3.5

It Chapter 2 4K/MA $5

It Comes at Night HD/Vudu $3.5

It Follows HD/Vudu $3.5

It's a Wonderful Life 4K/Vudu $5.5

It's a Wonderful Life 4K/itunes $5.5

J. Edgar HD/MA $2.5

Jack Reacher Never Go Back HD/Vudu $2.5

Jack Reacher Never Go Back 4K/itunes $3

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit 4K/itunes $2.5

Jack the Giant Slayer HD/MA $2.5

Jacob's Ladder (1990) HD/Vudu $3.5

Jason Bourne 4K/itunes $2

Jason Bourne HD/Vudu $1.5

Jaws 4K/MA $5

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot HD/Vudu $4

Jersey Boys HD/MA $2.5

Jexi (2019) 4K/Vudu $5

Joe HD/Vudu $2.5

John Wick HD/Vudu $2

John Wick 1 & 2 Bundle HD/Vudu $4

John Wick 3 4K/Vudu $4.5

John Wick 3 4K/itunes $4.5

John Wick Chapter 2 HD/Vudu $2.5

Joker HD/MA $4

Jonah Hex HD/MA $3.5

Journey 2 the Mysterious Island HD/MA $2.5

Joy HD/MA $2.5

Joyful Noise HD/MA $2

Judy (2019) HD/Vudu $4

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle HD/MA $2.5

Jungle Book (2016) HD/MA $2.5

Jupiter Ascending HD/MA $2

Jurassic Park HD/Vudu $2.5

Jurassic Park 4K/itunes $3

Jurassic Park 3 HD/MA $3

Jurassic World HD/Vudu $1.5

Jurassic World 4K/itunes $2

Jurassic World 5 Movie Collection 4K/MA $20

Jurassic World 5 Movie Collection HD/MA $14

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom HD/MA $3

Just Mercy HD/MA $3.5

Justice League HD/MA $3

Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom HD/MA $3.5

Justice League Throne of Atlantis HD/MA $3.5

Justice Society World War 2 (2021) HD/MA $5

Kick-Ass 4K/Vudu $5.5

Killer Elite HD/itunes $2.5

Killing Them Softly HD/Vudu $3.5

Kin (2018) HD/Vudu $3

King Kong (2005) 4K/itunes $4.5

Kingsman Golden Circle HD/MA $2.5

Kingsman Secret Service HD/MA $3

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang HD/MA $4

Kong Skull Island HD/MA $3.5

Krampus HD/itunes $3

Kung Fu Panda HD/MA $3.5

Kung Fu Panda 3 HD/MA $3

La La Land HD/Vudu $2.5

La La Land 4K/itunes $3

Leap! HD/Vudu $2.5

Legend of the Guardians Owls of Gahoole HD/MA $4

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return HD/MA $3.5

Leprechaun 7-Film Collection HD/Vudu $15

Les Miserables (2012) HD/Vudu $2

Les Miserables (2012) 4K/itunes $2.5

Let Me Explain HD/Vudu $2.5

Let Me Explain HD/itunes $2.5

Life (2017) HD/MA $3.5

Life of Crime (2014) HD/Vudu $3.5

Light of My Life (2019) HD/Vudu $4

Lights Out HD/MA $4

Like a Boss (2020) HD/Vudu $4

Lilo and Stitch 2 HD/GP $3

Lincoln Lawyer HD/Vudu $3.5

Little Monsters (1989) HD/Vudu $4

Live by Night HD/MA $2

Logan HD/MA $3

Logan Lucky HD/Vudu $2

London Has Fallen HD/Vudu $3

London Has Fallen HD/itunes $3

Lone Survivor HD/Vudu $2

Long Shot (2019) HD/Vudu $4

Looper HD/MA $3.5

Lord of War HD/Vudu $3.5

Lost World Jurassic Park HD/Vudu $3

Lost World Jurassic Park 4K/Itunes $3.5

Loving HD/MA $4

Luca (2021) HD/MA $4

Luca (2021) HD/GP $3.5

Lucy HD/Vudu $2.5

Lucy 4K/itunes $3

M:I 4 Ghost Protocol HD/Vudu $2

M:I 4 Ghost Protocol 4K/itunes $2.5

Ma (2019) HD/MA $4

Mad Max Fury Road 4K/MA $5.5

Madagascar 3 SD/itunes $1

Madea's Witness Protection SD/itunes $1.5

Maggie (2015) HD/Vudu $2.5

Magic Mike HD/Vudu $1.5

Magic Mike XXL HD/MA $2.5

Maleficent HD/GP $2.5

Maleficent Mistress of Evil HD/GP $2.5

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again HD/MA $3

Man of Steel HD/MA $2

Manchester by the Sea HD/Vudu $4

