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About to do the worst 12 hour shift job ever over the NZ summer, any tips?

Job News Reddit - 5 hours 31 min ago

I've never worked a proper job in my life, now I'm on 4 days on 4 days off, two day shifts then two night shifts in a row. 6am-6pm then 6pm-6am, factory work, repetitive boring process, how am I meant to cope with this?

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Job/internships search with longish hair and a beard?

Job News Reddit - 5 hours 44 min ago

So I’m an electrical engineering undergrad and I’m at the point were I’m about to start putting myself out there and I was wondering how longish hair and a beard is during the interviewing process. My beard is kept pretty short and doesn’t have any real length to it and I always do my best to keep my hair presentable. Will I really have to go clean shaven and short hair to find one?

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I verbally committed to start my job January 17th instead of January 31st, but I want to change it.

Job News Reddit - 6 hours 22 min ago

Would this be a red flag at all? I still haven't officially accepted the offer, and it was them who suggested either start date.

It was my supervisor I told this to. If I want to change it, should I just go to HR?

Civil engineer at my state's department of transportation.

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Should I add name pronunciation on a resume?

Job News Reddit - 6 hours 25 min ago

My last name is Habich. It's pronounced ha-bee-sh. I know it looks like ha-b*tch though. I've actually been called that before in a professional setting with much hesitation. It was extremely awkward for everyone. I also don't want people to think that I'm a b*tch because of my b*tch sounding last name. I don't think an employer would ever purposefully judge me for it, but people make subconscious decisions all of the time.

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Ghosted by a job again

Job News Reddit - 6 hours 26 min ago

I’ve posted here before when I got ghosted by a job Interview I was really excited and prepared for. And you guessed it, it happened again. Idk y it keeps happening but it did. A job with a global bank contacted me and asked me to apply. Which I did and the next day I got a call with a “first interview” and an email about preparing for my “second interview”. I prepared and was ready after work at 5 today and never received a call. I sent a follow up email after a few mins of no call asking if something happened. No response yet but I wouldn’t expect that response to be quick anyways. I just want to know why I keep getting ghosted for jobs that reach out to me. Maybe because of my current job my interviews need to b late and they fill the position before they even get to me? Can any former recruiter or anyone give me advice please?

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should I omit my degree if I am applying for retail jobs?

Job News Reddit - 6 hours 54 min ago

does it make a difference nowadays? will i get asked about it if i do put it on the application?

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Is being employed enough?

Job News Reddit - 7 hours 6 min ago

I am looking to study and get a decent job in life. But all the time I see these people on the internet going around telling me to "not be a 9-5 slave." Jesus. At first I thought it was absurd. Everyone can't be an entrepreneur and have 50 side hustles. I found it to be a simple trick in fear marketing.

But after some time it kinda got to me. It made me feel like a loser because I wanted to become a psychologist working 9-5 hours rather than opening a restaurant and starting a rap career.

I am still really young (16). And I really don't know how the world works. But I am being fed with all this media telling me to have 80 different sources of income and not work under somebody else otherwise I'll be a loser, both in life and in this economy.

I feel confused. Is my only solution to accept these statements as facts and invest in bitcoin and start freelance writing or is being a psychologist enough? I mean even if I am alright because I'll have a masters degree. It is still kinda depressing. Saying that people who don't study are losers because they end up with low paying jobs with less flexibility. Meaning that it is not my situation which is causing me distress but rather the state this world is in.

Or is it? Is a simple job enough? Or do you have to milk your creative juices and hustle day and night to make your business fly?

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How to benchmark salary in niche role

Job News Reddit - 7 hours 43 min ago

I am soon to receive an internal promotion in my current organisation. I work in communications but my role is expanding into management of a team and overseeing some key engagement and talent retention projects. I have already been given a seat on the senior leadership team, and we need to bring my title and role in line with that position. I expect this conversation to happen during end of year reviews.

Given my new role is a significant step up in terms of seniority and responsibility I believe I need to ask for a significant pay rise. However, this is the first company I've worked for in this industry (finance, not banking) after coming from a much lower paid industry. I don't have a clue how to research what a typical salary for a 'Head of Comms' type role would be.