Mara (2018) HD/Vudu $3.5

Mary and the Witch's Flower HD/MA $4.5

Mary Poppins (1964) HD/MA $3

Mary Poppins (1964) HD/GP $2.5

Mary Poppins Returns HD/GP $2.5

Max (2015) HD/MA $3

Mechanic Resurrection HD/Vudu $3

Megan Leavey HD/Vudu $2.5

Megan Leavey HD/itunes $2.5

MIB International 4K/MA $5.5

MIB International SD/MA $1.5

Midnight Special HD/MA $3.5

Midway (2019) HD/Vudu $3.5

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates HD/MA $3

Mile 22 4K/itunes $2.5

Million Dollar Arm HD/GP $2.5

Minions HD/Vudu $2.5

Minions 4K/Vudu $3.5

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children HD/MA $3

Missing Link HD/MA $4

Moana 4K/MA $4.5

Moana HD/MA $3

Moana HD/GP $2.5

Money Monster HD/MA $3

Moneyball HD/MA $3

Monster Trucks HD/Vudu $2

Monster Trucks 4K/itunes $2.5

Morgan HD/MA $3.5

Mortal Engines HD/MA $4

Mortal Kombat (1995) HD/MA $4

Mortal Kombat (2021) HD/MA $6

Mortdecai HD/Vudu $2.5

Mr. Holmes HD/Vudu $3

Mr. Peabody & Sherman HD/MA $3

Mud HD/Vudu $2.5

Mulan (2020) HD/GP $2.5

Muppets Most Wanted HD/MA $3.5

Muppets Most Wanted HD/GP $3

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 HD/MA $3

Nebraska HD/Vudu $3

Nebraska HD/itunes $3

Neighbors HD/Vudu $2

Neighbors HD/itunes $2

Night of the Sicario (2021) HD/Vudu $5.5

Night School (Extended) HD/MA $3.5

Noah HD/Vudu $2

Nocturnal Animals HD/Vudu $2

Nocturnal Animals HD/itunes $2

Non-Stop HD/Vudu $3

Non-Stop HD/itunes $3

Norm of the North HD/Vudu $2

Notting Hill HD/Vudu $3.5

Now You See Me HD/Vudu $2.5

Now You See Me HD/itunes $2.5

Now You See Me 2 HD/Vudu $3

Now You See Me 2 4K/itunes $3.5

Oblivion HD/MA $3

Office Christmas Party 4K/itunes $2.5

Onward 4K/MA $5

Onward HD/MA $3

Onward HD/GP $2.5

Ouija HD/Vudu $2.5

Ouija HD/itunes $2.5

Our Brand is Crisis HD/MA $3

Over the Hedge HD/MA $3.5

Overdrive (2017) HD/itunes $2.5

Overlord HD/Vudu $2.5

Oz The Great and Powerful HD/MA $2.5

Oz The Great and Powerful HD/GP $2

Pacific Rim HD/MA $2.5

Pacific Rim Uprising HD/MA $3.5

Pacific Rim Uprising 4K/MA $5

Pain & Gain HD/itunes $3

Pain & Gain HD/Vudu $3

Pan 4K/MA $5

Paper Towns HD/MA $2.5

Paranormal Activity 4 HD/itunes $3

Parasite 4K/MA $6

Parental Guidance HD/MA $3

Passengers (2016) HD/MA $3

Pet Sematary (2019) 4K/itunes $3

Philomena HD/Vudu $3

Pirates 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales HD/GP $2

Planes HD/MA $2.5

Planes HD/GP $2

Planes Fire and Rescue HD/MA $3

Playing with Fire HD/Vudu $3

Pocahontas 2 HD/MA $3.5

Pocahontas 2 HD/GP $3

Point Break (2015) HD/MA $3

Pompeii (2014) HD/MA $3.5

Power Rangers (2017) HD/Vudu $2.5

Power Rangers (2017) 4K/itunes $3

Precious Cargo (2016) HD/Vudu $2.5

Predator (1987) HD/MA $3.5

Predator 1-3 Bundle HD/MA $11

Predator 4-Movie Collection HD/MA $14

Premium Rush HD/MA $3.5

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 4K/MA $5

Primal (2019) HD/Vudu $3

Prisoners HD/MA $2.5

Project X HD/MA $2.5

Prometheus HD/MA $3

Queen and Slim HD/MA $4

Ralph Breaks the Internet HD/MA $2.5

Ralph Breaks the Internet HD/GP $2

Rambo (2008) HD/Vudu $3.5

Rambo 5-Film Collection 4K/Vudu $22

Rambo 5-Film Collection HD/Vudu $18

Rambo: Last Blood 4K/Vudu $5

Rambo: Last Blood HD/Vudu $3.5

Raya and the Last Dragon HD/GP $3.5

Ready Player One HD/MA $3.5

Rear Window 4K/MA $5.5

RED 2 HD/Vudu $2

Red Dawn (2012) HD/Vudu $4

Red Dawn (2012) HD/itunes $4

Red Sparrow HD/MA $3.5

Requiem for a Dream (Director's Cut) 4K/Vudu $5.5

Richard Jewell HD/MA $4

Ricki and the Flash HD/MA $3

Riddick (Unrated) HD/Vudu $3

Riddick (Unrated) HD/Itunes $3

Ride Along HD/Vudu $2.5

Ride Along HD/itunes $2.5

RIPD HD/Vudu $3

RIPD HD/itunes $3

Risen HD/MA $2.5

Robin Hood (1973) HD/MA $3.5

Robin Hood (2018) HD/Vudu $3

Robin Hood (2018) 4K/Vudu $4.5

Robocop (2014) HD/Vudu $3

Rock Of Ages HD/MA $2.5

Rocketman (2019) 4K/Vudu $3.5

Rocketman (2019) 4K/itunes $3.5

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story HD/MA $2.5

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story HD/GP $2

Roman J. Israel, Esq HD/MA $2.5

Room (2015) HD/Vudu $3.5

Rosemary's Baby (2016) (Season 1) HD/Vudu $4.5

Rough Night 4K/MA $5.5

Run All Night HD/MA $2

Rush (2013) HD/Vudu $3

Rush (2013) HD/itunes $3

Sabotage (2014) HD/itunes $3.5

Safe House HD/itunes $2.5

Same Kind of Different As Me HD/Vudu $2.5

Same Kind of Different As Me HD/itunes $2.5

San Andreas 4K/MA $5

Savages (2012) HD/itunes $3.5

Saving Mr. Banks HD/GP $3

Saw HD/Vudu $3

Saw 4K/Vudu $4.5

Saw 8-Film Collection HD/Vudu $18

Scarface 4K/MA $5

Scarface HD/MA $3.5

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 4K/Vudu $5

Scoob! HD/MA $3.5

Scott Pilgrim vs the World 4K/MA $5.5

Scott Pilgrim vs the World 4K/itunes $5.5

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse HD/itunes $3

Selma HD/itunes $2.5

Serenity (2019) HD/MA $3.5

Shaft (2019) HD/MA $3.5

Shaun the Sheep Movie HD/Vudu $3

She's the Man HD/Vudu $3.5

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows HD/MA $2

Shutter Island 4K/Vudu $5.5

Shutter Island 4K/itunes $5.5

Sicario HD/Vudu $2.5

Sicario 4K/itunes $3

Silver Linings Playbook HD/Vudu $2.5

Sing HD/Vudu $2.5

Sing 4K/itunes $3

Sixteen Candles HD/itunes $3.5

Skyfall HD/Vudu $2.5

Skyscraper HD/MA $2.5

Sleeping Beauty (1959) HD/GP $2.5

Smurfs The Lost Village HD/MA $3

Snatched HD/MA $2

Snitch HD/Vudu $3

Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Edition) HD/Vudu $3

Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Edition) 4K/itunes $3.5

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves HD/GP $3

Solo: A Star Wars Story HD/GP $2.5

Sonic the Hedgehog HD/Vudu $3.5

Sorry to Bother You HD/MA $4

Soul (2020) HD/GP $3

Southpaw HD/Vudu $3

Sparkle (1976) HD/Vudu $3

Speed Racer HD/MA $3.5

Spider-Man Homecoming HD/MA $3

Spirit Untamed The Movie HD/MA $7

Split HD/Vudu $3

Split 4K/itunes $3.5

Spongebob Sponge out of Water HD/Vudu $2.5

Spongebob Sponge out of Water HD/itunes $2.5

Spring Breakers HD/Vudu $4

St. Vincent HD/Vudu $3.5

Star Trek Beyond HD/Vudu $3

Star Trek Beyond 4K/itunes $3.5

Star Trek Into Darkness 4K/itunes $2.5

Star Wars A New Hope HD/MA $4

Star Wars A New Hope HD/GP $3.5

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back HD/GP $3.5

Star Wars: Last Jedi HD/MA $3

Star Wars: Last Jedi HD/GP $2.5

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker HD/MA $2.5

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker HD/GP $2

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 4K/MA $4

Star Wars: The Force Awakens HD/MA $2

Star Wars: The Force Awakens HD/GP $1.5

Steve Carell 4-Films (Dinner with Shmucks, Get Smart, Crazy Stupid Love, Incredible Burt Wonderstone) HD/Vudu $10