These roles rarely get advertised elsewhere and never have salaries stated. Also, the remit of this role could vary greatly in other organisations so it's hard to compare like-for-like anyway. My role/future role certainly has some nuances that aren't typical

I unfortunately don't even have many contacts in the industry as my role is only internal facing, and as I mentioned, I'm still quite new to the industry

How do I research this and prepare to negotiate?

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Rejected from Dream Company Because Budget was Declined

Job News Reddit - 7 hours 44 min ago

Went through one of the most stressful and anxiety ridden processes for a job at a company I really wanted to work for.

I had to complete a 5-hour assessment (completed it in 2.5 hr) which wasn't necessarily bad since it showcased the type of work I'd do. Then had 2 rounds of interviews which went fairly well, and then a follow up with the recruiter confirming the salary range and timeline.

Then on the day of the deadline they had provided me, they told me there are things being held up on the back end. I don't hear back from the recruiter until the following week, where they're telling me they were not approved budget wise to hire the expected 6 people, but only 3.

It fucking sucks that not only did I have to wait a week after a deadline they set for themselves (giving me an expectation) for a rejection, but to be told I was good, but not good enough frustrated the fuck out of me. And I know it wasn't really their fault, but fuck man, the whole thing pissed me off.

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Torn between my job and my family

Job News Reddit - 7 hours 49 min ago

I’m 24 and got a great job out of college. Within my (very narrow) major, great pay, great benefits, I’ve been wfh for two years….but it’s a 12 hour drive from home.

Haven’t made a lot of social connections because of the pandemic and have no family near me.

My parents are in their 70s and I finally got to fly home to see them after two years and it’s hard. They’re in their 70s and aging. Still independent but my father particularly is having trouble with mobility and they’re both dealing with chronic health problems. Because of pto and the cost of airfare I only get to see them (pandemic notwithstanding) max three times a year. And it bums me the hell out. I worry one day I’ll get a call that one of them has passed and I hadn’t been there to spend time with them.

But. My job is good. It’s an art job. I make 60k a year doing art and it’s awesome. My home city doesn’t have an art scene and is largely dead economically. I could move to cities within realistic driving distance like chicago. But…my job is so good. I’m feeling torn.

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Don't know where to go

Job News Reddit - 8 hours 56 min ago

I just resigned from my job; it was originally my dream job but I soon realized how uncomfortable and displeasing it was. It turned out that I was not built for that job and the demands of it. Now I'm back at square one. I've got an associates, a certification, and then my experiences and training from the military. My idea of a small business is not attainable and the one thing I love to do, write, is a risky gamble because novelists have to either churn out books or write the ultimo novel that is a NY Times best seller for a profit.

So right now I'm lost. It's not fun to realize your dream was not what your meant to do and then looking at following my dad's footsteps as a firefighter gets shot down by my dad himself. Anyone have any advice.

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Hiring manager offered me the job 3 months after rejecting me for another candidate

Job News Reddit - 9 hours 34 min ago

So an employer who I had interviewed for a few months ago reached out to me for an offer after rejecting me in the final round of the interview. Even though the salary was below the market value, I really wanted the job because it was closer to home and had great potential for me to learn a lot in the field. The only problem is that I have already accepted another offer in another city and been working there for a few weeks. I’m torn because I’m making 15k more at my current job but I’m not satisfied with the work I’m doing and my rent is crazy expensive. If I accepted the position near home, I would save a lot on rent but be making less.

Is there a way I can try to negotiate with the hiring manager to match my current salary?

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Is having two days off each week really that bad?

Job News Reddit - 10 hours 46 min ago

My boss keeps asking about everyday why I won’t work Wednesdays and Thursdays and wants me to work 6-7 days a week. I tell them no I’m not doing that but I still keep getting asked. They claim “I’m never there”. On the days I do work I’m there from 9:30-5 and with a 15 minute break. I seriously think that’s enough.

They refuse to hire any more people so we are really struggling especially making 8.50 an hour. Lately there has been a lot of last minute schedule changes my boss has been making and it’s really upsetting everyone. I’m afraid If another person quits I’ll have to be working 7 days a week. I’m in college right now too but I’m taking online classes which doesn’t make work too awful but still.