Storks HD/MA $3

Strange But True HD/Vudu $3.5

Sucker Punch HD/MA $4

Suffragette HD/MA $2.5

Suicide Squad (Theatrical & Extended) HD/MA $3.5

Sully HD/MA $4

Sully 4K/MA $5.5

Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989) HD/Vudu $5

Super 8 HD/Vudu $3.5

Super Buddies HD/MA $2.5

Super Buddies HD/GP $2

Tenet HD/MA $6

Tenet HD/MA $4.5

Terminator 2 Judgment Day HD/Vudu $3.5

Terminator Dark Fate HD/Vudu $2.5

Terminator Dark Fate 4K/itunes $3

Terminator Genisys 4K/itunes $3

Terminator Salvation HD/MA $3.5

The 33 HD/MA $2.5

The Angry Birds Movie HD/MA $3.5

The Apparition HD/MA $2.5

The Beguiled (2017) HD/Vudu $2.5

The Beguiled (2017) HD/itunes $2.5

The Best Man Holiday HD/Vudu $2.5

The Best Man Holiday HD/itunes $2.5

The Best of Enemies HD/itunes $2.5

The BFG HD/MA $3.5

The Big Wedding HD/Vudu $3

The Blair Witch Project (1999) HD/Vudu $4

The Bling Ring HD/Vudu $3.5

The Bodyguard (1992) HD/MA $4

The Book of Life HD/MA $3

The Bourne Identity HD/Vudu $3

The Bourne Legacy HD/Vudu $2

The Bourne Legacy 4K/itunes $3

The Bourne Supremacy HD/MA $3

The Bourne Supremacy 4K/itunes $3.5

The Bourne Ultimatum HD/MA $3.5

The Butterfly Effect HD/MA $4

The Bye Bye Man (Unrated) HD/Vudu $2.5

The Bye Bye Man (Unrated) HD/itunes $2.5

The Cabin in the Woods 4K/itunes $5

The Campaign HD/MA $2

The Case for Christ HD/itunes $2

The Commuter HD/Vudu $3

The Conjuring 2 HD/MA $3.5

The Croods HD/MA $3

The Croods A New Age (2020) HD/MA $4.5

The Dark Knight Rises HD/MA $1.5

The Dark Tower HD/MA $3

The Darkness (2016) HD/itunes $3

The Departed HD/MA $4

The Dictator (Unrated) HD/Vudu $2.5

The Duff HD/Vudu $3

The Edge of Seventeen HD/Vudu $3

The Emoji Movie HD/MA $3

The Equalizer HD/MA $3.5

The Evil Dead (1981) 4K/Vudu $5.5

The Expendables Trilogy HD/Vudu $7

The Fast and the Furious HD/Vudu $3

The Fast and the Furious 4K/itunes $4.5

The Fast and the Furious 4K/MA $4.5

The Fast and the Furious 8-film Collection HD/MA $19

The Finest Hours HD/GP $3.5

The Gambler HD/Vudu $2.5

The Gentlemen 4K/itunes $5

The Girl in the Spider's Web HD/MA $3.5

The Girl on the Train HD/Vudu $2.5

The Glass Castle HD/Vudu $3.5

The Good Dinosaur HD/MA $3

The Good Lie HD/MA $2.5

The Great Gatsby HD/MA $2.5

The Great Wall HD/Vudu $2.5

The Great Wall 4K/itunes $3

The Greatest Showman HD/MA $3.5

The Grey HD/Vudu $3

The Grey HD/itunes $3

The Hangover 2 HD/MA $2

The Hangover 3 HD/MA $2.5

The Happytime Murders 4K/itunes $3

The Hateful Eight HD/Vudu $3.5

The Heat HD/MA $2.5

The Heat SD/itunes $1

The High Note HD/MA $3.5

The Hitman's Bodyguard HD/Vudu $3.5

The Hitman's Bodyguard 4K/Itunes $4

The Hobbit Trilogy (Theatrical & Extended) (6-films) 4K/MA $20

The Homesman HD/Vudu $3

The Hunger Games HD/Vudu $1.5

The Hunger Games 4K/itunes $2

The Hunger Games Catching Fire HD/Vudu $1.5

The Hunger Games Catching Fire SD/Vudu $0.5

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 HD/Vudu $3

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 4K/itunes $3.5

The Huntsman Winter's War 4K/itunes $3.5

The Huntsman Winter's War (Extended Edition) HD/Vudu $3.5

The Huntsman Winter's War (Extended Edition) 4K/itunes $4

The Ides of March HD/MA $3

The Imitation Game HD/Vudu $3

The Impossible HD/Vudu $3

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone HD/MA $2

The Intern HD/MA $3

The Judge HD/MA $2

The Kid (2019) HD/Vudu $3.5

The Last Exorcism (2010) HD/Vudu $3.5

The Last Samurai HD/MA $4

The Last Stand (2013) HD/Vudu $2

The Last Stand (2013) HD/itunes $2

The Last Witch Hunter 4K/Vudu $5

The Legend of Tarzan HD/MA $3

The Lego Batman Movie HD/MA $3

The LEGO Movie 4K/MA $3.5

The LEGO Movie HD/Vudu $2.5

The LEGO Ninjago Movie HD/MA $3

The Lion King (1994) HD/MA $3.5

The Lion King (1994) HD/GP $3

The Lion King (2019) 4K/MA $4

The Lion King (2019) HD/GP $2

The Little Prince (2016) HD/Vudu $4

The Little Things (2021) HD/MA $5.5

The Lone Ranger HD/MA $3.5

The Lone Ranger HD/GP $3

The Longest Ride HD/MA $2

The Lords of Salem HD/Vudu $4

The LOTR Trilogy (Theatrical & Extended) (6-films) 4K/MA $25

The Lucky One HD/MA $2

The Magnificent Seven (2016) HD/Vudu $3

The Man From UNCLE HD/MA $3.5

The Martian HD/MA $3.5

The Matrix HD/MA $4

The Monuments Men SD/MA $1

The Monuments Men HD/MA $2.5

The Mountain Between Us HD/MA $2.5

The Mummy (2017) HD/Vudu $2.5

The Mummy (2017) 4K/itunes $3

The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor SD/itunes $0.5

The New Mutants HD/GP $3

The Newsroom Season 1 HD/Vudu $4.5

The Nice Guys HD/MA $3.5

The Night Before HD/MA $3

The Nightmare Before Christmas HD/MA $3.5

The Nightmare Before Christmas HD/GP $3

The Nun HD/MA $4

The Nut Job HD/itunes $2.5

The Other Woman HD/MA $3

The Peanuts Movie HD/MA $3

The Pirates! Band of Misfits HD/MA $3.5

The Predator (2018) HD/MA $3

The Promise (2017) HD/itunes $2.5

The Protector 2 SD/Vudu $1.5

The Purge HD/Vudu $2.5

The Purge 4K/itunes $3

The Purge Election Year 4K/itunes $3.5

The Rhythm Section HD/Vudu $3

The Right One (2021) 4K/Vudu $6.5

The Secret Life of Pets HD/MA $2.5

The Secret Life of Pets 4K/itunes $4.5

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty HD/MA $3

The Shallows HD/MA $3.5

The Spy Who Dumped Me HD/Vudu $3.5

The Swing of Things (2020) HD/Vudu $3

The Trust (2016) HD/Vudu $4

The Turning (2020) HD/MA $4

The Voices (2014) HD/Vudu $4

The Walk HD/MA $3.5

The Wall (2017) HD/Vudu $4

The Water Diviner HD/MA $3.5

The Witch HD/Vudu $3.5

The Wraith HD/Vudu $4.5

The Yellow Birds HD/Vudu $3.5

Think Like a Dog HD/Vudu $3.5

This is the End HD/MA $3.5

Thor Dark World HD/MA $3.5

Thor Dark World HD/GP $3

Thor Ragnarok HD/MA $2.5

Thor Ragnarok HD/GP $2

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri HD/MA $3

Thunderstruck (2012) HD/MA $2.5

TMNT (2014) HD/Vudu $2.5

TMNT (2014) 4K/itunes $3

To Kill a Mockingbird HD/Vudu $3.5

Tomb Raider Lara Croft HD/Vudu $3

Top Five HD/Vudu $3

Top Five HD/itunes $3

Top Gun HD/Vudu $3.5

Total Recall (1990) HD/Vudu $3

Total Recall (1990) 4K/Vudu $5