I really do not want to work 6-7 days a week is there a way to get them to stop asking?

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Since September, I've applied to over 400 jobs and managed to get the furthest in the interview process for a job(s) I was probably the least qualified for. Should I keep applying to these type of jobs?

Job News Reddit - 10 hours 46 min ago

As the title said, I have applied to literally over 400+ jobs since September. I've had interviews for some associate/entry-level jobs, but I managed to get 5 rounds deep + project interview and presented to Directors/VPs for a job with an equity firm to be the President/CEO of one of their portfolio companies. I've also had 2nd and 3rd round interviews for similar jobs.

Should I keep applying to these type of roles since I've had the most success with these up to this point?

Edit: Here is my resume --

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Nervous about submitting my two week notice at a VERY understaffed job

Job News Reddit - 11 hours 47 min ago

I'm a manager at a small coffee shop- it's a local business owned my two family friends who I've known for most of my life.

The job originally was only supposed to be a 2-3 part time gig, a way to make extra money while I'm at home and getting my Master's degree online (thanks COVID!) However, the majority of the staff has left, and I accepted a manager position for the main reason being that my boss didn't HAVE any other option.

Now I work 5-6 days a week, which wouldn't be a problem except that I HATE it. It's a customer service job, and as the closing manager, my duties before I can leave in the evening far outweigh the morning shift. As well, I am in my late 20s and am almost done with my Master's. I am tired of working a minimum wage coffee shop job while also being treated poorly.

But, what happened that really made me consider quitting was that I have a friend with batista experience who has open availability and would be a perfect fit. After my boss attempted to contact her and she didn't answer (despite me warning my boss that she is out of town and will be back in a few days) she has decided not to hire her. This is the 3rd time one of the remaining staff has recommended a new person and she has blown us off. It's clear that despite her claiming she wants to hire new people, she either has too high of standards or doesn't actually want to hire more people.

I desperately want to put in my two weeks and focus on finding a job in my field or at least one that is full-time with benefits, but the place is so understaffed they essentially would be screwed if I were to leave. It also doesn't help that I am friends with my boss and don't want to sour the friendship. Any tips for getting over this anxiety and making the conversation go as smoothly as possible? Thank you.

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Offer pulled after 10% counter

Job News Reddit - 13 hours 33 min ago

I was laid off in January from my in house Corporate Attorney position. Applying & Interviewing like crazy since, no offers. Suddenly, I find myself deep into talks with two companies. A local company offered me on Monday, pay was slightly lower than previous role. In wanted to buy time as I had like my 6th interview with this remote company on Wednesday, 24th, with the CFO.

So after reading a billion blogs, Reddit comments, and talking to friends who hire people. I decided to respectfully counter 10% salary increase to a) buy time and b) to advocate for myself, especially as an attorney in which my role would be to negotiate on behalf of the company.

Got a call Wednesday afternoon while on golf course from my would be boss. She said they pulled the offer because the executive team didn’t think I would be happy & they no longer liked the fit. I explained my side to her, and she agreed but said she has no leverage (only been there 6 months).

This all stemmed from me quoting my range decently above theirs in a screener interview. Which I never would have done if I was aware of the range they claimed was on the job post. In a perfect world where I’m not in debt up to my eyeballs, I would tell them kick rocks as it’s a bad company culture vibe to react that negatively to an employee advocating for themselves and asking for a more than respectable salary bump.

However, I am now poor & staring down the barrel of losing my only offer in 11 months & really grim if this remote company doesn’t offer.

Please Reddit, give me any advice you got. Current plan is to call my would be boss’s boss, who I’ve met with, Monday to professionally grovel :/

TLDR: first offer in 11 months pulled after a respectfully worded 10% counter offer. Don’t know how to salvage and, honestly, very desperate

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"Everyone is still replaceable, but nobody wants to go through that."

Job News Reddit - 15 hours 25 min ago

Hi all. I am a Supervisor, been with my company for 7 1/2 years. Started as Associate, then Coordinator, now Supervisor.

I found an internal position in another department as a department manager.

Similar job duties, but higher title and higher pay rate.