Tower Heist HD/itunes $3

Toy Story 4K/MA $5.5

Toy Story HD/MA $3.5

Toy Story HD/GP $3

Toy Story 2 HD/MA $4

Toy Story 3 4K/MA $5

Toy Story 3 HD/GP $3

Toy Story 4 HD/MA $2.5

Toy Story 4 HD/GP $2

Trainwreck HD/itunes $2

Transcendence HD/MA $2

Transformers Age of Extinction HD/Vudu $2.5

Transformers Age of Extinction 4K/itunes $2.5

Transformers Dark of the Moon HD/Vudu $3

Transformers The Last Knight 4K/itunes $3

Tremors A Cold Day In Hell HD/MA $3

Trolls HD/MA $2.5

Trolls 2-Movie Collection HD/MA $5.5

Trolls World Tour HD/MA $3.5

Troy (Director's Cut) HD/MA $4

Turbo SD/itunes $1

Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 HD/Vudu $1.5

Ugly Dolls 4K/itunes $5

Unbreakable 4K/MA $6.5

Unbreakable HD/GP $5

Unbroken HD/Vudu $2.5

Unbroken HD/itunes $2.5

Uncut Gems HD/Vudu $4

Unhinged HD/Vudu $4.5

Universal Soldier 4K/Vudu $5.5

Unknown HD/MA $3

V for Vendetta HD/MA $3.5

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets HD/Vudu $3.5

Veronica Mars HD/MA $2

Vertigo HD/MA $3.5

Vertigo 4K/MA $5

Vice (2015) HD/Vudu $2.5

War Dogs HD/MA $3

War for the Planet of the Apes HD/MA $2.5

War for the Planet of the Apes 4K/itunes $3

Warcraft HD/Vudu $3

Warm Bodies HD/Vudu $3

Warm Bodies 4K/itunes $3.5

Watchmen HD/MA $3.5

We're the Millers HD/MA $2.5

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us HD/itunes $2.5

What Men Want (2019) HD/Vudu $3.5

What to Expect When You're Expecting HD/Vudu $2.5

What to Expect When You're Expecting HD/itunes $2.5

Why Him? HD/MA $2.5

Widows HD/MA $3.5

Wild Card HD/Vudu $2.5

Wilson HD/MA $3.5

Winchester HD/Vudu $3

Wind River HD/Vudu $4

Winter's Tale HD/MA $2

Woman in Gold HD/Vudu $3

Won't Back Down HD/MA $3.5

Wonder 4K/itunes $3

Wonder Park HD/Vudu $2.5

Wonder Park 4K/itunes $3

Wonder Woman (2017) HD/MA $2.5

Wonder Woman 1984 HD/MA $5

Wonder Woman 1984 4K/MA $6.5

Words and Pictures HD/Vudu $3.5

World War Z HD/Vudu $2

World War Z HD/itunes $2

Wrath of the Titans HD/MA $2.5

X-Men Apocalypse HD/MA $3

X-Men Days of Future Past HD/MA $3

XXX Return of Xander Cage HD/Vudu $2

XXX Return of Xander Cage 4K/itunes $2.5

You Were Never Really Here HD/Vudu $4

You're Next HD/Vudu $3

Zero Dark Thirty HD/MA $3

Zombieland HD/MA $4.5

Zootopia HD/MA $3.5

Zootopia HD/GP $3

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Buying level 75+ RH account

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 18:52

Only need it to be level 75+, don't care about name/avatar/gampess :). Offing RHD or adopt me pets, comment with your offer <3

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Why these animals shouldn’t be house pets

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 18:51

I have seen it said here that dogs are more comparable to a goat or cow than a cat or other house pet and I couldn’t agree more.

Their size alone. The majority of dogs that are regarded as “family pets” are incredibly large. Golden retrievers, labradors, poodles, etc. Who ever thought it was a good idea to keep an 80 pound animal in their home?

With great size comes great... filth. Dogs love being dirty. Unlike house pets such as cats or hamsters, they have no natural inclination to clean themselves. In fact, they regularly roll around in feces/dead animals/other disgusting things. They are not self cleaning. If you want a clean dog, you have to clean it yourself.

Unless you want your dog to be a neurotic and hyper nuisance, it needs to be walked outside frequently and for long periods of time. It will then track this dirt into your house.

Waste. It is impossible to have a hygienic way for a large dog to relieve itself indoors. As such, their owner must take them outside every few hours. Even in the middle of the night. Even in extreme weather conditions.

Destruction. No other house pet is as destructive as a dog. Even a large dog sitting on a couch regularly will damage it, even if they don’t chew it.

In my opinion, if one must have a dog, it should be treated like any other livestock. Fed, watered, and provided shelter: OUTSIDE. The outdoor dogs I know are much happier and less neurotic than the ones that live indoors and are treated like humans.

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Losing my best friend

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 18:50

My 14 year old Molly went from jumping around, playing with her toys, and life as normal, to rapidly declining in health with congestive heart failure. I cried for 3 days straight as she declined, she held on for my boyfriends birthday and I knew her time was near so we bought her a wagon and brought her to the park to get some final pictures together. She used all her strength left to enjoy the park and sit up even though she was so weak. Coming home she continued to decline and I scheduled an at home euthanasia for the next day, but she declined so much we couldn’t even get one last night with her and had to rush her to an emergency vet to end her suffering. It was in the middle of the night and felt like an awful fever dream. I was there the whole time and she kept her eyes open staring into mine until the very end. I held her little head and couldn’t believe she was gone, I could’ve sworn I still felt her little heart beating. I know she’s no longer in pain, and we didn’t let her suffer but it’s so hard to wrap my head around since she seemed so healthy just the week before. I’m in constant denial and can’t believe I’ll never hold her again. Every time I wake up I cry and her imprint is still in her bed. Her presence is everywhere. This is the worst pain I’ve felt in my life and my first pet. I don’t know if I can ever see myself getting another dog and having the same connection, and if so, I don’t know if I can go through this again. When does it get better?

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I used to work for a organization for pets

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 18:49

i quit after i saw a zipper on a dogs neck with blood coming out of it..