By company requirement, I had to inform my current manager of the internal interview for the other position. My manager has no idea I was looking at other positions.

I am happy with the company, but looking for the next step in my career. With my manager where he is, there is no room for promotion (i.e. no other manager spot above me in my department).

Upon informing him, out of desperation he was afraid I was 100% leaving, so he pleaded I speak with him before I make a decision, and that they would want to at least match whatever offer I would get.

A weekend went by, I have the interview scheduled, and then my manager wants to meet with me to chat. He offers a less-than $5K increase (still less the posted position), and promised a manager promotion next June.

I didn't receive anything in writing for the increase, and the manager position mentioned doesn't even exist yet. Nothing would change with my job duties, I would simply be promoted, but dealing with the same supervisor-related headaches as I already am.

Associates are jumping ship left and right, and as a Supervisor, it is the worst role to be, forced into filling in for all the physical labor that needs to get done, while also handling all administrative duties.

When summing up the conversation, he actually said these words, "we have to remember that everyone is replaceable, and yes someone like yourself is a key contributor and we would hate to lose know.....nobody wants to go through that process."

He left my office convinced that he convinced me to stay.

Remember, he doesn't have any idea how much the $ is for the new position, and I do not even have an offer yet, but this is the way he thought he could successfully pitch me to stay?

The interview is in one week, and I am fully prepared to dazzle the hiring manager, and hope to look forward to submitting my resignation to my current manager.

My manager is a unempathetic boomer, for the record.

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A peer referring to me as "her" employee

Job News Reddit - 16 hours 22 min ago

Am I being oversensitive or is it weird / unprofessional when a coworker who is not my senior calls me "her" employee on emails to clients?

We are both attorneys at the same level specializing in different legal fields. We report to the same manager. She's never been rude to me and seems like a nice mom type who is older than me by 10+ years. But I noticed that whenever she doesn't know how to answer a question for a client she says "I'll have to check with MY __" or "MY __ gave this answer" when referring to me. I find this kind of uncomfortable as I always say "the (person in this position" or "our ___" even when I'm talking about people more junior to me. Odd possessive phrasing or worth calling out?

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Feel nervous about telling my manager I’m resigning - advice?

Job News Reddit - 16 hours 27 min ago

I just received a job offer today for a company that I’m really excited about but am super nervous about how I should tell my Manager (that I have a very good personal and professional relationship with) that I’m resigning.

I’ve been in my current role for 4.5 years and although I’m grateful for all the learning opportunities and growth, I know that it’s time to move on - just not sure how to approach this and tell my Manager as I still want her in my life from a friendship/mentoring capacity.

I started my current role as a fresh graduate. My manager took a chance on me and taught me everything I know, getting me to where I am today. She’s the kind of boss that will fight for you, make you feel valued and ensures you’re always developing… which is why it makes it so much harder to break the news. I know it’ll be a tough conversation as I don’t think she knows that I was looking for something new. Back in May, I expressed a desire to start looking for something new and to keep me, my Manager offered me a promotion with a pay rise in August. I told her I would give it a go for 6 months before making any more decisions but I know this isn’t what I want in the long term and it hasn’t been enough to make me want to stay.

We’re working from home 4 days a week now, so I’m thinking I could either tell her virtually on Monday, or wait until we go into the office on Tuesday to tell her.

Any advice on how I could approach this would be greatly appreciated!

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Did I bombed my technical interview?

Job News Reddit - 17 hours 36 min ago

So basically the manager giving feedback about my CV even before asking me questions. I fail terribly when User asking me basic technical question, even asking same question multiple times just to 'guide' me to correct answer, even I caught him saying "yeah that's it, why you talked about xyz" with little facepalm. Then the manager told me to reach out through LinkedIn for the progress, or just wait for hr. He even say "we're interviewing other candidates" which in plain english means "you're done, rejected"

It was an hour interview which supposed to be 30 mins. I haven't had hr interview, just application--> written test-->panel interview.

I only think that they might just trying to do recruiting process for their own "report" just to look like they got leads and all because it's the end of November and I heard HR are on deadlines in the end of the month. I don't know what to feels anymore!

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