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1 Traditional Monk/19 Demonslayer Build Help

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 18:49

The idea is to use the Elven Curved Blade and focus on dex.

Pretty straight forward, right?

No, wrong. NOTHING is straight forward in this game.

  • If I'm willing to come off the ECB, is there a better way to achieve this vibe?
  • Which feats/feat lines should I be focusing on?
  • And what to spend my combat style bonus feats on?
  • And how to build the pet (leopard... I think?)

Thanks in advance.

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28[M4F] Arizona/Anywhere Autistic Guy Putting It All Out There To Find The Woman I Love [Relationship]

Pets Reddit - Mon, 11/22/2021 - 18:46

Hi there!

As the title says I'm looking for a real connection, and hopefully a real lasting relationship with a person that is ready for the same. I'm past the point of playing games and I'm looking for my forever person. I know that's sappy and silly, but I'm a dumb romantic and I know the woman that feels the same is out there somewhere. Also, I put anywhere because if we really connect and there's a spark, distance shouldn't be an issue. If it's real we will meet eventually. I am strictly monogamous, any mention of open relationships or polyamory is an immediate dealbreaker. Also, if your only intention is to ghost me kindly leave me alone. It's incredibly rude, and I do not like rude. At all. Now that that's out of the way let's get to the fun stuff!

About me:

Here's my face

I'm 5'6, kind of chubby, and Hispanic. I shave my head and face because of allodynia. I like to read, love cooking, play games, watch movies and shows. But above all that I love music. Especially Florence + The Machine so if you like that bonus points. I'm autistic, so voice chats will be hard at first and sometimes I'm non verbal. If you have questions about that I'm happy to answer. I also have fibromyalgia, which means my body is in constant pain. I will have flare ups/bad days. Yes, it is permanent. I'd like to get that out there so you know about it. I love to learn things, from everywhere. I ask way too many questions, and I've been known to get stuck in a "why" loop like a 5 year old haha. My autism also makes me an open book, I'm not built for lying or secrets. If you ask me a question I'll answer.

I'm not really a partier, I get social anxiety. I'm not a drinker and I don't do drugs either because of health issues. I know I know real fun guy lol. But I think I am, I don't take myself too seriously. That doesn't mean I'm a clown, but I can laugh at myself. I'm also a fan of goofy dorky romance. I love pet names, and one of my mottos is "you have to do at least one silly romantic thing each day for your partner" another is "you can't trust anyone that doesn't like a bit of jiggle"

-I'm a Virgo, I don't entirely know what that means but I don't knock anyone into astrology

-I'm an INTJ-T if you're curious about my Myers-Briggs results

-My favorite show of all time is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mac's dance for his dad still breaks my heart and genuinely makes me cry haha

-I play the stand up bass and guitar, will I ever be a rockstar? Nope, I play classical music

-I'm a big fan of musicals

-Politically I am left leaning

-Prone to looking a bit like a raccoon due to insomnia, if you like raccoons that's a bonus because I love them

About you:

I don't know, you tell me :) I don't really have a type physically. I like curvy, skinny, thick, whatever. My attraction starts with who you are not what you look like. If you're smart, can carry a conversation, and have a sense of humor we're off to a great start! Also, I really enjoy when people are passionate about something. If you feel weird about dropping knowledge bombs, or feel like you share too much about things you like. Don't! I love it haha. I also value honesty, I'm not built for lying or playing games and I appreciate when others are a that way with me.

I assume anyone interested in my post is going to look at my profile. If you do you'll find some nsfw posts of me. I made those posts to become more comfortable with myself after an abusive relationship where it was made known I wasn't attractive to her. If the fact that I made them, or the posts bother you I apologize, but I made them for me. I was incredibly uncomfortable taking even pictures of my face, so I jumped in at the deep end and posted my most private moment publicly. It gave me the confidence to make this post now so I won't be removing them.

If you made it this far I suspect you have at least some interest in me, and if you do feel free to chat or message me. When you do, please include a fruit, and your asl. A little bit about you would be nice too! I won't respond to empty profiles, or a simple "hey" if you really gave a crap you'd put a little effort into your message.

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